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Steve Gerber - Bill Mantlo - Roy Thomas - Len Wein - Marvel ​Two-in-One Epic Collection 1. - Cry Monster
Watch ​out Yancy Street! Benjamin Grimm, A.K.A. the Fantastic Four's Ever-Lovin' Blue-Eyed Thing, is stomping his way into his own series - Marvel Two-In-One - guest-starring the greatest heroes in the Marvel Universe. In this inaugural MTIO Epic Collection, the Thing battles the Incredible Hulk, the minions of Thanos and the giant monster Braggadoom, and even brings the Guardians of the Galaxy back into the fi rmament of Marvel stars. He'll also join forces with icons like Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Daredevil and Luke Cage. Topping it off, the Thing joins the Amazing Spider-Man in a MTIO/MTU crossover classic! Collecting MARVEL FEATURE (1971) #11-12, MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE (1974) #1-19 and MARVEL TEAM-UP (1972) #47

Len Wein - DC ​Universe: Legacies
This ​sensational history of the DC Universe is told from the dawn of superheroes during World War II through to the present day starring Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, the Justice League of America, the Teen Titans and many, many more. Acclaimed writer Len Wein tells the DC Universe’s epic history in this graphic novel spanning five generations of heroes, from the dawn of the Mystery Men before World War II through the present day, starring heroes including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, the Justice League of America, the Teen Titans and more. This sensational volume features spectacular art by Scott Kolins, Brian Bolland, George Pérez, Joe Kubert, Andy Kubert, J.G. Jones and J.H. Williams III.

Steve Englehart - Len Wein - Gerry Conway - Stan Lee - X-Men ​Epic Collection 4. - It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn
Continuing ​the saga of Marvel's original mutant team, we bring you the most unusual X-Men adventures ever! Pushed undercover by anti-mutant paranoia, Hank McCoy sets off on his own, taking a research job. But his scientific curiosity will curse him forever when an experiment gone wrong turns him into a fanged, furry, blue Beast. Meanwhile, the other X-Men find themselves pursued by a secret adversary that seeks to pick them off one by one. They must join forces with Captain America to save the nation and rescue their mutant comrades. Also featuring the first appearances of Wolverine, the top-secret Weapon X program and Madrox the Multiple Man, an X-Men/Avengers battle against Magneto, and a host of x-tra rare X-Men covers! COLLECTING: VOL. 4; X-MEN (1963) 67-93, ANNUAL (1970) 1-2; AMAZING ADVENTURES (1970) 11-17; AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1963) 92; INCREDIBLE HULK (1968) 150, 161, 172, 180-182; MARVEL TEAM-UP (1972) 4, 23; AVENGERS (1963) 110-111; CAPTAIN AMERICA (1968) 172-175; DEFENDERS (1972) 15-16; GIANT-SIZE FANTASTIC FOUR (1974) 4

Len Wein - Legends ​30th Anniversary Edition
In ​the aftermath of the Crisis, experience the first major crossover after CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS with veteran writers John Ostrander (SUICIDE SQUAD) and Len Wein (SWAMP THING), along with superstar artists John Byrne (SUPERMAN) and Karl Kesel (HARLEY QUINN)! Out of the ashes of the greatest interdimensional holocaust comes a new generation of superheroes: Wonder Woman, the Suicide Squad, the Flash, and the all-new Justice League! But first they must take on a fight to the finish with the deadly minions of Darkseid the Destroyer in order to earn the right to join Superman, Batman, Captain Marvel, and Green Lantern as the mightiest heroes of modern times. This is the story of…Legends! Collects LEGENDS #1-6.

