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Peter F. Copeland - The ​Story of the Alamo
Join ​the defenders of the Alamo and relive a heroic struggle against overwhelming odds. The defense of the Alamo has become an American legend, and the building is a shrine to Texas liberty. These 30 carefully researched drawings chronicle events leading up to the fall of the 18th-century mission and the last stand of Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, and many others who fought bravely for independence. Captioned scenes include the Mexican advance halted by rebels firing from behind earthworks; Texans of Mexican descent in revolt against the dictator Santa Anna; raising the flag of the Texas rebels; the arrival of Davey Crockett at the Alamo; a meeting under a flag of truce; and much more.

Peter F. Copeland - Blackbeard ​and Other Notorious Pirates
Once ​the scourge of the high seas and harbor towns, pirates and their infamous activities still thrill young and old alike. The 30 finely detailed illustrations in this exciting coloring book depict the daring deeds of five swashbuckling renegades and their cohorts: Edward Teach, also known as Blackbeard; Anne Bonny and Mary Read, notorious for victimizing ships and their passengers in the Caribbean; William Kidd, tried for his crimes and executed in England; and Henry Morgan, who, amazingly, achieved riches, fame, and success near the end of his life. Fact-filled captions accompany illustrations that recapture the lives of these famed maritime marauders.

Peter F. Copeland - Story ​of the Civil War
All ​the drama of the American Civil War comes vividly to life in these ready-to-color scenes of key moments in that epic conflict. Here are panoramic views of land and sea battles, revealing vignettes that dramatize social and political issues of the period, and detailed close-ups of uniforms, equipment, and locale. Forty authentically rendered illustrations (including five double-page spreads) depict a slave auction in 1860, black leaders Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass, the battle for the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry, the bombardment of Fort Sumter, a naval battle between the first American iron-clad ships — the Monitor and the Merrimac — the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, the Battle of Gettysburg, Lee's surrender to Grant at Appomattox, the assassination of Lincoln at Ford's Theater, and much more.

Peter F. Copeland - Early ​American Trades
Early ​American craftsmen made a vital contribution to the development of this country, and they are still a very important part of our heritage. This coloring book provides illustrations of 22 once widespread crafts: wigmakers, glassblowers, hatters, coopers, tinsmiths, and more. Tools of the trade are also illustrated and captions provide basic information on each craft.

Peter F. Copeland - Great ​Native Americans
In ​this carefully researched and rendered coloring book, artist Peter Copeland dramatically portrays 42 outstanding Native Americans who lived during the 17th through 20th centuries. Depicted in historical settings or posing with tribal accoutrements are such noted leaders as Queen Allaquippa of the Delawares greeting a young George Washington; Gertrude Simmons Bonnin of the Yankton Sioux, a remarkable author, reformer, orator, and musician; Joseph Brant of the Mohawk, who led his people against the French and Americans in wars of the colonial era; Geronimo, the most famous of Apache chieftains; and other extraordinary figures.

Peter F. Copeland - Scenes ​of Olde New York
Forty-three ​illustrations to color portray the changing face of a renowned metropolitan region. Ranging from the Dutch settlement of the 1600s to the bustling Gilded Age city of the 1890s, these masterful depictions offer fascinating backward glances at Wall Street, Coney Island, Grand Central Station, Chinatown, and other New York City landmarks and locales.

Peter F. Copeland - Historic ​North American Forts
Many ​of them are National Historic Sites today, but in their time these forts were among the first footsteps of a westward-bound society. Illustrations of 44 historic forts range from sites in the northernmost reaches of the United States and Canada to El Morro, Puerto Rico's sixteenth-century citadel. Detailed captions accompany scenes from Fort McHenry, Fort Jamestown, Fort Ticonderoga, Fort Sumter, Plymouth Fort, Fort Laramie, and many other strongholds.

Peter F. Copeland - Columbus ​Discovers America
Artist ​and avid sailor Peter Copeland re-creates significant moments and events in the dramatic story of the first voyage and the discovery of America in 41 superb drawings. Fully captioned ready-to-be-colored illustrations include an enthusiastic Columbus explaining his proposal voyage of discovery to Ferdinand and Isabella; the embarkation of the Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria; life aboard ship; storms at sea; the fleet's arrival in the New World; life and customs of Native Americans; and much more.

Peter F. Copeland - Story ​of World War II
Graphic ​overview of historic conflict in 45 dramatic illustrations. Scenes from the battle of Britain, Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, battle of Stalingrad, Allied invasion of France, dropping of the atomic bomb over Hiroshima, the battles of Iwo Jima and Nagasaki, the fall of Berlin, and more. Informative captions.

