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Yun Kouga - Loveless ​13.
With ​Soubi coerced back into his relationship with Seimei and now missing, Ritsuka becomes determined to reclaim the strange man who changed his life from the brother he once adored. Meanwhile, Nagisa reveals information about the past of Seven Voices Academy and the painful origins of old loves lost.

Yun Kouga - Yun Kouga - Akuma ​no Riddle: Riddle Story of Devil 5.
Death ​Is Not the End? At long last, the final chapter pf Haru and Tokaku's take has arrived! With Haru living in a dorm full of assassins, Tokaku has taken on the duty of keeping her safe. But after emerging victorious from a hard battle with Sumireko, it turns out that the last obstacle standing before Haru is Tokaku! Does death await them at the end―or something else altogether?

Yun Kouga - Yun Kouga - Akuma ​no Riddle: Riddle Story of Devil 5.
Death ​Is Not the End? At long last, the final chapter pf Haru and Tokaku's take has arrived! With Haru living in a dorm full of assassins, Tokaku has taken on the duty of keeping her safe. But after emerging victorious from a hard battle with Sumireko, it turns out that the last obstacle standing before Haru is Tokaku! Does death await them at the end―or something else altogether?

Yun Kouga - Akuma ​no Riddle 4. (német)
Die ​Schwarze Klasse verliert immer mehr Schülerinnen, doch die Gefahr für Haru Ichinose und ihre Beschützerin Tokaku Azuma wird nicht geringer. Ein makaberes Suchspiel soll eine Bombenexplosion verhindern, doch dafür soll ein großes Opfer gebracht werden: Ist der Preis vielleicht sogar das Leben eines der Mädchen? Dass Tokaku selbst niemanden töten kann, könnte sich als fatales Handicap herausstellen ...

Yun Kouga - Loveless ​1-2.
RITSUKA ​AOYAGI is alone in the world - never fitting in at school and alienated from his own past by a fragmented memory. When his beloved older brother is brutally murdered, Ritsuka is heartbroken but determined to find answers. His ony lead is Soubi, a mysterious, handsome college student who offers him an intimate link to his brother's other life: a dark and vibrant world of spell battles and secret names. Soubi leads Ritsuka through a maze of new experiences, from battles wrought in wordplay to making friends at school. But is he any less alone with the secretive Soubi than by himself? Includes 50 pages of never-before-seen BONUS comics!

Yun Kouga - Akuma ​no Riddle: Riddle Story of Devil 1.
From ​the creator of LOVELESS comes an all-new manga series that inspired the killer anime! At Myojo Private School, an elite all-girls boarding academy, the Class Black is comprised of thirteen students, twelve of whom are assassins. Their prey is the thirteenth student, Haru Ichinose, an upbeat girl who vows to survive school and graduate unharmed! Enter Azuma Tokaku, a cold-blooded killer who transfers from another school to kill Haru. What should have been a routine hit turns into a far more complicated affair as Tokaku is unable to pull the trigger on Haru. As Tokaku copes with her budding feelings, will she decide to protect Haru’s life from the other assassins or to end it before they do?

Yun Kouga - Loveless ​8.
Seimei ​is back. But his words aren't filled with the happiness of a brotherly reunion. Spells blazing, it's Beloved versus Beloved as Nisei and Soubi match up for the battle of a lifetime. Meanwhile, Soubi's past with Ritsu sensei is finally revealed, and Ritsuka will have to decide once and for all where his loyalties lie--with a scarred sacrifice or his mysterious (and malevolent?) older brother...

Yun Kouga - Loveless ​2.
As ​Ritsuka continues to mourn the loss of his brother Seimei, he endures abuse at home, bullying at school, and the threat of new assassins on his tracks. Can he sort through it all and unlock the secret behind Seimei's death?

Yun Kouga - Earthian ​2.
As ​angels struggle to solve the mystery of the Black Cancer, the death of Lord Seraphim triggers an even more desperate hunt. Chihaya and Kagetsuya's partnership is abruptly terminated because their relationship is growing a bit too close for comfort. Kagetsuya must now work with the neophyte Sayaka, who is a nice boy but the complete opposite of Chihaya. They go to Earth to find the reclusive Elvira, who may hold the only key to the cure. Hopefully they'll find some answers soon--mating season is approaching, and Kagetsuya struggles with his feelings for Chihaya...

Yun Kouga - Akuma ​no Riddle 2. (német)
Obwohl ​sich Haru darüber im Klaren ist, dass ihr fast die gesamte Schwarze Klasse nach dem Leben trachtet, versucht sie, neue Freundschaften zu schließen. Durch ihre Arglosigkeit tappt sie jedoch blindlings in die Fallen, die ihr ihre Mitschülerinnen stellen – sehr zum Missfallen ihrer Beschützerin Tokaku. Für den mörderischen Wettbewerb werden nun klare Regeln eingeführt – und jede Attentäterin hat ganz individuelle, manchmal tragische Motive, um diesen Auftrag auszuführen ...

