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Leia Stone - Fallen ​Academy: Year Three and a Half
When ​Brielle was taken by the prince of darkness, a large part of me died inside. How can I move on? How can I accept that she's gone? I can't. After searching every possible way to bring her back, I finally accept that she may be gone... forever. If that's the case, then I can't stay in Angel City any longer. *Author note: This is a follow up 30,000 word novella to Fallen Academy: Year Three that is told from Lincoln's point of view and covers his one year without Brielle.

Jaymin Eve - Leia Stone - Annihilate ​– Pusztulás
CHARLIE ​BENETT KÉT DOLGOT UTÁL: A ZSARNOKOKAT ÉS A VÁMPÍROKAT. De ez a kettő a tapasztalata szerint valójában egy és ugyanaz. A Kvórummal vívott csata után nem maradt más választása, mint véget vetni a vámpírok uralmának. Ám amikor megdöbbentő titkokra derül fény, Charlie eltűnődik, vajon megéri-e terve megvalósulását. DOBD FEL VELE A NAPOD!

Jaymin Eve - Leia Stone - Queen ​Heir
A ​gripping new fantasy series by USA today bestselling authors Jaymin Eve and Leia Stone. Arianna is a queen heir and at 20 years old she's now eligible for the crown of wolf shifters. Heirs are trained and groomed so that they're ready, should the queen perish during their time of eligibility. Of course, there's little chance of that happening. The Red Queen has stood for a century, and her power is beyond reckoning. Or so Arianna believes, right up until the final tolling of the bells. The queen has fallen. Four heirs will now fight it out for the crown. Let the summit begin.

Jaymin Eve - Leia Stone - Ash
Are ​you an Ash? *Increased stamina *Lack of appetite *Anger outbursts *Insatiable thirst *Beauty & Strength *Male Call the hotline if these symptoms come on suddenly! Turns out Charlie Bennet was all of those things except the last. Don’t let the name fool you, Charlie was all woman and she wanted nothing to do with the ash … until the day she found out she was one. It all started when infected bats bit a small group of humans and created what are now called vampires. Then, the male vampires knocked up some female humans and the result was a gorgeous race of all male ash. Superhuman freaks that had looks to kill. Charlie is the first female ash, aka unicorn of the Hive – the gated compound in Portland that the humans have designated to isolate vampires and ash from society. Problem? The Hive is full and only a select few will be allowed to live there. To live at all, really. If Charlie wants to earn the right to become a citizen of the Hive, she will have to survive the culling – a series of fights to the death. And guess what? Just because she’s a girl doesn’t mean she’ll get special treatment. Good thing there’s Ryder, the mysterious lead ash enforcer, who seems to always have her back. But when secrets bubble to the surface, it will take more than one guy to save her.

Jaymin Eve - Leia Stone - Annihilate
An ​epic conclusion to the Hive Trilogy by two USA Today bestselling authors. There are two things Charlie Bennett despises: bullies and vampires. Which in her experience, is really the same thing. After the battle with the Quorum, she's left with no other option. The vampire's rule must end. But when more shocking secrets are uncovered Charlie wonders if she'll be alive long enough to follow through with her plan.

Leia Stone - Fallen ​Academy: Year Three
It ​will take every ounce of strength and training Brielle has to survive year three. Meanwhile, Lincoln will also be fighting his own battle for survival. Each of them worlds apart.

Leia Stone - Wrecked
Getting ​married at eighteen wasn't the smartest idea but ... I'd been in love. Bryce, with his perfect words, his money, and all-American good looks. He had pulled me in, and when he spit me out, I'd barely been left alive. Now at twenty two and divorced, I just wanted to build a life for myself on my own terms. Free of fear. First job. First crappy apartment. First taste of freedom. Enter Ethan King. The guy from high school I never had a chance with. As the leader of the local motorcycle gang, he's not exactly an outstanding citizen, but he's the one bright spot in my life. He's exactly what I need right now. Until Bryce, who never could accept losing, decides he's not ready to let me go. And if there is one thing I know about that monster, it's that he has no problem destroying everything in my world. Only this time I have Ethan King. And no one messes with a King. *Full length- standalone novel with adult sexy scenes. *Dark romance

