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Catherine Cookson - Das Haus im Moor
Ehhez a könyvhöz nincs fülszöveg, de ettől függetlenül még rukkolható/happolható.

Catherine Cookson - Das Haus im Moor
Ehhez a könyvhöz nincs fülszöveg, de ettől függetlenül még rukkolható/happolható.

Catherine Cookson - Das Haus im Moor
Ehhez a könyvhöz nincs fülszöveg, de ettől függetlenül még rukkolható/happolható.

Catherine Cookson - Das Haus im Moor
Der Triumph der Liebe über alle Widrigkeiten des Schicksals

Catherine Cookson - Pure ​As The Lily
Mary ​Walton is the apple of her father's eye; his only comfort during the dark years of the Depression when he is faced with both unemployment and a nagging, ambitious wife. His only hope is that Mary will one day find a way to escape the grinding poverty of the Tyneside slums. But when a secret is revealed these dreams are shattered and the lives of the Walton family change forever...Spanning Mary's life from the 1930's to the 1970's, "Pure as the Lily" is a spellbinding, unforgettable tale from one of Britain's most cherished novelists.

Catherine Cookson - Kate ​Hannigan's Girl
From ​a bestselling storyteller, the sequel to her first published novel, Kate Hannigan, in print since 1950. In this new novel set in her beloved north-east, Catherine Cookson brings all her talents as a storyteller to capture the conflicts of class and religion and of growing up in a rapidly changing society. It is the early 1920s and Kate is happily married to Dr. Rodney Prince who has willingly accepted her illegitimate daughter, Annie, as the eldest child of their household. But there is a serpent in every Eden, and spiteful rumours about her earlier life dog Kate's steps and those of Annie. Just like her mother, Annie will face religious prejudice and a choice between a comfortable middle-class existence with Brian Stannard or uncertain prospects with brilliant mathematician Terence McBane who hails from the underprivileged world Annie knew as a child. And, as Kate did, Annie must find the strength and maturity to overcome the troubles that threaten to engulf her.

Catherine Cookson - Goodbye ​Hamilton
Maisie's ​quirky nature has helped her survive a painful childhood and miserable marriage. Now, free to be herself, she has found true love, and become a bestselling author with a book about Hamilton, the horse her imagination conjured for solace through the long years of an unhappy marriage. Living in London with her new husband, Nardy, her life seems perfect. But Maisie cannot know that the bitter hatred of someone in her past will lead to terrible heartache...

Catherine Cookson - The ​Upstart
"The ​Upstart" is set in 1898 in England and it is a captivating tale of love and betrayal. This is a time when ones economic standing defined who they were. Sam Fairbrother raises himself in power and influence by being a shrewd manufacturer and retailer of boots, shoes and clogs. In that he is now in a new station in life, he needs to be a property owner. He buys a stately manor house and inherits a complete staff including a butler (Roger Maitland) who has nothing but disdain for his new boss. There becomes a clash of will between butler and boss that soon puts Sam at a disadvantage. Janet his oldest daughter sees trouble coming and as she watches her younger siblings self-destruct she turns to the butler for help. She finds the courage to oppose her selfish father which at that time was not easy. She attempts to reconcile the scattered family.

Catherine Cookson - The ​Glass Virgin
Annabella ​Lagrange was the only child of a wealthy family, owners of a glass-works in the North-East of England. When Annabella was seven, she thought the world a delightful place to live in, and only occasionally wondered why her parents never took her beyond the gates of their magnificent country estate. When she was ten she decided that the seclusion didn't really matter because when she grew up she would marry her handsome cousin Stephen and never be lonely again. But when she was eighteen, Annabella learned the circumstances of her birth—and her entire world crashed around her...

Catherine Cookson - The ​tide of life
Sep ​McGilby always said that Emily Kennedy had a glad face. And at sixteen, Emily had a lot to be glad about. She loved her job as maid-of-all-work to the McGilbys, and the only cloud on her horizon was her anxiety about her delicate younger sister, Lucy. But when the invalid Mrs McGilby died, and Sep was killed in an accident soon after, Emily and Lucy were forced to leave South Shields to look for work. The household of Croft Dene house, where Lawrence Birch ruled as master, was a strange one, and as Emily became more deeply involved with the family's affairs, she grew rapidly from girl to woman, needing all her strength of will and character to get her through. And whatever happened, she clung grimly to a scrap of philosophy that had become her motto: 'Never say die!'

