Tom Quinn könyvei a rukkolán

Tom Quinn - London's ​Strangest Tales
From ​the medieval human lavatory to the one-legged escalator tester, to the monarch who showed her breasts to a visiting ambassador, _London's Strangest Tales_ is a unique collection of extraordinary stories dating back more than a thousand years. Within you will discover why part of London is built on Scottish soil, why the Bishop of Winchester owned a string of brothels, and why freemen of the City of London can still drive sheep over London Bridge and insist on being hanged with a silken rope. _London's Strangest Tales,_ your alternative guide to the capital, also unravel some of London's best kept secrets - it will tell you why at least one London church was built the wrong way round, why a poet chose to be buried bolt upright and why, for centuries, many Londoners chose to go to prison to get married!