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Michael Scott - Colette Freedman - A ​Tizenhárom Ereklye
A ​népszerű gyerekkönyvírót, a hetvenéves Judith Walkert két szkinhed ki akarja rabolni fényes nappal a londoni utcán. Sarah Miller, a félénk fiatal lány az idős nő segítségére siet. Hamarosan kiderül, hogy Judith lakását felforgatták és teljesen tönkretették, így Sarah felajánlja neki, hogy töltse a házukban az éjszakát. Azt azonban nem sejtheti, hogy Judith egy ősi eredetű titkos társaság tagja, és hogy vannak, akik a nála levő Megszentelt Ereklyéért - egy kardért - ölni is képesek… A harc Britannia Tizenhárom Ereklyéjének birtoklásáért már rég megkezdődött. A háttérben egy hatalomvágyó és könyörtelen pár áll, akik eltökélték, hogy összegyűjtik mind a tizenhárom Ereklyét bármi áron. Sarah szövetségesre talál Owen Walker, Judith unokaöccse személyében, és együtt próbálják kideríteni, miért történnek az egyre véresebb gyilkosságok, és miféle titkot őriznek a társaság tagjai…

Michael Scott - Philip Gardner - Allan Scott - Öt ​világrész
Ehhez a könyvhöz nincs fülszöveg, de ettől függetlenül még rukkolható/happolható.

Michael Scott - The ​Sorceress
The ​third book takes up immediately where The Magician (Delacorte, 2008) left off, and the events described occur over the course of a week. Having fled a destroyed Paris, Nicolas Flamel and the twins are now in England with their every move being tracked by John Dee, the Dark Elders, and their denizens, who are now convinced that Sophie and Josh are the twins of legend. In the meantime, Flamel's wife, Perenelle, the titular sorceress, is attempting to escape Alcatraz. Joined first by the knight Palamedes, and then by William Shakespeare, Flamel and the children try to stay ahead of their pursuers in an attempt to reach Stonehenge, where they hope to find a gate that will allow them to get to San Francisco. In the midst of evading pursuit, Josh finally gets the knowledge of an elemental power, Water Magic, from the insane Elder Gilgamesh, which, of course, conveniently becomes valuable. The chase and escape plots are rather thin and highlight the fact that this series feels bloated, and probably doesn't need the six long volumes the author is planning to tell the story. The inclusion of historical characters such as Shakespeare and Billy the Kid seems primarily a gimmick, and these two characters in particular feel oddly anachronistic. This book is a must-read for fans of the series, but even they will tire if the author doesn't get to the point with reasonable dispatch.

Michael Scott - Az ​alkímista
"Legenda ​vagyok. Halál nem foghat rajtam, betegség ki nem kezdhet. Kortalan vagyok, pedig több mint hatszázhetven éve láttam meg a napvilágot, az Úr 1330. esztendejében." Íme Nicolas Flamel, minden idők legnagyobb alkímistája. Ő védelmezi a kódexet a sötét ősöktől, akik a könyv segítségével vissza akarják szerezni a világuralmat. Josh és Sophie élete szilánkokra robban, amikor Flamel és az ősök harcának közepébe csöppennek. Hamarosan kiderül azonban, hogy egyáltalán nem véletlenül...

Michael Scott - The ​Alchemyst
Twin ​15-year-old siblings Sophie and Josh Newman take summer jobs in San Francisco across the street from one another: she at a coffee shop, he at a bookstore owned by Nick and Perry Fleming. In the vey first chapter, armed goons garbed in black with "dead-looking skin and... marble eyes" (actually Golems) storm the bookshop, take Perry hostage and swipe a rare Book (but not before Josh snatches its two most important pages). The stolen volume is the Codex, an ancient text of magical wisdom. Nick Fleming is really Nicholas Flamel, the 14th-century alchemist who could turn base metal into gold, and make a potion that ensures immortality. Sophie and Josh learn that they are mentioned in the Codex's prophecies: "The two that are one will come either to save or to destroy the world." Mayhem ensues, as Irish author Scott draws on a wide knowledge of world mythology to stage a battle between the Dark Elders and their hired gun—Dr. John Dee—against the forces of good, led by Flamel and the twins (Sophie's powers are "awakened" by the goddess Hekate, who'd been living in an elaborate treehouse north of San Francisco). Not only do they need the Codex back to stop Dee and company, but the immortality potion must be brewed afresh every month. Time is running out, literally, for the Flamels. Proceeding at a breakneck pace, and populated by the likes of werewolves and vampires, the novel ends on a precipice, presumably to be picked up in volume two.

