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David Annandale - Warden ​of the Blade
Book ​1 of the Castellan Crowe series Castellan Crowe, Brotherhood Champion of the Purifier order of the Grey Knights, bears a heavy burden – to be the warden of the dread Blade of Antwyr. Its malevolent voice is forever in his head, trying to crack his resolve, urging him to unleash a power he must never use. The toll is terrible, and how long before the incorruptible Crowe is at last defeated? His harrowing task first began at Sandava II… Under the command of Castellan Gavallan, Crowe and his brother Purifiers bring purging flame to a daemonic incursion that threatens to consume the world. What awaits them is more insidious and more powerful than they imagine, and they must reckon too with the machinations of the Blade, as it seeks to destroy its guardian and drown the galaxy in blood.

David Annandale - Watchers ​in Death
The ​attempt to hunt down and kill the orks' leader has ended in failure and catastrophe. The Imperium is reeling from the loss of so many beloved heroes, and the military forces of mankind have been reduced to tatters. Koorland now knows that brute force is not the answer - but how else can the orks be fought? In a radical move, he creates small, mixed Chapter units of Adeptus Astartes - compact teams that will hit the enemy hard and fast, and with deadly accuracy. With armour painted the black of mourning, the new strike teams become known as the Deathwatch. But will this be enough to tip the balance, or does the Imperium need to discover new means to defeat the orks?

David Annandale - The ​Deacon of Wounds
In ​the harshest of times, even the most faithful can walk in dark places – as Arch-Deacon Ambrose discovers when drought and plague sweep through his city. READ IT BECAUSE In the grim darkness of the far future, gods are real and faith is rewarded. Discover what happens when that faith is misplaced and light becomes darkness. THE STORY The planet of Theotokos is dying. Drought has wiped out all but the capital city of Magerit. Worse, an outbreak of a terrible plague, known as the Grey Tears, ravages its populace. Only the charismatic Arch-Deacon Ambrose stands in the way of desperation and anarchy. But as the plague rampages through the streets, murdering its victims with unnatural symptoms, Ambrose struggles to confront the appalling measures he must take to save his people.

David Annandale - Ephrael ​Stern, az Eretnek Szent
A ​megkínzott galaxisban Ephrael Sternt számos néven ismerik. A Háromszor Született. Az Eretnek Szent. A Nagy Hasadék létrejöttét követően mélyen az Imperium Nihilusban rekedt csatanővér attól tart, hogy a Birodalom már nincs többé. Az Istencsászár fénye, amely évszázadokon át vezette kihúnyt. A látszólag elhagyatott Stern maradni kényszerül, amíg meg nem érkezik egy titokzatos idegen, aki új sorsot ajánl neki. Egy esélyt, amivel még megmentheti a Birodalmat. Sternnek még egyszer be kell bizonyítania, hogy méltó az Istencsászár kegyelmére, s szembe kell szállnia egy újabb fenyegetéssel is, ami még nagyobb veszélybe sodorná az emberiséget.

David Annandale - Braden Campbell - Andy Chambers - Andy Clark - Ben Counter - Justin D. Hill - Nick Kyme - Steve Parker - Anthony Reynolds - Ian St. Martin - Gav Thorpe - Chris Wraight - Deathwatch: ​The Omnibus
The ​Deathwatch are the elite. Recruited from numerous Space Marine Chapters, their mission is simple: exterminate any xenos threat to the Imperium. Assembled into kill-teams, the Deathwatch are expert alien hunters, equipped to undertake any mission in any environment. None are as dedicated or as skilled in the brutal art of alien annihilation. This action-packed omnibus contains three full novels written by Steve Parker, Ian St Martin and Justin D Hill, along with a dozen of the best short stories ever written about the Imperium’s premier xenos hunters.

