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Sarina Bowen - Overnight ​Sensation
Everyone ​knows the girl is off limits. But it's so good to be bad. There’s this girl... Heidi and I have been trading hungry looks all year, and everything she does makes me smile. But I don't do girlfriends, and I certainly can't get involved with the league commissioner's daughter. I need shots on goal, not a hookup and a widely misunderstood paparazzi photo. Can I resist her, though? The way she teases me should be a game penalty for interference with my libido. There’s this guy… Jason wants me, but he won’t admit it. That man looks at me the way a hockey player eyes the lunch buffet after practice—and I love it. But when victory is finally within my grasp, I blow it and humiliate myself. Even then I can’t even avoid him—as the team intern, I’m in constant view of his hard body and cocky smile. I need another chance. Jason Castro is about to learn the true meaning of an overnight sensation.

Sarina Bowen - Boyfriend
The ​dreamiest player on the Moo U hockey team hangs a flyer on the bulletin board, and I am spellbound: _Rent a boyfriend for the holiday. For $25, I will be your Thanksgiving date. I will talk hockey with your dad. I will bring your mother flowers. I will be polite, and wear a nicely ironed shirt…_ Now everyone knows it’s a bad idea to introduce your long-time crush to your messed-up family. But I really do need a date for Thanksgiving, even if I’m not willing to say why. So I tear his phone number off of that flyer… and accidentally entangle our star defenseman in a ruse that neither of us can easily unwind. Because Weston's family is even nuttier than mine. He needs a date, too, for the most uncomfortable holiday engagement party ever thrown. There will be hors d'oeuvre. There will be faked PDA. And there will be pro-level awkwardness… Boyfriend is a full-length book for Weston and Abbi!

Sarina Bowen - Pipe ​Dreams
A ​goalie has to trust his instincts, even when taking a shot to the heart… Mike Beacon is a champion at defending the net, but off the ice, he’s not so lucky. A widower and a single father, he’s never forgotten Lauren Williams, the ex who gave him the best year of his life. When Lauren reappears in the Bruisers office during the playoffs, Beacon sees his chance to make things right. Lauren hates that she’s forced to travel with the team she used to work for and the man who broke her heart. There’s still undeniable sexual tension running between her and Mike, but she won’t go down that road again. She’s focused on her plans for the future—she doesn’t need a man to make her dreams of motherhood come true. Lauren plays her best defensive game, but she’s no match for the dark-eyed goalie. When the field of play moves to Florida, things heat up on the beach. One of Mike’s biggest fans doesn’t approve—his teenage daughter. But a true competitor knows not to waste the perfect shot at love.

Sarina Bowen - Was ​wir verbergen
Sie ​hat ein großes Geheimnis. Er ein kleines ... Das Leben, wie Scarlet Crowley es kannte, ist in dem Moment vorbei, als ihr Vater verhaftet wird und die Medien sich auf ihre Familie stürzen. Kurzerhand nimmt sie für ihr erstes Semester am College eine neue Identität an. Als sie Bridger McCaulley kennenlernt, lässt dieser ihr Herz sofort schneller schlagen. Doch Bridger hat selbst ein Geheimnis, das er um jeden Preis hüten muss: Weil seine Mutter drogenabhängig ist, versteckt er seine kleine Schwester bei sich im Wohnheim. Und genau das droht aufzufliegen, als die Journalisten, die Scarlet noch immer verfolgen, plötzlich auch Bridger im Visier haben ...

Sarina Bowen - Keepsake
Lark ​Wainright used to be fearless. Her life was a series of adventures, each one more exhilarating than the last. But her recent overseas adventure was one too many. Now she’s home and in one piece. Mostly. But her nights are filled with terror. When her best friend offers her a stay at the orchard in exchange for help at the farmers’ markets, Lark jumps at the chance to spend fall in Vermont. But her nightmares don’t stop. Desperate to keep her fragile state a secret, she relies on the most soft-spoken resident of the Shipley Farm to soothe her when her dreams prove too much. Zachariah is a survivor, too. It’s been four years since he was tossed aside by the polygamist cult where he grew up. He’s found a peaceful existence on the Shipley’s farm, picking apples and fixing machinery. But getting thrown away by your own people at nineteen leaves a mark on a guy. He doesn’t always know what to make of a world where movie quotes are the primary means of communication. Before hitchhiking to Vermont, he’d never watched TV or spoken on the phone. Actually, there are a lot of things he’s never done. Zach and Lark slowly grow to trust one another. One night they become even closer than they’d planned. But Lark may still be too broken to trust anyone. When she pushes Zach away, he will have to prove to himself that he's good for much more than farm labor.