Michael Scott - The ​Warlock
In ​the fifth installment of this bestselling series, the twins of prophesy have been divided, and the end is finally beginning. With Scatty, Joan of Arc, Saint Germain, Palamedes, and Shakespeare all in Danu Talis, Sophie is on her own with the ever-weakening Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel. She must depend on Niten to help her find an immortal to teach her Earth Magic. The surprise is that she will find her teacher in the most ordinary of places.

Michael Scott - The ​Enchantress
The ​two that are one must become the one that is all. One to save the world, one to destroy it. San Francisco: Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel have one day left to live, and one job left to do. They must defend San Francisco. The monsters gathered on Alcatraz Island have been released and are heading toward the city. If they are not stopped, they will destroy everyone and everything in their path. But even with the help of two of the greatest warriors from history and myth, will the Sorceress and the legendary Alchemyst be able to defend the city? Or is it the beginning of the end of the human race? Danu Talis: Sophie and Josh Newman traveled ten thousand years into the past to Danu Talis when they followed Dr. John Dee and Virginia Dare. And it’s on this legendary island that the battle for the world begins and ends. Scathach, Prometheus, Palamedes, Shakespeare, Saint-Germain, and Joan of Arc are also on the island. And no one is sure what—or who—the twins will be fighting for. Today the battle for Danu Talis will be won or lost. But will the twins of legend stand together? Or will they stand apart— one to save the world and one to destroy it?

Michael Scott - Colette Freedman - Thirteen ​Hallows
The ​Hallows. Ancient artifacts imbued with a primal and deadly power. But are they protectors of this world, or the keys to its destruction? A gruesome murder in London reveals a sinister plot to uncover a two-thousand-year-old secret. For decades, the Keepers guarded these Hallows, keeping them safe and hidden and apart from each other. But now the Keepers are being brutally murdered, their prizes stolen, the ancient objects bathed in their blood. Now, only a few remain. With her dying breath, one of the Keepers convinces Sarah Miller, a practical stranger, to deliver her Hallow—a broken sword with devastating powers—to her American nephew, Owen. The duo quickly become suspects in a series of murders as they are chased by both the police and the sadistic Dark Man and his nubile mistress. As Sarah and Owen search for the surviving Keepers, they unravel the deadly secret the Keepers were charged to protect. The mystery leads Sarah and Owen on a cat-and-mouse chase through England and Wales, and history itself, as they discover that the sword may be the only thing standing between the world… nd a horror beyond imagining. The Thirteen Hallows is the beginning of a spellbinding new saga, a thrilling tale of ancient magic and modern times by a New York Times bestselling author and an award-winning playwright.

Michael Scott - The ​Necromancer
Nicholas ​Flamel is dying, and the spell from the Codex that renews his immortality is in the possession of the evil John Dee. Reunited with his wife, Perenelle, Flamel hopes to use his remaining power to prevent the monsters now on the island of Alcatraz from escaping. Meanwhile, Machiavelli and Billy the Kid have come to San Francisco to achieve the opposite, releasing the monsters to destroy the city. Twins Sophie and Josh are also back in San Francisco, where Sophie is kidnapped by Aoife, the twin sister of Scathach, the Celtic warrior who had been protecting them. Josh is beginning to doubt whether he is on the right side of things. John Dee is now persona non grata with the Dark Elders, having failed to capture the siblings in London. Trying to escape his inevitable judgment, Dee teams up with Virginia Dare to find his way to Josh so that he can train him as a Necromancer. With this power, Josh can raise Coatlicue, the Mother of All the Gods, from the dead, and thus allow Dee to take over the world himself. Depending on one's point of view, all of these plot elements can either be disconcerting or can serve to create a sense of unrelenting forward momentum, taking readers breathlessly through to the end. The end in this case is a huge cliff-hanger, carrying with it an enormous sense of melancholy and moral ambiguity. This book will thrill fans of the series who are willing to stick with it to the conclusion.

