Sister Moon könyvei a rukkolán

Sister Moon - The ​Wiccan Book of Rites and Rituals
Here ​is a collection of recipes and rituals for each magickal day of the year, as practiced by the esteemed Coven of Witches in Legend in their worship of earth, Goddess, and God, and in their quest for excellence. High sabbats, low sabbats, esbats, blue moons, and more--each notable day is marked and its power enhanced with these unique castings and rituals. Gathered in the dark of moon, seasoned with herbs, and devised by experienced practitioners of magick, the rites and celebrations in this book are bound by the laws of ancient Wicca. Among the spells included are: - The Wolf's Moon, for dispelling loneliness and promoting independence. - The Storm Moon, for attracting anyone or anything you desire. - The Ostara, for enriching positive energy and reconciling with an old friend. - Litha, for attracting a mate and gaining physical and emotional strength and many more... This magickal collection is an essential and inspiring resource for every Witch, novice or experienced! Sister Moon is a professional psychic channeler and a teacher of Wicca, which she learned from her grandmother.