E. Lisle Reedstrom - Peter F. Copeland - David Rickman - Big ​Book of the Old West to Color
A ​big book of coloring fun, packed with cowboys, desperados, prospectors, and pioneers! Saddle up and take a trip back to the days of the Wild West with this giant coloring book. Packed with captivating details of frontier life, it features 118 full-page illustrations of dramatic historical events — building the railroad, crossing the prairie, battling outlaws — plus portraits of explorers, bandits, lawmen, and other real-life characters from an adventurous era. Scenes from pioneer life include a wagon train fending off an Indian attack, workmen erecting the first transcontinental telegraph lines, and prospectors trying their luck amid the Rockies. From Belle Starr and Billy the Kid to Wyatt Earp and Wild Bill Hickock, a colorful gallery of famous faces includes personalities on both sides of the law. Richly detailed, authentic depictions of cowboy life chronicle the exhausting and exhilarating business of bull riding, roping, branding, and trail driving. Each illustration appears with an informative caption.

Peter F. Copeland - The ​Lewis and Clark Expedition
On ​May 14, 1804, Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark - accompanied by an intrepid band of skilled hunters and gunsmiths - set off up the Missouri River to explore a vast wilderness of 825,000 square miles purchased from the French. In this historic coloring book, 45 accurate, precisely rendered illustrations recapture highpoints of expedition.

Peter F. Copeland - Shipwrecks ​and Sunken Treasures
All ​the drama of shipwrecks and the excitement of discovering valuable treasures come vividly to life in 39 educational and entertaining illustrations. Ready-to-color scenes include divers gathering large jar-like containers on the site of an ancient Greek shipwreck; a Roman merchant ship in a storm; the remains of a ninth-century Viking ship; a German U-boat sinking an English freighter in 1917; the sunken Titanic; and historic diving suits, scuba-diving equipment, and more.

Peter F. Copeland - North ​American Indian Crafts
Informative, ​carefully researched coloring book depicts, in 39 detailed illustrations, native North Americans engaged in a host of arts and crafts: drum-making, carving totem poles, face and body painting, building a dugout canoe, making and painting ceramic pots, weaving rugs and blankets, preparing hides, more. Descriptive captions.

Peter F. Copeland - Famous ​Women of the Civil War
Thirty ​carefully rendered illustrations depict women from the North and South in a variety of settings, with informative captions. Includes Belle Boyd, a Confederate spy; Dorothea Dix, Union Superintendent of Nurses; Harriet Tubman, African-American abolitionist; Varine Howell Davis, wife of the Confederate President; and Mary Walker, doctor and Union spy.

Peter F. Copeland - From ​Antietam to Gettysburg
Forty-five ​precise black-and-white illustrations document great battles, generals of the War Between the States. Pickett's charge at Cemetery Ridge; Union Army retreat from Fredericksburg; portraits of Lee, Meade, Hood, other generals. Detailed, informative captions. Valuable learning tool, enjoyable coloring experience.

Peter F. Copeland - The ​Story of Sacajawea
Vivid ​scenes from the life of Shoshone teenager who played an important role during the Lewis and Clark exploration of the great American Northwest (1805–06). Includes realistic images of her childhood abduction by enemy tribesmen, marriage to a French trader, her service during the expedition, and more. Informative captions. 29 black-and-white illustrations.

Peter F. Copeland - Daniel ​Boone
The ​man most responsible for settling Kentucky, frontiersman Daniel Boone (1734–1820) spent most of his life in the wild, exploring unmapped spaces. This collection of 30 captioned, realistic drawings depicts, among other scenes, the famous American pioneer captured by Shawnees (1769), blazing a trail known as the "Wilderness Road" (1775), leading settlers to Kentucky (1779), serving in the Virginia Assembly (1791), traveling with his extended family to Spanish-held Missouri (1799), and volunteering to serve in the War of 1812.

Peter F. Copeland - The ​Story of the Underground Railroad
Forty-four ​dramatically illustrated scenes tell the story of the secret network that took runaway slaves from southern states to the North and Canada between 1830 and 1860. Shocking views of slave pens, "below decks" aboard a slave ship, methods of punishing runaway slaves, refugees arriving at a "safe house," and more. Fact-filled captions.

Peter F. Copeland - Story ​of the American Revolution
Noted ​artist Peter Copeland has captured all the drama and excitement of a fateful era in American history with 40 finely drawn black-and-white illustrations. Modestly priced and historically accurate, Story of the American Revolution Coloring Book contains scenes depicting the Boston Massacre, Paul Revere's ride, the Battle of Lexington, the capture of Fort Ticonderoga, the Battle of Bunker Hill, the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the execution of Nathan Hale, George Washington at the Delaware, Washington's farewell to his officers at Fraunces Tavern, and many more exciting scenes.

Peter F. Copeland - Exploration ​of North America
Exciting, ​detailed glimpses of key moments in western exploration, depicted in 39 meticulously researched, realistically rendered illustrations: Vikings in Vinland (ca. 1000 AD), Columbus' ship Nina (1492), Ponce de León in Florida (1513), Verrazano exploring the middle Atlantic coast (1524), 35 others. Captions.

Peter F. Copeland - The ​Amistad
Features ​28 meticulously rendered, ready-to-color illustrations, among them the capture of Africans in their homeland, their revolt aboard ship in Havana, imprisonment in a New Haven jail, and their successful defense before the Supreme Court by former U.S. President John Quincy Adams. Captions.

