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Peter F. Hamilton - Gareth L. Powell - Light ​Chaser
In ​Peter F. Hamilton and Gareth L. Powell's action-packed sci-fi adventure Light Chaser, a love powerful enough to transcend death can bring down an entire empire. Amahle is a Light Chaser – one of a number of explorers, who travel the universe alone (except for their onboard AI), trading trinkets for life stories. But when she listens to the stories sent down through the ages she hears the same voice talking directly to her from different times and on different worlds. She comes to understand that something terrible is happening, and only she is in a position to do anything about it. And it will cost everything to put it right.

Peter F. Hamilton - The ​Temporal Void
The ​second book in Peter F. Hamilton's bestselling Void Trilogy Humanity is in turmoil as a fanatical cult, inspired by projected dreams from the Void, prepares to journey beyond its boundaries - no matter what they will unleash in doing so... Investigator Paula Myo is determined to find the Void's 'Second Dreamer', Araminta, who is channelling the latest visions of Edeard the Waterwalker. A messiah, it's his crusade against injustice that has influenced billions to risk journeying into the unknown. It's only as the dreams reach their culmination and Edeard's story nears its end that the Void's true nature will be revealed. And by then it may be too late...

Peter F. Hamilton - The ​Dreaming Void
AD ​3580. The Intersolar Commonwealth has spread through the galaxy to over a thousand star systems. It is a culture of rich diversity with a place for everyone. Even death itself has been overcome. But at the centre of the Commonwealth is a massive black hole. This Void is not a natural artefact. Inside there is a strange universe where the laws of physics are very different to those we know. It is slowly consuming the other stars of the galactic core - one day it will devour the entire galaxy. Inigo, a human, has started to dream of a wonderful existence in the Void. He has a following of millions of believers and they now clamour to make a pilgrimage into the Void to live the life they have been shown. Other starfaring species fear their migration will cause the Void to expand again. They are prepared to stop them no matter what the cost. And so the pilgrimage begins...

Peter F. Hamilton - Great ​North Road
In ​Newcastle-upon-Tyne, AD 2142, Detective Sidney Hurst attends a brutal murder scene. The victim is one of the wealthy North family clones -- but none have been reported missing. And the crime's most disturbing aspect is how the victim was killed. Twenty years ago, a North clone billionaire and his household were horrifically murdered in exactly the same manner, on the tropical planet of St Libra. But if the murderer is still at large, was Angela Tramelo wrongly convicted? Tough and confident, she never waivered under interrogation -- claiming she alone survived an alien attack. But there is no animal life on St Libra. Investigating this alien threat becomes the Human Defence Agency's top priority. The bio-fuel flowing from St Libra is the lifeblood of Earth's economy and must be secured. So a vast expedition is mounted via the Newcastle gateway, and teams of engineers, support personnel and xenobiologists are dispatched to the planet. Along with their technical advisor, grudgingly released from prison, Angela Tramelo. But the expedition is cut off, deep within St Libra's rainforests. Then the murders begin. Someone or something is picking off the team one by one. Angela insists it's the alien, but her new colleagues aren't so sure. Maybe she did see an alien, or maybe she has other reasons for being on St Libra ...In this stunning, standalone adventure, Peter F. Hamilton blends fast-paced narrative with vividly imagined future-worlds.

Peter F. Hamilton - Fallen ​Dragon
Born ​in a colony world in 2310, Lawrence Newton hankered after the golden era of starships exploring the galaxy. But the age of human starflight was drawing to a close, so this hot-heated teenager ran away from home in search of adventure. Twenty years later, he's the sergeant of a washed-out platoon taking part in the bungled invasion of another world. The giant corporations call such campaigns 'asset realization', but in practice it's simple piracy. While he's on the ground, being shot at and firebombed by local resistance forces, Lawrence hears stories about the Temple of the Fallen Dragon - and a sect devoted to the worship of a mythical creature that fell to the ground millennia ago. More importantly, its priests are said to guard a hoard of treasure large enough to buy lifelong happiness - which information prompts him to mount a private-enterprise operation of his own.

