Adrian Plass könyvei a rukkolán

Adrian Plass - Bridget Plass - "Ha ​Isten Fia táncol..."
A ​bátorság, a hősiesség, a helytállás, a hit és a remény történetei az AIDS-sújtotta, éhező Afrikából. Adrian és Bridget Plass szemüvegén keresztül ismét más képet mutat a világ. Egy kicsit megismerjük és másképp látjuk az árvákat, a betegeket, a prostituáltakat és a kamionsofőröket, a segélyezést, a szókimondást, a cselekvő hit lehetőségeit és végül önmagunkat is.

Adrian Plass - Irány ​a gumivár!
Adrian ​Plass focimeccset néz, lomtalanít, bevásárol, tülekedik a vonaton szóval ugyanazt éli át, mint mi mindannyian, de valahogy mégis a dolgok mögé lát, és megtalálja az üzenetet a hétköznapi történésekben. "Isten ma is példázatok segítségével tanítja gyermekeit" - vallja. Rövid karcolataival elgondolkoztatja, és hol megnevetteti, hol megríkatja olvasóit. A kötetet ezúttal is Lente István illusztrálta.

Adrian Plass - Broken ​Windows, Broken Lives
David ​Harper, housefather in a school for maladjusted boys bares his soul in this semi-autobiographical account. Harper is an insecure out-of-work actor who quickly discovers that his new position brings responsibilities and problems previously unthought of.

Adrian Plass - Clearing ​away the Rubbish
A ​collection of songs, poetry and drama from best-selling author Adrian Plass. In Clearing Away the Rubbish, Adrian Plass applies his own particular brand of wry humour to the stresses of modern day life. He considers the way we all clutter up our lives with complications and wonders whether they aren't just more pieces of rubbish that we could well do without. Using his own examples of songs, poetry, humour and drama, Plass suggests that we sweep away the rubbish to find an clearer path to the truth.

Adrian Plass - Never ​Mind the Reversing Ducks
A ​fresh, honest and humorous look at the Gospel of Mark. This book is a chatty, quirky, serious, tragic and humorous look at the Gospel of Mark. In Adrian Plass' inimitable style, it brings the reader encouraging comment, funny stories and profound truth. The full text of Mark's Gospel is included (using the Contemporary English Version of the Bible) and is broken into 90 sections. Each section is followed by Adrian's comment and a prayer. This is a book that can be opened anywhere, or indeed read from beginning to end.

Adrian Plass - A ​Smile on the Face of God
The ​inspiring story of one man's journey through extremes of light and darkness to reach a place where he can be a smile on God's face for many people. Confined to a wheelchair, Philip Ilott's life radiates the compassion of a caring God, despite overwhelming odds. Philip's spirituality also clearly demonstrates that God has not put all his denominational eggs in one basket!

Adrian Plass - Jesus ​- Safe, Tender and Extreme
People ​long for reality in their walk with Christ. To know him better, we must understand the different sides of his complex nature. Popular British author Adrian Plass draws on biblical stories and personal experience - as well as his keen understanding of people’s needs - as he explores the Safe Jesus, the Tender Jesus, and the Extreme Jesus. God has told us that he holds us in the palm of his hands, where no one and nothing can harm the most important part of us. But from biblical times to the present day, Christians encounter accidents and disasters. What does it really mean to experience the Safe Jesus? Jesus tells his disciples that they must love one another. Yet time and again we try to find achievement and success through our own efforts and individual gifts, only to end in failure. Instead, we need to know the Tender Jesus who becomes visible when we join with each other in the body of Christ. Jesus only did what he saw his father doing. Each of his actions and encounters were fueled, informed, and instructed by the dynamic, creative, unpredictable Spirit of God. Failing to be obedient in this way is what truly constitutes sin. When we are open to the genuine leading of the Spirit, we will experience the Extreme Jesus. In Jesus – Safe, Tender, Extreme, Adrian Plass is "simply a man with a broom, sweeping away the rubbish that prevents others from passing further in and further up, by talking about what Jesus does and doesn’t do in my life."

Adrian Plass - Miért ​követem Jézust?
Adrian ​beletúr érzelmei és gondolatai kusza halmazába, és megkísérel feleletet adni a nagy kérdésre: Miért követem Jézust? Plass-os válaszait az emberi sorsokkal való azonosulás és az élet apró mozzanataira való odafigyelés szülte. A 33 fejezetben hol derűsen, hol borongva, hol iróniával, hol anekdotázva, hol mélységes komolysággal vall egy élő és mindent meghatározó kapcsolatról. A szerző hatodik magyarul megjelenő könyve.