Chris Claremont - Len Wein - Bill Mantlo - X-Men ​Epic Collection 5. - Second Genesis
With ​the original X-Men captured, Professor X recruits an All-New, All-Different team to take on the mantle of the Uncanny X-Men! Including Wolverine, Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Banshee, Sunfi re, and Warpath, this new international cast redefined super-hero teams forever. The transition won't come easy, though. Wolverine and Cyclops will clash. X-Man will battle X-Man. Death and rebirth will visit the team, and an old nemesis will return. Also featuring the debut of Alpha Flight and the Weapon X program, the fi rst outer space saga with the Starjammers, and rare X-Men adventures. Comic-book titans Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum, and John Byrne guide their new X-Men through it all, raising the series to the peak of white-hot popularity. And it all starts here! COLLECTING: VOL. 5; GIANT-SIZE X-MEN (1975) 1, X-MEN (1963) 94-110, MARVEL TEAM-UP (1972) 53, 69-70, ANNUAL (1976) 1, IRON FIST (1975) 14-15, MATERIAL FROM FOOM (1973) 10

Chris Claremont - Roy Thomas - Len Wein - Doug Moench - Iron ​Fist Epic Collection 1. - The Fury of Iron Fist
A ​Himalayan expedition to find the mystical city of K'un-Lun left nine-year-old Daniel Rand's parents dead, but he found the path to the K'un-Lun and there spent a decade training under its immortal inhabitants. He became an unmatched master of martial arts and spiritual control; armed with the shattering power of the iron fist, Daniel left immortality behind to set out into the Western world and avenge his parents' deaths. Packed with wall-to-wall kung fu action, Iron Fist runs a gauntlet through the Kara-Kai death cult, ninja adversaries, and mystic dimensions. COLLECTING: Vol. 1; Marvel Premiere (1972) 15-25, Iron Fist (1975) 1-15, Marvel Team-Up (1972) 63-64

Len Wein - Roots ​of the Swamp Thing
The ​tales that made Swamp Thing a fan-favorite are collected in trade paperback! Featuring the first appearance from HOUSE OF SECRETS #92, along with SWAMP THING #1-13 and moody art by legendary artist Bernie Wrightson.

Len Wein - Marvel ​Masterworks: The Amazing Spider-Man 16.
Peter ​Parker's past comes back to haunt him in his latest and greatest Marvel Masterworks volume! Doc Ock has returned, and he's brought the ghost of Hammerhead with him! And those two aren't the only ones back from the grave: the Kingpin is out to resurrect his son - and he can only do it if Spider-Man dies! The danger doesn't stop there, either, as the Punisher sets his sights on Spider-Man in an adventure guest-starring the X-Men's Nightcrawler; dinosaurs rampage down Broadway in the war of the reptile-men; one of Spidey's oldest foes hijacks the Spider-Mobile; and J. Jonah Jameson secures proof of Spidey's secret identity in the return of the Spider-Slayer! Reserve your copy today! COLLECTING: Amazing Spider-Man (1963) 156-168, Annual (1964) 10

Roy Thomas - Len Wein - Marvel ​Masterworks: Fantastic Four 17.
The ​Fantastic Four continue their explorations into the impossible - when they confront none other than the Impossible Man! From a tale that rampages through the Marvel Bullpen and features the return of the Frightful Four, Impy will both torment and team up with our heroes in an attempt to make them a Fantastic Five! Then, Reed Richards is replaced by his evil Counter-Earth counterpart. It's a saga so epic in scope that it pulls in Thundra, Tigra, the Mad Thinker and Annihilus - as Reed battles for his life in the heart of the Negative Zone! With little time to rest, our heroes must then battle through the Eliminator, Salem's Seven, Klaw and the Molecule Man in a series of struggles so shocking that they may tear apart the FF forever! Collecting The Fantastic Four #176-191.

Gerry Conway - Len Wein - Archie Goodwin - Marvel ​Masterworks: The Amazing Spider-Man 15.
Peter ​Parker's life has never been easy, but it's hard to take a turn for the worse when your dead girlfriend shows up on your doorstep. Oh, then there's that famous Parker luck, which means it does. It means, Spidey, you've been cloned! The Amazing Spider-Man launches into the storyline that shocked the comics world! The scheming Jackal takes our hero through the wringer as he not only has to face one of his greatest personal tragedies, but also has to battle through the Scorpion, the Tarantula ... and himself! You'll also enjoy the blossoming of Peter and Mary Jane's relationship, and even their first kiss, as well as the return of the Shocker and the Sandman, and so much more! COLLECTING: Amazing Spider -Man (1963) 143-155, Marvel Special Edition 1

Chris Claremont - Gary Friedrich - Larry Lieber - Bob Budiansky - Len Wein - Jim Lawrence - Captain ​Britain 1. - Birth of a Legend
As ​his career as a superhero begins, Brian fights as the champion of Great Britain, often clashing with S.T.R.I.K.E. and Welsh anti-superhero police officer Dai Thomas. During one episode, he learns that his parents did not die in an accident, but rather were killed by the sentient computer Mastermind. He would develop a rogues gallery including the assassin Slaymaster and the crime matriarch Vixen. As time goes on, Brian begins fighting more supernatural enemies rather than regular supervillains.