Leia Stone - Fallen ​Academy - Bukottak Akadémiája: Második év
Sose ​próbálj bezárni egy szabad madarat! Brielle számára a család a legfontosabb. Ezért amikor lehetősége nyílik kimenteni az édesanyját Démonvárosból, egy percig sem tétovázik. Bármilyen veszélyes is, mindent megtesz, hogy egyesítse a családját Angyalvárosban. Minden a tervek szerint alakul, egészen az öccse Feltárási szertartásáig. Amivé válik, az mindenkit megdöbbent, és elküldik, míg megtanulja kordában tartani az erejét. Brielle elveszít egy számára fontos személyt, és túl messzire megy azért, hogy megmenthesse. Annyira, amit már Lincoln is ellenez. Úgy gondolja, Brielle túl nagy kockázatokat vállal, túl zabolátlan, és ő csak annyit tehet, hogy megpróbálja megvédeni a lányt. De a Brielle-ben rejlő, eddig ismeretlen erők olyan helyre viszik, ahonnan senki sem hozhatja vissza. Még Lincoln sem. Brielle-nek meg kell tanulnia legyőzni a sötétséget, mely azzal fenyegeti, hogy elhatalmasodik rajta, ugyanis apránként elveszíti a fényét. Ismerd meg lenyűgöző történetét!

Leia Stone - Fallen ​Academy: Year Four
Lucifer ​isn't happy about Brielle's escape from hell and he plans to make that known to the inhabitants of earth. Chaos has descended on Angel City and the Fallen Army needs to do everything they can to keep it from falling. Meanwhile, Brielle is training for the fight of a lifetime. She's ready to fulfill the prophecy. Lucy's going down.

Leia Stone - Wolf ​Girl
When ​my parents were banished from Wolf City before I was born, I thought there was no way I would ever live in a pack again. Cuffed, with my shifter magic bound, I was forced to go to school with witches in order to keep my true nature from coming out. Then I met him. Sawyer Hudson. The Alpha's son was visiting Delphi Witches' College and spotted me. He took one look at me, and an hour later, I was being pulled out of school, taken into Wolf City and leaving my parents and everything I knew behind. It's the Alpha's son's selection year, the year he must pick a mate, and every female aged 18-22 must be in attendance. I've landed myself in the middle of Werewolf Bachelor, and just when I think I've got a handle on things, Sawyer releases my cuffs, unbinds my magic, and sees what I really am. The problem is, I don't know what this creature is that I transform into. It's not an ordinary werewolf, that's for damn sure.

Leia Stone - Earthbound
After ​finding out about her unique heritage, Sloane is taken under the wing of an Earth druid. She’s told she must learn to control both of her warring powers or they will consume her. She needs a special staff, made just for her, to help channel her unique magic. The problem? It’s only made by one very reclusive elf. She and her team set off to hunt down this elf in hopes of controlling the dangerous power within her. But what she doesn’t know is that she too is being hunted. Leia Stone hit the mark with this sexy, action-packed series. -Amazon Reviewer Dragons. Need I say more? -Amazon Reviewer

Leia Stone - S. T. Bende - Redeemer
Hunt ​down the weapon pieces, destroy the night goddess, protect Midgard (Earth). That was always the mission . . . When an unexpected sacrifice turns Allie’s world on its head, she discovers her true function within the Asgardian world. Her new purpose has much higher stakes—and significantly bigger dangers—than she ever could have imagined. And as the Goddess of Night unleashes an unparalleled wave of fury across the realms, Allie’s dream of a peaceful future with her favorite protector all but disappears. Nott’s determined to control Midgard. But Allie has more to fight for than ever before, and she’s determined to end the Night War . . . no matter what it costs her.

Leia Stone - S. T. Bende - Defender
Allie ​Rydell left her life behind to protect the world from the Goddess of Night. But after weeks of training, hunting, and learning to use the life-giving power that inexplicably chose her, saving Midgard seems more impossible than ever. Nott’s followers have eyes across the realms, and they’re determined to collect the bounty on Allie’s soul. And the closer Allie and her protectors get to the pieces of the immortal weapon that could save them all, the more destruction Nott manages to unleash—not only on the world Allie loves, but on the friends she’d give her life to save. Darkness is coming. And this time, it won’t leave any survivors.