Sarina Bowen - Bevor ​wir fallen
Seit ​einem Sportunfall ist Corey Callahan auf den Rollstuhl angewiesen, doch ihren Platz am renommierten Harkness College will sie auf keinen Fall aufgeben! Im Wohnheim trifft sie auf Adam Hartley - aus dem Zimmer direkt gegenüber. Corey weiß augenblicklich, dass sie das in Schwierigkeiten bringen wird: Denn auch wenn Corey sich von niemandem besser verstanden fühlt als von Adam und sie sich sicher ist, dass es ihm genauso geht - für sie beide gibt es keine Chance ...

Sarina Bowen - Bittersweet
The ​last person Griffin Shipley expects to find stuck in a ditch on his Vermont country road is his ex-hookup. Five years ago they’d shared a couple of steamy nights together. But that was a lifetime ago. At twenty-seven, Griff is now the accidental patriarch of his family farm. Even his enormous shoulders feel the strain of supporting his mother, three siblings and a dotty grandfather. He doesn’t have time for the sorority girl who’s shown up expecting to buy his harvest at half price. Vermont was never in Audrey Kidder’s travel plans. Neither was Griff Shipley. But she needs a second chance with the restaurant conglomerate employing her. Okay—a fifth chance. And no self-righteous lumbersexual farmer will stand in her way. They’re adversaries. They want entirely different things from life. Too bad their sexual chemistry is as hot as Audrey’s top secret enchilada sauce, and then some.

Sarina Bowen - Roommate
Wanted: ​One roommate to share a 3-bedroom house, split the rent, and ideally not be the guy I can’t stop thinking about. I’m a man with too many secrets, so the last thing I need is a new roommate with a sexy smile and blue eyes that see right through me. Eight years ago, Roderick left town after high school. We’re not friends. I owe him nothing. But back then, I let one of my secrets slip, and he’s the only one who noticed. Part of me knows I should run far, far away. But the other part wants him to come upstairs and spend the night. But if I let him in, I could lose everything. Seeking: a room to rent in town. I’m tidy, have no pets, and I will feed you homemade bread. I should probably add: Gay AF, and has no filter. It’s no wonder my new landlord is so wary of me. A smarter man would ignore those hot glances from Kieran Shipley. The broody lumberjack wants more from me than another homemade pretzel, but if I push my luck, I’ll end up back on the street. Too bad I’ve never been smart with my heart…

Sarina Bowen - Tanya Eby - Boy ​Toy
A ​brand new romantic comedy from your favorite snort-laughing duo! Liam The moment Sadie Matthews walks through the daycare center door, I feel my world tilt in her direction. Again. I fell for her when I was fourteen, and I'm still not over her. Problem: she still thinks of me as a teen she used to babysit. But I've learned a few things about pleasing a woman in the last fifteen years. I can't wait to show her how good it could be. I need to move quickly before I lose her again. This is more than a game to me, but I still plan to win. Sadie I've just survived the worst year of my life. As a single mom of twin toddlers, I don't have time for a man. I barely have time to finish a thought. Who knew that Liam McAllister would grow up to be so devastating? He's everything my husband was not: tall, built, and willing to have a tea party with my girls. I can't possibly get involved with him. He's too young for me. Too handsome. But he's so persuasive...