Adrian Plass - The ​Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass: Adrian Plass and the Church Weekend
The ​Sacred Diarist is back... Adrian Plass has reluctantly agreed to run his church's weekend away, but as ever, you can guarantee things won't go smoothly with Adrian in charge. Adrian has been trying to keep a low profile at church but his son Gerald is now an Anglican vicar and the two churches are getting together for a joint weekend away. Now Adrian's been volunteered to run it... From the confusion of arrival when Anne is allocated to the top bunk with a schizophrenic recovery group, and Adrian is in a low-ceilinged 'pod' at the top of the tower, to the hugs and tears of departure, this is typical Plass, humorous and heartwarming in equal measure. Adrian has a simple conversation about birdlife that ends with him being accused of harassment, Leonard Thynn and his wife turn up just in time to leave again after falling out with the SatNav lady, and Gerald's wit just keeps getting the better of him. There are as many questions as answers, of course. Will poor Sally, the unwilling nomad of the community, ever find a proper bed to sleep in? What exactly is it about Adrian's twinkle that Minnie Stamp 'lovey-doves' so very much? And how do you cope when your daughter-in-law shares a secret you simply cannot, must not tell? Once again, Adrian Plass gets us laughing just long enough for the truth to slip in by the back door, and for all the mishaps, this new instalment of the Sacred Diary series once again shows just how good God is at caring for this mixed bag of people we call the church.

Adrian Plass - Nothing ​But the Truth
A ​parable can 'entertain at the front door while the truth slips in through a side window, ' and few Christian writers can tell one as deftly as Adrian Plass. In this collection of short stories he is thought-provoking, inventive and easily able to traverse that short distance between a smile and a tear. Combining material from Father to the Man and The Final Boundary and introducing a fresh new story, Nothing But the Truth reveals the more serious side of Adrian Plass. Seasoned with his trademark humour, the stories portray characters responding to emotional or spiritual crises--and in so doing, reveal truths about ourselves, the games we sometimes play and the love we all are searching for.

Adrian Plass - The ​Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass, Christian Speaker Aged 45 3/4
This ​is the book that all Adrian Plass fans have been waiting for--the sequel to the book that launched him as the UK's best-selling Christian author. Ten years later, what has become of the outrageous Gerald, the joyless Flushpools, the incompetent Leonard, the longsuffering Anne and all the other characters that became household names in the Christian market? If they have changed, so too has the world in which they live and the church to which they belong. Ever anxious to keep in step with the Holy Spirit, their enthusiasm frequently lands them in trouble of various kinds, and, as ever, they find it hard to accept the simplest truth of all--that they are loved just for who they are. While Adrian, to his great surprise, finds himself as a sought after Christian speaker and the harder he tries to be serious, the more his audiences laugh!

Adrian Plass - The ​Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass Aged 37 3/4
Saturday, ​December 14th Feel led to keep a diary. A sort of spiritual log for the benefit of others in the future. Each new divine insight and experience will shine like a beacon in the darkness! Can't think of anything to put in today. Still, tomorrow's Sunday. Must be something on a Sunday, surely? Adrian Plass is hilarious, pure and simple. His readers are legion -- and this is the bestselling book that started it all, converting thousands of people who love to laugh into avid Plass readers. The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass (aged 37 3/4) is merriment and facetiousness at its best -- a journal of the wacky Christian life of Plass's fictional alter-ego, who chronicles in his 'sacred' diary the daily goings-on in the lives of ordinary-but-somewhat-eccentric people he knows and meets. Reading it will doeth good like a medicine!

Adrian Plass - The ​Growing Up Pains of Adrian Plass
This ​book was released in 1986 by Marshall Pickering under the title "Join the Company". The author tells his own story of the progress of faith with irresistible humour and disaarming honesty,. Through the stories he tells of everyday concerns, Adrian creates a vivid and unforgettable sense of the presence of God in the midst of the problems of ordinary life.

Adrian Plass - Bridget Plass - Colours ​of Survival
A ​heart-rending diary, travelogue, and social commentary from Adrian and Bridget Plass's visit to Shanaj Begum in Bangladesh.

Adrian Plass - View ​from a Bouncy Castle
A ​book which takes a wry look at faith and its self-inflicted problems from the pleasurable but insecure viewpoint of an inflated "bouncy castle" at a children's fairground. The author tells of his own bounces and his belief that God still loves and catches people each time they bounce and fall.