Len Wein - Martin Pasko - David Michelinie - Gerry Conway - Bruce Jones - Wes Craven - David Anthony Kraft - Swamp ​Thing: The Bronze Age Omnibus
Deep ​in the bayou of Louisiana. far from civilization's grasp, a shadowed creatureseen only in fleetin glimpses roils the black waters... a twisted, vegetative mockery of a man...a SWAMP THING! One of the most acclaimed creations to emerge from the Bronze Age of Comics, this shambling, muck-encrusted figure swiftly became one of DC's iconic characters, and his shocking stories are unuversally hailed as some of the finest tales of gothic horror in the history of American comics. Now, all of the Samp Thing's early adventures are collected for the first time in a single hardcover edition. SWAMP THING: THE BRONZE AGE OMNIBUS includes the Avatar of the Green's adventures from THE HOUSE OF SECRETS #92, SWAMP THING #1-24, THE SAGA OF THE SWAMP THING #1-19 and THE SAGA OF THE SWAMP THING ANNUAL #1, and features work from comics legends LEN WEIN, BERNIE WRIGHTSON, NESTOR REDONDO, MARTIN PASKO, TOM YEATES, STEPHEN BISSIETTE, JOHN TOTLEBEN and more.

Roy Thomas - Gerry Conway - Len Wein - Marvel ​Masterworks: Fantastic Four 15.
It's ​a treasure trove of FF classics, courtesy of the Marvel Masterworks! First comes a battle of the sexes as the FF find themselves in the midst of the fight between Femizons and Mahkizmo the Nuclear Man. Then, the Silver Surfer returns with a vengeance! The Machiavellian Dr. Doom has captured the Surfer's beloved Shalla-Bal and used her to turn him against the FF. And that's just the warm up! The FF and Inhumans team up against Xemu, the Invisible Girl returns to the fold, and Arkon the Annihilator initiates an adventure featuring an inter-dimensional alternate Thing. Topped off with a giant-size battle against the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the first appearance of Madrox the Multiple Man, they're Masterworks one and all! Collecting The Fantastic Four #151-163, Giant-Size Fantastic Four 3-4, and Marvel Treasury Edition 2.

Brian Azzarello - J. Michael Straczynski - Darwyn Cooke - Len Wein - Before ​Watchmen Omnibus
The ​New York Times best-selling prequels to the best-selling graphic novel Watchmen are collected together for the first time and in a special DC hardcover Omnibus! Takes a look at the world before the critically acclaimed graphic novel Watchmen, by some of comics' top talents, including Eisner Award-winning authors Brian Azzarello and Darwyn Cooke, multi-award winning authors Len Wein and Michael Straczynski. With art from Joe Kubert, Amanda Conner, J.G. Jones, Lee Bermejo, Adam Hughes, Jae Lee and John Higgins. Dive deeper into the world of Watchmen by following the famous characters around in their own solo stories. Witness Rorschach's story to see how one of the most dangerous vigilantes in the comics world started down his dark path. Find out how the Vietnam War and the Kennedy assassination revolve around the Comedian. Take an introspective look at Silk Spectre as she struggles with her overbearing superhero mother and her scattered path toward taking the mantle of the Silk Spectre. Find all of this and more when you discover what happened before Watchmen in Before Watchmen Omnibus. Collects Before Watchmen: Comedian 1-6, Before Watchmen: Rorschach 1-4, Before Watchmen: Minutemen 1-6, Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre 1-4, Before Watchmen: Nite Owl 1-4, Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan 1-4, Before Watchmen: Moloch 1-2, Before Watchmen: Ozymandias 1-6, Before Watchmen: Crimson Corsair 1 and Before Watchmen: Dollar Bill 1.