Sarina Bowen - Bittersweet ​- Keserédes
A ​farmerek energiája tartja mozgásban a földet. Griffin Shipley cseppet sem számított arra, hogy egy vermonti földút szélén, egy árokban fog összefutni egykori egy (vagy a pontosság kedvéért két-)éjszakás kalandjával. Öt évvel ezelőtt azonban mintha egy másik élete lett volna... Griff huszonhét évesen, nem igazán önszántából került a családi farm élére. Még hatalmas válla is nehezen bírja a terhet: neki kell támogatnia anyját, három testvérét és hangyás nagyapját is. Nincs ideje a lányszövetség egykori tagjára, aki fél áron akarja felvásárolni a termésüket. Vermont sosem szerepelt Audrey Kidder utazási tervei között. Ahogy Griff Shipley sem. De muszáj kapnia egy második esélyt az őt foglalkoztató étteremlánctól. Na, jó, egy ötödik esélyt. És egyetlen beképzelt, szexi, szakállas farmer sem állhat az útjába. Ellenfelei egymásnak. Egészen más dolgokat várnak az élettől. Nagy kár, hogy a kettejük közt levő érzéki feszültség olyan pikáns, mint Audrey szupertitkos barbecue szósz receptje, sőt... Figyelem! A szöveg pikáns jeleneteket, ínyencségeket és egy gőzölgő, kültéri zuhanyt tartalmaz, valamint bebizonyítja, hogy a farmerek nem röstellik bepiszkolni magukat.

Sarina Bowen - Goodbye ​Paradise
Most ​people called it a cult. But for twenty years, Josh and Caleb called it home. In Paradise, there is no television. No fast food. Just long hours of farm work and prayer on a dusty Wyoming ranch, and nights in a crowded bunkhouse. The boys of the Compound are kept far from the sinners’ world. But Joshua doesn’t need temptation to sin. His whole life, he’s wanted his best friend, Caleb. By day they work side by side. Only when Josh closes his eyes at night can they be together the way he craves. It can never be. And his survival depends on keeping his terrible desires secret. Caleb has always protected Josh against the worst of the bullying at the Compound. But he has secrets of his own, and a plan to get away — until it all backfires. Josh finds himself homeless in a world that doesn’t want him. Can Caleb find him in time? And will they find a place of safety, where he can admit to Josh how he really feels? _Warning: Contains a hot male/male romance, copious instances of taking the Lord's name in vain, and love against the kitchen counter._ _This book was previously released under the title: In Front of God & Everyone._

Sarina Bowen - Ein ​Moment für immer
Als ​May Shipley ihre Freundin beim Fremdgehen erwischt, bricht für sie eine Welt zusammen. Doch zum Glück ist Alec da, um sie aufzufangen. Er ist für May die perfekte Ablenkung, auch wenn sie weiß, dass niemand von ihr und Alec erfahren darf. Bis da plötzlich mehr zwischen ihnen ist als nur eine heiße Affäre.

Sarina Bowen - Elle Kennedy - Us
Can ​your favorite hockey players finish their first season together undefeated? Five months in, NHL forward Ryan Wesley is having a record-breaking rookie season. He's living his dream of playing pro hockey and coming home every night to the man he loves–Jamie Canning, his longtime best friend turned boyfriend. There's just one problem: the most important relationship of his life is one he needs to keep hidden, or else face a media storm that will eclipse his success on the ice. Jamie loves Wes. He really, truly does. But hiding sucks. It's not the life Jamie envisioned for himself, and the strain of keeping their secret is taking its toll. It doesn't help that his new job isn't going as smoothly as he'd hoped, but he knows he can power through it as long as he has Wes. At least apartment 10B is their retreat, where they can always be themselves. Or can they? When Wes's nosiest teammate moves in upstairs, the threads of their carefully woven lie begin to unravel. With the outside world determined to take its best shot at them, can Wes and Jamie develop major-league relationship skills on the fly? Warning: contains sexual situations, a vibrating chair, long-distance sexytimes, and proof that hockey players look hot in any shade of green.

Sarina Bowen - Wer ​wenn nicht wir
Es ​fühlt sich richtig an. Wir fühlen uns richtig an. Egal wie viel Zeit vergangen ist, aber dich in den Armen zu halten, wird sich immer richtig anfühlen. Torwart Mike Beacon ist eine Legende auf dem Eis. Privat läuft es beim bei dem alleinerziehenden Vater allerdings weniger gut. Als Lauren Williams die Brooklyn Bruisers während der Play-offs begleitet, wittert er seine zweite Chance bei der Frau, mit der er die schönste Zeit seines Lebens verbracht hat. Doch Lauren hat sich geschworen, die Grenze zwischen Job und Privatleben kein zweites Mal zu überschreiten. Auch wenn das Prickeln zwischen ihr und Mike nicht zu leugnen ist ...

