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MaryJanice Davidson - Truth, ​Lies, and Second Dates
Captain ​Ava Capp has been flying from her past for a decade. She’d much rather leave it, and her home state, behind forever. But when she finds herself back in Minnesota, against her better judgment, everything goes sideways in a way she never expected it to. M.E. Dr. Tom Baker has never forgotten Ava and the cold case she ran away from. When she shows up unexpectedly in town, in spite of himself, sparks fly. Which is terrible because he can’t stop his growing attraction to her. Can these two Type-A’s let their guards down and work together to put Ava’s tragic past behind her for good? And keep their hands off each other at the same time?

MaryJanice Davidson - Undead ​and Uneasy
Betsy ​Taylor, undead vampire queen, has been given a new nickname by her nearest and dearest: Bridezilla. Because whether you're alive or undead, planning weddings is a bitch - especially when your groom thinks the whole thing is a waste of time. Betsy's also dealing with a full house: she lives with a ghost (Cathy), a werewolf (Antonia), a gay physician/human (Marc), her fiance and vampire king (Eric Sinclair), her best friend (Jessica), a recovering Fiend (Garrett). But when Sinclair disappears, Betsy begins to get seriously unnerved...

MaryJanice Davidson - Undead ​and Unsure
It’s ​no surprise to Betsy that her trip to Hell with her sister Laura landed them in hot water. Betsy isn’t exactly sorry she killed the Devil but it’s put Laura in a damnable position: assuming the role of Satan (she may not have the training but she looks great in red)—and in charge of billions of souls as she moves up in the world. Or is that down? But Betsy herself is in an odd new position as well—that of being a responsible monarch suddenly in charge of all things more earth-bound: like her vampire husband Sinclair who has gone from relieved to ecstatic to downright reckless now that he can tolerate sunlight. And if Sinclair isn’t enough to contend with, Betsy’s best friend Jessica is in her sixth (and hopefully last) trimester. Considering she’s been pregnant for eighteen months, she’s become a veritable encyclopedia of what not to expect when you’re expecting. Oh, the horror… And speaking of growing pains, Betsy and Sinclair’s adopted little BabyJon is finally starting to walk. And if the increasingly unpredictable toddler is anything like his extended family, precisely where he’s headed is anyone’s guess.

MaryJanice Davidson - Undead ​and Unstable
Betsy ​Taylor is determined to change the future for herself and her loved ones, but her actions could have life-shattering repercussions. That’s to be expected when a friend returns from the dead, when your dear sister just happens to be the Antichrist, and when your mother is the devil.

MaryJanice Davidson - Undead ​and Unfinished
Vampire ​Queen Betsy Taylor is fed up of trying to decipher the strange things prophesied in The Book of the Dead. At the end of her tether, she strikes a deal with Satan who promises to help - if she and her half-sister Laura pay a visit to Hell. Hell, it would seem, is more terrifying than Betsy could have ever imagined - a waiting room with bad carpeting, re-runs of 70s TV shows and ancient Good Housekeeping magazines. But when Betsy and Laura find themselves catapulted back and forth through time, they realise they could seriously screw everything up for good...

MaryJanice Davidson - Undead ​and Undermined
All-new ​in the New York Times bestselling drop-dead funny series. Vampire Queen Betsy Taylor thought she couldn't die. So what's she doing in the morgue? It could have something to do with a time- traveling trip she made, and a foe with a wicked agenda that could finally be the real death of Betsy-if she's not careful.

MaryJanice Davidson - Undead ​and Unwelcome
Life ​isn't easy, even for the undead Betsy, vampire queen. With her husband Sinclair and her stepbrother BabyJon, Betsy's on her way to Cape Cod, the seat of werewolf power, with some explaining to do about the death of a werewolf. Things don't improve once they get to Wyndham Mansion; although many of the werewolves disliked Antonia, they aren't happy that she died in the service of a vampire. While trying to deal with 50,000 angry werewolves, Betsy is also caught up with solving a problem for the sister of a local vampire - there really is no rest for the wicked! Then things go from bad to worse: when Betsy gets some bad news - a vampire has been killed at the hands of someone near to her - she knows she may have to face the worst kind of villain: a bad guy who thinks she's a good guy.

Laurell K. Hamilton - Charlaine Harris - Angela Knight - Vickie Taylor - MaryJanice Davidson - Karó
„Öt ​szexi vámpírtörténet, két extra csemegével: egy új Anita Blake, és egy új True Blood / Sookie Stackhouse sztorival fűszerezve!”