Catherine Cookson - Matty ​Doolin (Oxford Bookworms)
Matty ​Doolin is 15 years old - and all he really wants out of life is to work with animals. A camping holiday, high on the fells, leads Matty through unexpected danger to a new and satisfying future.

Catherine Cookson - The ​Blind Years
Bridget ​Gether's parents had been killed in the wartime blitz and she had lived with the Overmeers at Balderstone, their sprawling property in the Northumbrian countryside, since she was a child. Unaware that she had been manipulated into agreeing to marry their son Laurence, only an encounter with Bruce Dickenson, the son of a neighbouring farmer, opened her eyes to the possibility that she might be making a mistake. 'Once you are married,' Bridget's future mother-in-law tried to reassure her, 'everything will fall into place'. But Bridget had her reservations, although she told herself she has loved Laurence Overmeer with a schoolgirl passion for years. But could she trust him, especially after the event that had caused this heart-searching? Had he been seeing someone else all the time he had been courting her? She decided that there were sufficient grounds for doubt, so she called off the marriage. However, she had reckoned without the formidable Overmeer family, whose desperate business straits compelled them to take whatever steps they felt were necessary to protect their interests. As for Laurence, he could not forgive Bridget for the humiliation of rejection, so he made his own plans for revenge. But he could not have known that someone else was planning a different kind of revenge, and that the outcome would shake the very foundations of the Overmeer family. The Blind Years, another of Catherine Cookson's part-mysteries, part-love stories, once again displays her consummate skill at portraying the nuances of family conflict.

Catherine Cookson - The ​Fifteen Streets
Catherine ​Cookson was one of the world's most beloved writers. Her books have sold millions of copies, and her characters and their stories have captured the imaginations of readers around the globe. Now, available for the first time in this country, comes one of Cookson's earliest and most stirring historical romances: "The Fifteen Streets." John O'Brien lives in a world where surviving is a continual struggle. He works long hours at the docks to help support his parents' large family. Many other families in the Fifteen Streets have already given up and descended into a dismal state of grinding poverty, but the O'Briens continue to strive for a world they are only rarely allowed to glimpse. Then John O'Brien meets Mary Llewellyn, a beautiful young teacher who belongs to that other world. What begins as a casual conversation over tea quickly blossoms into a rare love that should have been perfect. Fate steps in, however, when John is accused of fathering the child of a local girl, and Mary's parents forbid her to see him. The couple begins to realize that the gulf of the Fifteen Streets between them is a chasm they could never bridge-or might they still find a way? In these pages Catherine Cookson displays the irresistible plotting, scene-setting, and characterization that have made her a recognized master of historical and romance fiction. Fans of her novels, with their larger themes of romantic love and class conflict, will be delighted to find that even at the beginning of her illustrious career, Cookson had the power to captivate audiences. Filled with passion and compelling drama, "The Fifteen Streets" is a rare treat for lovers of romantic fiction.

Catherine Cookson - Asszonyok ​háza
A ​Bramble ház tekintélyt parancsolóan magasodik a Bramble utcában. Nemcsak azért, mert nagyobb, mint a szomszédos épületek és a legszebb helyen áll, hanem azért is, mert idővel egy nők uralta dinasztia valóságos jelképévé vált. A házat még Emma kapta nászajándékba Patrick Funnelltól, aki halála után szép vagyont és virágzó üzleti vállalkozást hagyott az özvegyre. Az ellentmondást nem tűrő, hetvenes éveiben járó Emma Funnell, aki legalább száz évig akar élni, töretlenül folytatja a birtok és az üzlet ügyeinek kemény kezű irányítását. A Funnell család négy generációja él Emma házában, valamennyien asszonyok. Emma lánya, a szintén megözvegyült, beteges Victoria az évek során egyre jobban belemerül a környezetét is próbára tevő hipochondriába, így Lizzie-re, az unokára hárul a háztartás vezetése. Az ő Lennel, egy megkeseredett, goromba férfival kötött házasságából született Peggy, a dédunoka. Már 1968-at írunk, ám bombaként robban a hír, amikor kiderül, hogy a tizenhat éves Peggyt teherbe ejtette egy nála alig idősebb fiú, akire ígéretes iskolai karrier vár ugyan, de mégiscsak egészen más családi háttér áll mögötte. Peggy megváltozott élete körül bonyolódik a magával ragadó, sodró lendületű regény cselekménye, amely tizenöt éven át követi az "asszonyok háza" lakóinak és a hozzájuk kötődő férfiaknak a sorsát, küzdelmeit, feszültségekkel és szenvedésekkel teli viszonyát. Cathrine Cookson, kinek a neve nem ismeretlen a Magyar Könyvklub olvasói előtt, nagyszerű elbeszélőként és jellemábrázolóként tárja föl előttünk asszonyok nemzedékeinek szomorú, szép, megrázó történetét.