Sarina Bowen - Never ​Let Me Down
Nach ​dem Tod ihrer Mutter trifft Rachel Kress das erste Mal ihren leiblichen Vater Freddy Ricks - den größten Rockstar der USA. Sie betritt eine völlig neue Welt aus Reichtum und Freiheit. Und er erfüllt ihr ihren größten Traum: das Studium am Clairborne College. Dort verliebt sie sich in Jack. Doch je näher sie sich kommen, desto deutlicher spürt Rachel, dass sie erst wirklich nach vorne blicken kann, wenn sie sich den Fragen ihrer Vergangenheit stellt, die nur ihr Vater beantworten kann...

Sarina Bowen - The ​Year We Hid Away
She’s ​hiding something big. He’s hiding someone small. Scarlet Crowley’s life was torn apart the day father was arrested for unspeakable crimes. Now the shock has worn off, but not the horror. It’s a safe bet that Scarlet is the only first year at Harkness College who had to sneak past TV news trucks parked on her front lawn just to leave town. But college will be Scarlet’s fresh start. Clutching a shiny new student ID — with a newly minted name on it — she leaves it all behind. Even if it means lying to the boy she’s falling for. Bridger McCaulley is a varsity hockey star known for being a player both on and off the ice. But a sobering family crisis takes that all away. Protecting his sister means a precarious living arrangement and constant deception. The only bright spot in his week is the few stolen hours he spends with Scarlet. The two form a tentative relationship based on the understanding that some things must always be held back. But when grim developments threaten them both, going it alone just won’t work anymore. And if they can’t learn to trust one another now, the families who let them down will take everything they’ve struggled to keep.

Sarina Bowen - Kalte ​Nachte Warme Herzen
Er ​kann sie nicht haben. Und er kann niemandem sagen wieso. Ski Champion Dane „Danger“ Hollister geht keine Beziehungen ein, seine Gründe dafür hält er allerdings geheim. Der Fluch, den er von seiner Mutter geerbt hat, wird ihn irgendwann alles kosten: Seinen Platz im olympischen Ski Team, seine Sponsoren und seine Fähigkeit, in Höchstgeschwindigkeit einen Berg runter zu rasen.
 Country Girl wider Willen, Willow Reade, trifft Dane durch puren Zufall. Ihr ins Schleudern geratener Pick-up Truck drängt ihn während eines Schneesturms von der Straße. Während sie gemeinsam über Nacht in seinem Jeep gestrandet sind, kommen sich die beiden einsamsten Menschen in Vermont näher, als sie gedacht hätten.
 Und doch kann keiner von beiden absehen, wie sehr ihr kleines Zusammentreffen nicht nur Danes erschreckendes Geheimnis gefährdet, sondern auch Willows vorläufigen Frieden, den sie mit sich und ihren Entscheidungen geschlossen hat. Nur gegenseitiges Vertrauen und Verstehen kann ihren Schmerz beenden und ihnen eine hart erkämpfte Chance auf Liebe bringen.

Sarina Bowen - Lauren Blakely - The ​Best Men
Bestselling ​authors Sarina Bowen and Lauren Blakely team up for the first time in an enemies-to-lovers, opposites-attract, irresistibly sexy standalone romance between the best man and the other best man! In my defense, I was left alone with a bottle of single-malt and a life-long penchant for protecting my baby sister. Still, that's no excuse to send ten drunk-texts on why her hasty marriage would be a mistake. If only I had just texted my sister. But nope. I accidentally sent the message to her, her groom, and his super hot wingman. I also used the phrase “super hot wingman,” so I’d like to die now. Instead, I have to plan a wedding with the aforementioned hottie and share a too-small guesthouse in steamy Miami. Three days in the sun with the cocky, charming former athlete who likes to push my buttons? Fine, two can play at that let’s-infuriate-each-other game. Until Asher ups the stakes with one wildly sexy suggestion. A no-strings fling, then I go back to my single dad life in New York, and he returns to his star-studded one. Sign me up. But the more nights I spend with the other best man, the more I want days too, and that just can't happen. Especially when I find out the real reason why… Contents Include: First times, a secret to-do list, champion-level flirting, fast cars, #eggplants, and two men who look good in formal wear.

