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Danielle Girard - Dead ​Center
Fifteen ​years ago, the Rookie Club began as a tight-knit band of female cops struggling for respect. Jamie Vail was one of them. So was Natasha Devlin, the woman Jamie caught in bed with her husband. When Natasha Devlin turns up dead, Jamie can’t bring herself to care. She’s got enough on her plate, hunting a sexual predator who preys on female officers. He leaves them alive, but brutalized. But when the MO of the Devlin murder matches the MO of the perp in Jamie’s case, she’s brought in on the homicide investigation and back into the Rookie Club she has been avoiding since her husband’s affair. As additional police officers become victims, Jamie must confront her past and solve the murder of her ex-husband's lover before she becomes the killer's ultimate prize.

Danielle Girard - Savage ​Art
Death ​was his art. She would be his masterpiece. They called him Leonardo-a master skilled in the art of murder. One year ago, Cincinnati was his canvas. A scalpel was his tool. And women were his works-in-progress. FBI profiler Casey McKinley was one of them, a victim of Leonardo's twisted genius. She has the scars-and the nightmares-to prove it. For Casey, a new city means a life far from the one she left behind in Cincinnati. In San Francisco she finally feels safe. Until a series of eerily familiar slayings plunges her back into Leonardo's game. Now she must catch this clever killer before he can unveil his ultimate masterpiece. Only this time she'll play by a different set of rules-hers.

Danielle Girard - Ruthless ​Game
The ​wet sheet slipped slowly from her face and she began to count. There were eleven, in all. She was last in line, but he was getting closer. He’d be to her soon... As though stumbling out of a nightmare, rookie cop Alex Kincaid awakens in her car, dazed and confused. Parked on an unfamiliar street, she's outside an unfamiliar home with no recollection of how she got there, and no memory of the night before. Then her nightmare becomes reality. Alex's first call of the day takes her to the same street, to the same house, where a man has been brutally killed. Alex thinks the man is a perfect stranger--until she finds herself the main suspect in his murder. And now, as she races to clear her name, she’s haunted by memories of a horrific thirty-year-old crime--a crime that links her to the dead man...and marks her as the killer’s next target.

Danielle Girard - Everything ​to Lose
ex ​Crimes Inspector Jamie Vail is back. When the daughter of San Francisco socialites is brutally assaulted, Jamie Vail makes it her mission to find the attacker. A seasoned inspector with the SFPD, work is what Jamie does best. She isn't distracted by the fact that her adopted son and the victim go to the same school. "Wow, just wow! The twists and turns in this book were amazing." Jamie can almost set aside the fact that the man caught on tape with the victim is someone she's been wary of for years--her son's biological father. At home, her son is performing poorly in school, becoming more reclusive, and nothing she does can draw him out. More frightening is the fact that every piece of evidence brings her closer to home... As her case escalates into a homicide investigation, Jamie teams up with old allies and Rookie Club members from across the department. Loyalties are tested and the stakes rise as the case becomes front-page news and the spotlight lands on her and her son, who have everything to lose. With his future on the line, Jamie must find Charlotte's attacker to prove her son's innocence before he lands behind bars, or worse...

Danielle Girard - Chasing ​Darkness
The ​most dangerous place to hide is in the dark... A tough special-agent with the Department of Justice, and a dedicated single mother to her orphaned nephews, Samantha Chase is unbreakable. Until two women, both from the shadows of Sam's past, are discovered strangled. For Sam, the most unnerving detail is the eucalyptus branch tucked behind the victims' ears-the signature of a notorious serial murder already convicted and executed for his crimes. To detective Nick Thomas, the only link to the copycat killings is Sam herself. And when she becomes the target of threats-each one more menacing than the last-his feelings for her just might jeopardize the case. But to understand the killer's twisted motive is to explore Sam's past-and a crime she's spent a lifetime trying to bury... AWARDS: Winner of the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award OTHER SUSPENSE NOVELS by Danielle Girard: Savage Art Ruthless Game Cold Silence The Rookie Club

Danielle Girard - One ​Clean Shot
Hailey ​Wyatt’s life is finally settling into a sort of normalcy after the tragedy that struck her family. Or it seems that way until an investigation into the homicide of two powerful San Francisco residents is suddenly the center of a media frenzy. Because someone is taking a strong stance against guns… and they're willing to kill to make sure they’re heard. The department has a message for Hailey, as well. Solve the case. Quickly. Or else. Worse, the only connection between the victims is a friendship with Hailey's father-in-law. As the evidence points closer to home, Hailey's partner questions her dedication to the pursuit of justice. As he should. Because Hailey has secrets of her own. Secrets she’s willing to die for.

