Winter Renshaw könyvei a rukkolán

Winter Renshaw - Enemy ​Dearest
I ​loved him. I lost him. And now he’s back. August Monreaux was a stormy sea of a man, the dark between the stars, an electric chill cutting through a crowded room—all wrapped into one wicked, beautiful package. He was also off-limits. My entire life, I was kept a safe distance from the notoriously virulent Monreauxs, banned from so much as breathing the same air. And like the good daughter I was, I obeyed those rules. Until the one time I didn’t … Only while I sampled him, he devoured me like the forbidden fruit that I was. And in the blink of an eye, my worst enemy became my first love. His poison became my antidote. His touch, my addiction. After we severed our ill-fated ties, I thought I’d never see him again. Until he crashed back into my life at the worst possible moment—and asked me to marry him. But it wasn’t that simple. It never is. Turns out marrying a wealthy powerhouse of a man comes with a price. But walking away, could cost me everything.

Winter Renshaw - The ​Best Man
I ​didn’t know her name, but I heard her laugh, tasted her lips, felt her warm skin as I held her in my arms. Together we watched our young children playing in the sand, the warm ocean lapping at the shore behind them as the setting sun painted the sky. She was my soulmate and this was our life, our beautiful forever … Then I woke up—alone in a hospital room, connected to wires and machines. There was no wife. No kids. Not a single soul waiting for me. That life I dreamt of—never existed. The woman I loved, the woman I knew better than I knew myself—wasn’t real. Until she walked into my life six months later … And it was both the best and worst day of my life because the woman of my dreams—was the one woman I could never have.

Winter Renshaw - Filthy
Filthy ​mouth. Dirty mind. Messy past. I’m no saint, and I hear my reputation precedes me, but you can’t believe everything people say. I’ve made a living playing by the rules only when the clock is ticking, the ball has been snapped, and I’m cleat-deep in AstroTurf. But I screwed up last year. I went too far with the girls and the partying and the benders, and I created a PR sh*t storm for my team in the process. As a result, the team owner sentenced me to live in some gated, Floridian retirement village until I can “calm down.” Football is my life, and I love my team. They’re the only family I’ve got anymore, so I’ll do what I have to do to stay where I am. The rules are clear: no girls, less booze, zero publicity stunts. If I lay low and repair my reputation, I won’t get cut. It’s that simple. Everything was going well. For the first time in my life, I was living by someone else’s rules . . . . . . and then *she* showed up for the summer. My next door neighbor’s great niece is visiting, and it doesn’t take long for me to see Delilah Rosewood is the perfect mix of sexy and smart. She makes me want to break all the rules and draw every penalty just to get a taste. She’s all curves and opinions and bee-stung lips, and I’m all trying-to-do-everything-I-can-to-convince-her-to-give-me-the-time-of-day. But there’s one problem: she hates me with the passion of a thousand Florida suns.

Winter Renshaw - Reckless
It ​was just a party. A silly little celebration with champagne and my best friends. As I blew out the candles on my divorce cake, I said goodbye to my failed marriage and embraced my future with open arms. But I didn’t know the future was going to come in the form of a mysterious stranger sitting at the end of the bar stealing glances all night. And I didn’t know at the time, but my future even had a name . . . Dante Amato. Over the weeks that followed, he pursued me with reckless abandon. He broke down my walls and ignored all the reasons we were completely wrong for each other. He made me feel something I hadn’t felt in years . . . something so real it terrified me. But the moment I let him in . . . just when I began to let myself fall for this dashing stranger . . . he dropped a bombshell that changed everything.

Winter Renshaw - Pricked
He ​said it would only hurt a little … On her sixteenth birthday, Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel. On my twenty-second, I pricked mine on the needle of a tattoo machine wielded by a beautifully complicated man who would go on to become my ruin. Madden Ransom was a lot of things. Unfeeling. Opinionated. Rebellious. A tattoo artist with no tattoos, the man was an enigma and then some. And while Sleeping Beauty fell into a peaceful slumber as she awaited true love’s kiss, I fell into something else entirely—my heart in the hands of a man who’d never given nor received anything remotely like love. I know now that when Madden told me it would only hurt a little … he didn’t mean the tattoo. It turns out you can’t un-love someone, even after you find out he’s the last person you have any business loving. And that is the most painful truth of all. Or it was … until his last confession.