Sarina Bowen - Wenn ​wir vertrauen
Kann ​die Liebe ein Herz heilen, das vollkommen zerbrochen ist? Nur eine Nacht voller Leidenschaft und großer Gefühle haben Bella und Rafe zusammen verbracht. Und wenn es nach der toughen Bella ginge, wäre nach dieser einen Nacht auch Schluss, denn sie hat gelernt, ihr Herz gut zu schützen. Doch Rafe will das Knistern, das zwischen ihnen herrscht, nicht ignorieren. Und als er in einer schwierigen Situation an Bellas Seite ist, gerät deren Entschluss ins Wanken. Kann sie es noch einmal wagen, einem anderen Menschen ihr Herz anzuvertrauen?

Sarina Bowen - Lauren Blakely - Super ​Hot Wingman
Promises ​I make to myself… I won't stare at my sister's fiance's super hot best friend, even when he takes his shirt off at a dinner party. I won't look him up online and check out photos from his professional soccer career. And I definitely won't fantasize about him late at night. Oops. Broke all three. But in my defense, his abs and that arrogant smile are my catnip. Plus it's been a while. But no matter how sexy Asher St James is, I will never let on that he's at the top of a long list of things I want to do. And I keep that last promise. Well, mostly…

Sarina Bowen - Was ​niemand erfährt
Du ​bist alles, was ich will, alles was ich brauche. Dir gehört mein Herz, und ich will es nicht zurück. Patrick O'Doule lebt für die Brooklyn Bruisers. Doch die Jahre auf den Eis haben Spuren hinterlassen. So sehr er es auch versucht, seine Hüftverletzung lässt sich nicht länger ignorieren. Physiotherapeutin Ari Bettini soll den Eishockeyspieler wieder fit machen. Doch während der Behandlung fliegen auf einmal die Funken zwischen ihnen! Ari weiß, dass ihre Gefühle füreinander nicht sein dürfen, denn Patricks oberstes Ziel ist es, zurück in die NHL zu kommen. Oder etwa nicht?

Sarina Bowen - Waylaid
It’s ​a tale as old as time: the bad boy meets the good girl. He makes a daring proposition. Then the boy gets a mysterious head injury and loses a year of his life… The first time I meet Rickie, I don’t know what to make of him. The second time we meet, he doesn’t remember the six hours we spent together. Or standing me up afterward. I’m not the same, either. I’ve got secrets. I’ve told lies. Bad boys aren’t my type, anyway. Even the ones with troubled gray eyes. But now we’re roommates. Cue the awkward moments in the hallway when he’s wearing only a towel and a smile. He’s determined to win me over, and his talented hands weaken my resolve. It’s all fun and games until my past rears its ugly head and his secrets come to light, shaking our fragile connection, maybe even breaking it… Note: this is Daphne Shipley's story. Contents include Vermonty ice cream flavors, nerdy awkwardness, tattoos, and a playboy grandpa.

Sarina Bowen - Elle Kennedy - Top ​Secret
_LobsterShorts, ​21_ Jock. Secretly a science geek. Hot AF. LobsterShorts: So. Here goes. For her birthday, my girlfriend wants…a threesome. SinnerThree: Then you've come to the right hookup app. LobsterShorts: Have you done this sort of thing before? With another guy? SinnerThree: All the time. I'm an equal opportunity player. You? LobsterShorts: [crickets!] _SinnerThree, 21_ Finance major. Secretly a male dancer. Hot AF. SinnerThree: Well, I'm down if you are. My life is kind of a mess right now. School, work, family stress. Oh, and I live next door to the most annoying dude in the world. I need the distraction. Are you sure you want this? LobsterShorts: I might want it a little more than I'm willing to admit. SinnerThree: Hey, nothing wrong with pushing your boundaries... LobsterShorts: Tell that to my control-freak father. Anyway. What if this threesome is awkward? SinnerThree: Then it's awkward. It's not like we'll ever have to see each other again. Right? Just promise you won't fall in love with me. LobsterShorts: Now wouldn't that be life-changing...