Marv Wolfman - Larry Hama - Len Wein - Dan Abnett - Fabian Nicieza - Convergence ​- Crisis 2.
A ​CONVERGENCE tie-in graphic novel! Once, there were infinite Earths. Then there came a Crisis…a Zero Hour…a Flashpoint. Worlds lived. Worlds died. But some worlds must now fight for their future—in the Convergence! The evil alien intelligence known as Brainiac has stolen 50 doomed cities from places throughout time and space and sealed them behind impenetrable domes. Now, after a year, the domes will come down—and the heroes and villains of 50 dead worlds must battle to be the last one standing! In this volume: WONDER WOMAN: Diana Prince must defend Gotham City against vampire versions of Batman’s arch-enemies Poison Ivy, Catwoman and the Joker himself, from the world of Red Rain! SWAMP THING: Sealed away from the power of the Green for a year, Alec Holland must regain his strength and defeat the Darkest Knight of all, vampire Batman! THE FLASH: Barry Allen, the key to the Crisis itself, must race to defeat the godlike tyrant of the Tangent Universe—Superman! NEW TEEN TITANS: The greatest Titans team in the history of the Multiverse squares off against the Tangent Universe’s deadly Doom Patrol! JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA: It’s up to the Elongated Man to lead the second-string heroes of the Detroit Justice League and repel the invasion of the Tangent Universe’s Secret Six! The most iconic heroes of the CRISIS era fight the twisted heroes of two of the most popular Elseworlds universes in CONVERGENCE: CRISIS VOL. 2!

Len Wein - Tom King - Brian Azzarello - Tim Seeley - Mark Russell - Swamp ​Thing: Roots of Terror
Superstar ​writers Tom King (Batman, Heroes in Criris) and Brian Azzarello (Batman: Damned, Joker) pay tribute to the legendary creators of Swamp Thing as they join forces for earth-shattering Swamp Thing tales that will send chills down your spine! Swamp Thing is out of his element as he shepherds a lost boy through a blinding blizzard and other hazards of a strange, frozen tundra. In this touching and harrowing tale of survival, the pair must navigate countless threats throughout a bewildering terrain - with a bloodthirsty snow monster hot on their heels. But how long can they rely on each other? Plus, On Halloween, the barrier between world's grows thin - and only the Swamp Thing is strong enough to face the monsters that come from the other side. In addition, this book also features the final Swamp Thing story from the monster's co-creator, Len Wein. Originally intended as the start of a new series, presented here with art by Kelley Jones. Collects Swamp Thing: Winter Special #1 and stories from Swamp Thing: Halloween Giant, Cursed Comics Cavalcade #1, and Young Monsters in Love #1

Chris Claremont - Roy Thomas - Len Wein - Doug Moench - Tony Isabella - Essential ​Iron Fist 1
Thirty ​years ago, Marvel's top talents created one of herodom's ultimate martial artists and set him against ranging from crazed cultists to alien automata! Now, look back on the days when kung fu was king, and witness Iron Fist's progression from naive newcomer to hero for hire! Featuring Sabretooth, Luke Cage, the X-Men and more!

Steve Englehart - Dennis O'Neil - Bob Rozakis - Len Wein - Batman: ​Különös jelenések
BATMAN: ​KÜLÖNÖS JELENÉSEK Eredeti megjelenés: _Detective Comics_ 468., 471-476., 478-479. és 481. számában, 1977 áprilisa és 1979 januárja között Joker, Dr. Foszfor, Hugo Strange, Rupert Thorne, Pingvin, Céllövő, Agyagpofa - ők Batman leghalálosabb ellenségei. Mindannyiuknak sikerült a megsemmisülés határáig üldöznie a Sötét Lovagot. De csak egyikük tudta a halált is legyőzni. Vajon le tudja-e győzni Batman ezt a síron túli ellenséget, vagy megadja magát e különös jelenés vészjósló átkának? _DETECTIVE COMICS_ 36. SZÁMA Eredeti megjelenés: 1940 februárjában Miután elkésett, hogy megakadályozza egy amerikai ügynök meggyilkolását, Batman a hátrahagyott nyomok után ered, hogy megtalálja a felelőst, a megátalkodott tudós bűnözőt, akit Hugo Strange professzor néven ismer a világ.

