George Pendle könyvei a rukkolán

George Pendle - A ​History of Latin America
Revised ​Edition About Latin America and its problems there prevails what the Economist called an 'awe-inspiring ingorance'.An authoritative and concise introduction to an area of such great economic potential is certainly needed. This history has been written by a specialist who has been closely connected with Latin America for the last forty years. In tracing the development of civilization from the earliest times down to Fidel Castro, the author helps to place current events in their context. Many races and classes have contributed to the civilization of this great landmass: Indians, European conquistadores, priests, planters, African slaves, caurdillos, liberal intellectuals, commercial pioneers. 'Ought to be compulsatory reading in every sixth form... This book is right on target' - Sunday Times 'A beginner's guide to the continent... lively, and full of anecdota' - Financial Times