Sarina Bowen - Rookie ​Move
In ​high school they were the perfect couple—until the day Georgia left Leo in the cold... Hockey player Leo Trevi has spent the last six years trying to do two things: get over the girl who broke his heart, and succeed in the NHL. But on the first day he’s called up to the newly franchised Brooklyn Bruisers, Leo gets checked on both sides, first by the team’s coach—who has a long simmering grudge, and then by the Bruisers’ sexy, icy publicist—his former girlfriend Georgia Worthington. Saying goodbye to Leo was one of the hardest things Georgia ever had to do—and saying hello again isn’t much easier. Georgia is determined to keep their relationship strictly professional, but when a press conference microphone catches Leo declaring his feelings for her, things get really personal, really fast....

Sarina Bowen - Solange ​wir schweigen
Wenn ​die Liebe dein dunkelstes Geheimnis ist ... Michael Graham ist geschockt, als er erfährt, dass das neueste Mitglied des Eishockeyteams ausgerechnet John Rikker ist - der Einzige, der Michaels größtes Geheimnis kennt. Michael weiß augenblicklich, dass für ihn alles auf dem Spiel steht, was er sich am Harkness College aufgebaut hat. Denn auch nach all den Jahren kann Johns Lächeln allein seine Welt aus den Angeln heben ...

Sarina Bowen - Brooklynaire
You’d ​think a billion dollars, a professional hockey team and a six-bedroom mansion on the Promenade would satisfy a guy. You’d be wrong. For seven years Rebecca has brightened my office with her wit and her smile. She manages both my hockey team and my sanity. I don’t know when I started waking in the night, craving her. All I know is that one whiff of her perfume ruins my concentration. And her laugh makes me hard. When Rebecca gets hurt, I step in to help. It’s what friends do. But what friends don’t do is rip off each others’ clothes for a single, wild night together. Now she’s avoiding me. She says we’re too different, and it can never happen again. So why can’t we keep our hands off each other?

Sarina Bowen - Fireworks
Skye ​Copeland is on paid leave from her broadcasting job after accidentally drawing a pecker on the traffic map. Let that sink in. Like it’s her fault the traffic pattern that day created a perfect schlong? Skye isn’t laughing. She needs this job. And that’s the only reason she’s agreed to chase down a story in her least favorite place—that hell on earth known as Vermont. A quick trip. In and out. Much like - never mind. Skye can sneak into the town that once tried to break her, get the story and get back into the good graces of her producer. Easy peasy. Except things go sideways even as she sets foot over the county line. Her step-sister is on the run from a violent drug dealer. And the cop on the case is none other than Benito Rossi, the man who broke her teenage heart. His dark brown eyes still tear her apart. And even as she steels herself to finally tell him off after twelve years, the old fireworks are still there. Things are about to go boom.

Sarina Bowen - Wo ​auch immer du bist
Sie ​ist die Süße zu meiner Bitterkeit, die Balance, die meinem Leben immer fehlte, und die sinnlichste Versuchung, die ich jemals gekostet habe Als Audrey Kidder der finstere Blick von Griffin Shipley trifft, weiß sie sofort, dass ihr Auftrag in Vermont schwieriger wird als gedacht. Doch sie hat keine Wahl: Wenn sie ihren Job behalten will, muss sie Griff davon überzeugen, seinen preisgekrönten Cider zum halben Preis zu verkaufen. Eine harte Nuss, denn der Bio-Farmer ist nicht nur ausgesprochen stur - und unheimlich attraktiv -, sondern seit ihrer heißen Affäre am College auch nicht besonders gut auf Audrey zu sprechen. Und dass sich Audrey in Griffs Nähe augenblicklich so zu Hause fühlt wie nirgends sonst auf der Welt, macht die Sache alles andere als einfach

