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Ronnie James Dio - Mick Wall - Rainbow ​in the Dark
Ronnie ​James Dio amerikai énekes a hard rock és heavy metal színtér három nagyágyújának: a Rainbow-nak, a Black Sabbath-nak és saját csapatának, a Diónak volt ikonikus frontembere. Zenei karrierjét tizenöt éves korában kezdte, és jellegzetes, erőteljes hangjával, sajátos színpadi karakterével, fantasy-s dalszövegeivel hamar a nagyszínpadok sztárjává vált - a 80-as években saját együttesével már a világ legnagyobb arénáit töltötte meg a turnék során. Sikereit a rock 'n' roll-életmód hullámvasútja jellemezte, pályafutásában pedig kiemelt szerepet kapott a sors, amely összehozta két legendás gitárossal: Richie Blackmore-ral, később pedig Tony Iommival. Személyéhez kötődik a heavy metal szimbólumává lett ördögvilla, amelyet a Black Sabbath koncerteken mutatott a közönségnek. 2010-ben bekövetkezett halála előtt a visszaemlékezésein dolgozott, melyek nemcsak a rivaldafényt, hanem a kulisszák mögött zajló ellentéteket és harcokat is bemutatják. Kiadatlan kéziratát elhunyta után felesége és menedzsre, Wendy Dio segítségével az elismert rockzenei-szakíró, Mick Wall rendezte sajtó alá. "Aztán a sors keze belenyúlt a dolgokba. Egyik este a Rainbow-val voltam, amikor a Sabbath magas, komor gitárosa, Tony Iommi belépett. Egyből szimpatikusnak találtam. Tudtam róla, hogy ő a Black Sabbath zenei vezetője, a rocktörténelem néhány klasszikusnak számító gitár-riffjének szerzője. Elbeszélgettünk, és kiderült, hogy mindketten szólóalbumon gondolkodunk. Tony bevallotta, hogy a banda most rúgta ki Ozzyt. Ozzy elsőként ismerte be, hogy azokban a napokban saját maga legnagyobb ellensége volt, teljesen elvesztette a kontrollját a piálás és a drogozás fölött. Nem ő volt az egyetlen rocksztár, akinek hasonló sors jutott."

Mick Wall - W. Axl Rose
Hugely talented, always provocative, followed by controversy wherever he goes... W. Axl Rose's life is a rock 'n' roll drama of epic propertions and now, for the first time, his story is properly told. Drawing on exclusive unpublished material, Mick Wall has written a no-holds-barred study of the turbulent life and career of the Guns N' Roses singer and leader. Wall describes Avxl's difficult childhood in Indiana and how, after escaping to LA, he and his band Guns N' Roses struggled to survive until they were signed up by Geffen in 1986. Fuelled by Rose's drive and ambition, the first album, Appetite For Destruction, turned them into stars, but the band's lurid lifestyle took it's toll - they embarked on a two-year tour that sounded the death knell for the original line-up. By the mid-nineties Axl had turned into a virtual recluse, working endlessly on the long-awaited album, Chinese Democracy. Tracking the singer's story to date, scrupulously researched and vividly written, W. Axl Rose is an explosive boigraphy of rock's biggest living legend.

Mick Wall - Like ​a Bat Out of Hell
Everything ​in the story of Meat Loaf is big. From the place he was born (Texas); to the family he was born into (his father weighed 22 stone, his uncle weighed over 40 stone, while Meat Loaf himself weighed 17 stone before he was even in his teens); to the sound he made (a colossal collision between Richard Wagner, Phil Spector and Bruce Springsteen); and of course the records he sold - nearly 50 million in Britain and America alone. Now, on the eve of the 40th anniversary of Bat Out of Hell, the album that gave rise to Meat Loaf's astonishing career, and the premiere of Bat Out Of Hell: The Musical, Mick Wall, who has interviewed Meat Loaf on numerous occasions throughout his career, pulls back the curtains to reveal the soft-hearted soul behind the larger-than-life character he created for himself. From a tumultuous childhood with an alcoholic father to the relentless abusive bullying from classmates and their parents alike, nobody could have predicted Meat Loaf's meteoric rise to fame. But when the messianic rock opera Bat Out of Hell was released in 1977, it became one of the biggest albums of all time, selling over 45 million copies worldwide to date. Its release marked the start of a roller-coaster ride of incredible highs and seemingly career-ending lows. By the 80s, Meat Loaf was battling with drug and alcohol addiction and escalating money problems that would eventually lead to a nervous breakdown. But just when it seemed like it was all over, the astonishing success of Bat Out of Hell II and the mega-hit 'I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)' marked an extraordinary new wave of success. Now, Mick Wall will bring this extraordinary story up to date, drawing on the hours he spent with Meat Loaf, both in interviews and on tour, as well as offering up a unique insight from those who have known him best.

