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Dr. Seuss - Your Favorite Seuss
Ehhez a könyvhöz nincs fülszöveg, de ettől függetlenül még rukkolható/happolható.

Dr. Seuss - Dr. ​Seuss on the Loose
This ​charming miniature gift book brings together some of Dr. Seuss's favourite characters in a delightful compilation of riotous, rip-roaring verse. Featuring short extracts from some of Dr. Seuss's best-loved books, including The Cat in the Hat, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Fox in Socks and Green Eggs and Ham, with illustrations by the master himself, this pocket-sized book makes the perfect gift for all lovers of Dr. Seuss, young and old.

Dr. Seuss - Oh, ​the Thinks You Can Think!
Think ​left and think right, think low and think high! Learn to explore the fantasy world of the imagination with a little help from Dr. Seuss. With his unique combination of hilarious stories, zany pictures and riotous rhymes, Dr. Seuss has been delighting young children and helping them learn to read for over fifty years. Creator of the wonderfully anarchic Cat in the Hat, and ranking among the UK’s top ten favourite children’s authors, Seuss is firmly established as a global best-seller, with over 600 million books sold worldwide. HarperCollins continues to launch Dr. Seuss’s bestselling books in ebook, including such perennial favourites as The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham and Fox in Socks. In response to consumer demand, the paperbacks and ebooks incorporate much needed guidance on reading levels, with the titles divided into three reading strands – Blue Back Books for parents to share with young children, Green Back Books for budding readers to tackle on their own, and Yellow Back Books for older, more fluent readers to enjoy. ‘Oh, The Thinks You Can Think!’ belongs to the Green Back Book range.

Dr. Seuss - McElligot's ​Pool
Imagination ​runs wild in this Caldecott Honor-winning tale featuring Dr. Seuss's inimitable voice and hysterical illustrations. The first Seuss title to feature full-color art on every other page, this adventurous picture book tells of Marco-who first imagined an extraordinary parade in And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street-as he daydreams of all the possibilities that await him while he fishes in McElligot's Pool. Optimistic and exciting, this tale is the perfect bait, and readers young and old will be hooked on this fish-tastic favorite.

Dr. Seuss - My ​Many Colored Days
Accompanying ​a manuscript Dr. Seuss wrote in 1973, was a letter outlining his hopes of finding "a great color artist who will not be dominated by me." The late Dr. Seuss saw his original text about feelings and moods as part of the "first book ever to be based on beautiful illustrations and sensational color." The quest for an artist finally ended—after the manuscript languished for more than two decades—at the paintbrushes of husband-and-wife team Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher whose stunning, expressive paintings reveal such striking images as a bright red horse kicking its heels, a cool and quiet green fish, a sad and lonely purple dinosaur, and an angrily howling black wolf. Using a spectrum of vibrant colors and a menagerie of animals, this unique book does for the range of human moods and emotions what 'Oh, the Places You'll Go!' does for the human life cycle. Here is a wonderful way for parents to talk with children about their feelings. With Johnson and Fancher's atmospheric, large-scale paintings bursting off the pages, Dr. Seuss's vision is brought to life. This rare and beautiful book is bound to appeal to both the innocent young and the most sophisticated seniors.

Dr. Seuss - Rókamóka
A ​Kalapos Macska, a Ha lenne egy cirkuszom, a Zöld sonkás tojás és a Kell egy kedvenc után újabb kötettel bővül a Dr. Seuss-életműsorozat. Dr. Seuss a gyerekirodalom egyik legnépszerűbb alakja, a Rókamóka pedig az egyik legnehezebben fordítható szójátékos meséje. A vidám történetben a világhírű zoknis róka az őrületbe kergeti Bodrit azzal, hogy különféle nyelvtörőkre szeretné megtanítani. Pörögnek az r-rek, susognak az s-ek, csattognak a t-k… A nyelvtörés és a jókedv garantált!

Dr. Seuss - Dr. ​Seuss's ABC
With ​Dr. Seuss as your guide, learning the alphabet is as easy as A, B, C.

Dr. Seuss - Horton ​Hatches The Egg
Poor ​Horton. Dr. Seuss's kindly elephant is persuaded to sit on an egg while its mother, the good-for-nothing bird lazy Maysie, takes a break. Little does Horton know that Maysie is setting off for a permanent vacation in Palm Springs. He waits, and waits, never leaving his precarious branch, even through a freezing winter and a spring that's punctuated by the insults of his friends. ("They taunted. They teased him. They yelled 'How Absurd! Old Horton the Elephant thinks he's a bird!'") Further indignities await, but Horton has the patience of Job--from whose story this one clearly derives--and he is rewarded in the end by the surprise birth of... an elephant-bird.

Dr. Seuss - Did ​I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?
Children ​will be cheered just contemplating the outrageous array of troubles they're lucky they don't have.