Adrian Plass - Káposztát ​a Királynak!
A ​lelkiismeretes zöldséges a legjobb árut, Adrian pedig a legsikerültebb írásait kínálja a vásárlóknak, illetve olvasóknak. A nagysikerű szerző legújabb könyve rövid történetek és versek gyûjteménye mindennapi eseményekrõl, ismerõs, de nehezen megfogalmazható érzésekrõl és hitbeli tapasztalatokról. Nagy részük humoros, némelyik komoly vagy szomorú, a maradék pedig „nehezen meghatározható”. Lente István ötletes illusztrációival.

Adrian Plass - Cabbages ​for the King
They ​are his 'cabbages' and Adrian the greengrocer - an ordinary man trying to live up to a high calling. Adrian is however quick to point out that, whereas he will be known by his fruit when he gets to heaven, the greengrocer will be known by his fruit and veg.

Adrian Plass - Egy ​kegyes kétbalkezes naplója
"Nagyon ​jó keresztyén lennék, ha időnként nem zavarnák meg mások az életemet" - örökíti meg az utókor számára naplójában aznapi következtetését kegyes kétbalkezes, alias Adrian Plass. A szentségre őszintén és együgyűen törekvő hősünk mindennapjaiban a magunk gondjait, bajait, örömeit, küszködését és sikereit láthatjuk meg - görbe tükörben. Aki beleolvas, nem fogja tudni letenni ezt a vidám, öniróniával fűszerezett, újabb és újabb csattanókat és - a sorok között megbújva - bölcs belátást kínáló naplót.

Adrian Plass - Növekedésem ​kínjai
Adrian ​Plass komoly önéletrajzi írásaiban őszintén beszámol hitének küzdelmeiről, gyermekkori templomi élményeitől kezdve, egy súlyos testi-lelki válságon keresztül, írói pályafutásának kezdetéig. A figyelmes olvasó ráismerhet kegyes kétbalkezes naplóinak „eredeti” eseményeire és szereplőire is. "A szívem megszakad azokért, akik számára a „hívő élet” olyan, akár egy maratoni gyaloglás bokáig érő sárban. Egyesek kihullanak, mások továbbmennek, de valamennyien azon tűnődnek, mi ez az egész? Miért van az a sok hegycsúcs és völgy? Nincs megfelelő válaszom. A legtöbbször én is csak vánszorgok, de három dolog lenyűgöz. Az egyik Jézus személye, a másik, hogy Isten szeret engem és családja tagjának tart, a harmadik pedig annak biztos tudata, hogy az életemből semmi sem veszett kárba."

Adrian Plass - An ​Alien at St. Wilfred's
Best-selling ​author Adrian Plass tells the humorous and poignant tale of a small alien who comes to live in a parish church. Reverend David Persimmon did not enjoy his first three years at St Wilfred's. His sermons were a weekly nightmare. But everything changed the day a small alien appeared in the church building and decided on making his home there. Adrian Plass tells his unusual story in his inimitable blend of humour and penetrating comment. It is only through the untutored eyes of an alien being that life at St Wilfred's is seen for what it really is.

Adrian Plass - The ​Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass, on Tour: Aged Far Too Much to Be Put on the Front Cover of a Book
The ​hilarious journal of Sacred Diary's Adrian Plass which documents the mishaps and successes of his seven-day speaking tour.

Adrian Plass - Bacon ​Sandwiches and Salvation
What ​are the two most important things in the universe? Bacon sandwiches and salvation, according to Adrian Plass. In this book, he combines one-line definitions with more thoughtful pieces, producing a volume that will make you laugh, cry - and reflect. Despite the fact that someone once offered him five million pounds never to write another word for publication (one hilarious story recounted here) this is a glorious book. Vintage Plass.