Leia Stone - Jaymin Eve - Queen ​Mecca
The ​Winter Queen has declared war on the shifters of New York City. She is coming to destroy Arianna, and everyone she cares about. But she has not anticipated one thing: bear and wolf are learning to work together. The five boroughs are united for the first time in hundreds of years and they are not going to let a little ice storm rip them apart. Arianna has a little ice in her veins too, and she is not afraid to use it to save the ones she loves. Though unleashing her powers, unleashes something she was not expecting. A darkness which could tear her apart. A darkness which could consume her soul. Arianna will need the support of her friends, and the shifters she rules, now more than ever. Because when this storm hits, not everyone will survive. _*This is the final book in the series and is full length at over 80,000 words._

Jaymin Eve - Leia Stone - Anarchy ​- Anarchia
Soha ​ne mondd, hogy nincs rosszabb, mert akkor az élet kényszert érez rá, hogy bizonyítsa, hogy van. Charlie Bennett elmondta nektek valaha, hogy a vámpírok a gonoszság sarjai? Mert hát azok! Már nagyon teli van velük a hócipője, és amikor bekövetkezik az elképzelhetetlen, úgy dönt, elérkezett a pillanat, hogy a vérét fegyverként vesse be ellenük. Eljött az ideje egy kis anarchiának. Kapaszkodj, ez nagy menet lesz!

Leia Stone - Jaymin Eve - Wrath ​of The Gods
#NeverTrustATitan Maisey ​thought the worst thing to happen to her was Insta shaming or a midnight shift at the Crab Shack. Until she got dragged into the world of the gods. Or more specifically, the world of one very annoying, bad at sarcasm, sex on legs, Titan. Cronus was everything she never knew she wanted, or needed, in her life. And then he just left. Left her alone, with no idea what's happening to the world, what's happening with the sins. Only someone miscalculated. Whether it was Cronus or the fates, there's no way they can do this without Maisey. Turns out, she's the most important piece

Leia Stone - Fallen ​Academy - Bukottak Akadémiája: Első év
A ​fekete szárnyak rendellenesek, eladni a lelkét a démonoknak hiba volt, de tényleg lehetetlen belezúgni egy seggfejbe? Amikor az angyalok alászálltak, hogy birokra keljenek a Földet pusztító démonokkal, összekeveredett erejük megfertőzte az emberiséget. Angyali vagy démoni erő várt mindenkire. Miután a Feltárási ceremónián Brielle-nek szárnyai nőnek, biztosra veszi, hogy angyali erővel bíró égi vált belőle. Egészen addig, míg meg nem látja, hogy a szárnyai feketék. Fiatalon eladta a lelkét, hogy megmentse édesapja életét, és ezzel az Alantasok Akadémiájához láncolta magát. Egészen addig, míg egy égi harcba nem száll érte, hogy felvételt nyerjen a Bukottakhoz, Angyalváros elit akadémiájára. Égi tanítómesteréhez, az elképesztően jóképű Lincoln Greyhez azonnal vonzódni kezd. Először úgy tűnik, csupa móka lesz az iskola, mígnem Brielle és Lincoln már az első napon egymás torkának esnek. Annak bebizonyítására, hogy semmi keresnivalója a Bukottak Akadémiáján, egy abrus démon az egész iskola előtt feltárja, hogy ismeri Brielle titkát. Így minden másnál fontosabbá válik, hogy Lincoln Brielle épségéért harcoljon. Azonban Lincoln legnagyobb meglepetésére a védelménél sokkal bonyolultabb feladat vár rá: nem beleszeretni a lányba… Légy részese a történetüknek!

Leia Stone - S. T. Bende - Protector
Love. ​Honor. Protect. As an Environmental Studies major, Allie knows the planet is in trouble—a series of natural disasters recently rocked the northern hemisphere, and species across the globe are going extinct. What Allie doesn’t know is that her world’s decline is a result of an ancient battle called the Night War—the Norse goddess Nott’s crusade to control the weakest of the light realms. And Allie most definitely doesn’t know that her existence is the only thing stopping Nott from dragging the earth into total darkness. When four gorgeous guys show up claiming to be Allie’s Asgardian protectors, she thinks they’re delusional. And when they order her to hunt down the pieces of an immortal weapon, she’s convinced they’re insane. But when Allie’s attacked, the guys’ crazy stories of demigods and dark elves begin coming together. And Allie’s not sure what scares her more—losing her life to the Goddess of Night . . . or losing her heart to one of her protectors. Let the hunt begin.