Dr. Seuss - The ​Seven Lady Godivas
The ​story of the seven lady godivas, Clementina, Dorcas, Arabella, Mitzi, Lulu, Gussie, and Hedwig. Wonderful, funny story and cartoons.

Dr. Seuss - There's ​a Wocket in My Pocket!
In ​this silly Bright and Early Book classic by Dr. Seuss, a young boy goes exploring in his house and finds an array of fun characters! Are you certain there’s a Jertain in the curtain? Or have you ever had a feeling there’s a Geeling on the ceiling? From the pesky Nooth Grush on a tooth brush to a sleepy Zelf up on the shelf, There’s a Wocket in My Pocket will have young readers eager to explore their homes and the wonders of rhyming and wordplay. Combining brief and funny stories, easy words, catchy rhythm, and lively illustrations, Bright and Early Books are an ideal way to introduce the joys of reading to children.

Dr. Seuss - A ​Hatful of Seuss
This ​collection of five complete, illustrated Dr. Seuss classics is a "hatful," but you'd have to have a Cat-in-the-Hat-sized chapeau to contain all the treasures in this hefty book. Within its pages you'll find Theodor Seuss Geisel's exuberant creations Bartholomew and the Oobleck (1949), If I Ran the Zoo (1950), Horton Hears a Who! (1954), The Sneetches and Other Stories (1961), and Dr. Seuss's Sleep Book (1962). In Bartholomew and the Oobleck, a non-rhyming Seuss story, prepare for an eyeful of green goo. In If I Ran the Zoo, young Gerald McGrew decides he would make a few changes if he ran the zoo--including the acquisition of more unusual beasts (such as an Elephant-Cat) from places "quite out-of-the-way." In addition to the potentially unsettling concept of traversing continents in search of wild beasts to trap and cage, there are a couple of dated references that parents may want to preview before reading to kids. For example, McGrew proclaims, "I'll hunt in the mountains of Zomba-ma-Tant/With helpers who all wear their eyes at a slant,/And capture a fine fluffy bird called the Bustard/Who only eats custard with sauce made of mustard." As for the rest of this delightful collection, Horton Hears a Who! is a tale that teaches us "a person's a person, no matter how small." And of course, you may remember the Star-Belly Sneetches, the "snooty old smarties" who pranced antagonistically in front of the Plain-Belly Sneetches, or Mrs. McCave who had 23 sons and named them all Dave. Finally, Dr. Seuss's Sleep Book is about the snortiest snorers, the curious sleepwalking Crandalls, World-Champion Sleep-Talkers, and other somnambulant types--a perfect bedtime finale to a book that could keep youngsters entertained all night.

Dr. Seuss - Ha ​lenne egy cirkuszom
Tadammm! ​Egy bestia! Foltos a szőre, és irdatlan irtózat fogai tőre. Mind, aki közel megy, menten kinyúvad, neve se semmi: a Balkörmű Dúvad. A fiatal McBirkusz Móric arról ábrándozik, hogy az üres, sarki telekre felhúz egy sátrat, és létrehozza saját cirkuszát. Még szép, hogy ez lesz minden idők legcirkuszabb cirkusza, a szupercirklatívusz! Porondra lép Humor Hunor, a Kacsintó Kucsmás, a Híjatlan Díjász, a Kétfele-Lények, a Balkörmű Dúvad, és még sokan mások Mi pedig csak ámulunk és nevetünk a fantázia szabad szárnyalásán és Dr. Seuss nyelvi leleményein. Dr. Seuss neve fogalom: ő a gyerekirodalom egyik legnépszerűbb alakja. Figurái elsőre gyakran furának tűnnek, ám egy-kettőre szívünkbe zárjuk őket. Dr. Seuss egyedülálló képi világa, humoros és zseniálisan egyszerű versei a legkisebbektől a már önállóan olvasókig mindenkit megszólítanak. A Kolibri Klasszikusok sorozatban végre magyarul is hozzáférhetőek Dr. Seuss hiánypótló könyvei, Szabó T. Anna hihetetlenül kreatív, mégis szöveghű fordításában.

Dr. Seuss - If ​I Ran the Circus
Step ​right up for Dr. Seuss’s classic rhyming picture-book tale of young Morris McGurk’s big circus dreams. This circus has more than a mere lion tamer and trapeze artist! At the Circus McGurkus, you’ll be intrigued by the wink-hooded Hoodwink, terrified by the Spotted Atrocious, and amazed by the daring feats of the great Sneelock. And these are just a few of the astonishing things you’ll find under this big top. Told with the humor and originality that are synonymous with Dr. Seuss, If I Ran the Circus is a crowd-pleasing showstopper!

