Faith Bleasdale könyvei a rukkolán

Faith Bleasdale - Rubber ​Gloves or Jimmy Choos
Rubber ​Gloves & Jimmy Choos? observes the highs and lows in the lives of a group of twentysomething girls, newly arrived in London, as they try to adapt and fit into the urban scene. Ruth and her flatmates Sophie, Sarah and Jess are just out of university and suffering from "what-next syndrome?". Ruth, the lead character, devastated by the break up of her long-term relationship at 21, drifts to London, drifts into a job and drifts into a series of one-night stands. As she and her friends navigate their paths through bars, recruitment agencies and flats of unknown men, the reader is treated to a bird's-eye-view of relations between the sexes.

Faith Bleasdale - The ​Love Resort
Sun, ​sea, secrets and scandal in this irresistible new novel from the wickedly funny Faith Bleasdale. LOVERS' PARADISE OR TEMPTATION ISLAND...? Famous novelist Anne-Marie Langdale thought that living at the couples-only Caribbean resort she created would inspire her, but instead the Queen of Romance appears to have writer's block. Convinced that attracting gorgeous young guests like the heroes and heroines in her books will kick-start her creative juices Anne-Marie runs a competition: three head-over-heels couples will win an all-inclusive fortnight in The Love Resort. As the beautiful competition winners arrive, so too do Hollywood's hottest newly-weds, looking for a honeymoon hideaway from the world's press. With such romance in the air, and all this publicity, Anne-Marie's next novel looks set to be a huge bestseller...Except that none of the guests are quite what they seem. There's going to be trouble in paradise as the sun heats up, the cocktails are poured and the truth starts to emerge...

Faith Bleasdale - Agent ​Provocateur
When ​Grace enters into a bet with happily married Betty, the issue at stake is fidelity. The prize is Betty's husband. Grace and Betty were never going to be the best of friends. Grace is a honey trapper, hired to tempt unfaithful men, while Betty is a magazine journalist with a brief to write a profile of Grace's career. Each has a moral outlook that places them worlds apart and -- inevitably -- fireworks explode when Betty first interviews Grace. But fate plays its hand as the two women are manipulated into betting that Grace can't trap Betty's perfect husband, Johnny. While the roulette wheel of their lives spins ever faster, Grace, Betty and Johnny are caught up in a battle over the nature of love. But can there ever be a winner? And if so, who will it be?

Faith Bleasdale - Dühös ​csajok
Három ​fiatal lány. Ugyanabban a bankban. Alig ismerik egymást. És mindenben különböznek egymástól. Egyiküknek nem volt saját egyénisége. Másikuknak nem volt szíve. A harmadik pedig pasifüggő volt. Elképzelhetetlennek tűnt, hogy valaha is barátnők legyenek. Míg el nem jött a Fekete Csütörtök. És vele a nagyfőnök, aki kirúgta mindhármukat. De ők összetalálkoztak, és bosszút esküdtek... Jellegzetes, igazi mai női regény a bankok, irodák világáról. És három dühös csajról...

Faith Bleasdale - Deranged ​Marriage
Would ​you ever consider a marriage pact? Holly did. In a heartbroken and drunken haze, it all seemed to make perfect sense. George was her best friend, would always be her best friend and, if they both found themselves single at the age of thirty, well, why not? But when, a decade later, a man Holly hasn't seen for years says she's signed a contract and has to marry him, she realises exactly why not. Forget the fact that her career is going places, forget that she's head-over-heels in love with a gorgeous boyfriend, George wants the pact fulfilled and will stop at nothing to get his way. Can I do become I don't? Or will it all end horribly ever after? Watch the confetti fly in this fabulous new novel from the bitingly funny Faith Bleasdale.