Adrian Plass - Ezüst ​nyírfák
Mikor ​David Herrick, a népszerű keresztény szónok meghívást kap egy régi ismerősétől, hogy vegyen részt egy találkozón, az első reakciója az, hogy esze ágában sincs elmenni. Több, mint 20 éve nem is volt kapcsolatban Jennyvel, Peterrel és a többiekkel, akikkel tizenévesen közös ifjúsági csoportba jártak. És különben sem jár társaságba azóta, hogy Jessica, a felesége fél éve meghalt. De Angela, a felesége régi barátnője, aki a találkozót szervezi, valamit át akar adni neki, amit titokzatos módon Jessica a halála előtt küldött a férjének. David vonakodva ugyan, de rászánja magát, hogy elmegy Headly Manor-ba, az ódon vidéki udvarházba, ahová Angela összehívja a társaságot. A barátok összejönnek, de már messze nem azok a hamvas ifjak, akik 20 éve voltak. Mindenkinek megvan a maga története és nyomasztó terhe. Kit a társa hagyott el, ki a hitét vesztette el, ki tele van a múltból hozott haraggal és keserűséggel. Az élet mindegyikük számára másképp alakult, mint fiatalon remélték. Mivel alig 48 órát töltenek együtt, Angela indítványozza, hogy sebezhetőségüket vállalva osszák meg egymással legmélyebb félelmeiket. Lesz elég bátorságuk, hogy feltárják a lelküket? És ha igen, hogy fogadják majd egymás vallomásait? Közelebb kerülnek egymáshoz vagy még inkább idegenné válnak? A régi barátok találkozásának ez a megindító, néha zavarba ejtő története olyan mély és mindenkit foglalkoztató kérdésekről szól, mint hit, gyász, veszteség, vágyak, szeretet, félelmek, életközépi válság. A könyv mégsem nyomasztó, inkább szórakoztató olvasmány humorral, pergő vagy épp meghitt beszélgetésekkel, konfliktusokkal, drámai jelenetekkel, atmoszférikus angol helyszínekkel, sőt még egy igazi angol kísértethistória is van benne. A cím Robert Frost Nyírfák (Birches) c. versére utal, ami a könyv talán legkatartikusabb jelenetében szerepel.

Adrian Plass - And ​Jesus will be born
In ​this gentle and humorous anthology of poems, stories, commentary and reflections, Adrian Plass invites us to celebrate Christmas in its many facets. And Jesus Will Be Born is a holiday cornucopia filled with the laughter, tears, family foibles, simple joys and the rich blessings of the season. There’s no predicting what the turn of a page will bring in this Christmas collection by Adrian Plass. It may be a bit of verse to moisten the eyes ... When I’m in heaven Tell me there’ll be Christmases without the pain No memories that will not fade No chilled and sullen sense of loss That cannot face the festive flame Nor breathe excitement from the ice-cream air Tell me how the things that Christmas should have been Will be there for eternity in one long shining dawn For all of us to share I love the promises of Christmas. Then again, there is this – an ‘advertisement’ from Plass’s spoof of a church newsletter: ‘How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news? The answer is – not very, if they haven’t had those ugly corns treated. Christian chiropodist. Special Yuletide reductions …’ Setting the poignant, the madcap, the joyous and the tender in artful counterpoint, this is a book to be savoured over the entire holiday season. It offers something for everyone in every setting – family readings, personal libraries and even church pulpits. And Jesus Will Be Born speaks to the full spectrum of our humanity, celebrating the golden Christmas traditions, poking playfully at our seasonal foibles, observing our less-than-noble attitudes with an eye that is at once honest and gracious – and always looking towards the Person around whom all that is truly Christmas revolves. In the midst of our festivities, Adrian Plass gently reminds us why we need a Saviour. And he points us towards the unfathomable possibilities that have been opened to us, and the joy and hope that are ours, because Jesus was born long ago in Bethlehem and is born today in us.

Adrian Plass - Blind ​Spots in the Bible
Why ​did Jesus weep at the tomb of Lazarus when he knew his friend was about to be raised to life? Why was it all right for Zacchaeus to give away part of his wealth while the rich young man had to give it all? What about that extraordinary passage in Genesis about angels marrying the daughters of men? Although not offering easy answers, Adrian Plass opens up over 40 blind spots, asking searching questions and responding from his own vulnerable honesty.

Adrian Plass - Kegyes ​kétbalkezes visszatér
Az ​"Egy kegyes kétbalkezes naplója" sikerének köszönhetően Adrian számos helyre kap meghívást az idősek teadélutánjától kezdve, egy gyerek-istentiszteleten át, egészen Ausztráliáig. Hősünk tehát újra tollat ragad, hogy megörökítse keresztény előadói pályafutása során szerzett tapasztalatait. Találkozhatunk a régi ismerősökkel: Anne-nel, a feleségek gyöngyével, Edwinnel, a bölcs gyülekezetvezetővel, az ellenállhatatlan Glóriával és a többiekkel. Gerald ezúttal nem anagrammákat, hanem példázatokat gyárt, és természetesen továbbra sem megy minden úgy, mint a karikacsapás.

Adrian Plass - Kegyes ​kétbalkezes és a gyülekezeti hétvége
Igen, ​ő az a kétbalkezes, aki mostanra már 62 és 3/4 éves, fia Gerald már felnőtt, és megnősült, és most Cameron nevű gyermeke megy az agyára mindenkinek. A három napos gyülekezeti hétvége pedig néhol botrányosan vidám, néhol könnyekig megható történeteket produkál.