Dr. Seuss - Fox ​in Socks
Dr. ​Seuss's Fox in Socks has been troubling tongues—and garnering giggles—since 1965. Written specifically to be read aloud, it features a tricky fox in socks and the progressively more difficult tongue-twisting games he plays on his exasperated friend Mr. Knox. Now available for the first time in an abridged, sturdy, board book edition, this beloved classic will have babies of all ages laughing with—and at—their parents as they struggle, like Knox, to blab such blibber blubber as muddle puddle tweetle poodle beetle noodle bottle paddle battle!

Dr. Seuss - The ​Sneetches and Other Stories
"Four ​funny easy-to-read stories all with subtly planted moral lessons."--Publishers Weekly. THE SNEETCHES "Now, the Star-Belly Sneetches / Had bellies with stars. / The Plain-Belly Sneetches / Had none upon thars." This collection of four of Dr. Seuss's most winning stories begins with that unforgettable tale of the unfortunate Sneetches, bamboozled by one Sylvester McMonkey McBean ("the Fix-it-up Chappie"), who teaches them that pointless prejudice can be costly. THE ZAX Following the Sneetches, a South-Going Zax and a North-Going Zax seem determined to butt heads on the prairie of Prax. TOO MANY DAVES Then there's the tongue-twisting story of Mrs. McCave--you know, the one who had 23 sons and named them all Dave. (She realizes that she'd be far less confused had she given them different names, like Marvin O'Gravel Balloon Face or Zanzibar Buck-Buck McFate.) WHAT WAS I SCARED OF? A slightly spooky adventure involving a pair of haunted trousers--"What was I scared of?"--closes out the collection. Sneetches and Other Stories is Seuss at his best, with distinctively wacky illustrations and ingeniously weird prose. (Ages 4 to 8)

Dr. Seuss - Mr. ​Brown Can Moo! Can You?
Hears ​an introduction for babies to the wonderful mishmash world of sounds. Listen to the cow's moo, the frying eggs' sizzle, and the thunder's boom boom boom. There are plenty of noises for everyone!

Dr. Seuss - Horton ​Hears A Who!
Horton ​the kindly elephant has his work cut out saving the tiny Whos who live on a speck of dust -- no one else believes they are there! But Horton eventually convinces everyone that 'A person's a person, no matter how small'!

Dr. Seuss - A ​Grincs
Végre ​újra olvasható Dr. Seuss legnagyobb klasszikusa! Grincs Kikfalva közelében lakik, és teljes szívéből utálja a karácsonyt. Már ha egyáltalán van szíve... Gyűlöl mindent, ami az ünneppel kapcsolatos. Ezért úgy dönt, ellopja a karácsonyt. Véghez is viszi gonosz tervét, ám földbe gyökerezik a lába, amikor meglátja, hogy Kikfala lakói ajándékok nélkül is boldogan ünnepelnek. A Kolibri Klasszikusok sorában hatodik Dr. Seuss-könyv most Tandori Dezső klasszikussá vált, mégis megújult fordításában jelenik meg.

Dr. Seuss - Happy ​Birthday to You!
Dr. ​Seuss. Happy Birthday to You! New York: Random House, [1959]. First edition, later printing. Quarto. Publisher's binding. Illus. in color. "The Great Birthday Bird guides us on a birthday trip. The multicolored excursion is a festive one."--School Library Journal.

Dr. Seuss - Hop ​on Pop
Illus. ​in color. "Combines phonics and word recognition, making sounds and letters recognizable. Highly recommended."--(starred) School Library Journal.

Dr. Seuss - Der ​Kater mit Hut
Dr. ​Seuss Wie spricht man das aus? Man sagt Dr. Suhs. Das reimt sich auf Fuß und das englische News. Und nicht nur auf Mus und den schwärzlichen Ruß, sondern auch noch auf Blues und auf sämtliche Gnus. Ist das nicht abstrus? Kindergrusel oder Blödelei oder blinder Dusel und Köderei? Was auch immer kommt zupaß, Dr. Seuss macht Riesenspaß.

Dr. Seuss - Hogyan ​lopta el a Görcs a karácsonyt
A ​világ egyik legolvasottabb mesekönyvírója. 44 mesekönyvet írt és rajzolt a gyermekeknek... és szerencsés szüleiknek. Dr. Seuss klasszikus könyve a Hogyan lopta el a Görcs a karácsonyt minden korosztály számára szóló mese. Humora, bölcsessége és embersége, egyedi illusztrációi és bravúros nyelvhasználata mindenki számára érthető. A magyar kiadást Tandori Dezső szellemes fordítása teszi maradandóvá. ,,Bármennyire kicsi is egy gyerek - mondaná Dr. Seuss, - ugyanazt akarja, mint mi, felnőttek: nevetni, szórakozni és meghatódni. "

Dr. Seuss - One ​Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish
In ​this hilarious exploration of opposites, colours, numbers and nonsense, Dr. Seuss paints a crazy world of singing Yings, boxing, Goxes and seven hump Wumps. By combining the funniest stories, craziest creatures and zaniest pictures with his unique blend of rhyme, rhythm and repetition, Dr. Seuss helps children of all ages and abilities learn to read. Dr. Seuss makes reading fun!