David Annandale - Yarrick ​- The Omnibus
Omnibus ​of novels and short stories revealing the brutal battles which transformed Commissar Yarrick from a mere man into a legend of the Imperium. Yarrick: once just a name, but now a legend, forged from the blood of the Imperium’s enemies. Time after time, Commissar Sebastian Yarrick has fearlessly led Imperial forces to victory beneath black banners of vengeance, even when defeat seemed inevitable. From his early campaigns as a newly blooded officer from the schola progenium ranks, to the brutal battles of the Second and Third Wars for Armageddon, one thing has never changed: Yarrick will not fail. No world will fall to Chaos, heresy or xenos while under his protection. This gripping omnibus contains all of author David Annandale's stories about the famed commissar, and includes two novels, a novella and seven short stories, each revealing the bloody battles that helped forge a legend.

David Annandale - Mephiston: ​Lord of Death
Chief ​Librarian of the Blood Angels, Master of the Black Rage, Lord of Death... By these titles is Mephiston known to his brother Space Marines. But deep within Mephiston’s tortured heart lurks another, the spectre of who he used to be before his death and rebirth on the war-torn world of Armageddon. As Mephiston leads the Blood Angels into battle in the Pallavon system against the might of mankind’s archenemy, he must grapple with his inner daemons as well as those around him, as the ghost of Brother Calistarius, the man he once was, returns to haunt him.

David Annandale - Roboute ​Guilliman - Lord of Ultramar
Long ​before the coming of the Imperium, the realm of Ultramar was ruled by Roboute Guilliman, the last Battle King of Macragge. Even after learning of his true heritage as a primarch son of the Emperor of Mankind, he strove to expand his domain as efficiently and benevolently as possible, with the XIII Legion Ultramarines as his alone to command. Now, facing a rival empire on the ork-held world of Thoas, Guilliman must choose his weapons carefully – otherwise his dream of a brighter future could be lost forever.

David Annandale - The ​Unburdened
Long ​considering themselves persecuted by the rest of the Imperium, the apostles of the XVIIth Legion have courted sedition, betrayal and even open heresy for decades. But for Kurtha Sedd of the Third Hand Chapter, the Word Bearers’ assault on Calth has proven… troubling. Drawn into the haunted shadows of the planet’s underworld, the Chaplain and his devout brethren must now put aside all other concerns and continue to wage war against the Ultramarines, no matter the ultimate cost.

David Annandale - Halálőrség
A ​kísérlet, hogy levadásszák és elpusztítsák az orkok vezetőjét, katasztrófával végződött. A Birodalom még nem heverte ki szeretett hőseinek elvesztését, és az emberiség hadereje is a korábbi töredékére zsugorodott. Koorland kénytelen volt beismerni, hogy a puszta erő nem megoldás, de mégis, hogyan máshogyan harcolhatnának az orkok ellen? Végül radikális lépésre szánja el magát, létrehoz egy kis létszámú, vegyes Adeptus Astartes-káptalanokból álló egységet - kompakt csapatokat, amelyek gyorsan és keményen, halálos pontossággal csapnak le az ellenségre. A gyász feketéjére festett páncéljukkal az új csapatokat hamarosan Halálőrségként kezdik emlegetni. Koorland szándéka vajon elég lesz, hogy fenntartsa az egyensúlyt, vagy a Birodalom meg kell, hogy ismerje az orkokkal szembeni vereség egy újabb formáját?

David Annandale - The ​Damnation of Pythos
In ​the aftermath of the Dropsite Massacre at Isstvan V, a battered and bloodied force of Iron Hands, Raven Guard and Salamanders regroups on a seemingly insignificant death world. Fending off attacks from all manner of monstrous creatures, the fractious allies find hope in the form of human refugees fleeing from the growing war, and cast adrift upon the tides of the warp. But even as the Space Marines carve out a sanctuary for them in the jungles of Pythos, a darkness gathers that threatens to consume them all.