Peter F. Copeland - Southwest ​Indians
Forty ​detailed, carefully researched illustrations depict Native Americans from the 1840s to 1980s: Pima basket maker, Navajo medicine man and braves, Hopi pottery makers, Acoma woman baking bread, Pueblo flute player, modern Yuma woman and child, tribal drum makers of the Taos pueblo, Zuni turquoise driller, and more. Descriptive captions included.

Peter F. Copeland - Woodlands ​Indians
Carefully ​researched, finely rendered scenes depict over 4 centuries of tribal life, including views of Pequot and Massachusett hunters in the early 1600s, Ottawa warriors of the 17th and 19th centuries, an Iroquois woman pounding corn (1910), Mohawk construction workers (1970), and more. 41 illustrations with fact-filled captions.

Peter F. Copeland - A ​Soldier's Life in the Civil War
Well-researched ​coloring book dramatically captures the danger, hardships, tedium, and lighter moments in the life of a Civil War soldier. 45 realistically rendered illustrations depict new recruits saying good-bye to loved ones, trying on uniforms, spending a relaxed evening in camp, posing for a photographer, facing a cavalry attack, and much more.

Peter F. Copeland - Story ​of the California Gold Rush
In ​January 1848 at Sutter's Mill, California, a carpenter named James Marshall found several nuggets of gold, the largest of which weighed over a quarter of an ounce. The news quickly reached San Francisco and by March, the great California Gold Rush was on! Boom towns and miner's camps sprang up across the state as fortune-hunters from all over the world came to try their luck. Now the excitement and rags-to-riches glamour of the Gold Rush era has been captured in this treasury of accurate, carefully researched drawings. Colorists of all ages are invited to re-create the great adventure by coloring more than 40 authentic detailed scenes: California mountain men, Sutter's Mill in 1848, old San Francisco, prospectors panning for gold, Saturday night in a mining camp, portrait of a forty-niner, and other vivid tableaux. Includes an Introduction and informative captions replete with background information for each true-to-life scene.

Peter F. Copeland - Southeast ​Indians
Thirty-nine ​carefully researched, excellently rendered illustrations depict ancient burial platforms, the funeral of a Choctaw chief, Natchez warriors of 1758, Seminole women preparing a meal, Chickasaw warriors serving the Confederacy (1862), a modern Mikawuki Seminole alligator wrestler and more.

Peter F. Copeland - Indian ​Tribes of North America
Thirty-eight ​carefully researched, accurate illustrations of Seminoles, Mohawk, Iroquois, Crow, Cherokee, Huron, other tribes engaged in hunting, dancing, cooking, other activities. Includes illustrations and information on authentic costumes, dwellings, weapons, and more. Introduction. Captions.

Peter F. Copeland - The ​Titanic
On ​the night of April 14, 1912, while passengers aboard the Titanic were enjoying the luxurious accommodations of the White Star fleet's newest ocean liner, the ship struck an iceberg off the coast of Newfoundland. Described as "unsinkable," the largest and most elegant ocean vessel of the period quickly sank in the early morning hours on April 15 with the loss of more than 1.500 lives. This exciting coloring book dramatically re-creates events leading up to and including the monumental tragedy. Twenty-nine realistic drawings, accompanied by fact-filled captions, depict the Titanic docked in Southhampton, England; the ship's captain and officers on the bridge; passengers dining and strolling on deck; the ship striking the iceberg; survivors huddled in lifeboats; and more.

Peter F. Copeland - Early ​American Crafts and Occupations
Travel ​back in time over 300 years for an authentic glimpse of typical occupations practiced in colonial America from the mid-17th to the late 18th century. Includes 40 illustrations of textile dyers, furniture makers, cannon founders, a herdsman, a potter, a ship carver, the town crier, and more. Informative captions.

Peter F. Copeland - The ​Story of Christopher Columbus
Here's ​a fun way to make history come alive — a coloring book that portrays the most famous of all voyages, the thrilling discovery of America. With 41 superb drawings, colorists can follow Italian navigator Christopher Columbus and his crew from the time they set sail from Spain in 1492 through their arrival in the New World. Captions explain interesting details, such as life aboard ship, storms at sea, customs of Native Americans, being honored by Spanish monarchs, and much more.

Peter F. Copeland - American ​Sailing Ships
Forty-five ​magnificent ready-to-color illustrations depict vessels ranging from small, shallow-draft topsail schooners of Colonial times and early sail-and-steam powered ships to modern reconstructions of classic 17th-century vessels. Includes the privateer frigate Bethel (1748), a colonial sloop (1760), the U.S.S. Constitution, the paddle steamer Savannah (1819), the clipper ship Helena (1849), a Nantucket whaler (1850), and more.

Peter F. Copeland - American ​Presidents
From ​George Washington to Barack Obama, this fact-filled coloring book chronicles the history of all 44 US Presidents. Each Chief Executive is depicted in an image drawn from real life, and most portraits feature backgrounds that reflect significant events from the president's administration. Every illustration includes a detailed caption, making this book a practical reference as well as a source of coloring fun.