Michael Scott - A ​halottidéző
Dr. ​John Dee, a Halottidéző, a Sötét Ősök evilági fővezére eddigi legaljasabb cselét veti be, hogy felbomlassza a Flamel körül kovácsolódó szövetséget, és megszerezze a Kódex hiányzó lapjait. Megpróbál éket verni az ikrek közé, és Josht a maga oldalára állítani...

Michael Scott - Csodás ​virágoskert
Ez ​a különleges, művészi kivitelű könyv színes virágokkal pompázó, ismert vagy ritkaságnak számító növényeket mutat be. Az 50 faj történetét, jellemzőit leíró lírai szövegeket csodálatos művészi illusztrációk kísérik. Az illusztrációk körüli részek kipattintásával előtűnnek a növények körvonalai, és a kötet káprázatos művészeti alkotássá alakul.

Michael Scott - Ökológia
_Hogyan ​lesz a nap energiájából a reggelizőasztalodra kerülő tej?_ _Tényleg öngyilkosok lesznek a lemmingek?_ _Az angliai szennyezés hogyan öli meg a skandináv tavak halait?_ Nélkülözhetetlen útikalauz a növények és állatok világához: feltárja lakóhelyeiket, a természet törékeny egyensúlyát és a veszélyt, amit mi emberek jelentünk számukra. A _Fiatalok Oxford Könyvtára_ sorozat _Ökológia_ kötete bámulatos fényképekkel és ábrákkal tárja fel a természet csodálatos világát, azzal az üzenettel, amit senki nem hagyhat figyelmen kívül!

Eoin Colfer - Michael Scott - Marcus Sedgwick - Philip Reeve - Patrick Ness - Richelle Mead - Malorie Blackman - Alex Scarrow - Charlie Higson - Derek Landy - Neil Gaiman - Holly Black - Naomi Alderman - Doctor ​Who - Thirteen Doctors 13 Stories
Twelve ​wonderful tales of adventure, science, magic, monsters and time travel - featuring all twelve Doctors - are waiting for you in this very special Doctor Who book. And now they're joined by a very exciting, and very exclusive, new tale written by Naomi Alderman that will star the Thirteenth Doctor, as she battles to save the universe with her three close and trusted friends. Other authors featured are: Eoin Colfer, Michael Scott, Marcus Sedgwick, Philip Reeve, Patrick Ness, Richelle Mead, Malorie Blackman, Alex Scarrow, Charlie Higson, Derek Landy, Neil Gaiman, and Holly Black.

Michael Scott - The ​Magician
The ​immortal human Nicholas Flamel; Scathach, the veggie vampire warrior; and the mortal twins of legend, Josh and Sophie, are still on the run from the malicious Dr. John Dee. Flamel retains two of the pages of the legendary Book of Abraham, and Dee will do anything to get them. After hopping a ley line to Paris, our heroes barely escape the machinations of Dee's partner in crime, Niccolò Machiavelli. While finding shelter with fellow immortals (Joan of Arc turns out to be a particularly helpful ally), Josh attempts to deal with the fact that his twin sister is now incredibly powerful. Having had her powers "awakened," Sophie's new abilities make him surprisingly jealous—a fact that Dee may find useful. Scott tapers down the sheer breadth of gods, goddesses, legends, and myths already introduced in his first novel, which is a bit of a relief. Even though the plot moves forward at breakneck speed, the author is careful not to lose sight of his characters' struggles or inner demons. Fans of the previous novel will certainly find much to love, root for, and fear in this successful second installment.