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A. Zavarelli - Crow ​- Varjú
Volt ​egy tervem. Bemegyek, megszerzem az információt és eltűnök. Egyszerű, nem? Lachlan Crow! Egy dögös ír maffiózó! Az ír alvilág trónjának várományosa, a következő láncszem a sorban. Hiába az ördögi akcentus, észnél maradok, minden körülmény között. Nem bízom benne. Szabályaim vannak, de ha az ír maffiáról van szó, kidobhatom az egész szabálygyűjteményem, mert semmi sem érvényesíthető velük szemben. De nem engedem, hogy bárki akadályt gördítsen elém a célom elérésében. Azt gondoltam, a barátkozás Lachlannal segít a küldetésem elérésében, csakhogy közbeszólt a kémia. Az őrült, pusztítóan ártalmas vágy. Azt mondja, soha nem enged el. És én, hiszek neki! *** Mackenzie Gyönyörű! Lenyűgözően dögös, szexi és okos! Nem tudom ki ő. Mit akar? Miért van itt? Ő egy megengedhetetlen bonyodalom, mégis az életére kell vigyáznom, mert a halálát akarják. Zavaró figyelem elterelés. Vágyaim tárgya. Vékony jégen szárnyalok. Akartam őt, és nem hátrálok! Ő az enyém!

A. Zavarelli - Tap ​Left
Daire: Lola ​Bell could easily bring an army of men to their knees… as long as she never opened her mouth. She’s soft in too many ways. A people pleaser who goes the extra mile. Some might call her an easy target. In short, she has all of the qualities that I despise. But when it comes to me, she doesn’t hesitate to fling her poison arrows my way. She has every right to her feelings. Over the years, I’ve given her plenty of ammo. Yeah, I hate Lola. But it doesn’t stop me from wanting her too. When she makes me a proposition I can’t refuse, there’s just one problem. She tastes so f*cking sweet. So f*cking good. So f*cking mine. This is a full length standalone.

Natasha Knight - A. Zavarelli - Resurrection ​of the Heart
Santiago ​finally has what he wants. His baby is growing inside me. ***I’ve rewritten her destiny, binding her to me for good. *** Things are changing for us. I see beyond the monster he shows the world. See the scars he hides beneath the ink. Love is a weakness men like me can’t afford. I’ve decided to keep her, but I’ll never forfeit my revenge. His final betrayal proves his vengeance means more to him than our love. ***I will have my pound of flesh, no matter the cost. *** I made a mistake trusting him. I forgot how much he likes my tears. When I am through, I’ll have what I thought I always needed. I’ll run from him. I’ll have to. ***I’ll bring her back when she runs. I’ll always bring her back. She belongs with me. *** But it’s too late when I realize he’s not the only monster in my world. And that mistake will cost us both dearly.

A. Zavarelli - Convict
From ​USA Today bestselling author A. Zavarelli comes an enemies to lovers romance full of blackmail, emotional twists, and explosive chemistry. From the shadows, I’ve tracked her every move. I was just supposed to watch her. But now, I can’t stop. She’s my obsession. My addiction. My poison. Watching her isn’t enough. The savage in me won’t be satisfied until I take her and make her mine. One taste and I’m hooked. Too bad for her… I’m never letting her go. *** Stalked. Hunted. Captured. He took me from my life and locked me away in his compound. The ex-con. The big bad biker. Inked, bearded, and inhumanely sized. And yet, every time he looks at me, I melt. This broken beast hides demons behind those brutal eyes. I hate him… and I crave him. His touch, his words, his lips. When my enemies come for me, he vows to protect me as long as I do what he says. I’ll be secure in this prison he created for me. But who will protect me from him? Convict is a full length standalone within the Sin City Series and has a complete ending.