Winter Renshaw - War ​& Love
When ​Jude Warner first walked into my life, he was just some handsome stranger in an expensive suit offering me a quarter for the fountain outside my apartment. A moment later I discovered he was my neighbor, both of us new to the building. Then he was the knight in shining armor who rescued my place from a late-night plumbing fiasco. The prince charming who offered me refuge and ice cream during a storm-fueled power outage. The bona fide saint who volunteered to accompany me to my crazy sister’s wedding back in North Carolina. Falling for him was easy. Finding out who he really was? Devastating. They say when something’s too good to be true, it probably is. I vowed to never forgive him after I learned the truth … … and then he dropped a bombshell on me that changed everything.

Winter Renshaw - Priceless
One ​cancelled flight. Two stranded travelers. Three thousand miles in a car together. Four nights until the truth is revealed. Trekking across the country with an alluring stranger was certainly one of the more adventurous moments of my life. Falling for him was certainly one of the most daring. But uncovering his secrets? That was the most challenging. And the truth I learned . . . would shatter us both.

Winter Renshaw - The ​Match
All ​I wanted was a baby. No daddy? No problem. That’s what anonymous donors are for … But when the fertility clinic accidentally sends me a letter addressed to a man whose ID matches my paperwork, I discover my child’s father is none other than world-renowned tennis champion Fabian Catalano—famous for his gorgeous face, chiseled abs, and broody, wildcard reputation. Only everything changes when the clinic calls us in for damage control—and Fabian drops the bombshell of the century. Turns out the intense Adonis wants to get to know his daughter. So I invite him to stay with us—temporarily. Ground rules and all. And our arrangement is simple … until it isn’t. Between 2 AM confessionals and stolen kisses, my sweet little simple life has taken a very complicated left turn. But oh, baby … what happens next—is a game changer.

Winter Renshaw - Heartless ​(német)
Schatten ​der Vergangenheit Als Aidy ein handgeschriebenes Tagebuch findet und es seinem rechtmäßigen Besitzer zurückgeben will, ahnt sie nicht, dass diese Begegnung ihr Leben verändern wird: Denn der weltberühmte, schlecht gelaunte - und unheimlich attraktive - Ex-Baseballspieler Alessio "Ace" Amato macht ihr unmissverständlich klar, was er von aufdringlichen Fans wie Aidy hält. Ace‘ Verzweiflung und die tragische Liebesgeschichte aus dem Tagebuch gehen Aidy aber nicht mehr aus dem Kopf. Und so sehr sie weiß, dass sie sich von ihm fernhalten sollte, zieht seine Traurigkeit sie jeden Tag tiefer in seinen Bann ...

Winter Renshaw - P.S. ​I Dare You
Dear ​Ms. Keane, Before this ridiculous little arrangement commences, I’d like to make myself indubitably clear: I know who you are, I know that my father hired you, I know why my father hired you, and lastly, your services aren’t needed. In fact, I want no part of my father’s billion-dollar empire, and him “gifting” me with one of the “best concierges in the county” won’t change that. He’s wasting his money. You’re wasting your time. However, seeing as how you foolishly signed an ironclad contract with an Act of God clause and my father has strong-armed me into taking this position, it appears as though we’re stuck together—at least until your contract is up next month. That said, our time together at WellesTech should be relatively painless but please don’t fool yourself into thinking I don’t notice when that pretty little stare lingers a little too long or the way your breath catches when our hands graze. You’re fascinated by me and it kills you because you can hardly stand to be in the same room as me. Think I’m a problem worth solving? An impossible riddle worth figuring out? By all means, go ahead and try. Solve for X. Crack the code. It might even be fun (but only for me, not you). V/r, Calder Welles, II P.S. I dare you.