Angela Knight - MaryJanice Davidson - Virginia Kantris - Sunny - Over ​the Moon
Three ​bestselling superstars and one exciting new voice in paranormal romance in a hot new anthology. When it comes to sexy werewolves, fairies, and magic, there's only one place for readers to go this winter: Over the Moon. Angela Knight ventures to the borders of Mageverse, a land ruled by vampire knights. MaryJanice Davidson returns to the wicked lair of the Wyndham werewolves. Virginia Kantra finds magic and wonder in a strange fairy kingdom. And Sunny discovers a Mixed Blood Queen in command of a new realm.

MaryJanice Davidson - Undead ​and Unwary
Vampire ​queen Betsy Taylor returns in the outrageous new Undead novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Undead and Unsure. Even with Satan out of the picture and the Antichrist for a sister, Betsy Taylor has had a hard time maintaining “things below.” It’s not that she’s been shirking her hellish obligations. It’s just that her earthbound duties are so time-consuming—like a brand-new baby drama involving a pair of uncanny (okay, terrifying) toddler twins. And get this: Betsy’s dad, once so very dead, has been spotted in downtown St. Paul. Now amid all this fire-and-brimstone jazz, Betsy’s very own flesh and blood have even more surprises in store for the vampire queen. And jolt by jolt, Betsy is soon to discover that there’s nothing as heartwarming as family. Yeah, like Hell.

MaryJanice Davidson - Undead ​and Unreturnable
Though ​she's the vampire queen, Betsy Taylor is much more like a princess. In MaryJanice Davidson's novels, this high-maintenance monarch is finally coming to terms with her new status. They say Christmas is a time for friends and family. But with a half-sister who's the devil's daughter, an evil stepmother, a fiend living in her basement, assorted spirits and killers running amok, and a spring wedding to plan with the former bane of her existence, Eric Sinclair, Betsy is not sure she'll survive the holidays. Oh, right. She's already dead...

MaryJanice Davidson - Undead ​and Unworthy
Seventh ​in the hilarious New York Times bestselling series featuring Vampire Queen Betsy Taylor--now with a hot new look. The series New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan calls "DELIGH TFUL, Wicked Fun" is looking hotter than ever... "No one does humorous romantic fantasy better than the incomparable MaryJanice Davidson" (The Best Reviews), and nobody reigns over the undead with more savvy than her heroine Betsy Taylor, back to rule the nights as Vampire Queen--and survive the days as a new suburban bride. But it's not all marital bliss. Betsy's husband, Sinclair, has been perusing The Book of the Dead, Betsy's being hounded by a ghost who's even more insufferable in death than in life, and a pack of formerly feral vampires has decided to pay an unwelcome visit...

MaryJanice Davidson - Undead ​and Unwed
First ​Betsy Taylor loses her job, then she's killed in a car accident. But what really bites is that she can't seem to stay dead. And now her new friends have the ridiculous idea that Betsy is the prophesied vampire queen, and they want her help in overthrowing the most obnoxious power-hungry vampire in five centuries.

Nancy Warren - MaryJanice Davidson - Karen Kelley - Bad ​Boys With Expensive Toys
The ​Fourteen Million-Dollar Poodle - Nancy Warren Labour dispute negotiator Vince Grange has a reputation for being a tough guy. Tough guys hammer out deals, drink beer, and keep their well-muscled, six-foot-four physiques in shape. What they do not do is inherit frou-frou toy poodles named Mimi who only understand French. Good thing Vince was a softy for his late eccentric aunt, and really good thing she left him fourteen million dollars so he can hire a French dog nanny. The World is Too Darned Big - Mary Janice Davidson The name's Dyson. Benjamin Dyson. Genius engineering geek by day and unfortunately, genius engineering geek by night. Ben may work for the CIA, but he's the mild-mannered brainy type who wouldn't know a gun from a gear shift. Enter Tara Marx. She's six feet of big, bad, booty-kicking fearlessness, and she needs Ben on her mission ASAP. Guilty Pleasures - Karen Kelley Computer entrepreneur Alex Cannedy loves women - the way they move, talk, smell...and other things. He'd love to get to show Kagen Yates a good time, but his sister has declared the wealthy designer off-limits. She even makes him pinkie-swear not to so much as wink at the hot babe who's had her heart broken by men just like Alex. But Alex has no idea how his resolve, will be tested. Kagen has plans of her own