Danielle Girard - Far ​Gone
From ​the USA Today bestselling author of White Out comes a story of two heroines with shattered pasts and a town with blood on its hands. When a North Dakota couple is shot down in their home in cold blood, the sleepy town of Hagen wakes with a jolt. After all, it’s usually such a peaceful place. But Detective Kylie Milliard knows better. Despite not handling a homicide investigation in years, Kylie is on the case. A drop of blood found at the scene at first blush promises to be her best evidence. But it ultimately only proves that someone else witnessed the murder—and the results are shocking: the DNA reveals a familial match to a crime involving local nurse Lily Baker from over a decade ago. This unveiling stirs new nightmares for Lily as she’s forced to reckon with the most traumatic time in her life. Haunted by their pasts and hunting the killer, Kylie and Lily uncover hellish secrets and impossible truths, finding answers that put both their lives in jeopardy.

Danielle Girard - White ​Out
From ​the bestselling author of the Annabelle Schwartzman series comes a chilling story of a woman with a forgotten past and a town with dark secrets. After surviving a car accident on an icy road in Hagen, North Dakota, Lily Baker regains consciousness with no idea where or who she is. Scattered Bible verses and the image of a man lying in a pool of blood haunt her memory. The same night of the accident, a young woman is murdered and tossed in a dumpster. Kylie Milliard, Hagen’s only detective, doesn’t immediately recognize the victim, but Kylie soon discovers that Lily and the dead woman share a dark past…if only Lily could remember what it was. Lily and Kylie both want answers. But Kylie has to play by the book. Lily has to play it safe. And the more Lily learns about her identity, the more she fears the truth.

Danielle Girard - Grave ​Danger
When ​a San Francisco Police Department storage site is robbed, seventy-two guns go missing, setting off a wave of gun-related deaths in the city. Brought in to head up SFPD's Computer Forensics Team, Mei Ling discovers something at the scene that doesn't make sense--a hacking device. The police have no leads and no one can find the connection between the shooters. Convinced the device could be the key to the case, Mei begins to suspect that the burglary was only a distraction for the real motive. When the bullets start flying through the window of her own home, Mei knows she's on to something. Now it's a race against time to identify the hacker. Before she becomes the next victim sent to the grave.

Danielle Girard - Cold ​Silence
A ​widow and ex-FBI agent of hard-earned courage, Cody O'Brien is finally enjoying the quiet life, providing a good home for herself and her eight-year-old son, Ryan. Then Ryan is kidnapped in broad daylight. And Cody knows why. Her life is a dangerous lie, easily exposed by the killers responsible for her husband's murder. Failed by the Witness Protection Program, she's on the run again, trusting only herself to save her son while heading blindly toward a past that wants only one thing from her: cold-blooded revenge.

Danielle Girard - Expose
Examining ​the dead will help her solve present crimes and uncover past secrets in this page-turner thriller for fans of Patricia Cornwell and Rizzoli and Isles. With her vindictive ex-husband out of prison, San Francisco medical examiner Annabelle Schwartzman is trying harder than ever to move on with her life—by focusing on her job to speak for the victims who can’t. Summoned to a homicide in Golden Gate Park, she realizes that she’d seen the victim just hours before, alive and well in a parked Jeep with a small boy. Now, the woman has been stabbed to death and stripped of her burka, and the child is nowhere to be found. When an African American student is found dead, bearing knife wounds identical to those of the woman in the park, the press jumps on them as hate crimes. If only they were so easy to explain. There is a connection—but Schwartzman believes it’s something even worse. Her fears are confirmed with the discovery of the next victim. Now, to stop a vicious killer whose work has only just begun, Schwartzman and Detective Hal Harris must untangle the twisted thread that links it all to the missing boy and a crime buried in the past.

Danielle Girard - Excise
Medical ​examiner Dr. Annabelle Schwartzman was not meant to be idle, which is why she’s back at a murder scene even while reeling from recent chemotherapy treatments. Having undergone a double mastectomy, all she wants to do is dive back into her medical examiner job. It’s a gruesome world, yet Schwartzman takes comfort in its science and precision. But the crime she’s dealing with brings her right back to the cancer ward: the victim is her own oncologist, dead from ingesting the very chemical used to fight her disease. Now, Schwartzman and homicide inspector Hal Harris must figure out why and stop the culprit before he can act again. For Schwartzman, the case becomes even more personal. Her abusive ex, Spencer, who’s in prison and seemingly out of the picture, is never far from Annabelle’s mind. But to solve the mystery behind the death of the doctor who saved her life, she’s got to put aside everything else.