Peter F. Hamilton - Salvation ​Lost
All ​the best in humanity rises to meet a powerful alien threat in the sequel to Salvation--part of an all-new trilogy from "the owner of the most powerful imagination in science fiction" (Ken Follett). The comparative utopia of twenty-third-century Earth is about to go dreadfully awry when a seemingly benign alien race is abruptly revealed to be one of the worst threats humanity has ever faced. Driven by an intense religious extremism, the Olyix are determined to bring everyone to their version of God as they see it. But they may have met their match in humanity, who are not about to go gently into that good night or spend the rest of their days cowering in hiding. As human ingenuity and determination rise to the challenge, collective humanity has only one goal--to wipe this apparently undefeatable enemy from the face of creation. Even if it means playing a ridiculously long game indeed. But in a chaotic universe, it is hard to plan for every eventuality, and it is always darkest before the dawn.

Peter F. Hamilton - Mindstar ​Rising
It's ​the 21st century and global warming is here to stay, so forget the way your country used to look. And get used to the free market, too - the companies possess all the best hardware, and they're calling the shots now. In a world like this, a man open to any offers can make out just fine. A man like Greg Mandel for instance, who's psi-boosted, wired into the latest sensory equipment, carrying state-of-the-art weaponry - and late of the English Army's Mindstar Battalion. As the cartels battle for control of a revolutionary new power source, and corporate greed outstrips national security, tension is mounting to boiling point - and Greg Mandel is about to face the ultimate test.

Peter F. Hamilton - Manhattan ​in Reverse
Peter ​F. Hamilton has earned both critical acclaim and a devoted following for such interstellar epics as The Night's Dawn Trilogy and Fallen Dragon. He has also created a small but memorable body of shorter fiction as compelling and carefully crafted as his longer, more characteristic work. Manhattan in Reverse, Hamilton's first collection since A Second Chance at Eden appeared in 1998, is a genuine publishing event, offering seven compact examples of their author's imaginative range and sheer narrative virtuosity. The opening novella, 'Watching Trees Grow,' is an enthralling, multi-layered account of a murder investigation that encompasses hundreds of years, a multitude of worlds, and an astonishing array of technological advances. 'If at First...' is a witty, wholly original take on the theory--and unexpected consequences--of time travel. 'The Forever Kitten' is a marvel of compression that addresses one possible application of a nascent rejuvenation technology. The title story brings back Paula Myo, the detective heroine of Hamilton's Commonwealth novels. In this never-before-published novella, which takes place in the aftermath of Judas Unchained, Paula travels to the frontier planet of Menard, where she brings her puzzle-solving skills to bear on an escalating conflict between the planet's 'non-sentient' inhabitants and the hordes of newly arrived settlers. Like the best of Hamilton's earlier work, Manhattan in Reverse is a treasure trove of pure narrative delights. Intelligent, surprising, and lovingly detailed, these resonant tales are the mature products of a gifted storyteller, a man with a powerful--and seemingly limitless--imagination.

Peter F. Hamilton - Salvation
Know ​your enemy - or be defeated AD 2204 An alien shipwreck is discovered on a planet at the very limits of human expansion - so Security Director Feriton Kayne selects a team to investigate. The ship's sinister cargo not only raises bewildering questions, but could also foreshadow humanity's extinction. It will be up to the team to bring back answers, and the consequences of this voyage will change everything. Back on Earth, we can now make deserts bloom and extend lifespans indefinitely, so humanity seems invulnerable. We therefore welcomed the Olyix to Earth when they contacted us. They needed fuel for their pilgrimage across the galaxy - and in exchange they helped us advance our technology. But were the Olyix a blessing or a curse? THE FAR FUTURE Many lightyears from Earth, Dellian and his clan of genetically-engineered soldiers are raised with one goal. They must confront and destroy their ancient adversary. The enemy caused mankind to flee across the galaxy and they hunt us still. If they aren't stopped, we will be wiped out - and we're running out of time. Salvation is the first title in a stunning science fiction trilogy, The Salvation Sequence, by Peter F. Hamilton

Peter F. Hamilton - The ​Confederation Handbook
"The ​Reality Dysfunction"... "The Neutronium Alchemist"... "The Naked God" - Peter F.Hamilton's "Night's Dawn Trilogy" has proved one of the best-selling Science-Fiction series of the last decade, and the most dramatically successful from a UK author. This handbook is an essential companion volume for all the countless readers past, present and future for whom this massive trilogy has evolved into a defining SF classic. It comprises general background information relating to all three volumes, with comprehensive notes and glossaries on the major characters, planets, space stations, political hierarchies, weaponry, spacecraft, invasions, and the many alien races with their diverse social economies, industries and technologies.