Winter Renshaw - P.S. ​I Hate You
Dear ​Isaiah, Eight months ago, you were just a soldier about to be deployed and I was just a waitress, sneaking you free pancakes and hoping you wouldn’t notice that my gaze was lingering a little too long. But you did notice. We spent a “week of Saturdays” together before you left, and we said goodbye on day eight, exchanging addresses at the last minute. I saved every letter you ever sent, your words quickly becoming my religion. But you went radio silent on me months ago, and then you had the audacity to walk into my diner yesterday and act like you’d never seen me in your life. To think … I almost loved you and your beautifully complicated soul. Almost. Whatever your reason is—I hope it’s a good one. Maritza the Waitress PS – I hate you, and this time … I mean it.

Winter Renshaw - Country ​Nights
When ​some pretty little thing shows up at my doorstep with a suitcase, claiming she rented my house for the summer, I waste no time informing her that my house isn’t for rent. Some Internet jack@ss scammed her out of all her money, but that’s not my problem. Only when I find her sleeping in her car a couple days later, I can’t walk away. I make her an offer: room and board in exchange for working on my ranch. She agrees—not like she has a choice—and I open my doors to a girl who sings too loud, sticks her nose where it doesn’t belong, and distracts me with her tight jeans and full lips. I keep her at an arm’s length, and for good reason. I don’t deserve happiness. And I don’t deserve her. But when those hot summer days melt into long country nights, I find it hard to keep my hands off of her, even when I know they don’t belong there. My hands in her hair, her body on mine, that glimmer in her big brown eyes when she looks at me like I’ve hung the moon … For the first time in years, my frozen heart beats again. And when I look at her, I’m reminded that I’m still alive, that maybe all isn’t lost. And when I kiss her, I’m not thinking about the past anymore, I’m picturing the two of us. A future. But people around here like to talk and rumors are alive and well, and some folks are out to convince her I’m a monster with a sordid past. And maybe I am ... Like I said before, I don’t deserve her. AUTHOR’S NOTE: This full-length, angsty, steamy romance is a complete standalone and contains subject matter that may trigger sensitive readers.

Winter Renshaw - Breathless
Als ​am Silvesterabend ein heftiger Schneesturm weite Teile der Ostküste der USA lahmgelegt hat, ist das Chaos perfekt: Alle Flüge müssen abgesagt werden. Jedes Hotel ist ausgebucht. Und zwei Fremde - gestrandet an der Westküste - haben keine andere Wahl, als sich zusammenzutun: Cristiano Amato muss es rechtzeitig zur Hochzeit seines besten Freundes schaffen. Daphne Rosewood will ihr Versprechen einhalten, ihrer Zwillingsschwester bei der Geburt beizustehen. Dreitausend Meilen liegen zwischen ihnen und ihrem Ziel, und ein Trip quer durchs Land bringt Geheimnisse ans Tageslicht, die Herzen zerbrechen können.

Winter Renshaw - P.S. ​I Miss You
Dear ​Melrose, The first time I met you, you were a stranger. The second time, you were my roommate. The third time, you made it clear you were about to become the biggest thorn my side had ever known. You sing way too loud in the shower and use all the hot water. You’re bossy as hell. You make my life all kinds of complicated. But no matter how hard I try, I can’t stop thinking about you. Truthfully … I can’t stop wanting you. I was going to tell you this. I was going to sit you down, swallow my pride, hang up my noncommittal ways and show you a side of me you nor anyone else has ever seen before … but then there was a game-changing confession; a bombshell so nuclear it stopped me in my tracks. How I didn’t see this coming, I’ll never know. Sutter P.S. I miss you.