Leia Stone - Logan
For ​years he’s been the last dragon shifter alive, the only one keeping humanity from mass extinction. Until now. The female dragon shifter from his dreams. She’s real. But he won’t see an end to his loneliness unless he can keep her alive. (This is a 10K word short story which precedes book one, Skyborn.)

Leia Stone - Magictorn
Sloane ​finds herself captured, and in the presence of the evil druid Ardan. It will take all her cunning trickery and help from friends in order to break free. Now the real work begins. A war has begun and Sloane won’t stop until it ends with her and Logan’s happily ever after.

Leia Stone - Fallen ​Academy: Year Two
Family ​is everything to Brielle, so when she learns about an opportunity to free her mother from Demon City, she takes it. No matter how dangerous, Brielle will do anything to unite her family in Angel City. All is going according to plan, until her brother's awakening ceremony. What he is… it shocks everyone, and he's sent away until he can get his powers under control. Then Brielle loses someone precious to her and goes to great lengths to get them back, lengths Lincoln doesn't agree with. He thinks Brielle is too much of a risk taker, too wild, and all he can do is try his best to protect her. But with untold powers rising inside of her, Brielle might go to a place that no one can bring her back from. Not even Lincoln. Brielle needs to learn to fight the darkness that threatens to take her over, because little by little, she's losing her light.

Leia Stone - Lost ​Girl
I've ​been kidnapped by vampires and Sawyer is under some love spell. Now I’ve got to traipse through the entire Magic Lands without getting killed to make it back to Werewolf City… hopefully in one piece. Everything would have worked out as planned if Sawyer hadn’t gone on another revenge killing spree in my honor. Now the entire magical world is at war, and my True Mate and I are stuck in the middle of it. It's just another Monday.

Leia Stone - Lucia Ashta - Magic ​Bite
Evie ​Black and her demon imp partner, Cass, are two of the most fearsome supernatural bounty hunters on the West Coast. But when Evie’s beloved grandmother dies, her world shatters. After finding the bottom of a bottle of tequila, Evie breaks the one rule she knows better than to ignore: Never hook up with a werewolf. Especially when he’s the local alpha who, oh by the way, happens to be her gran’s sworn enemy. Yeah, complicated doesn’t even begin to cover what happens next. *Adult urban fantasy novel with sexual content and adult language.

Leia Stone - Fallen ​Academy: Year One
Brielle ​Atwater isn't sure of much, but she knows a few things: 1. Having black wings is not normal. 2. Selling her soul to the demons was a mistake. 3. Lincoln Grey is the biggest asshole she's ever met … but not falling in love with him might prove impossible. When angels fell from the sky to war with the demons that ravaged Earth, their combined powers infected humanity. Now, the humans are assigned one of two fates, being either demon gifted or angel blessed. After wings sprout from Brielle's back at her awakening ceremony, she's sure she's an angel blessed celestial. It's not until she sees black wings that she realizes something is terribly wrong. Having sold her contract at a young age to save her father's life means she should be bound for Tainted Academy. That is, until a fallen angel unexpectedly fights for her to be accepted into Fallen Academy, the elite school for those that inhabit Angel City. She's immediately matched with her impossibly handsome celestial teacher, Lincoln Grey. Laying eyes on him, her first thought is that her time at the academy might actually be fun, but this theory quickly fades when she and Lincoln clash on day one. To further prove her admission into Fallen Academy is cursed, the entire school is thrown into chaos when an Abrus demon reveals that he knows Brielle's secret. Now, above all else, Lincoln must fight to protect her. To his surprise, the only thing more difficult than trying to save her … is trying not to fall for her. Full length 80K word novel Fallen Academy: Year One (September 1st 2018) Fallen Academy: Year Two (October 1st 2018) Fallen Academy: Year Three (December 1st 2018) Fallen Academy: Year Four (January 1st 2019)