Mick Wall - WAR ​- W. Axl Rose
A ​big, brash history of Guns n' Roses charismatic, talented and idiosyncratic leader "An archetypal rock biography that captures the runaway-train spirit of the singer and his band―You don't have to be a Guns N' Roses fanatic to dig this energetic, comprehensive, few-holds-barred portrait of modern metal's most charismatic figure."―Kirkus Reviews Even in the rock world, a figure like Axl Rose doesn't come along very often. Mercurial and brilliant, deluded and imperious, Rose defies easy description. W.A.R. reveals Rose's childhood influences (and how he got his name), tracks the birth of G n' R and delves into the stories behind their monster albums Appetite for Destruction and Use Your Illusion. But with those successes came excesses―drugs, infighting and a lead singer who morphed from eccentric to seemingly unhinged. Journalist Mick Wall had unprecedented access to Rose and G n' R during their heyday and gives a more richly detailed portrait of the band than you've ever read before. W.A.R. has fresh views on: --the death of two fans at the Donington Park concert in England --Rose's fallout with all the other original G n' R band members, including Slash --fights with Kurt Cobain, Vince Neil and fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger --Rose's no-shows at concerts throughout his career --the lead singer's becoming a recluse at his Malibu mansion for most of the last fifteen years --the much-gossiped-about and long-awaited album Chinese Democracy

Mick Wall - Last ​of the Giants
Ehhez a könyvhöz nincs fülszöveg, de ettől függetlenül még rukkolható/happolható.

Mick Wall - Prince, ​el reino púrpura
Prince ​fue un icono universal. Un creador que definió una era musical y transformó el aspecto de la cultura popular para siempre. No hay duda de que logró convertirse en uno de los más prodigiosos e influyentes artistas de todos los tiempos, y también quizá en el más misterioso. El 21 de abril de 2016, de manera inesperada, el mundo de la música perdió a su Príncipe. Este libro ofrece una perspectiva de la vida de Prince, sin tabúes ni concesiones, como nunca se había hecho antes. Desde su traumática infancia, en la que buscó en la música de manera obsesiva una vía de escape a la infelicidad, hasta su ascenso al estrellato, pasando por un sinfín de rivalidades profesionales y, también, varios matrimonios fallidos. Y todo ello sin olvidar el fino análisis de sus renovados proyectos musicales a través de comentarios del propio Prince, de sus músicos y de quienes lo conocieron en primera persona.Mick Wall, aclamado escritor musical autor de varios" bestsellers" , explora el contexto histórico, cultural y personal que hizo posible el nacimiento de un artista original e irrepetible, cuyas proporciones tardaremos décadas en comprender.

Mick Wall - AC/DC
AC/DC ​moved to Britain from Sydney in 1975, and soon set up a residency at London's Marquee Club. Their short hair (including the odd mullet), loud rock and attitude chimed well with the lingering pub rock and soon-to-be punk crowd. They weren't really a band for guitar solos, and singer Bon Scott was the original bike-riding, speed-snorting, fighting man. An ex-convict he lived life fast and short; he died in February 1980, just before BACK IN BLACK, their huge-selling album, took off, and the second period of AC/DC (with Brian Johnson as lead vocalist) was ushered in. BACK IN BLACK has gone on to sell 45 million copies worldwide, and as the band have become a global phenomenon so their reclusiveness has increased. Mick Wall, the don of heavy metal writing, seeks to penetrate the wall around the Young brothers, and write the first authoritative, in-depth critical account of AC/DC.

Mick Wall - Enter ​Night
Their ​roots lie in the heavy rock of 70s groups like Deep Purple. The music they played--heavy metal mixed with punk attitude--became its own genre: thrash. Their bassist died and they survived to became the biggest-selling band in the world. As grunge threatened to overtake them, they reinvented themselves. Then their singer went into rehab and they almost fell apart. They are Metallica, the most influential heavy metal band of the last thirty years. As Led Zeppelin was for hard rock and the Sex Pistols were for punk, Metallica became the band that defined the look and sound of 1980s heavy metal. Inventors of thrash metal--Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth followed--it was always Metallica who led the way, who pushed to another level, who became the last of the superstar rockers. Metallica is the fifth-largest selling artist of all time, with 100 million records sold worldwide. Their music has extended its reach beyond rock and metal, and into the pop mainstream, as they went from speed metal to MTV with their hit single "Enter Sandman". Until now there hasn't been a critical, authoritative, in-depth portrait of the band. Mick Wall's thoroughly researched, insightful work is enriched by his interviews with band members, record company execs, roadies, and fellow musicians. He tells the story of how a tennis-playing, music-loving Danish immigrant named Lars Ulrich created a band with singer James Hetfield and made his dreams a reality. Enter Night follows the band through tragedy and triumph, from the bus crash that killed their bassist Cliff Burton in 1986 to the 2004 documentary Some Kind of Monster, and on to their current status as the leaders of the Big Four festival that played to a million fans in Britain and Europe and continues in the U.S. in 2011. Enter Night delves into the various incarnations of the band, and the personalities of all key members, past and present--especially Ulrich and Hetfield--to produce the definitive word on the biggest metal band on the planet.