A. Zavarelli - Salacious
Keller ​Vaughn is everything that I aspire to be. An artist. A visionary. A creator. If ever a perfect man existed, it would be him. The only problem is… that perfect man? He’s also my professor. *** I came here to teach. To absolve myself from the guilt of my past by doing good for others. That plan has worked out just fine. Until her. Chloe Abernathy. Because when I see the shy dancer in the back of my classroom, the man in me wants nothing more to corrupt her. *This is a novella length romance*

A. Zavarelli - Hate ​Crush
They ​call him the devil. When I crash-landed into him on my first day at Loyola Academy, I was sure that couldn’t be true. He was the most gorgeous man I’d ever seen in real life. Little did I know he was also the cruelest. I went from starstruck to stunned the moment his cynical eyes cut through me. I can’t tell you what it was that made him want to punish me. But from that day forward the brooding recluse of a man made it his goal to torment me. I want to loathe him, and some days, I do. But good or bad, nobody’s attention has ever tasted so sweet. What do you do when you have a hate crush on your bully? Worse yet, what do you do when he’s also your teacher? Hate Crush is a full length standalone age gap bully romance with a complete ending.

A. Zavarelli - Kingdom ​Fall
I ​was a nanny in need of a job. He was darkness personified. I had little to call my own. He was filthy rich, powerful, and dangerous. The assignment was simple, and my goal was too. Take care of his son. Keep my head down. When he least expects it, destroy him. It should have been easy. I thought it would be until I looked into his stark blue eyes. Kissing the enemy is a bad idea, but so is falling in love with him. He doesn’t know my crumbling foundation is built on lies. When he discovers the truth, I’ll find out if he’s as brutal as I believe. I came here to steal his life. I didn’t count on him stealing my heart.

Natasha Knight - A. Zavarelli - Requiem ​of the Soul
A ​Brand New Dark Romance Series by A. Zavarelli and Natasha Knight! I was born with noble blood in my veins. Heir to a powerful dynasty. Wealth. Power. Aristocracy. Temptations too dangerous to resist. Until someone tried to steal it all. Scarred and broken, I emerged from the flames. Now I’ve returned to take what’s mine. Revenge. The first item on my agenda? Make Ivy Moreno my wife. Second? Bend her until she breaks.

A. Zavarelli - Crow
He’s ​a killer. A mobster. The last man on earth I’d ever want to be with. I won’t lose my head just because he’s hot, Irish, and has a wicked accent to boot. He’s one of the only leads in my best friend’s disappearance, and I don’t trust him. So I’ve got a few rules in mind when it comes to dealing with Lachlan Crow. 1. Keep a clear head and don’t get distracted. 2. Do what’s necessary and never forget why you’re there. 3. Never, and I mean never, fall for him. Fourth and final rule? Throw out the book altogether. Because the rules don’t apply when it comes to the Irish mafia. It was only supposed to be temporary, but now Lachlan thinks he owns me. He says he’s not letting me go. And I believe him. *** Lachlan. I don’t know who she is. I don’t know why she’s here. But if it’s my attention she wants, she has it. The Russians want her dead, and now it’s up to me to look out for her. This girl is trouble. A distraction I can’t afford. So why have I already decided she’s mine? I’ve claimed her and there’s no going back now.

A. Zavarelli - Ghost
Talia. ​ I have always been a bird. Caged by one prison or another when the only thing I ever wanted was to fly away. Sold. Beaten. Starved. Drugged. Nothing scares me anymore. Until him. He makes the numbness go away. He is hazardous to me. It has nothing to do with his mafia lifestyle, and everything to do with what he offers. A gilded prison. A retreat from everything that I once knew. The reality I have no desire to return to. He thinks he’s caged me, but soon… I’m going to fly. Alexei. I live by a code. The Vory code. In this mafiya world, there are traditions. Expectations. She does not care for these things. She does not care about anything. She thinks she has me fooled with her haunted eyes. What she can’t know is that I see her better than most. She wants to fly. But I’m going to clip her wings. And make her my wife.

A. Zavarelli - Natasha Knight - Mine
She ​was never supposed to walk into my club. But she did. I shouldn’t have looked twice at her. But I did. The criminal underworld is no place for a girl like her. One night with Katerina isn’t enough, but men like me can’t afford to be weak. So, I tell her to leave me behind. She does, but not before she sees something she shouldn’t. When she goes into hiding, it’s my duty to hunt her down. I have a job to do, and she needs to disappear for good. But four years later, Kat isn’t alone anymore. And the little boy right beside her looks just like me.

