E. Nesbit könyvei a rukkolán

E. Nesbit - Wet ​Magic
When ​four siblings journey to the seashore for a holiday, one of them unwittingly summons the sister of a mermaid who is captured by a circus, and the children set out to save the imprisoned being. After a daring midnight rescue, the children's reward is an incredible journey beneath the waves and into the hidden kingdom of the mermaids. But they soon find themselves in a race against time as they struggle to prevent a war and save their new underwater companions. Here is a triumphant tale by one of the finest storytellers to ever write for children, and a pioneer of fantasy literature for this age group.

Louisa M. Alcott - Johanna Spyri - E. Nesbit - Little ​Women / Heidi / The Railway Children
Contains ​Little Women, Heidi, and The Railway Children

E. Nesbit - The ​Story of the Treasure Seekers
When ​their father's business fails, the six Bastable children decide to restore the family fortunes. But although they think of many ingenious ways to do so, their well meant efforts are either more fun than profitable, or lead to trouble...

E. Nesbit - The ​Railway Children
'We ​have to leave our house in London,' Mother said to the children. 'We're going to live in the country, in a little house near a railway line.' And so begins a new life for Roberta, Peter, and Phyllis. They become the railway children - they know all the trains, Perks the station More...porter is their best friend, and they have many adventures on the railway line. But why has their father had to go away? Where is he, and will he ever come back?

E. Nesbit - Horror ​Stories
A ​groom promises to be at the church on time, even if he has to come back from the grave to do it. A man inherits a property where he discovers a portrait of a woman that will change his life forever. Two newlyweds find their dream country cottage, unaware of an ancient curse from the previous owners. A gripping, unsettling and utterly chilling collection of short stories from one of Britain's best loved storytellers.

E. Nesbit - The ​Enchanted Castle
Gerald, ​James and Kathleen, discover an enchanted castle while exploring during the school holidays. The lake, groves and marble statues, make a fairy-tale setting. In the middle of the maze in the garden they find a sleeping fairy-tale princess. The "princess" tells them that the castle is full of magic, and they believe her. She shows them the treasures of the castle, including a ring she says is a ring of invisibility,The children soon discover that the ring has other magical powers.

E. Nesbit - The ​Phoenix and the Carpet
It's ​startling enough to have a phoenix hatch in your house, but even more startling when it talks and reveals that you have a magic carpet on the floor. The vain and ancient bird accompanies the children on a series of adventures through time and space which are rarely straightforward, but always exciting. This book is a sequel to "Five Children and It".

E. Nesbit - The ​Story of the Amulet
At ​the end of Five Children and It the five children promised not to ask the Psammead for another wish, but expressed a half wish to see it again some time. They find 'it' again in a pet shop, and their magic adventures start over again. 'It' leads them to a magic amulet - half of it actually - which they use it to try and find the other half.

E. Nesbit - A ​halász hetedik fia
Septimus ​Septimusson, a hetedik fiú hetedik fia ért a szél és az állatok nyelvén. A szél unszolására indul el szerencsét próbálni. Mindenütt jó szíve vezérli, s mikor a szerencsétlen királykisasszonyt kell megmentenie a varázslattól, segítségére sietnek a megsegített állatok. A halász hetedik fia legyőzi a gonosz varázslót, és megszabadítja átkától Kagylókirály egész népét; a parti kagylók visszaváltoznak emberekké. A finom humorral írt mesét Révbíró Tamás fordította, az illusztrációkat Engel Tevan István készítette.

E. Nesbit - The ​Book of Dragons
Eight ​madcap tales of unpredictable dragons — including one made of ice, another that takes refuge in the General Post Office, and a fire-breathing monster that flies out of an enchanted book and eats an entire soccer team! Marvelous adventure and excitement for make-believers of all ages. 24 illustrations.

E. Nesbit - Hárman ​a vasút mentén
Ez ​a történet a mai nagypapák gyermekkorában játszódik, amikor a vasút még olyan szenzáció volt, mint a mai gyerekek számára egy szuperszonikus utasszállító vagy egy új autótípus. Mégis lelkesen és izgatott érdeklődéssel olvassuk a városi életből falura szakadt három angol kisgyerek históriáját, hiszen Bobbie, Phil és Peter akár a mában is élhetnének. A mai gyerek is rajongva szereti szüleit, arról ábrándozik hogy részt vesz és helytáll a felnőttek temérdek gondjában, és - ha nem is veszi talán észre - nap nap után részese olyan fordulatos, izgalmas kalandoknak, mint regénybeli három barátja.

E. Nesbit - Five ​Children and It
_'Don't ​you know a sand-fairy when you see one?'_ I dare say you have often thought about what you would do if you were granted three wishes. The five children - Cyril, Anthea, Robert, Jane and their baby brother - had often talked about it but when they are faced with the grumpy sand-fairy they find it difficult to make up their minds. And that is just the beginning of their dilemmas. As they discover, there is nothing quite like a wish for getting you into terrible trouble.