Catherine Cookson - Ne ​hagyd magad!
"Jól ​nyisd ki a füled, mert amit most mondok, arra életed végéig emlékezni fogsz: az ártatlanság a legnagyobb luxus a világon. Minél tovább megőrzöd, annál nagyobb árat fizetsz érte"! Huszonegy éves korára Jinny Brownlow teljesen egyedül marad a világban. Egy sötét, hideg alagsori lakást bérel, és sokadik gépírónőként dolgozik a gépgyárban. Monoton életébe némi "fényt" csak a helyi amatőr színtársulat próbái hoznak, bár ott is legfeljebb a lótifuti mindenes szerepe jut neki. Egy nap azután Jinnyt felrendelik az igazgatóságra, hogy helyettesítse Bob Henderson, a nyers modorú, rettegett nagyfőnök titkárnőjét. Ugyanaznap este váratlanul meglátogatja Hal Campbell, a színtársulat vezetője, mert aggódik érte. Mindkét férfi, a maga módján, jelentős szerepet játszik abban, hogy Jinny életében nem akármilyen fordulat következik be...

Catherine Cookson - Mindent ​érted, fiam
Az ​Angliában játszódó történet főszereplője a fiatalon megözvegyült Ellen Jebeau és fia, Joseph. Ellen sógoránál, a szintén özvegy Sir Arthurnál talál otthonra, a Screehaugh-birtokon. A nemesi címet viselő házigazdának két fia van, Henry és Martin. Ellen kárpótolni akarja magát szomorú éveiért, ezért úgy érzi, jogos birtokosa nemcsak a háznak, de Arthur ágyának is. A férfi azonban nősülni készül és a sógornőjével folytatott viszonyt csak könnyű kalandnak tekinti. Nem sokkal az esküvő után szörnyű balesetsorozat veszi kezdetét: Arthur először fiatal feleségét, majd két fiát veszíti el. Ellen úgy érzi, most már senki sem áll útjába, hogy Josephnek méltó jövőt teremtsen. A fiú számára - aki az önző anyai szeretet szorításában vergődik - a szabadulást a második világháború kitörtése hozza meg, amikor szinte menekül a hadseregbe. Az otthoni légkör nyomasztó súlyától zárkozottá vált fiút - magára hagyott anyja miatt - állandó lelkiismeretfurdalás gyötri. Élete csak akkor jut nyugvópontra, amikor leszerel, majd megismerkedik Maggie LeMannal, és a lány viszonozza szerelmét. Ezután már az sem tudja kibillenteni lelki nyugalmából, amikor anyja meghal, és az egykori tragédiákat megmagyarázó, szörnyű titokra is fény derül. - Romantikus, kalandos történet, elsősorban nőolvasóknak.

Catherine Cookson - Colour ​Blind
Even ​in the worst days of the slump, the McQueens kept their chins up. One by one their neighbours had departed for the workhouse, their last stick of furniture carried off by the bailiffs. Even though there was not much on the table, the McQueen house constantly echoed with laughter. The McQueens were as blunt as they were big-hearted until Bridget McQueen came home one day with her new husband. She had married a negro sailor and bore him a daughter, Rose-Angela. This child grows into a beautiful young girl, but can never escape the feeling of suspicion and hatred that are the heritage of her mixed blood. Her father, a man of fine character who desires only to live decently and at peace with his fellow men, is driven away from his wife and child by the insane jealousy of Bridget’s brother Matt. Rose-Angela has to face the world with little more than her own courage and the kindly words of an old priest who reminds her that, after all, God is colour blind. This is the powerfully moving story of how she triumphs over prejudice and cruelty; of the love that comes to her; and of her strange reunion with her father.

