Robert Goddard könyvei a rukkolán

Robert Goddard - Leszálló ​nap
Egy ​fiatal nő eltűnik Rodosz szigetén. A rendőrség Harry Barnettet, az ötvenes évei elején járó angol férfit gyanúsítja, mivel ő látta utoljára a lányt. A férfi tisztára akarja mosni a nevét, és valósággal megszállottja lesz a történetnek, ezért úgy dönt, magánnyomozásba kezd. Nincs könnyű dolga, mivel a görög nyomozók megpróbálják csapdába csalni, hazájában pedig a bulvárlapok céltáblája lesz. Vajon mi történt a szép és vonzó Heather Mallenderrel? A férfi hogyan keveredhetett ilyen helyzetbe? Harry egy veszélyes kirakós játék kellős közepén találja magát, amelynek darabjai Angliába vezetnek - abba a világba, ahová azt hitte, már soha nem fog visszatérni...

Robert Goddard - Heather Mallender a disparu
Venue séjourner sur l'Ile de Rhodes pour se remettre d'un drame personnel, Heather Mallender disparait brusquement au cours d'une balade en montagne, presque sous les yeux d'Harry Barnett, le gardien de la villa oú elle résidait. Soupconné de l'avoir assassinée, Harry est laissé en liberté, faute de preuves. Ce quinquagénaire alcoolique et désabusé décide alors de mener l'enquete á partir de sa seule piste: les vingt-quatre derniéres photos prises par la jeune femme. Cliché aprés cliché, il va ainsi reconstituer les derniéres semaines de sa vie, entre la Gréve et l'Angleterre. Mais plus il apprend de choses sur le passé d'Heather et plus le mystére s'épaissit.

Robert Goddard - Out ​of the Sun
When ​Harry is informed that his son, David, is in a diabetic coma, he is certain there must be a mistake, since he does not have a son. But he soon discovers that he does and that other scientists employed like David have died in mysterious circumstances. Is David the victim of attempted murder?

Robert Goddard - Set ​in Stone
In ​Robert Goddard's haunting mystery a strange house links past and present, a murder, a political scandal and an unexplained tragedy. Recovering from the recent death of his wife in a cliff fall, Tony Sheridan goes to stay with her sister and her husband at their house in Rutland. The house, called Otherways, is in some sense a character in the story: a strange, circular, moted construction dating from Edwardian times. Disturbed by memories of his wife and a growing attraction to her sister, and troubled by vivid dreams, Sheridan learns that a murder committed at the house in 1939 still has resonances for those living in the neighbourhood, including the sister of the murdered woman. There is a scandal surrounding the murderer's brother, and enough hints of other mysteries to forewarn Sheridan of impending disaster as he embarks on a secret affair. But that disaster is far worse than a friendship betrayed. Its nature is revealed by the ghosts that have haunted Otherways over the years -- of whom he comes to fear that he may be one himself.

Robert Goddard - Never ​Go Back
Harry ​Barnett is leading a contented life in Vancouver with his wife and daughter when he is brought back to England by the death of his mother. He intends to spend just a few days sorting out her affairs when a chance meeting he will regret for the rest of his life makes him change his plans. Two old acquaintances from his National Service days track Harry down to his mother's house - the last address they had for him. A lavish reunion has been organised to mark the fiftieth anniversary of their RAF days. Harry decides to go. During the war Harry and his fellow RAF conscripts spent three months in a Scottish castle where they acted as guinea pigs in a psychological experiment. The reunion is to take place in the same castle. It will be a chance to see friends, settle old scores and lay a few ghosts to rest. The party begins on the train up to Aberdeen, until the apparent suicide of one of their number shatters the holiday atmosphere. Their arrival in Scotland seems under a cloud. And when another comrade dies soon after their arrival, Harry is gripped by a sense of foreboding. The recollections of the old comrades of their time in the castle are frighteningly different and unexplained events from 1955 still haunt them. As Harry tries to solve the mystery of what really happened fifty years ago, he uncovers an extraordinary secret that convinces him he will never leave the castle alive.

Robert Goddard - Sight ​Unseen
One ​summer's day in 1981 a two-year-old girl, Tamsin Hall, was abducted during a picnic at the famous prehistoric site of Avebury in Wiltshire. Her seven-year-old sister Miranda was knocked down and killed by the abductor's van. The girls were in the care of their nanny, Sally Wilkinson. One of the witnesses to this tragic event was David Umber, a Ph.D student who was waiting at the village pub to keep an appointment with a man called Griffith who claimed he could help Umber with his researches into the letters of 'Junius', the pseudonymous eighteenth century polemicist who was his Ph.D subject. But Griffin failed to show up, and Umber never heard from him again. Tamsin Hall was never seen again either. The Hall family fell apart under the strain. Sally Wilkinson wound up living with Umber, whom she had met at the inquiry. But she never recovered from the incident, suffered increasingly from depression, and eventually committed suicide. In the spring of 2004 retired Chief Inspector George Sharp receives a letter signed 'Junius' reproaching him for botching the 1981 investigation. Sharp confronts Umber, whose explanation for being at the scene of the tragedy has always seemed dubious. Obliged to accept Umber's denial of authorship of the letter, he nonetheless forces him to join in a search for the real culprit - and hence the long concealed truth about what happened 23 years previously. It is a quest that both will later regret having embarked upon. Too late they come to understand that some mysteries are better left unsolved.

Robert Goddard - Leleplezés
Jonathan ​Kellaway nem szeretné megbolygatni a múltat. Utolsó napjait tölti a vállalatnál, legszívesebben nyugdíjba vonulna, ám régi munkaadója egy olyan nyomozásra ad megbízást, amely egy halott barát és egy boldogtalan szerelem emlékét idézi fel benne. Egyszerűen nem mondhat nemet a felkérésre. A rejtély máig kísérti, még ötven év távolából is. Miért és hogyan halt meg a barátja, aki épp apja titokzatos öngyilkossága után nyomozott? És vajon tényleg öngyilkos lett a vállalatvezető férfi, vagy másnak állt érdekében elhallgattatni őt, és évekkel később az igazságot firtató fiát is? Kelleway abban reménykedik, hogy végre megleli a magyarázatot a múlt tragikus eseményeire, amelyek már eddig is túl sok áldozatot követeltek. De mindezzel azt kockáztatja, hogy maga is az áldozatok sorát gyarapíthatja. Robert Goddard kiadónknál megjelenő első regénye sokszereplős, több szálon futó izgalmas bűnügyi történet, amely mellőzi a már jól ismert kliséket. Éppen ezért az első perctől fogva számít az olvasó figyelmére, akinek a végső leleplezésig számos utazást kell megtennie térben és időben.

Robert Goddard - Long ​Time Coming
Stephen ​Swan is amazed when he hears that the uncle he thought had been killed in the Blitz is actually alive. For nearly four decades, Eldritch Swan has been locked away in an Irish prison and now, at last, has been released. Shocked and suspicious, Stephen listens to the old man’s story and is caught up in a tale that begins at the dawn of World War II, when Eldritch worked for an Antwerp diamond dealer with a trove of Picassos—highly valuable paintings that later disappeared. Stephen, who finds his uncle by turns devious, charming, and brazen, then meets Rachel Banner, a beautiful American who may have inherited the Picassos—and is determined to see justice done for her family. But in this tale of revenge and redemption, justice is the ultimate illusion. Eldritch, Stephen, and the woman Stephen has fallen in love with soon find themselves fighting for their lives—against sinister forces still guarding a secret that must never be revealed.