MaryJanice Davidson - Dead ​and Loving It
Davidson's ​fans will delight in this set of four fast-paced, lusty novellas featuring her Wyndham werewolves and vampires under the rule of Betsy Taylor, Queen of the Undead. "Santa Claws" is a tale of Europe's most powerful werewolf falling in love with a plump, bell-ringing Santa on a Boston street corner. "Monster Love" examines interspecies love when a spinster werewolf who "hit like a Teamster. And swore like one, too" is abducted by a lonely vampire. "There's No Such Thing as a Werewolf" is the story of a blind werewolf physician who discovers that fairies who grant wishes may really exist. "A Fiend in Need" reveals the true identity of George the Fiend when Antonia, the seer of the Wyndham werewolves, knocks on Betsy Taylor's door after receiving a vision that she is supposed to travel to Minneapolis to serve the queen. Each tale exhibits sassy dialogue, lusty lovemaking, irreverent humor, and the required happy conclusion.

MaryJanice Davidson - Undead ​and Unappreciated
Fans ​can't get enough of author MaryJanice Davidson and her topsy-turvy world of the undead with its newly-crowned queen, Betsy Taylor. "Irreverently hilarious, superbly entertaining," raves Romance Reviews Today of Undead and Unwed. And Paranormal Romance Reviews praises Undead and Unemployed as "wonderful and spontaneous." Now, Betsy continues her reluctant reign while being bedeviled by family secrets.

MaryJanice Davidson - Egy ​haláli szingli meséi
„Ez ​a nap – akkor még nem tudtam, hogy a halálom napja – rosszul indult, pocsékul folytatódott és rémesen végződött” Betsy Taylor arra ébred, hogy egy hullaházban fekszik és vámpírrá változott. Ez azonban még mindig jobb, mint halottnak lenni. Betsy emberfeletti képességek birtokába jut, és a másik nemre is elképesztő hatással van. Egy dologgal nem tud megbarátkozni: az új, folyékony étrendjével… És míg anyja megkönnyebbülten veszi tudomásul, hogy lányával ezután is találkozhat, új, éjszakai barátai azt gondolják róla, hogy Betsy a vámpírok megjövendölt királynője. A szívtipró Sinclair és csapatának szüksége van Betsyre, mert az ő segítségével akarják letaszítani a trónról az elmúlt ötszáz év legellenszenvesebb és leghataloméhesebb vámpírját. Betsytől azonban mi sem áll távolabb, mint belekeveredni a vámpírok belügyeibe. Sinclair és társai azonban nagyon is jól tudják, hogyan bírhatják Betsyt jobb belátásra. Többek között azzal, hogy korlátlan hozzáférést biztosítanak a Manolo Blahnik cipők legújabb tavaszi kollekciójához. MaryJanice Davidson remek, Betsy Taylorról szóló romantikus és humoros történetei azt mutatják meg, mi történne, ha a Szex és New York hősnője, Carrie Bradshaw összeakadna egy vámpírral…

MaryJanice Davidson - Anthony Alongi - Jennifer ​Scales and the Ancient Furnace
She ​knew that growing up would mean changing. But Jennifer wasn't prepared for the blue scales or the claws, since no one had told her that she came from a bloodline of weredragons. Her greatest challenge? Protecting herself from her family's ancient enemies and preparing herself for fierce battles. And that's a lot to expect of a girl just coming into her own.

MaryJanice Davidson - Undead ​and Unemployed
Being ​royally undead isn't all it's cracked up to be-there are still bills to be paid. Luckily, new Queen of the Vampires Betsy Taylor lands her dream job selling designer shoes at Macy's. But when a string of vampire murders hits St. Paul, Betsy must enlist the help of the one vamp who makes her blood boil: the oh-so-sexy Sinclair. Now, she's really treading on dangerous ground-high heels and all.

MaryJanice Davidson - Laurell K. Hamilton - Charlaine Harris - Angela Knight - Vickie Taylor - Bite
A ​never-before-published Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter story from New York Times bestselling author Laurell K Hamilton. A brand-new story from New York Times bestselling author Charlaine Harris, featuring the much-loved Sookie Stackhouse. A hot new novella from USA Today bestselling author MaryJanice Davidson, set in the world of Undead and Unwed's Betsy Taylor, the newly, and reluctantly,crowned Vampire Queen. Introduced in the collection Hot Blooded, and on the heels of the wildly successful Master of the Night, Angela Knight has created a fascinating universe of Arthurian Lore and erotic vampirsim. And a sexy original story from Vickie Taylor, a new addition to Berkley Sensation.