Peter F. Hamilton - The ​Abyss Beyond Dreams
TO ​SAVE THEIR CIVILISATION HE MUST DESTROY IT ...When images of a lost civilization are 'dreamed' by a self-proclaimed prophet of the age, Nigel Sheldon, inventor of wormhole technology and creator of the Commonwealth society, is asked to investigate. Especially as the dreams seem to be coming from the Void - a mysterious area of living space monitored and controlled because of its hugely destructive capabilities. With it being the greatest threat to the known universe, Nigel is committed to finding out what really lies within the Void and if there's any truth to the visions they've received. Does human life really exist inside its boundary? But when Nigel crash lands inside the Void, on a planet he didn't even know existed, he finds so much more than he expected. Bienvenido: a world populated by the ancestors of survivors from Commonwealth colony ships that disappeared centuries ago. Since then they've been fighting an increasingly desperate battle against the Fallers, a space-born predator artificially evolved to conquer worlds. Their sole purpose is to commit genocide against every species they encounter. With their powerful telepathic lure - that tempts any who stray across their path to a slow and painful death - they are by far the greatest threat to humanity's continued existence on this planet. But Nigel soon realizes that the Fallers also hold the key to something he'd never hoped to find - the destruction of the Void itself. If only he can survive long enough to work out how to use it ...

Peter F. Hamilton - Misspent ​Youth
It ​is forty years in the future and, following decades of research and trillions of euros spent on genetics, Europe is finally in a position to rejuvenate a human being. The first subjest chosen for treatment is Jeff Baker, the father of the datasphere (whihc replaced the Internet) and philanthropist extraordinaire. After 18 months in a German medical facility, the 78-year-old patient returns home looking like a healthy 20-year-old. _Misspent Youth_ follows the effect his reappearance has on his friends and family - his young ex-model wife Sue, his teenage son Tim, and his long term pals, themselves all pensioners, who are starting to resent what Jeff has become.

Peter F. Hamilton - Pandóra ​csillaga I-II.
Krisztus ​után 2380-at írunk, és az emberiség már több mint hatszáz bolygót kolonizált, amelyeket féregjáratok kötnek össze. A Föld központú Csillagközi Nemzetközösség egy békés, gazdag társadalommá vált, ahol a lakosok a megfiatalító eljárásnak köszönhetően évszázadokig élhetnek. Amikor Dudley Bose csillagász felfedezi, hogy egy több mint ezer fényévre lévő csillag váratlanul eltűnik, mert bebörtönzi egy emberi elmével felfoghatatlan méretű erőtér, a Nemzetközösség nyugalma felbolydul, mindenáron ki akarják deríteni, hogy mi történt. Mivel a hagyományos féregjáratok nem érnek el olyan messzire, megépítik az első, fénysebességnél gyorsabb utazásra képes csillaghajót. A Második Esély Wilson Kime kapitány, a régi dicsőséges időket hajszoló egykori NASA pilóta irányításával elindul a történelmi jelentőségű expedícióra. De valaki vagy valami nem véletlenül zárt be egy egész csillagrendszert. Ha a Második Esélynek sikerül megtalálnia a bevezető utat, vajon mit engednek szabadon? A Pandóra csillaga a Nemzetközösség univerzumában játszódik. Aki belekezd a regénybe, többé nem tudja letenni… Hamilton bebizonyítja, hogy az „intelligens űropera” nem ellentmondásos kifejezés – Publishers Weekly

Peter F. Hamilton - A ​Second Chance at Eden
From ​the author of the bestselling _'Night's Dawn'_ trilogy, a novella and six stories set in the same brilliantly realised universe. Set in the same universe as his _Nights Dawn_ trilogy, this is a brilliant collection of six short stories and a novella from Britain's number one science fiction writer, Peter F. Hamilton. Amongst others, this collection includes a story about a new blood-sport featuring artificial monsters and story set in a far future world where one man wages an obsessive vengeance against the last survivor of an alien race. While the title novella centres on the mysterious death of the habitat Eden’s creator, and shows us that this is a must-have collection from a writer at the top of his game.

