Monica Ali könyvei a rukkolán

Monica Ali - Untold ​Story
Diana's ​life and marriage were fairy tale and nightmare. Adored by millions, in her personal life she suffered heartbreak and betrayal. Within a life of privilege, she frequently felt trapped and alone. Constrained by protocol and precedent, she refused to follow the rules. Untold Story takes the life of the world's most famous woman as a point of departure, examining the past and imagining a future. The fictional princess who is the novel's heroine is at breaking point and, believing that the Establishment is plotting her assassination, she makes an irrevocable decision: to stage her own death and begin a new life under an assumed identity. After a period of intense upheaval, Lydia (as she is known) settles in small town America and establishes a fragile peace. It is threatened by thoughts of what she has lost: not the glamour and glitz of royalty but that which is most precious - her children. She is, at least, safe in the knowledge - having altered her appearance and ten years after her 'death' - that her secret will never be uncovered. But then a chance encounter with a member of the paparazzi robs her of that certainty. Will he recognize her? Should she flee or remain calm? Is there anyone she can trust and turn to, or will she inevitably be betrayed? Untold Story is a novel about family and friendship, intrigue and obsession, the meaning of identity, and the peculiar calamity of fame.

Monica Ali - Alentejo ​blue
Alentejo ​Blue is the story of the Portuguese village of Mamarrosa told through the lives of those who live there and those who are passing through – men and women, children and old people, locals, tourists and expatriates.For some, such as Teresa, a beautiful, dreamy village girl, it is a place from which to escape; for others – the dysfunctional Potts family – it is a way of running from trouble (but not eluding it). Vasco, a café owner who has never recovered from the death of his American wife, clings to a notion that his years in America make him superior to the other villagers. One English tourist makes Mamarrosa the subject of her fantasy of a new life, while for her compatriots, a young engaged couple, Mamarrosa is where their dreams finally fall apart. At the book’s opening an old man reflects on his long and troubled life in this beautiful and seemingly tranquil setting, and anticipates the return of Marco Afonso Rodrigues, the prodigal son of the village and a symbol of this now fast-changing world. The homecoming is the subject of continuing speculation, and when Marco Afonso Rodrigues does finally appear, villagers, tourists and expatriates are brought together and jealousies, passions and disappointments must inevitably collide.

Monica Ali - In ​The Kitchen
At ​the once-splendid Imperial Hotel, chef Gabriel Lightfoot is trying to run a tight kitchen. But his integrity and his sanity are under constant challenge from an exuberantly multinational staff, a gimlet-eyed hotel management, and business partners with whom he is planning a new venture. Despite the pressure, his hard work looks set to pay off. Until the discovery of a porter's dead body in the kitchen appears to tip the scales. It is a small death, a lonely death - but it is enough to disturb the tenuous balance of Gabe's life. "In The Kitchen" is Monica Ali's stunning follow up to Brick Lane. It is both the portrait of a man pushed to the edge, and a wry and telling look into the melting pot which is our contemporary existence. It confirms Monica Ali not only as a great modern storyteller but also an acute observer of the dramas of modern life.

Monica Ali - Brick ​Lane
At ​the tender age of eighteen, Nazneen's life is turned upside down. After an arranged marriage to a man twenty years her elder she exchanges her Bangladeshi village for a block of flats in London's East End. In this new world, where poor people can be fat and even dogs go on diets, she struggles to make sense of her existence - and to do her duty to her husband. A man of inflated ideas (and stomach), he sorely tests her compliance. But Nazneen submits, as she must, to Fate and devotes her life to raising her family and slapping down her demons of discontent. Until she becomes aware of a young radical, Karim. Against a background of escalating racial and gang conflict, they embark on an affair that finally forces Nazneen to take control of her life...

Monica Ali - A ​muszlim asszony
Monica ​Ali gyönyörűséges regénye egy fiatal muszlim nő, Naznín története. Naznín tizennyolc éves korában egy bangladesi faluból Londonba kerül, hogy hozzámenjen ahhoz a nála jóval idősebb férfihoz, akit a családja jelölt ki férjéül. Éveken át vezeti a háztartást, gondoskodik a férjéről, és gyermekeket szül, ahogyan azt egy hithű muszlim lánytól elvárják. Míg egy nap önmaga számára is megdöbbentő módon, váratlanul beleszeret egy fiatalemberbe a helyi muszlim közösségből. Szenvedélyes viszonyuk során felfedezi, milyen összetett dolog is a szabad akarat, és harcolni kezd azért, hogy álmai és élete túlléphessen a számára előírt szabályokon és kereteken. A muszlim asszony egy olyan titokzatos és különleges világot ábrázol, amely egyszerre elképzelhetetlen és mégis fájón ismerős. A Granta magazin által a húsz legjobb fiatal brit író közé választott, számtalan rangos irodalmi díjjal kitüntetett Monica Ali a bangladesi Dakkában született és Londonban nőtt fel. Mindennapi csodákkal teli, szépséges első regényében az örök női dilemmákról és a kultúrák találkozásáról ír, egy letehetetlenül izgalmas és mélyen megható történetet mesél el a legfontosabb emberi érzésről, a szeretetről.