Winter Renshaw - Fearless
Wo ​das Glück wartet Ausgerechnet in der Nacht, in der Maren ihre glückliche Scheidung feiern will, trifft sie auf den Mann, der ihr Leben auf den Kopf stellt: Dante Amato. Er zeigt Maren deutlich, was er will - und er will sie! Die Leidenschaft und die Hingabe, mit der er sie umgarnt, wecken dabei Gefühle in Maren, die sie längst vergessen glaubte. Dante schafft es, ihre Mauern einzureißen. Doch in dem Moment, in dem sich Maren ihm vollständig hingibt, lässt Dante eine Bombe platzen, die alles verändert ...

Winter Renshaw - For ​Lila, Forever
The ​words “For Lila, forever” adorned the front of the envelope in blue ink, the handwriting all too familiar. But it didn’t matter what it said. I didn’t have the heart to open it. We couldn’t be together. Not after everything ... Leaving Rose Crossing, Maine was one of the most painful moments of my life—or at least it was until the day I came face-to-face with Thayer Ainsworth again. After a decade of searching, he’s found me, and he wants to know why I quit my housemaid job and left his family’s island estate without so much as a goodbye. But I’m bound by a devastating secret much bigger than the two of us, and telling him the truth has consequences. Looking into the eyes of the only man I’ve ever loved, I tell him the only thing I’m allowed to: never contact me again. And when he’s gone, I sit down and finally open his letter. Only it isn’t a letter at all. And it changes everything.

Winter Renshaw - Cold ​Hearted
I ​wish I could say our meeting was happenstance. I wish I could say we took one look and we just knew. I wish I could say falling for him was the best thing that ever happened to me. But none of that would be true. Rhett Carson was as cold as the ice on which he skated. He was as calloused as the hands that shot the goals that won world titles. He was also damaged. And broken. And he didn’t know it, but I knew all about him. I knew why he was so bitter and angry. I knew why he was so coldhearted. But I didn’t know why I allowed myself fall in love with him, and I didn’t know why I couldn’t stop... even when he told me to. And that’s when everything changed.

Winter Renshaw - The ​Objection
The ​night before her million-dollar wedding to steel magnate Dorian Hawthorne III, Olivia Peretti meets a handsome stranger in her hotel bar who quells her cold feet and assures her all will be fine. And all is fine … until the following day—when that same stranger shows up at the ceremony with the sole intention of objecting. And his reason? It’s one that Olivia never could have anticipated.

Winter Renshaw - Arrogant ​Bastard
The ​last time my father beat me to a bloody pulp was the night he walked in on me banging my step-mother in his bed. To be fair, she seduced me. And to be honest, I liked it. But to CPS, I was a victim. They shipped me to Utah where my estranged mother lived with her husband and two sister-wives. And that’s when I met her. My innocent, wholesome, perfect step-sister. Well, one of many. But Waverly stood out because just like me, we’d been fighting a losing battle our entire lives. Falling for her was a mistake, but shit, it’s not like I ever made good decisions. Fuck being “family.” I must have Waverly Miller, and I won’t stop until she’s mine.

Winter Renshaw - Hate ​the Game
Talon ​Gold is a lot of things: good at football, bad at love. Obsessed with scoring, refuses to play by the rules. Cruel. Relentless. Brilliant. Intoxicatingly attractive. Despite his demanding reputation and propensity for being the most arrogant a-hole ever to strut Pacific Valley University’s picturesque campus, everyone wants a piece of him: coaches, scouts, and pretty little fangirls with pouty lips and perfect top knots. But Talon … he only wants a piece of me. And four straight years of infuriating rejection means I’m almost positive he’d take a night with me over a national championship trophy. But I’m no fool—he only wants me because he can’t have me. And with graduation approaching, time is running out. He’s more desperate than ever, pulling out all the stops and doing everything in his power to get in my good graces. They say, “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.” But to that I say, “Why not both?” I have my reasons ... Sorry, BMOC. This victory? Not going to happen.