MaryJanice Davidson - Undead ​and Unforgiven
“MaryJanice ​Davidson’s Undead series is laugh-out-loud funny.”—Heroes and Heartbreakers New York Times bestselling author MaryJanice Davidson is back. So is Betsy Taylor, “everyone’s favorite vampire queen” (Bitten by Books) and this time Betsy’s going viral… If Betsy Taylor has learned anything about ruling Hell it’s: 1) she can't do it alone, and 2) she doesn’t have to. She’s got the help of a devoted vampire king, a dateless zombie, an exhausted new mom, an unshowered cop, a bitchy ghost, a kindly dead priest, and her late stepmother (“Go Team Satan!”). But the latest major hurdle in her post-dead life is so big she can’t even see it until it’s on CNN. Betsy’s father and half-sister Laura (a former Anti-Christ with a grudge) have outed Betsy to the world. It doesn’t take long for the story to become 24-7 headline news. What’s more, people are not only prepared to believe in vampires, they want to kill them. For Betsy, social media has never felt so…unsocial. Before long the mansion on Summit Avenue is swarming with reporters, would-be vampire/zombie killers, and desperate emos begging to be turned. Betsy has been forced into the unenviable role as the reluctant face of the vampire nation. All she knows is, she has to look good—this is hi-def!—and stay true to who she is. H8ers be damned.

MaryJanice Davidson - Undead ​and Unpopular
This ​New York Times bestselling author's Undead series is more popular than ever! With her birthday coming up, Betsy isn't in the best frame of mind to face the powerful European vampires who have finally come to pay their respects. Playing politics is not her strong suit, especially when she finds out her best friend Jessica may have a life-threatening illness. Sure Betsy can save her life by taking it-isn't that what friends are for?-but the choice isn't in her hands. With her fiancé Eric dodging all the wedding plans, Betsy's plate is full-and not with birthday cake. But who has time to pout? Not even a reluctant vampire queen, who is taking it one high-heeled step at a time in MaryJanice Davidson's creative, sophisticated, sexy, and wonderfully witty series.

Lori Foster - Erin McCarthy - Janelle Denison - MaryJanice Davidson - Kayla Perrin - Morgan Leigh - Perfect ​for the Beach
Some ​Like It Hot - Lori Foster. Family practitioner Cary Rupert wants Nora Chilton so badly he can barely keep a hold of his stethoscope. But what Nora wants is someone who will love her forever, and Cary's ready to show her that he's definitely the man for the job...One Wilde Weekend - Janelle Denison. Alex Wilde is crazy about Dana Reed. Too bad the career-driven Dana only wants him as a lover, not a husband. In a last-ditch attempt to prove he's the right man for her, Alex kidnaps Dana and whisks her away to a private beach house where he's prepared to use every forbidden desire to make her his...Blue Crush - Erin McCarthy. Dr. Sara Davis wants to lose her reputation as boring. Instead, she loses her bikini top to a powerful wave and finds herself in the arms of gorgeous lifeguard Kyle Vanderhoff who thinks she's drowning. She should correct him. Then again, a little mouth-to-mouth just might resuscitate her love life...My Thief - Mary Janice Davidson. While trying to insert his key card in his hotel room door, john Crusher is grabbed and hauled into the room only to come face-to-face with a stunning redhead who orders him to strip. Naked. Now. But when the room service is this superb, what's a guy to do but show his heartfelt appreciation...Hot And Bothered - Kayla Perrin. Marrying impossible Trey Arnold after a whirlwind summer romance was the dumbest thing jenna Maxwell ever did. Determined to really find Mr. Right, Jenna flies to Key West to get a divorce. Simple. But once she sees Trey's sexy bedroom smile again, things get a lot more complicated...and very, very hot...Murphy's Law - Morgan Leigh. Kat Murphy is in love with her lawyer boss, Sam Parrish, but the handsome widower's heart may never heal. Needing a fresh start, Kat quits her job and heads for the beach. But when Sam follows her there, the sensual heat they generate is hotter than either of them ever imagined...