Peter F. Hamilton - A ​Quantum Murder
Dr ​Edward Kitchener is a brilliant researcher into quantum cosmology for the Event Horizon conglomerate, but no good to anybody now, lying dead with his lungs spread out on either side of his open chest. The security system at Launde Abbey was premier-grade, yet a mercenary could still have got through, and plenty of people anxious to stop Kitchener's work would pay the killer's fee. But why would a professional waste time in ritually slaughtering the target? Event Horizon needs to know fast, so Greg Mandel, psi-boosted ex-private eye, is enticed out of retirement to launch himself on a convoluted trail involving confrontation with a past which - according to Kitchener's theories - might never have happened.

Peter F. Hamilton - Álmodó ​Üresség
A ​távoli jövőben az űrutazás lehetővé tette, hogy az emberiség a galaxis távoli vidékein is új világokat gyarmatosítson, miközben a legkorszerűbb technika miatt hétköznapi dologgá vált a hosszú, talán az örökkévalóságig tartó élet. Nálunk lényegesen idősebb civilizációkkal ismerkedtünk meg. A megrázó felfedezések után az emberiség most egy új korszak kapujában áll. Talán meg fogjuk érteni a világegyetem legfontosabb titkait is. A világűr végtelenjében azonban elképzelhetetlen veszélyek is lesnek ránk. Az Üresség: egy zárt, sokmilliárd éves világegyetem. Eleven, és a tágulását éppen csak hogy meg lehet akadályozni. Kapcsolatba akar lépni velünk. Inigo titokzatos álmokat oszt meg az emberiséggel egy valószínűtlen hősről, az egyszerűbb életről és a jobb jövőbe vetett reményről – egy olyan bolygón, ami nem az övé. Elégedetlen követői elszántan megpróbálják valóra váltani ezt az utópiát, és átlépik az Üresség tiltott határát, hogy célba jussanak. Nincsenek tisztában azzal, hogy cselekedetükkel beindíthatják a megállíthatatlan növekedés folyamatát… ami elpusztíthat minden útjába kerülő dolgot, az egész emberiséget, de akár a galaxis összes csillagát is.

Peter F. Hamilton - Pandora's ​Star
In ​AD 2329, humanity has colonised over four hundred planets, all of them interlinked by wormholes. With Earth at its centre, the Intersolar Commonwealth now occupies a sphere of space approximately four hundred light years across. When an astronomer on the outermost world of Gralmond observes a star 2000 light years distant - and then a neighbouring one - vanish, it is time for the Commonwealth to discover what happened to them. For what if their disappearance indicates some kind of galactic conflict? Since a conventional wormhole cannot be used to reach these vanished stars, for the first time humans need to build a faster-than-light starship, the Second Chance. But it arrives to find each 'vanished' star encased in a giant force field - and within one of them resides a massive alien civilisation.

Peter F. Hamilton - A ​Night Without Stars
Bestselling ​author Peter F. Hamilton returns to his acclaimed Commonwealth series in this thrilling follow-up to _The Abyss Beyond Dreams._ Featuring Hamilton’s trademark blend of intricate plotting, riveting suspense, high-concept science, and vivid characters, _A Night Without Stars_ brings the story to a fully satisfying finish. After centuries trapped inside the Void, the planet Bienvenido—along with its inhabitants, both human and Faller—has been expelled into normal space. But the survivors are millions of light-years from the Commonwealth, which knows nothing of their existence. As the two races plunge into mortal conflict for sole possession of the planet, the humans seem destined to lose—despite the assistance of the mysterious Warrior Angel, who possesses forbidden Commonwealth technology. With the Fallers’ numbers growing, and their ability to mimic humans allowing them to infiltrate all levels of society, it’s only a matter of time before they surge to victory. Then, on a routine space flight, Major Ry Evine inadvertently frees a captive vessel that crash-lands on Bienvenido carrying the last, best hope for human survival: a baby. But a far from ordinary one. The child not only ages at a remarkable rate but demonstrates knowledge and abilities far beyond those of Bienvenido’s humans. Hunted by Fallers and humans alike, she is a crucial link to humanity’s lost past—and a glorious future already almost out of reach. Praise for Peter F. Hamilton’s The Abyss Beyond Dreams “Incredibly robust and exciting and rousing, sharing flavors of Jack Vance, John Wright, China Miéville, Orson Scott Card, and A. E. van Vogt . . . Hamilton’s deployment of lots of grand super-science is utterly deft and convincing.”—Locus “Engrossing . . . The characters, always Hamilton’s strength, remain as distinctive as ever.”—Kirkus Reviews “Everything one wants in sf—great characters, mind bending stuff, adventure, politics, romance, revolution . . . just superb.”—Fantasy Book Critic “The work of an author at the top of his game.”—Science Fiction and Fantasy World