Natasha Knight - A. Zavarelli - Reparation ​of Sin
My ​husband hates me. But he’s also the only man who can save me. Taken by a stranger, Santiago is my only hope. Except that I don’t know if he’s dead or alive. And for as cruel as he can be, the thought he might be gone is unbearable. But he has nine lives, my monster. He’s not finished with me yet. And soon I’m back at The Manor. Locked in my room. At his mercy. I know I am despised. I know I have become the face of his vengeance. But there’s something else too. Something between us. It’s a dark and gnarled thing. And it has its claws around my heart.

A. Zavarelli - Pretty ​When She Cries
Your ​first kiss is supposed to be sweet. Ours was baptized in fire. I was the new girl trying to find her place. Landon was the brooding neighbor I tutored over the summer. I didn’t know he was a legend at Black Mountain Academy. I didn’t know they worshipped him like a religion. But I fell for him before I knew those things. To me, he was just the tortured soul who drew me in like a magnet. And then he did something so unspeakable, so unforgivable, it shattered me. I ran away then because I was weak, but I’ve shed my tears. He stole my heart and my dignity, and I’m here to take it back. The only problem is… he’s not giving it up without a fight.

A. Zavarelli - Confess
Lucian A ​life free from sin. For seventeen years, I have lived and breathed those words. But there is no balm to the war inside my soul. Until her. The mysterious beauty too lethal to taste. She’s a thief, a con, the essence of everything I loathe. Still, she lures me in with her lying eyes. In the dark of night, she came to confess her sins, and in the light of morning, I plotted to steal her away. She will be my ruination. My damnation. My biggest regret. So help me, God. ** Gypsy A word of advice? Don’t show me your vulnerabilities because I will find a way to exploit them. I learned the hard way to take what I want from life with no regrets. Until him. He’s one of the most hated men in America. A soulless criminal attorney. A recluse. And as of five minutes ago, my new husband. He wants to keep my secrets and collect my tears, but he should know that a wild animal can’t be domesticated. I don’t know how to love men. I only know how to leave them. With everything I want.

A. Zavarelli - Thief
I’m ​a good girl. I live by a code that can’t be bent or broken. It is my duty to my family to stay innocent and pure. To marry an Italian man. The stars are already aligned. But Nikolai Kozlov re-writes my destiny with five simple words. You belong to me now. He's Russian mafiya. A thief. A skilled liar with no moral boundaries. He is everything I have been taught to hate. A man who stands for nothing. A man who takes what he wants without a second thought. And what he wanted was me. He thinks he controls my fate, but what he doesn’t know is, sometimes it’s the good girls you have to watch out for. I’m a dangerous man. I live by a code. The Vory code. It is my duty to my family to protect the brotherhood. To destroy anyone who threatens what we stand for, including her. She’s a dancer. A beautiful little doll. My prisoner, and my new favorite puppet. This mafia princess thinks she has me under her spell, but in the end, she is simply collateral. It’s a shame to destroy precious things. But this is what bad men do. Note: this book contains dark subject matter, please read at your own discretion. This is a full length standalone that can be read in any order within the series.

A. Zavarelli - Reaper
Sasha. ​ He’s dark and mysterious. Quiet and lethal. An Irish mobster. Pure sin wrapped up in a beautiful package. But there’s also something off about him. He doesn’t feel anything. He shows no emotions. Sometimes I question his humanity. He hasn’t spoken to me in two years. Not a single word. But we share a secret, he and I. And if it ever comes out, I have no doubt in my mind… He won’t have a problem killing me too. Ronan. I’ve slain for her. I’ll do it again. When it comes to Sasha, there isn’t a line I won’t cross. I watch her. She doesn’t know it. She thinks I hate her. Sometimes, I think I might too. But I’m always there, lurking in the shadows. Craving her. Trying to keep the beast within at bay. I’ll keep her safe. I’ll slaughter anyone who tries to hurt her. The only thing I can’t do… is protect her from myself.

A. Zavarelli - Stealing ​Cinderella
Every ​royal has their dirty little secret. His was… me. It should have been simple. Go to the ball, meet the prince, and secure his patronage for my favorite charity. But beneath the mask, the brooding beast of a man was not at all who I expected. He was dark and intense and eerily quiet. When I left, I could still feel the ghost of his touch branded into my skin. He haunted my dreams, but I never expected to see him again. Then he came for me. And he took me. And I learned that his darkness was a void I never could have conceived. He’s the crown prince of Norway. And, now, I’m his captive.