Leia Stone - Skyborn
Sloane ​Murphy thought hiking the Grand Canyon alone after graduation would be an awesome adventure. Until she slips and starts to plummet to her death. Then the unthinkable happens. She transforms into… a dragon. After flying to safety and trying to convince herself she isn’t having a mental breakdown, the hunters come for her. She runs, somehow managing to stay one step ahead of them. Until her luck runs out. Now the hunters have her and they intend to kill, not capture. That’s when he comes for her. Logan Sharp is the last dragon shifter alive. Or so he thinks, until he gets word that the druids are hunting a red headed female. His team takes her in, sheltering her because there is a truth she must learn: if the skyborn die out, then so does humanity. But Sloane is hiding a dark secret that she doesn’t even know yet. A secret that could change everything.

Jaymin Eve - Leia Stone - Queen ​Alpha
Arianna ​might have won the Summit and taken the crown of wolf shifters, but there is no time for her to settle into the royal life. Something is off with the mecca and if she doesn’t fix it the fae might just make another earth side appearance. Now she must work with the king of the bears to save both of their people. Which is easier said than done when he tempts her in every way and a relationship between them is forbidden. One slip up could cost her everything and in the NYC mecca someone is always watching.

Jaymin Eve - Leia Stone - Ash ​- Parázs
Parázs ​vagy? * Fokozott állóképesség * Étvágytalanság * Dühkitörések * Csillapíthatatlan szomjúság * Szépség és erő * Férfi Hívja a forróvonalat, ha ezek a tünetek váratlanul jelentkeznek! Charlie Bennetről kiderül, hogy a fentiek mindegyike illik rá, kivéve az utolsót. Mert megtévesztő neve ellenére Charlie minden ízében nő, és egyáltalán nem akarta, hogy bármi köze legyen a parazsakhoz… egészen addig a napig, míg fel nem fedezte, hogy bizony ő is az. Minden akkor kezdődött, amikor fertőzött denevérek megharaptak egy csapat embert, és létrejöttek a ma vámpíroknak hívott lények. Ezután a férfi vámpírok embernőket ejtettek teherbe, és ennek eredményeként kialakult a csupa férfiból álló szépséges faj, a parázs. A pusztítóan jóképű, emberfeletti torzszülöttek. Charlie az első női parázs, vagy más néven a Kaptár egyszarvúja – a Kaptár nem más, mint egy lezárt terület Portlandben, amit az emberek jelöltek ki a vámpíroknak és a parazsaknak, hogy elszigeteljék őket a társadalom többi részétől. Hogy mi a gond? A Kaptár tele van, és csak néhány kiválasztott kap rá engedélyt, hogy ott éljen. Hogy egyáltalán éljen. Ha Charlie ki akarja vívni magának a jogot arra, hogy a Kaptár lakója lehessen, túl kell élnie a selejtezést – egy sor halálig tartó küzdelmet. És hogy mi benne a legszebb? Hogy csak azért, mert lány, nem részesül különleges bánásmódban. Viszont jó, hogy ott van Ryder, a parazsak titokzatos főrendőre, aki mintha mindig ott állna mögötte. De amikor a titkok kezdenek a felszínre bugyogni, egy srác nem lesz elég, hogy megmentse.

Jaymin Eve - Leia Stone - Anarchy
The ​USA Today bestselling book by Leia Stone and Jaymin Eve. Did Charlie Bennett ever tell you that vampires are evil spawn? Well they are! She's had just about enough of them and when the unthinkable happens, she decides it might just be time to use her blood as a weapon against them. It's time for a little anarchy.

Jaymin Eve - Leia Stone - Queen ​Fae
When ​the fae kidnapped Violet they underestimated Arianna, Queen of the wolf shifters. There was literally nothing she wouldn't do to save her best friend. Which is why she sets out with her mate and pack of dominants to rescue the magic born from the fae lands. As she expected the Otherworld is fraught with danger, but there is one thing which takes her completely by surprise. A dark secret which could rock her world to its very foundation. Arianna must now save her friend and herself. Because the fae have been waiting for her, and she's just walked right into their trap.