Peter F. Hamilton - The ​Saints of Salvation
Humanity ​is struggling to hold out against a hostile takeover by an alien race that claims to be on a religious mission to bring all sentient life to its God at the End of Time. But while things may look grim in the immediate aftermath of the attack, mankind is busy playing an even longer game than the aliens may have expected. Will a strategy millennia in the making finally be enough to defeat this seemingly unstoppable enemy? And what secrets are the aliens truly hiding in their most deeply protected stronghold? With his trademark optimism about humanity's tenacity and capacity for greatness, Peter F. Hamilton ends this brilliant saga with a bang--and reveals a few startling surprises along the way.

Peter F. Hamilton - Júdás ​elszabadul I-II.
Az ​emberiség évszázadokkal ezelőtt lépett ki a csillagok közé. Senki nem tudta azonban, hogy egy titokzatos idegen lény, a Csillagutazó sikeresen manipulálta az elmúlt korszak eseményeit. Cselszövésének következtében könyörtelen háború vár a Csillagközi Nemzetközösség világaira. Lehetséges, hogy a küzdelem az emberi faj pusztulását eredményezi. Hála azonban Paula Myo főnyomozó erőfeszítéseinek, a Nemzetközösség politikai elitjének egy része végre hajlandó elismerni a Csillagutazó létezését. Úgy tűnik, még a leghatározottabb lépésektől sem riadnak vissza, mert szeretnének véget vetni a rejtélyes, ugyanakkor félelmetes földönkívüli ármánykodásának. Közben változatlan hevességgel folytatódik a Dyson Alfáról kiinduló invázió. Az ellenség tucatjával foglalja el a Nemzetközösség világait. A földi hadiflotta elkeseredett elszántsággal veti magát a küzdelembe. Vezetői azt hiszik, olyan szuperfegyverekkel sikerült felszerelni a hajókat, melyek alkalmasak a háború megnyerésére. Hamarosan kiderült azonban, hogy a földönkívüliek hadiflottáját hasonlóan iszonyatos erejű fegyverrendszerekkel látták el. Kime tengernagyot erősen nyugtalanítja a kérdés, hogy az idegenek miként szerezték ezeket a fegyvereket. Lehetséges, hogy a Csillagutazó ügynökei előtt nem maradhatott titokban a Nemzetközösség legjobban őrzött védelmi projektje sem? Vagy talán még az is elképzelhető, hogy az igazság ennél sokkal, de sokkal szörnyűbb? Mark Vernon igencsak elégedett volt önmagával, amikor úgy tűnt, hogy sikerült a Nemzetközösség egyik legbiztonságosabb bolygóján új munkahelyet találnia. A valóságos ezermesternek tartott mérnök álmai munkáját végezheti. Nem kell attól tartania, hogy akár ő, akár a családja ismét bajba keveredhet. Olyan űrhajók elkészítésében vehet részt, amelyek alkalmasak lesznek a leggazdagabbak kimentésére, ha az emberiség esetleg elveszítené a háborút. Egy szép napon aztán váratlan látogatója érkezik. Nigel Sheldon csupán egy apró szívességet kér. Hogy a pokolba lehetne nemet mondani annak az embernek, aki megteremtette az egész Nemzetközösséget? Csak az a gond az ilyen apró kis szívességekkel, hogy felettébb hajlamosak az elfajulásra… A háború cseppet sem úgy alakul, ahogy azt az emberek szerették volna. A Csillagutazó árulása már a Nemzetközösség szívét fenyegeti. A túléléshez elengedhetetlennek látszik a befolyásos földönkívüli megsemmisítése. Miközben Paula Myo végre közelebb jut a célpontjához, valaki megpróbálja elszabotálni az egész nyomozást. Paula csak akkor szabadulhat meg az emberiség legfőbb ellenségétől, ha képes lesz rájönni, hogy melyik munkatársa áruló. Az illető hajlandó feláldozni az egész emberi fajt. A _Júdás elszabadulban_ folytatódik a _Pandóra csillagában_ megkezdődött, izgalmas történet.