Danielle Girard - Kimetszett ​igazság
Életeket ​mentett. Miért oltották hát ki az övét? A halottkém dr. Annabelle Schwartzmannak nem szokása tétlenül ücsörögni, éppen ezért egy újabb gyilkosság helyszínére tart, pedig még lábadozik a kemoterápia után. Mindkét mellének eltávolítását követően szeretne a munkájába temetkezni, ami nem éppen leányálom, ám Schwartzmant megnyugtatja az alapos és aprólékos munka. Csakhogy a gyilkosság megoldásához vissza kell térnie a rákos betegek közé: a daganatsebészét találták holtan, ráadásul azzal a gyógyszerrel ölték meg, amivel Schwartzman betegségét is gyógyították. Schwartzman és a Hal Harris nyomozó mindent bevet, hogy kiderítse a gyilkosság okát, és elkapja a tettest, mielőtt az újra lecsapna. Schwartzman számára igencsak személyessé válik az ügy. Bár az őt bántalmazó volt férje börtönben van, és a jelek szerint nem lehet köze a gyilkosságokhoz, újra és újra beférkőzik Annabelle gondolatai közé. Ám ahhoz, hogy Schwartzman kiderítse, ki gyilkolta meg az életét megmentő orvost, kénytelen minden személyes ügyet félretenni.

Danielle Girard - Dark ​Passage
Cameron ​Cruz feels like she'll never recover when her lover, Diego, is killed during an undercover assignment--leaving her pregnant with his unborn son. Back from maternity leave, Cameron is ready to rejoin her Special Ops team and work to shut down a human trafficking operation. But when she witnesses a fellow officer shot, she can hardly believe her eyes. Because the shooter is someone she trusted. Someone she loved. Someone she thought was dead... Diego. The evidence against him mounts. Evidence that he's guilty of kidnapping and imprisoning the very people he's sworn to protect and serve. Guilty of betraying their teammates, and the entire police department. Guilty of betraying her. Despite what she's seen, Cameron's love for Diego is as alive as he is. She believes he's innocent--she just has to prove it. But the closer she gets to the traffickers, the closer her investigation comes to her department's front door. Suddenly, she must question who she can trust. And who is willing to risk it all to send her--and the truth--to the grave.

Danielle Girard - Exhume
Dr. ​Annabelle Schwartzman has finally found a place to belong. As the medical examiner for the San Francisco Police Department, working alongside homicide detective Hal Harris, she uncovers the tales the dead can’t tell about their final moments. It is a job that gives her purpose—and a safe haven from her former life at the hands of an abusive husband. Although it’s been seven years since she escaped that ordeal, she still checks over her shoulder to make sure no one is behind her. Schwartzman’s latest case is deeply troubling: the victim bears an eerie resemblance to herself. What’s more, a shocking piece of evidence suggests that the killer’s business is far from over—and that Schwartzman may be in danger. In this pulse-pounding thriller from award-winning writer Danielle Girard, a woman must face her worst nightmare to catch a killer.

Danielle Girard - Kihantolt ​múlt
Egy ​rémálmot már túlélt. Vajon győzedelmeskedhet-e egy mániákus gyilkos felett is? Dr. Annabelle Schwartzman végre megtalálta a helyét. A San Franciscó-i Rendőrkapitányság halottkémjeként együtt dolgozik Hal Harris nyomozóval, és kideríti azt, amit a halottak már képtelenek elmondani az utolsó pillanataikról. A munkája célt ad az életének – és egyúttal menedéket is jelent számára a zsarnokoskodó férje mellett töltött korábbi élete elől. Bár már hét éve kiszabadult a rosszul sikerült házasságból, fél szemmel még mindig azt figyeli, követi-e valaki. Schwartzman legújabb esete igencsak aggasztó: az áldozat kísértetiesen hasonlít rá. Ráadásul egy döbbenetes bizonyíték azt sugallja, hogy a gyilkos még egyáltalán nem végzett – és hogy Schwartzman élete veszélyben foroghat. A díjnyertes Danielle Girard vérfagyasztó thrillerében egy doktornő szembenéz a legrosszabb rémálmával, hogy elkapjon egy gyilkost.

Danielle Girard - Expire
Alone, ​held captive, and left in the dark, a woman’s worst fears come true in this gripping thriller by the award-winning author of Expose. San Francisco medical examiner Annabelle Schwartzman has spent eight years looking over her shoulder. Stalked by her vengeful ex-husband, Spencer, she’s always known they’d meet again. Has her nightmare come true? Abducted, blindfolded, yoked, and tethered, she’s being held prisoner in an isolated cabin in Idaho. But it’s the unknown that terrifies Annabelle now. Because the man’s voice in the dark, though eerily familiar, is not Spencer’s. Annabelle’s partner and lover, Inspector Hal Harris, knows in his gut that Annabelle’s disappearance is tied to the past. Except Spencer is fifteen hundred miles away. To save Annabelle, Hal is tracking every move Spencer makes. But is it drawing him closer to finding Annabelle? Or is it luring him farther from her desperate cries for help? As a cruel game of retribution begins, Annabelle must rely on her wits, her will to survive, and a plan of escape. But time is running out. And her captor’s three chilling words make her fear that the worst is yet to come: sweet dreams, Bella.