Yun Kouga - Akuma ​no Riddle 1. (német)
Die ​15-jährige Schülerin Tokaku Azuma wird mit einem perfiden Auftrag auf die Myojo-Akademie geschickt: Sie soll eine Mitschülerin töten. Der Haken: Bis auf dieses Mädchen haben alle anderen Schülerinnen der Klasse ebenfalls diesen Mordauftrag erhalten! Doch der makabre Attentats-Wettbewerb erhält schnell eine neue Dynamik, denn es zeigt sich, dass die Zielperson Haru gar nicht so naiv und unbeschwert ist, wie es scheint ...

Yun Kouga - Loveless ​3.
After ​a grueling battle against the powerful Zeros, Soubi is badly injured, and in spite of his training, the pain almost too much to bear. He goes to see Ritsuka, but Soubi's erratic behavior and unpredictable emotions take over, and he abruptly storms away before Ritsuka can care for him. Ritsuka is left tormented and confused...but the mystery behind the death of his older brother is about to take an unbelievable turn. Ritsuka finally decodes the message left by Sleepless and goes to meet one of the members of Septimal Moon!

Yun Kouga - Loveless ​5.
Ritsuka ​skips school so he can rest up and stay up late talking to Seven through Wisdom Resurection. Ritsu-sensei and Nagisa-sensei join the conversation as observers, and Soubi and the Zeros boys watch from Ritsuka's side, as a shocking truth is revealed about Seimei. Ritsuka still has faith in his brother and his love for him, but evidence is building that Seimei's fate might not have been what Ritsuka believed it to be...

Yun Kouga - Akuma ​no Riddle: Riddle Story of Devil 3.
To ​be or not to be…assassinated! So far, Haru Ichinose has managed to survive. Tokaku Azuma has continued to act as her loyal guardian, having thwarted several assassination attempts on the girl’s life. This means Haru has lasted long enough to take part in the school play, along with her assassin classmates. Working on the play will bring all the girls closer, for better or worse. Secrets will be revealed, lines will be crossed, and the stakes against Haru’s life will be higher than ever. How can Haru possibly survive this latest theater of war?

Yun Kouga - Loveless ​7.
Soubi ​takes Ritsuka to find Septimal Moon, and Kio tags along for the ride. Ritsuka is unsettled and disturbed to discover that the Seimei Kio knew is very different from Ritsuka's own memories of his beloved older brother... Or are they so different after all? When Ritsuka confronts him about it, Soubi reveals a link that may finally start to reconcile Ritsuka's fragmented view of the young man he always admired. But when they arrive at the Seven Voices Academy, through which they must pass in order to reach Septimal Moon, only Soubi and Ritsuka are allowed to enter, and when they do, Ritsuka meets some familiar faces...

Yun Kouga - Loveless ​1.
Ritsuka ​Aoyagi is a 12-year-old who has just transferred to a new school soon after the gruesome death of his brother Seimei. Upon entering school, he is branded as a weirdo and is aloof toward the other students. When Ritsuka discovers a posthumous message from his brother indicating he was murdered, he becomes involved in a shadowy world of spell battles and secret names. Together with the mysterious Soubi, the search to find Seimei's killer and uncover the truth begins!

Yun Kouga - Loveless ​11.
Ritsuka’s ​faith in his older brother Seimei is pushed to the limit when the unit named Moonless reveals sordid details of Seimei’s horrific past deeds. Then, while Ritsuka is still reeling, the unthinkable happens: Seimei returns to reclaim Soubi.

Yun Kouga - Loveless ​9.
When ​his beloved older brother is brutally murdered, Ritsuka is heartbroken but determined to search for answers. His only lead is Soubi, a mysterious, handsome college student who offers him an intimate link to his brother's other life: a dark and vibrant world of spell battles and secret names. Will Ritsuka's relationship with Soubi ultimately lead to the truth or further down the rabbit hole than he imagined possible? Seimei is very much alive and has torn through the Seven Voices Academy like a whirlwind. As Septimal Moon struggles to right itself and keep its secrets from spilling out, a new enemy takes center stage: the unit named Bloodless wages a crippling psychological war, ending battles without spilling a single drop of blood. Yet Ritsuka and Soubi must emerge victorious against them - or lose Kio.