Guy Haley - David Guymer - David Annandale - Gav Thorpe - The ​Beast Arises 2.
The ​Imperium’s situation has never been more grim – an ork attack moon hangs over Terra, and ork armadas ravage human space. It seems nothing can stop the greenskins – neither brute force, science, nor faith. When the Adeptus Mechanicus reveal they have discovered the orks’ point of origin, the Space Marines gather their forces for a massive assault on their enemy’s home world. But what the Imperial forces need is a figurehead, a hero from legend to lead them – a primarch. Can one of these figures from legend be found, let alone persuaded to aid them?

David Annandale - Grey ​Knights: Sons of Titan
The ​Grey Knights are a myth, a secret Chapter of Space Marines that responds to the greatest of threats, daemonic incursions into the Emperor's realm. They are spoken of in legends, silver-armoured heroes whose weapons blaze with holy fire and whose merest touch can destroy the servants of the Ruinous Powers. And the legends are true. In this collection of stories, a squad of Grey Knights commanded by Justicar Styre battle the infernal followers of the Plague God across the Imperium. Includes the stories 'Maledictus', 'True Name', 'Incorruptible' and 'The Mourning Tower'.

David Annandale - The ​Hunt
When ​witch hunter Bered Davan sets out on the trail of a vile contagion that plagues Ghyran, he discovers something altogether deeper, darker and more terrifying… READ IT BECAUSE Explore how Chaos continues to thrive in the shadows cast by the light of Sigmar's heroes, and how the heroes who seek it out face horrors untold… THE STORY For many long years through the Age of Chaos, the lands of Ghyran suffered under the yoke of the servants of Nurgle. Disease wracked the lands, and life became an unending cycle of horror and misery. Then came light, in the form of the Stormcast Eternals, Sigmar's celestial heroes. Yet light cannot destroy darkness, as Bered Davan has learned. A witch hunter, he is no stranger to the vile things that lurk in the Mortal Realms, but as he hunts the source of a contagion, he will be tested as never before…

David Annandale - Guy Haley - Rob Sanders - David Guymer - Call ​of Archaon
Of ​the many champions of Chaos, none are as great or as feared as mighty Archaon. He is the Everchosen, Exalted Grand Marshal of the Apocalypse and Ender of Worlds, and it is a worthy warrior indeed who can fight by his side. Such Knights of Ruin are known as the Varanguard. Only by answering the call of Archaon can a warrior of Chaos ascend to their ranks, and acceptance is never guaranteed, for their mettle must first be proven. In this dark tale, three fell champions of the Chaos Gods all heed the call of the Everchosen. Each desires the ultimate prize: to become part of the Varanguard. But where one is chosen, others will fail, for Archaon’s will is cruel and his trials exacting...

David Annandale - David Guymer - Rob Sanders - Guy Haley - The ​Beast Arises 3.
The ​Imperium's initial attempts to attack the orks and kill their leader have ended in failure and tragedy, but there can be no surrender: the fate of humanity hangs in the balance. New, more flexible fighting teams of Adeptus Astartes have been assembled and allies from the Imperium's past have also pledged their support. With new troops, revised tactics and the full backing of the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Space Marines head to the orks' home world one final time. This time there will be no retreat. They must succeed in their mission… or die in the attempt.

David Annandale - The ​Hunt for Vulkan
The ​Adeptus Astartes carry the battle to the orks' home world, led by a mighty armoured warrior of legend. Tearing itself apart from within, the Imperium is still virtually powerless to resist the ork advance. When the Adeptus Mechanicus reveal they have discovered the orks' point of origin, the Adeptus Astartes start to gather their forces for a massive assault on their enemy's home world. But what the Imperial forces need is a figurehead, a hero from legend to lead them - a primarch. Meanwhile, on the planet Caldera, a mighty armoured warrior fights tirelessly against the orks - is he the saviour the Imperium seeks?