A. Zavarelli - Conor
When ​I stumbled into a mafia-run club seeking a job, I was looking for protection. _Little did I know I’d need protection from him._ Conor O’ Callahan was exactly the kind of danger I was trying to avoid. He was gorgeous as sin with an accent hotter than Hades, but that’s where the charm ended. He was also cynical, cold, and downright cranky. So, you could imagine my surprise when he gave me a proposition. Marry him or lose my life. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I’ve learned to do what’s necessary to survive in this world, and that includes marrying a mobster. Regardless of what he might say, it’s only temporary. It’s not like I’m going to fall for him. _Because that would be stupid, right?_ The Boston Underworld Series consists of six full-length standalones that can be read in any order.

A. Zavarelli - Stutter
Someone ​once told me that happiness is fleeting. I can see now that he was right. I’m trapped in a black hole of darkness I can’t seem to crawl out of. My twin and my lover want each other dead and I’m pregnant with a baby I don’t know how to protect. Ryland says he will do anything to get me back, but how do you trust the man who almost killed you? When every option before you comes at a cost, how do you choose the right path? People say that history has a way of repeating itself. Six years after the fact, my father’s actions are still haunting me. When I learn about an old debt yet to be settled, everything changes. It might not matter who I trust anymore when my every breath brings me one step closer to the end of this twisted game.

A. Zavarelli - Echo
A ​Dark Billionaire Romance How far would you go to save someone you love? Would you give up your body? Your mind? Your heart? I did and it cost me everything. He says he owns me. And it’s true. I’ve signed over complete control of my body and life for six months to a man I don’t know. Five years he’s been planning this. They say revenge is a dish best served cold. But my blackmailer serves it up white hot. He’s addicted to my innocence, and I’m addicted to him. He likes to hurt me. I love to let him. He brings me to life. He sets me free. He makes my heart feel things it shouldn’t. But he also scares me. He holds the fate of my brother’s life in his hands. A life behind bars for crimes I know he didn’t commit. My blackmailer can’t give up his revenge on my family, and I can’t be with him if he doesn’t. But I’m nothing more than a butterfly caught in his net. Do I really have a choice?

A. Zavarelli - Natasha Knight - His
I’ve ​been in hiding for four years. On the run from the man in whose bed I once slept. I saw something I shouldn’t have seen. Took something I shouldn’t have taken. And he’s just found me. But it’s not just my safety I have to worry about. I have a little boy. _His_ little boy. The secret baby of a Russian mobster. He told me in no uncertain terms that I’m his. That we would be a family. But his uncle still wants me dead and I know the man who's been hunting me is the only one who can keep us safe.

A. Zavarelli - Beast
Once ​upon a time, I believed in fairytales. But then he took me. And he taught me that life isn’t a fairytale. He is scarred. Broken. A dark and wild thing. His beauty is violent and his words are cruel. His heart is a shadowed landscape where nothing can grow. He tells me he could never care for me, and he proves it every day. He’s destroyed my life. Tortured me. And worse… He’s trained me to beg for his affection. This prison is a place where sunlight doesn’t reach. He taught me that hate is born in darkness. And then he taught me that sometimes love is too.

A. Zavarelli - Saint
_Scarlett- _ When ​going to war, there are three very simple rules one must abide by. 1. Know thy enemy 2. Be prepared to sacrifice. 3. Always wear good shoes After all, revenge is a dish best served in stilettos. I’ve got an eye for it, and nothing’s going to stand in my way. Not even Rory ‘The Saint’ Brodrick. He’s a fool if he thinks he can change me. By the time I’m through with him, I’ll make his mafia look like child’s play. Cross me, Mr. Brodrick? You better cross your heart and hope to die. _Rory- _ I’m a fighter. A hustler. A mobster. I’ve seen a few things in my day. But I’ve never encountered anything like her. She's a beauty with a beast of a heart. The poison apple I just can't resist. And in her trail she leaves a wake of men crawling on their knees. What she doesn’t know is that I like my women wild. It only makes it that much more fun to tame them.