Dr. Seuss - Kalapos ​Macska
Mikor ​felbukkan a kicsit sem kancsal és kacska Kalapos Macska, Sári és a bátyja pillanatok alatt hatalmas felfordulás közepén találja magát, a mindent letaroló Izékkel. De mi lesz, ha anya hazaér?! Dr. Seuss a gyerekirodalom egyik legnépszerűbb alakja, Kalapos Macska című meséje pedig a legismertebb könyve. A Kolibri Klasszikusok sorozatban végre magyarul is olvashatók Dr. Seuss hiánypótló könyvei, Szabó T. Anna hihetetlenül kreatív, mégis szöveghű fordításában.

Dr. Seuss - Hunches ​in Bunches
What’s ​a person to do when there is so much to do? Dr. Seuss adds his signature spin to the age-old dilemma of indecisiveness in his rhyming picture-book classic Hunches in Bunches. Go outside, play video games, eat a pizza, do homework? Whether you have a “four-way hunch,” a “nowhere hunch,” or an “up hunch,” Dr. Seuss and his unmistakable one-of-a-kind advice will ensure that readers of all ages won’t get “ga-fluppted.”

Dr. Seuss - And ​to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street
As ​little Marco describes the horse and wagon he saw on Mulberry Street, they are transformed into an elephant and a band wagon with a retinue of police.

Dr. Seuss - How ​the Grinch Stole Christmas!
The ​Grinch, whose heart is two sizes too small, hates Who-ville's holiday celebrations, and plans to steal all the presents to prevent Christmas from coming. To his amazement, Christmas comes anyway, and the Grinch discovers the true meaning of the holiday.

Dr. Seuss - The ​500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins
The ​500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins turns 75 in 2013, and to celebrate, we've created a foil-covered Anniversary Edition with a newly color-enhanced interior that would please even King Derwin himself! When the royal carriage approaches, young Bartholomew Cubbins removes his hat as is required by the haughty king. But as soon as Bartholomew does so, another hat appears on his head! This goes on and on, angering the king and frustrating his royal assistants until Bartholomew (quite literally) sheds 500 hats and almost loses his head! A delightfully strange story about an event that "just happened to happen and was not very likely to happen again," the 75th anniversary of The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins is likewise an event that won't happen again, and our 75th Anniversary Edition will be available for a limited time only at the regular edition price of $14.95. Dr. Seuss fans won't want to miss it!

Dr. Seuss - The ​Eye Book
Our ​eyes see flies. Our eyes see ants. Sometimes they see pink underpants. Oh, say can you see? Dr. Seuss’s hilarious ode to eyes gives little ones a whole new appreciation for all the wonderful things to be seen!

Dr. Seuss - Zöld ​sonkás tojás
A ​Kalapos Macska és a Ha lenne egy cirkuszom után áprilisban végre új Dr. Seuss-kötetekkel jelentkezünk! Zöldeket én nem eszem. Dehogy ment el az eszem! Ne adj zöld tojást nekem, sonkát se, nem szeretem! Dr. Seuss a gyerekirodalom egyik legnépszerűbb alakja, a Zöld sonkás tojás pedig a leghíresebb láncmeséje. Zöld sonkás tojást bárhol, bármikor lehet enni. Vagy mégsem? A történetben záporoznak a furábbnál furább ötletek, helyszínek és társak, ahol és akikkel a furcsa külsejű ételt elfogyaszthatná hősünk, ám ő fintorogva ellenáll. Végül mégis győz az igazság: jobb mindent megkóstolni, mert kellemes meglepetés érhet minket… A Kolibri Klasszikusok-sorozatban végre magyarul is olvashatók Dr. Seuss hiánypótló könyvei, Szabó T. Anna hihetetlenül kreatív, mégis szöveghű fordításában.

Dr. Seuss - On ​Beyond Zebra
If ​you think the alphabet stops with Z, you are wrong. So wrong. Leave it to Conrad Cornelius o'Donald o'Dell (with a little help from Dr. Seuss) to create an entirely new alphabet beginning with Z! This rhyming picture book introduces twenty new letters and the creatures that one can spell with them. Discover (and spell) such wonderfully Seussian creations as the Yuzz-a-ma-Tuzz and the High Gargel-orum. Readers young and old will be giggling from beginning to end . . . or should we say, from Yuzz to Hi!