Catherine Cookson - The ​Tinker's Girl
Close ​to her fifteenth birthday, Jinnie Howlett, a reluctant inmate of a northern workhouse, was offered a position as a maid-of-all-work by the Shalemans at Tollet's Ridge Farm, a bleakly isolated farm near the Cumbrian border. Before long, However, she was to discover she had exchanged one kind of drudgery for another, for the Shalemans--Rose, invalid wife of Pug and mother to Bruce and Hal--demanded much of her. If it had not been for Bruce's willingness to defend her against the brutish Pug and Hal, she would have gladly returned to the workhouse. Then she became acquainted with Richard Baxton-Powell, but eventually his over-familiarity made her realise that despite everything her future would owe more to the Shalemans than any outside influence. THE TINKER'S GIRL explores the life and fortunes of a spirited girl who lived in an age when it was customary for servants to know their place. With its brilliant evocation of the period, it will be hugely enjoyed by Catherine Cookson's millions of readers throughout the world.

Catherine Cookson - Justice ​Is A Woman
The ​day Joe Remington brought his new bride to Fell Rise, he had already sensed she might not settle easily into his home just outside the Tyneside town of Fellburn. Making plain her disapproval of Joe's familiarity with the servants, questioning the donation of food to striking miners' families--these objections and more soon rubbed Joe and the local people up the wrong way, a problem he could easily have done without, for this was 1926, the year of the General Strike, the effects of which would nowhere be felt more acutely than in this heartland of the North-East. Then when Elaine became pregnant, she saw it as a disaster and only the willingness of her unmarried sister Betty to come and see her through her confinement made it bearable. But in the long run, would Betty's presence only serve to widen the rift between husband and wife, or would she help to bring about a reconciliation? Catherine Cookson's powerful new novel spans the years of change leading into the Second World War and explores the many facets of a marriage based on initial passion rather than love.

Catherine Cookson - The ​Year of the Virgins
In ​an exquisitely rendered novel set in 1960, one of the most popular storytellers of our time brings her special world of the English north country into the 20th century, with a turbulent tale of a family in conflict--and a mother's love.

Catherine Cookson - The ​Harrogate Secret
The ​Harrogate Secret is a tour de force of historical imagination, a story with an enthralling plot, thick with the intertwining stories of richly drawn characters, and a brilliantly detailed portrait of the oppression of the poor by those who reaped the rewards of the British Empire. But most of all, this is a story of romance. Born into grinding poverty, ten-year-old Frederick Musgrave spent his childhood living by his wits. Agile in mind and body and never more so than when navigating his little boat across the swift-flowing waters of the Tyne between the busy seaports of North and South Shields. The shillings he picked up running messages and smuggled goods, evading the ever-watchful eyes of the customs agents, helped to feed his family amidst the endless battle for survival fought by so many in this year of 1843. But one night a mission took this small runner to the house at The Towers, where madness had been known to lurk, and there he witnessed a scene of unremitting horror. His silence was bought and the tide of his life shifted. He gained the patronage of Miss Maggie Hewitt, the middle-aged sea captain’s daughter who was to play a major role in shaping Freddie’s life and fortunes as he grew to manhood. But years later the madness at The Towers again threatens, and Freddie must once more rescue his hard-won happiness and security from cruel fate and escape the long shadow cast by Roderick Gallagher, whose power and influence threatened all who crossed his path. The Harrogate Secret is one of Catherine Cookson’s most powerful and ingeniously devised novels, a tale rising to a suspenseful and exciting climax.

Catherine Cookson - The ​Branded Man
Set ​at the turn of the twentieth century, The Branded Man is the extraordinary story of two girls and the mysterious man who influences their lives.