Winter Renshaw - Ui.: ​Rohadj meg
Kedves ​Isaiah! Nyolc hónappal ezelőtt csak egy harcba készülő katona voltál, én meg egy pincérnő, aki ingyen palacsintát csórt neked, és remélte, nem veszed észre, hogy túl sokáig időzik rajtad a tekintete. De észrevetted. Egy sorsfordító hetet töltöttünk együtt, mielőtt elmentél. A nyolcadik napon elbúcsúztunk, az utolsó pillanatban adtuk meg egymásnak a címünket. Az összes leveledet megőriztem, szavaid hamarosan a vallásommá váltak. Egy hónapja viszont szóba sem állsz velem, nem írtál, aztán tegnap este volt képed besétálni az éttermembe, és úgy viselkedni, mintha soha nem láttál volna. Ha arra gondolok, hogy... majdnem imádtalak, téged és azt a csodálatosan bonyolult lelkedet. Majdnem. Bármi legyen is az - remélem, jó okod van rá. Maritza a pincérnő Ui: Rohadj meg... és most komolyan is gondolom

Winter Renshaw - The ​Cruelest Stranger
The ​first time I saw him was at a bar called Ophelia’s on a misty Thursday night. I was there to drown my sorrows after a trying day, he was there to escape the storm. After a brief yet incredibly cruel exchange, the handsome stranger bolted before I had a chance to tell him off. Incensed and two cocktails deep, I followed him out the door, determined to give the audacious Adonis a piece of my mind. 

 Tearing after him in heels and barely able to keep up in the freezing rain, I ended my chase when I realized where he was going.

 They say never to judge someone unless you know their story. 

 I never could have anticipated his... And I never could have anticipated the way our paths would cross again—or that I would one day find myself falling for a man with a hollow cavity where his heart should be, a man as callous as he was beautiful, as complicated as he was mesmeric. They say never to judge someone unless you know their story. This one’s ours.

Winter Renshaw - The ​Executive
Let ​me first say: Reed York was never my boyfriend. He was the pen. I was the company ink. Though if you want to get technical, we were more like colleagues-who-hated-each-other … with benefits.Everything was fine until the charming jerk went behind my back, stole my promotion, and became my boss—literally overnight.Refusing to work beneath him (professionally speaking and otherwise), I transferred 2,014 miles away to our Chicago division, and I’ve spent the past year trying to remember how much I hated his panty-melting smirk so I can forget how much I secretly loved the way his ocean eyes lit every time I walked into the room.But he’s just announced a last-minute site visit next week, and on top of that, he’s audaciously designated me as his ‘right hand gal’ during his visit. If he thinks he has a snowball’s chance in this hell at getting back in my good graces, he’s got another thing coming.Reed York might be a man used to getting everything he’s ever wanted, but Joa Jolivet is a woman that never forgets.

Winter Renshaw - Absinthe
The ​name on the screen was “Absinthe.” But I knew her as the sultry voice blowing up my phone for late night chats about Proust and Hemingway interspersed between the filthiest little … mutually satisfying exchanges ... I'd ever experienced in my life. We’d never met. Until the day she walked into my office, her cherry lips wrapped around a candy apple sucker and an all too familiar voice that said, “You wanted to see me, Principal Hawthorne?” AUTHOR’S NOTE: This full-length romance is a complete standalone and contains subject matter that may trigger sensitive readers. All characters are adults and all interactions are consensual. :-)

Winter Renshaw - Bachelor
I, ​Derek Rosewood, am never going to marry. Ever. Again. Fresh off the heels of a bitter divorce, there are only three things I give a sh*t about: my daughter, my career, and my bachelorhood. An attorney by trade and happily married to my job, I save the drama for the courtroom and keep women at an arm’s length. Their fragile, sequined hearts are safer that way. And besides, I’m not in any condition to offer them the love and attention they so foolishly seek from me. Believe me, I’m not what they need. Not after what I’ve been through. It’s not until I’m assigned as the financial conservatorship for an aloof, enigmatic heiress that I find my professional – and personal – boundaries pushed to the wayside. We’re all wrong for each other. Emotionally unavailable. Bitter. Jaded. And I’m supposed to look out for her best interests. Protect her. But *this* wasn’t supposed to happen. And for that reason, I plead the fifth.