Steve Englehart - Doug Moench - Jim Starlin - Gerry Conway - Len Wein - Roger Stern - Master ​of Kung Fu Epic Collection 1. - Weapon of the Soul
One ​of the most groundbreaking Marvel comics of all time! The seriesthat captured the kung fu craze starts here! Born to be the world's most fearsome fighter, Shang-Chi's life takes an unexpected turn when hediscovers the truth about his father, the villainous Fu Manchu. Sobegins the epic story of the Master of Kung Fu! In his quest to end thereign of his malevolent patriarch, Shang-Chi pits his deadly hands andunstoppable spirit against incredible foes like Midnight, Tiger-Claw...and even the Amazing Spider-Man! He's joined by Sir Denis Nayland Smith and "Black" Jack Tarr of the British secret service, who will stop atnothing to end the devil doctor's reign. Collecting: SPECIAL MARVEL EDITION #15-16, MASTER OF KUNG FU (1974) #17-28,GIANT-SIZE MASTER OF KUNG FU #1-4, GIANT-SIZE SPIDER-MAN #2 and material from IRON MAN ANNUAL #4.

Len Wein - Dark ​Genesis
He ​has become a modern legend, this mysterious creature of the Louisiana bayou. Feared as a monster, hailed as a god, by turns wonderfully benevolent and pitiless in his wrath, the Swamp Thing has carved his unique niche in the American Landscape. Writer Len Wein and legendary horror artist Bernie Wrightson, the original creators of the most complex creature in comics, brought the "Swamp Thing" to life in an 8-page story from HOUSE OF SECRETS #92. Now that classic story, plus the first ten issues of SWAMP THING Volume One, are reprinted in a new edition of SWAMP THING: DARK GENESIS - a 240-page VERTIGO trade paperback. In DARK GENESIS, learn the astonishing secret of Swamp Thing's "birth"; share the forbidden passions of Anton Arcane and the measureless sorrow of the Patchwork Man; shiver to the timeless horror of the witch named Rebecca Ravenwind and of a tortured Scottish werewolf. These eleven stories are not merely acknowledged classics of the comics field; they are an incredible reading experience, and the ideal introduction to the many-faceted creature known as Swamp Thing.

Len Wein - Before ​Watchmen 4. - Ozymandias / Crimson Corsair
A ​New York Times Best Seller! Discover what happened before Watchmen. The team of legendary writer Len Wein and acclaimed artist Jae Lee - in his first DC Comics' work in nearly a decade - delve into the mind of the smartest man in the world: Ozymandias. How does one go from the son of immigrant parents to becoming the world's smartest man? Adrian Veidt begins his journey, both spiritual and physical, that will one day make him one of the most pivotal players in the world-changing events of Watchmen. It collects Before Watchmen: Ozymandias numbered 1-6, and the "Curse of the Crimson Corsair."

Len Wein - Swamp ​Thing: The Dead Don't Sleep
In ​these stories from the new six-issue miniseries, Swamp Thing receives an ominous warning and finds himself under attack from the forces of dark magic. These are more than just your average monsters-and there's something much worse looming on the horizon for Alec Holland! SWAMP THING co-creator Len Wein returns to the bayou with master of graphic horror Kelley Jones for a brand-new chapter in the strange and supernatural saga of the Guardian of the Green. Collects the six-issue DC miniseries.

Chris Claremont - Len Wein - X-Men ​1. - Új Nemzedék
Miután ​régi tanítványai fogságba estek, Charles Xavier professzor új, nemzetközi hősökből álló csapatot toboroz. Így kezdődik a Len Wein és Chris Claremont nevével fémjelzett legendás korszak az X-Men történetében, amely örökre megváltoztatta az amerikai szuperhős képregényeket. A kötetben szereplő történetekben először lépnek színre olyan karakterek, mint Árnyék, Vihar vagy Kolosszus, bemutatkozik a klasszikus csapat és megismerhetjük legelső kalandjaikat.