Sarina Bowen - Was ​von uns bleibt
Sie ​zu küssen fühlte sich an wie endlich nach Hause zu kommen ... Eishockeyspieler Leo Trevi wollte nur zwei Dinge: die Frau vergessen, die sein Herz gebrochen hat, und nach dem College ein erfolgreicher NHL-Spieler werden. Doch bereits am ersten Tag bei den Brooklyn Bruisers, dem Eishockey-Team von New York, scheint er in beidem zu versagen: Sein neuer Coach hasst ihn von der ersten Sekunde an, und die Pressesprecherin des Teams ist niemand anders als Georgia Washington - seine Exfreundin, die ihn auch nach all den Jahren um den Verstand bringt.

Sarina Bowen - Bombshells
The ​women's league is in the house! And Brooklyn will never be the same again for Anton Bayer and the team… This is my last chance to ditch my playboy reputation and finally fulfill my potential. So I’ve made three rules for our biggest season yet: no boozing, no women, and no scandals. Especially that last thing. So who do I befriend on the very first day back at the rink? An amazing female hockey player. I want Sylvie in a way that’s more than just friendly. I crave her. But I have a championship to win, and so does she. Then she gets her heart broken by my teammate, and I make the foolish mistake of comforting her in the best way I know how. Our night together sets off a string of sins. Nobody can know about our affair, especially my overprotective teammate. I can’t let anyone see into my greedy little heart. Not even her. The things I want from her, and the things we’ve already done? If anyone knew, there’d be bombshells. Contains: a defenseman with dreamy blue eyes, a female goalie with bad ideas, a major battle of the sexes and a swimming pool scene...

Sarina Bowen - Harter ​Fall Weiche Landung
Sie ​ist die Frau, an die er sich nicht erinnert. Er ist der Mann, den sie nicht vergessen kann. Bad Boy Hank „Teufelskerl“ Lazarus hatte alles: eine wunderschöne Freundin, eine Karriere als Freestyle Snowboarder und einen Platz im US Olympiateam. Doch vor neun Monaten wachte er nach einem schlimmen Unfall in der Halfpipe in einem Krankenhaus auf, unfähig seine Beine zu bewegen. Jetzt ist er wieder dort gelandet, ein weiteres Mal gegen seinen Willen. Denn obwohl seine Familie ihn dazu drängt, eine neue, innovative Behandlung zu versuchen, therapiert sich Hank lieber selbst – mit Unmengen Tequila.
 Ärztin Dr. Callie Anders hat den Mut, das Herz eines Patienten mit einem tausend Volt Stromstoß neu zu starten, aber bei ihrem eigenen Herzen ist sie nicht so tapfer. Dem neuen Klinikpatienten verrät sie nicht, dass sich die beiden bereits vor seinem Unfall getroffen haben, eine Begegnung, an die er sich nicht mehr erinnert. Selbst als sich zwischen ihnen eine Freundschaft entwickelt, gesteht sie sich nicht ein, dass sie es bereut seine Einladung zum Abendessen ausgeschlagen zu haben oder dass ihr Herz jedes Mal höher schlägt, wenn diese tätowierten Schultern durch den Eingang des Therapiezentrums rollen. Ein weiterer Winter in Vermont steht bevor und Hank braucht eine helfende Hand, die ihn unter der Lawine von Enttäuschungen hervorholt. Wenn Callie doch nur mutig genug wäre, die Herausforderung anzunehmen.

Sarina Bowen - The ​Accidentals
Never ​ask a question unless you’re sure you want the truth. I’ve been listening to my father sing for my whole life. I carry him in my pocket on my mp3 player. It’s just that we’ve never met face to face. My mother would never tell me how I came to be, or why my rock star father and I have never met. I thought it was her only secret. I was wrong. When she dies, he finally appears. Suddenly I have a first class ticket into my father’s exclusive world. A world I don’t want any part of – not at this cost. Only three things keep me going: my a cappella singing group, a swoony blue-eyed boy named Jake, and the burning questions in my soul. There’s a secret shame that comes from being an unwanted child. It drags me down, and puts distance between me and the boy I love. My father is the only one alive who knows my history. I need the truth, even if it scares me.