David Annandale - Vulkan ​nyomában
A ​Birodalom belülről tépi szét magát, s még mindig védtelen az ork előrenyomulással szemben. Mikor az Adeptus Mechanicus felfedi a zöldbőrűek támadásainak eredetét, az Adeptus Astartes elkezdi összevonni erőit egy masszív ellentámadáshoz az ellenség otthonvilágán. Ám az Impérium erőinek szüksége van egy vezetőre, egy hősre a legendákból, aki utat mutat nekik – egy primarchára. Eközben a Caldera nevű bolygón egy hatalmas, páncélos harcos küzd fáradhatatlanul az orkok ellen – ő lehet a megmentő, akire a Birodalomnak szüksége van?

Josh Reynolds - Peter McLean - Sarah Cawkwell - David Annandale - Ben Counter - David Guymer - Warcry: ​The Anthology
A ​Warhammer Age of Sigmar anthology In the twisted remains of the Eightpoints, Archaon has raised the Varanspire as an indomitable bastion against the puppet forces of Order. From its halls, the call of the Everchosen resounds across the Mortal Realms, summoning the worthy to his side. This is a deadly odyssey, for the Exalted Grand Marshal has no use for the weak. Rival warbands of every stripe battle across the wastes of the Bloodwind Spoil, a land filled with unspeakable horrors, to earn Archaon’s favour. Some, such as the Iron Golems, use brute force and unwavering discipline to achieve their ends. Others, like the Corvus Cabal, strike from the shadows, cutting throats and taking trophies of their hunt. All seek to claim their rightful place at the Everchosen’s side, but few will survive even their first nights in this tormented domain. This anthology brings together six brand-new stories, chronicling the perilous journeys of some of the Mortal Realms' most horrifying warbands: the Unmade, the Iron Golems, the Splintered Fang and more, from authors including David Annandale, Josh Reynolds and David Guymer.

David Annandale - Castellan
A ​strike force of Grey Knights led by Castellan Garran Crowe is sorely tested when the planet they are fighting on is swallowed by a mighty warp storm. For more than a century, Garran Crowe has served as Castellan of the Grey Knights, protecting the Imperium against the foulest daemons, and holding prisoner in his grasp the monstrous Black Blade of Antwyr. Now he is tested as never before when the planet he and his strike force are fighting on, Sandava III, is swallowed by the mighty warp storm known as the Cicatrix Maledictum. But their struggle for survival is only just beginning, for when the Grey Knights return to a transformed Imperium, they discover that the fate of Sandava III is just one part of a more monstrous danger. Crowe must fight an enemy whose patiently laid plans have at last come to fruition, threatening the Imperium with inconceivable destruction.

David Annandale - Ruinstorm
As ​Imperium Secundus fails, three primarchs journey into the Ruinstorm in the hope of making it back to Terra. Imperium Secundus lies revealed as a heretical folly. Terra has not fallen, though it remains inaccessible. Sanguinius, Guilliman and the Lion El’Johnson, the primarchs of the Triumvirate, must reach Terra at all costs. They seek to defend the Emperor, and to atone for their sins. But the Ruinstorm, a galaxy-wide maelstrom of chaos, hides the Throneworld from the primarchs. Now the fleets of three Legions depart Macragge, and the primarchs will stop at nothing to overcome the Ruinstorm. Yet an insidious enemy watches their every move, and plots against the weaknesses of the errant sons of the Emperor. Each has his own inner storm, and each marches towards his own ruin.

David Annandale - Az ​utolsó fal
Hiába ​az Impérium minden erőfeszítése, amellyel megpróbálták megfékezni az emberiség által uralt űrben fertőzésként terjedő ork inváziót, a Terra fölött most mégis egy ork támadó hold lebeg. Miközben az égitest árnya a Birodalmi Palotára vetül, a rettegő emberek lázongó hordákba verődve tombolnak az utcákon. A nagyurak végül útnak indítják a Proletárok Hadjáratát, amelytől azt remélik, elpusztítja az idegen förtelmet. Ezernyi kisebb és nagyobb hajó indul útnak, fedélzetükön milliárdnyi lelkes önkéntessel, akik szinte égnek a vágytól, hogy az orkok küszöbén folytassák a háborút. A földet érést követően felcsillan a remény, hogy a támadás akár még sikerrel is járhat, ám az orkok válasza sem késik soká…