Catherine Cookson - The ​Girl
Her ​name was Hannah Boyle, but to the people of the village she ould always be "The Girl"-Matthew Thornton's bastard. Savagely treated by Matthew's wife Anne, she fled for protection to the devil-may-care horse-dealer, Ned Ridley, who had earlier befriended her. But, as the waif grew to beautiful womanhood, she became an object of desire to the local young men, even to her half-brother. Married off to a gross, sensual man, Hannah kept on fighting for the man she wanted: Ned Ridley, who adored her and taught her the meaning of love and passion...

Catherine Cookson - Álomból ​valóság
Dr. ​Rodney Prince és nagyravágyó felesége, Stella boldogtalan házasságban töltik napjaikat. A doktor egy újszülött világra segítésénél ismeri meg az elcsábított és faképnél hagyott fiatal anyát. Kate és az orvos közötti barátság idővel vonzalommá alakul, amely külső okok miatt nem tud beteljesedni. A hosszú idő utáni fájdalmas találkozáson kiderül, valóra válhat-e álmuk a megváltozott világban.

Catherine Cookson - Fanny ​McBride
Fanny ​McBride was a large, cheerful, indomitable Tyneside widow with a large cheerful family. When she reached her fifties, she began to feel, for the first time in her life, a little lonely. All but one of her sons and daughters had married and left home, leaving her with spare time on her hands. Being, a woman of resource, Fanny took on a job at the local 'Ladies' which was to prove to be a surprisingly stimulating experience. Another new interest was the arrival of some rather odd neighbours at Malhattan's Hall, the tenement block which was Fanny's home. Then there was her long-standing feud with Mrs Flannagan, the problem of the favorite child's unsuitable marriage, and the puzzle of Fanny's one unmarried son, who was far from being a typical McBride...

Catherine Cookson - The ​Dwelling Place
When ​fifteen-year-old Cissie Brodie loses her parents to cholera, she is forced out of the family cottage and left to raise her nine siblings alone. Although desperately poor, the strong-willed Cissie determines to build a new home for the Brodies. It is only a rough stone shelter, but to Cissie and her family it is enough to keep them from the workhouse.

Catherine Cookson - The ​Simple Soul and Other Stories
This ​warm-hearted collection of stories are the last unpublished works of fiction written by Catherine Cookson. This treasure trove of talent is set against the background of places already familiar to Catherine Cookson's countless readers -- the North-East, the South Coast and London, with a time-scale stretching from the 1920s to the present day. In the title story, a disillusioned husband decides to call on an office colleague he has always slightly despised, and finds himself having to re-evaluate his own family relationships in the light of what he discovers in the other's home. In the three stories that make up The Forbidden Word, the first set in the 1920s, the second in the 1950s, and the third in the 1980s, Catherine Cookson traces the changes in attitudes to marriage and pregnancy that have taken place in the last eighty years. In other stories, a shy bachelor begins to make friends for the first time in his life among the people who, like himself, have taken refuge from the Blitz in the London Underground; and a much put-upon young woman makes up her mind to escape from her family's domestic exploitation of her. The reader catches a glimpse behind the scenes in a large department store, and learns of the havoc that a husband's passion for cricket can cause.

Catherine Cookson - A ​Ruthless Need
This ​novel tells the story of a young girl, Lizzie, who was rescued from the streets and given the chance of a new life. Lizzie blossomed into a woman with ideals and expectations, and began to realize that she no longer needed the support of the man she had once regarded as her saviour.

Catherine Cookson - A ​csütörtöki barát
Catherine ​Cookson az angol romantikus könyvek irodalmi díjakkal kitüntetett nagyasszonya, akit a királynő munkásságáért lovaggá ütött. Hosszú élete során 100 regényét 25 nyelvre fordították le, művei Európa csaknem minden országában megjelentek, tíznél több könyvéből film készült. Hannah és Humphrey Dayton boldog házasságban élnek. A látszat azonban csal, Hannah számára a hosszú, magányos, zsarnoksággal teli években az örömöt csak férje csütörtök esti bridzs-partijai és hétvégi távollétei jelentik. Megismerkedik David Craventonnal, azzal a férfival, akivel később csütörtökönként boldog órákat tölt el. Vajon sikerül-e Hannah-nak megvédenie magát és életének üdvösségét: csütörtöki barátját férje megtorlásától?