Mick Wall - Guns ​N' Roses
"Ha ​már mindent elolvastál a Guns N'Roses-ról és azt hiszed, mindent tudsz róluk... akkor olvasd el ezt a könyvet és megtudod, eddig szinte semmit sem tudtál róluk!" Metal Hammer Mick Wall elismert rock szakíró arra vállalkozott e könyvben, hogy bemutassa az amerikai Guns N'Roses együttest. Azt a csapatot, melynek 1987-ben megjelent első és 1991-ben boltokba került második, dupla nagylemeze összesen több, mint huszonötmillió példányban kelt el világszerte és amelyet a nemzetközi rocksajtó szakértői a legendás Rolling Stones zenekarhoz hasonlítanak jelentőségét tekintve. A beszélgetésekből kiderül, hogyan élnek, mit éreznek és gondolnak a "világ legveszedelmesebb rock'n'roll bandájának" tagjai. A srácok saját szavaikkal mondják el, mi történt a banda megalakulásától a '91-es, második lemezük megjelenéséig. A Guns N'Roses név ma már fogalom. Egy olyan együttest takar, melynek muzsikáját sok tízmillióan hallgatják és amely Magyarországon is minden képzeletet felülmúló sikert aratott. "Ez a könyv lenyűgözően őszinte és merészen szókimondó." Billboard

Mick Wall - Iron ​Maiden
Az ​Iron Maiden története nem más, mint egy önbizalommal, elszántsággal és önfeláldozással teli, különleges zenei utazás, amelynek során az esélytelennek tartott banda a londoni East End kocsmáinak világából kitörve, a legnagyobb nemzetközi fesztiválok közönségét is meghódítva jutott el a csúcsra. A lehengerlő színpadi showjáról, a több mint 100 millió eladott lemezről, számtalan teltházas turnéjáról és listavezető sikerszámairól világszerte ismert banda keményen megküzdött a sikerért, és nem véletlenül vált a fiatalabb generációk számos előadója számára hivatkozási alapot jelentő példaképpé. A jelenlegi és korábbi bandatagok, menedzserek, lemezcég-vezetők, zenekritikusok, producerek, szervezők és más zenei hírességek részletes visszaemlékezéseiből rajzolódik ki a zenekar sikerekben bővelkedő, ugyanakkor sötét mélypontokat is rejtegető pályaképe. Ez a könyv őszinte és kimerítő megnyilvánulások gyűjteménye, amely bepillantást nyújt egy banda életébe, amely története során soha nem alkudott meg, nem hajhászta a népszerűséget, mégis óriási sikert ért el, és nagy tiszteletet vívott ki magának a világon mindenütt. „Kötelező olvasmány a rajongóknak, de a leendő rocksztárok is sokat tanulhatnak belőle.” – Q „Alapvető könyv minden Maiden-megszállott számára!” – Metal Hammer

Mick Wall - Lemmy
In ​'The Ace of Spades', Motörhead's most famous song, Lemmy, the born-to-lose, live-to-win frontman of the band sang, 'I don't want to live forever'. Yet as he told his friend of 35 years, former PR and biographer Mick Wall, 'Actually, I want to go the day before forever. To avoid the rush…' This is his strange but true story. Bsed on Mick's original interviews with Lemmy conducted over numerous years, along with the insights of those who knew him best – former band mates, friends, managers, fellow artists and record businnes insiders – this is an unputdownable story of one of Britain's greatest characters. With the hard part of his journey now over, Lemmy is set to become a legend. Lemmy: The Definitive Biography explains exactly how that came to be.

Mick Wall - When ​Giants Walked The Earth
Veteran ​rock journalist Mick Wall unflinchingly tells the story of the band that pushed the envelope on both creativity and excess, even by rock'n roll standards. Led Zeppelin was the last great band of the 1960s and the first great band of the 1970's and When Giants Walked the Earth is the full, enthralling story of Zep from the inside, written by a former associate of both Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. Rich and revealing, it bores into not only the disaster, addiction and death that haunted the band but also into the real relationship between Page and Plant, including how it was influenced by Page's interest in the occult. Comprehensive and yet intimately detailed, When Giants Walked the Earth literally gets into the principals' heads to bring to life both an unforgettable band and an unrepeatable slice of rock history.

Mick Wall - Run ​to the Hills
For ​more than 25 years, Iron Maiden has led the way in heavy metal -selling over 50 million records, setting trends, and influencing everyone from Metallica to Marilyn Manson. In this popular biography, now in its third edition, the authors interview individual band members and get their stories of how it all began, describe Maiden's rise to the top, and provide a general picture of the music industry.