Yun Kouga - Earthian ​1.
Angels ​are among us. They are scattered across the globe, living in our neighborhoods, observing humanity--the Earthian--in crisis...Chihaya and Kagetsuya have known each other since their days at school. They are friends...and possibly more. These two angels roam the world, compiling lists of the positive and negative traits of humanity. In the process they become involved in the lives of various humans, full of despair: An astronaut about to venture on a dangerous mission, a sorceress running from the mafia, and a mysterious artificially created human are just a few of those beings who Chihaya puts himself at risk to help, much to Kagetsuya's dismay. But after a meeting of angels, it is discovered that a dreaded disease is plaguing a growing legion of angels. Salvation possibly lies in the fallen angel Lord Seraphim--and as Chihaya and Kagetsuya search to find him, he turns up in the most unlikely of places...

Yun Kouga - Akuma ​no Riddle 3. (német)
Die ​ersten Anschläge auf ihr Leben konnte Haru Ichinose dank der energischen Tokaku Azuma überstehen. Doch die nächste Schülerin steht schon bereit, ihren mörderischen Auftrag auszuführen und ihre eigene Familie damit endgültig von allen Sorgen zu befreien. Eine andere Schulkameradin enthüllt Überraschendes: Sie ist gar nicht hinter Ichinose her, sondern sinnt auf Rache …

Yun Kouga - Earthian ​3.
The ​secrets of the Black Cancer and the Angels’ long-time examination of the Earthian finally comes to light…and the consequences are not what anyone ever expected. Chihaya is distraught when he discovers just what Michael has been hiding from him, and becomes withdrawn. But in the end, the consequences of Chihaya’s relationship with Kagetsuya may prove to be even more disturbing! As the Angels prepare to invade Earth, Elvira and her cohort of Black Angels ready their defenses. Chihaya and Kagetsuya must finally decide where their loyalty lies--and if it even lies with each other anymore!

Yun Kouga - Loveless ​12.
When ​Seimei refuses to fight alongside Nisei against an enraged Moonless, it cuts the final tie in the web of manipulation that binds the dirtiest Fighter to his heartless Sacrifice. Meanwhile, while looking at his brother’s photo album, Ritsuka discovers new information about his old self that doesn’t match up.

Yun Kouga - Akuma ​no Riddle: Riddle Story of Devil 2.
When ​it comes to afterschool activities, these students aren’t just killing time. Tokaku has saved Haru from the first assassination attempt in Myojo Private School's Class Black, but the fight is far from over. Although Tokaku is the only ally Haru has in a class otherwise made up of assassins tasked to kill her, the energetic and trusting Haru still wants nothing more than to befriend her fellow students. A system is put into place where all students must deliver notices to Haru, and then kill her by whatever means necessary before their time runs out. As Tokaku tries to protect her from within a den of potential murderers, will the pair be able to determine friend from foe or is the line too blurred in a school otherwise full of smiling faces?

Yun Kouga - Akuma ​no Riddle 5. (német)
Das ​Ende der Schwarzen Klasse steht bevor: Von den ursprünglichen Klassenkameradinnen sind nur noch Haru, ihre Beschützerin Tokaku und die Schiedsrichterin Nio übrig. Doch hinter der mörderischen Herausforderung steckt weitaus mehr – und Tokaku muss sich die Frage stellen, ob ihre Gefühle für Haru echt sind oder ob sie die ganze Zeit manipuliert wurde. Die Antwort kann womöglich nur der Tod liefern … Der Abschlussband!

Yun Kouga - Loveless ​10.
Although ​Natsuo and Youji have transferred to Ritsuka's school to monitor him in the wake of his brother's bloody homecoming, the unit named Moonless manages to isolate Ritsuka in order to propose a scheme to turn brother against brother.

Yun Kouga - Loveless ​6.
The ​secret behind Seimei’s disappearance and apparent death begins to be unveiled...and the consequences are devastating to both Ritsuka and Soubi. Later, Nisei privately reveals an even more shocking truth to Soubi, which shakes the Fighter to the core--and Misaki’s abuse of Ritsuka escalates to the point where it can no longer be ignored by those around him. But a second meeting with Ritsu-sensei may send Ritsuka down a new path to find his destiny!

Yun Kouga - Loveless ​4.
Soubi ​unexpectedly meets a new Zero team, Koya and Yamato, who then battles him, and leaves him badly wounded. A concerned Ritsuka asks Natsuo and Yoji to teach him about the relationship between a Fighter Unit and the Sacrifice. Later, Koya and Yamato battle Soubi a second time, but this time for a 2 on 2 battle with Ritsuka as Soubi's partner...

Yun Kouga - Earthian ​4.
Filled ​with heartbreaking tales of the forbidden relationship between Lord Michael and Raphael, this volume also includes a never-before-seen bonus story specifically created for this special deluxe edition. And as a fitting epilogue to the unforgettable manga series, catch a glimpse of the future of all your favorite Earthian characters! Includes special notes by Kouga-sensei! "Earthian is one of those very classy works that lets you know this is something special just by holding it in your hands."