Winter Renshaw - Ui.: ​Kívánlak
Kedves ​Melrose! Amikor először találkoztam veled, idegen voltál. Másodszor, a szobatársam. A harmadik alkalommal világossá tetted, hogy hamarosan akkora szálka leszel a szememben, mint még soha, senki. Túl hangosan kornyikálsz a zuhany alatt, és elhasználod az összes meleg vizet. És pokolian szeretsz parancsolgatni. Sokféleképpen komplikálod az életemet. De nem számít, milyen erősen igyekszem, nem tudok nem gondolni rád. Őszintén... nagyon felkavarsz. El akartam mondani ezt neked, le akartalak ültetni, lenyelni a büszkeségemet, felhagyni a köntörfalazó viselkedésemmel, és megmutatni egy olyan oldalamat, amelyet még senki nem látott... ám akkor történt egy vallomás, ami végtelenül megváltoztatott mindent - akkora bombaként hatott, hogy földbe gyökerezett a lábam. Hogy lehetséges, hogy nem láttam előre, ezt sosem tudom meg. Sutter Ui.: Kívánlak

Winter Renshaw - Royal
His ​name is Royal, but he’s no prince charming. He’s not even a prince - though you could say I loved him once upon a time. He was my older brother’s best friend. Growing up, he sat at our dinner table every Sunday, teased me mercilessly, and pretended I annoyed him. When I was old enough, he took me on my first date. Royal taught me how to drive. Escorted me to my junior prom. Gave me my first kiss…amongst other things. He was my first taste of toe-curling, all-consuming, can’t-sleep love. We had our whole lives ahead of us. There was never anyone else for me but him. And then he disappeared. No letter. No explanation. Not even a goodbye. My sisters and brother never forgave him, and my parents forbade me from speaking his name in our house ever again. For all intents and purposes, we were to pretend Royal Lockhart never existed. I’ve spent the last seven years trying in vain to forget my first love, but just when I think I’ve finally moved on, guess who’s back in town?

Winter Renshaw - Heartless
My ​obsession was born of innocence and good intentions, and it began the day I spotted a handwritten journal lying in the bushes outside a townhouse on Lexington Avenue. It was raining sideways that morning, and my intention was to return it the next day; safe and dry. Only I kept it. I kept it, and I read it. A week later, overwhelmed with curiosity and feeling guilty for harboring secrets that didn’t belong to me, I tried to return it. Only I wasn’t expecting to meet him. Unapologetically heartless and enigmatically sexy, he claims he knows nothing about the journal I found outside his place, but the reticent glint in his blue-green gaze tells me otherwise. There’s something different about him; something damaged yet magical, and I’m drawn to him; pulled into his orbit. There’s just one problem. The more I get to know him, the more I’m positive the journal belonged to him . . . . . . and the more I find myself hoping, selfishly, that I’m wrong. AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a *full-length* standalone romance.

Winter Renshaw - Never ​Kiss a Stranger
It ​was an innocent mistake… All workaholic real estate broker Addison Andrews wanted was one night of pleasure, and picking the right guy was no different than shopping from a catalog thanks to the dating app on her phone. His name was Wilder, and his profile was blank – just a sexy picture of a man who promised every wicked intention of a one-night stand. The agreement was simple. One night. No last names. But the second their bodies melded together in the sheets of their posh Manhattan hotel room, there was no denying they fit together like two pieces of a broken puzzle. There’s just one problem… Addison unknowingly swiped right on the one man she wasn’t supposed to be with – her new stepbrother. All it takes is one bite of forbidden fruit to become addicted, but being with him has major consequences for their entire family. And if anyone found out about them, the career she worked so hard to build would crumble to the ground. But Wilder Van Cleef doesn’t care about the possibility of a scandal. He wants her, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes. PLEASE NOTE: This is a standalone, full-length romance novel with NO cliffhanger.