Peter F. Hamilton - Eltékozolt ​ifjúság
Fontold ​meg, mit kívánsz… Jeff Baker igazi legenda. A nemzetközi hírű feltaláló közismert emberbarát, aki hetvennyolc éves koráig elszántan szolgálta zsenialitásával a köz javát. 2040-ben, amikor az évtizedes kutatómunka eredményeképpen Európa végre képessé válik megfiatalítani egy emberi lényt, Bakerre esik a választás. Miután hosszú hónapokat tölt egy egészségügyi központban a kontinensen, testben megfiatalodva térhet haza. Ránézésre húszévesnek tűnik. A sikeres kezelés csodaszámba megy – csakhogy egy idő múlva elhalványul a ragyogás. Jeff és gyönyörű fotómodell felesége között drámaian megváltozik a kapcsolat. A férfi egész más szemmel nézi tizenéves fiát, Timet és a srác lenyűgöző barátnőjét is. Miközben nyugdíjas barátai egyre nagyobb ellenszenvvel méregetik a megfiatalodott férfit, Jeff egyre inkább rádöbben, hogy az egész világ őt figyeli. Semmi sincs ingyen: a legtöbben elvárják tőle, hogy újabb világrengető találmányokkal érdemelje ki a helyét a történelemkönyvek lapjain. _Peter F. Hamilton regényében elképesztően erős karakterek szerepelnek… az író okos és éles szemű megfigyelő – SFSite.com_ _Tim elképesztően életszerű… melegen ajánljuk ezt a könyvet – SFBbook.com_ _Peter ismét eredeti ötletekkel teli világot alkotott meg – Theunisphere.com_

Peter F. Hamilton - Judas ​Unchained
After ​hundreds of years secretly manipulating the human race, the Starflyer alien has succeeded in engineering a war which should result in the destruction of the Intersolar Commonwealth. Now, thanks to Chief Investigator Paula Myo, the Commonwealth's political elite finally acknowledges the Starflyer's existence, and puts together an unlikely partnership to track down this enigmatic and terrifying alien. The invasion from Dyson Alpha continues with dozens of Commonwealth worlds falling to the enemy. The navy fights back with what it believes to be war-winning superweapons, only to find that the alien fleet has equally powerful weapons. How the aliens got them is the question which haunts Admiral Kime. Could it be that the Commonwealth's top-secret defence project has been compromised by the Starflyer's agents, or is the truth even worse?

Peter F. Hamilton - The ​Evolutionary Void
Exposed ​as the Second Dreamer, Araminta has become the target of a galaxywide search by others equally determined to prevent—or facilitate—the pilgrimage into the Void. An indestructible microuniverse, the Void may contain paradise, but it is also a deadly threat. For the reality that exists inside its boundaries demands energy drawn from planets, stars, galaxies—from everything that lives. Meanwhile, the story of Edeard, the Waterwalker, continues to unfold. With time running out, Inigo, the First Dreamer, must decide whether to release Edeard’s dangerous final dream. And Araminta must choose whether to run from her responsibilities or face them down, with no guarantee of success or survival. But all these choices may be for naught if the leader of a rival faction enters the Void. For it is not paradise she seeks there, but dominion.