David Guymer - David Annandale - Guy Haley - Gav Thorpe - Darius Hinks - James Swallow - Chris Wraight - Ian St. Martin - Scions ​of the Emperor
The ​primarchs, demigod scions of the Emperor, wage war and explore their destinies in eight tales from the universe of the bestselling Horus Heresy series. READ IT BECAUSE Discover key moments in the lives of the primarchs across eight short stories, from their earliest days to the tense times in the lead-up to the Siege of Terra. DESCRIPTION From their shadowed origins to the desperate battles that ensued when half of them rebelled against their father, the Sons of the Emperor – the vaunted primarchs – were among the greatest of humanity's champions. They were warriors without peer and heroes whose deeds became legend. From a tale of Ferrus Manus in his earliest days to mysterious murders that lead Rogal Dorn into peril on the eve of the Siege of Terra, the eight tales in this volume lay bare key moments in the lives of these mighty heroes.

Dan Abnett - Rob Sanders - Gav Thorpe - David Annandale - The ​Beast Arises 1.
It ​is the thirty-second millennium, and the Heresy is but a distant memory. After centuries of peace, the Imperium is thrown into panic as worlds everywhere are menaced by orks. In a relentless tide of slaughter, ork attack moons destroy planet after planet with gravity weapons of unstoppable power. On Terra, the High Lords are paralysed by the scale of the threat, and fail to take any effective action. With entire Space Marine Chapters missing or destroyed, does anyone have the will and the power to rise to the Imperium’s defence?

David Annandale - Vulkan ​- Lord of Drakes
As ​the Emperor marshals his armies to reclaim the galaxy for the glory of mankind, one by one his Space Marine Legions are reunited with their missing primarchs. The XVIII Legion are still waiting to find their true identity, unaware their own lord has been found. In the Taras Division, legionaries face annihilation as they take a last, desperate stand against a monstrous ork invasion. Meanwhile, on Nocturne, Vulkan has raised and trained a new force of warriors. Now it is the time for him to lead his sons into battle. Now it is the time for him to truly don the mantle of primarch, not only to save one half of his Legion, but forge a new, indivisible whole.

David Annandale - The ​Last Wall
As ​Terra itself comes under threat, the High Lords plan a last ditch attempt to defend the throneworld from the greenskin threat. Far away, the Iron Warriors fall victim to the Orks' expansion. And in the Phall system, the Sons of Dorn assemble to fulfill their Primarch's legacy.

Josh Reynolds - Phil Kelly - David Annandale - The ​Wicked and the Damned
A ​chilling mosaic novel by masters of their craft. On a misty cemetery world, three strangers are drawn together through mysterious circumstances. Each of them has a tale to tell of a narrow escape from death. Amid the toll of funerary bells and the creep and click of mortuary-servitors, the truth is confessed. But whose story can be trusted? Whose recollection is warped, even unto themselves? For these are strange stories of the uncanny, the irrational and the spine-chillingly frightening, where horrors abound and the dark depths of the human psyche is unearthed.

David Annandale - Pythos ​végzete
Az ​Isstvan V-ön történt mészárlást követően a Vasöklök, a Hollógárda és a Szalamandrák légióinak szedett-vedett túlélői egy látszólag jelentéktelen halálvilágon gyülekeznek. Miközben hatalmas ragadozó lények támadásait kell visszaverjék, a megosztott szövetségesek közös céljukat az egyszerű emberek megvédelmezésében találják meg, akiket az egyre terjedő háború elől menekülve az immatérium hullámai vetnek ki magukból. Azonban az űrgárdisták hiába igyekeznek menedéket emelni számukra a Pythos dzsungeleiben, ha a sötétség mindannyiuk pusztulásával fenyeget...