Peter F. Hamilton - The ​Reality Dysfunction
In ​AD 2600, the human race is finally beginning to realize its full potential. Hundreds of colonized planets scattered across the galaxy host a multitude of prosperous and wildly diverse cultures. Genetic engineering has pushed evolution far beyond nature's boundaries, defeating disease and producing extraordinary spaceborn creatures. Huge fleets of sentient trader starships thrive on the wealth created by the industrialization of entire star systems. And throughout inhabited space the Confederation Navy keeps the peace. A true golden age is within our grasp. But now something has gone catastrophically wrong. On a primitive colony planet a renegade criminal's chance encounter with an utterly alien entity unleashes the most primal of all our fears. An extinct race, which inhabited the galaxy aeons ago called it "The Reality Dysfunction". It is the nightmare which has prowled beside us since the beginning of history.

Peter F. Hamilton - The ​Naked God
Hell ​just went quantum... The Confederation is starting to collapse politically and economically, allowing the 'possessed' to infiltrate more worlds. Quinn Dexter is loose on Earth, destroying the giant arcologies one at a time. As Louise Kavanagh tries to track him down, she manages to acquire some strange and powerful allies whose goal does not match her own. The campaign to liberate Mortonbridge from the possessed degenerates into a horrendous land battle, the kind that hasn't been seen by humankind for six hundred years. Then some of the protagonists escape in a very unexpected direction... Joshua Clavert and Syrinx now fly their starships on a mission to find the Sleeping God - which an alien race believes holds the key to finally overthrowing the possessed.

Peter F. Hamilton - The ​Neutronium Alchemist
The ​ancient menace has finally escaped from Lalonde, shattering the Confederation's peaceful existence. Those who succumbed to it have acquired godlike powers, but now follow a far from divine gospel as they advance inexorably from world to world. On planets and asteroids individuals battle for survival against the strange and brutal forces unleashed upon the universe. Governments teeter on the brink of anarchy, the Confederation Navy is dangerously overstretched, and a dark messiah prepares to invoke his own version of the final Night. In such desperate times the last thing the galaxy needs is a new and terrifyingly powerful weapon. Yet Dr Alkad Mzu is determined to retrieve the Alchemist -- so she can complete her thirty-year-old vendetta to slay a star. Which means Joshua Calvert has to find Dr Mzu and bring her back before the Alchemist can be reactivated. But he's not alone in the chase, and there are people on both sides who have their own ideas about how to sue the ultimate doomsday device.

Peter F. Hamilton - A ​földre hullt sárkány I-II.
Gyermekként ​Lawrence Newtonnak az volt az egyetlen vágya, hogy csillaghajóra szálljon és felfedezze a galaxist. Ám a huszonnegyedik századi Amethi telepesvilágán rossz helyen és időben született, hisz az emberi űrrepülés korszaka a végéhez közeledik. Így sok más lázadó kamaszhoz hasonlóan ő is elszökik otthonról. Húsz évvel később egy félkatonai szakasz parancsnoka egy másik világ elleni invázióban. A megmaradt néhány csillaghajót birtokló óriáscégek cinikus módon "kintlévőség-behajtásnak" nevezik ezeket a hadjáratokat, de a valóságban egyszerű kalózkodásról van szó. A nyugtalanítóan hatékony ellenállás támadásainak kereszttüzében Lawrence meghall néhány kósza történetet a Lehullt Sárkány Templomáról, és arról a különös szektáról, mely ott uralkodik, s mely mesés kincseket birtokol. A katona fejében pedig megfogan a terv, és egy felettébb kockázatos magán-akcióba fog..

Peter F. Hamilton - The ​Nano Flower
Julia ​Evans: billionairess, owner of Event Horizon, for fifteen years undisputed power behind the world's economic renaissance. And in trouble. With her computer-genius husband missing and rival companies suddenly claiming to have acquired a technology impossibly superior to anything on Earth, Julia has no time to notice an anonymously delivered flower. But this flower has genes millions of years in advance of terrestrial DNA. Is it a cryptic alien message or a poignant farewell from her husband?Only Greg Mandel can discover its origin, but he is not alone in his desperate search. A vicious mercenary killer, a jaded merchant, and a high-priced courtesan all have a part to play. It was never going to be easy, but as Greg and Julia discover, simply being first in the race isn't nearly good enough as the Nano Flower starts to bloom...