Calia Read könyvei a rukkolán

Calia Read - Every ​Which Way
Severine ​Blake has seen far too many friends taken down in the crossfires of dating. She devises a precise course of action to protect her heart. The plan is working very well...until she meets Thayer and Macsen. When the Sloan brothers come into her life, nothing is the same. Thayer is self-possessed, arrogant and used to getting what he wants. Being near him leaves Severine unsteady and shaken. He makes her question everything. Macsen contradicts his brother in every way. His calm personality captivates her. Severine is drawn to him instantly. But Severine quickly discovers that when you want something, that want can turn wicked. Giving in is not always easy, especially when your heart refuses to give up the fight. What little illusion of love Severine has is soon destroyed. Every option is broken, and the protection she has built around her heart instantly crumbles. There's just no right way with the Sloan brothers.

Calia Read - Unhinge
They ​say my name is Victoria. They say I'm twenty-seven. They say I've been in this psych ward for over a year. They say my husband is dead, and that my daughter is too. But. Wes visits me almost every night, and I hold my daughter every day. They say, they say, they say... I say, it's time to untangle the past, and uncover the truth.

Calia Read - Unravel
Six ​months ago, I was happy. I was simply Naomi Carradine. One month ago, I was admitted into a psych ward. Yesterday, Lachlan visited me. Kissed me. And told me that I’m starting to lose my mind. Hours later, Max haunted my thoughts, reminding me I’m not crazy and that he needs my help. A few minutes ago, I drifted further from reality, trying to unravel the past. And now...everyone thinks I’m insane. But, I know he's real, and I know he needs me. Do you believe me?

Calia Read - The ​Surviving Trace
Will ​is my fiancé. The shy man I met years ago in college. The person I’m supposed to spend the rest of my life with. This is the life I’ve always wanted until finding a picture of four men changes everything… Étienne says he’s my husband and the year is 1912. He can’t stand the sight of me, but I don’t know why. Oh, and he’s one of the men from the picture. I’ve done the impossible and have become trapped in time and I know Étienne is my key to going home. The more time I spend with Étienne, the further I fall for him until I’m questioning which time I belong in and if the life I left behind is the one I truly desire. All I know for certain is I need to survive time. I need to survive love. And I need to make it out on the other side alive.

Calia Read - Breaking ​the Wrong
Emilia ​Wentworth would do anything for her sister. For three years, Emilia has lived in the past, feeling her sister's pain and hating those who are to blame, including one of the Sloan brothers. Finally, she has had enough. The only way to be free is to create a Burn List with all the people who have ever hurt her sister. As she crosses each name off, she gets closer and closer to her final target. But, things aren't always as they seem. Loyalties are tested. Boundaries are crossed. And the truth is revealed.

Calia Read - The ​Reigning and the Rule
Étienne ​Lacroix and I had a fire I thought would never die. Our love was timeless. An irreversible decision sent me back to the present day with a family I barely recognize, but I am determined to find a way back to Étienne. I can survive time. But I can’t survive life without him. Time bends to no one’s demands, so I must fight with everything I have to return to the past. However, I am terrified that the past I once knew might not look the same, and the man who once called me his surviving trace will no longer be waiting for me. Time bends to no one’s demands but sometimes love does…

Calia Read - Echoes ​of Time
For ​Etienne and me, our love has always left a trace. It reigns over kingdoms, and rules over time. With Etienne now in the present day, the echoes of time grow louder. We must face the answers we seek to set things right. However, we must be incredibly careful. One false move and everything we love will be destroyed. And this time, could be the end of our surviving trace. Echoes of Time is the epic finale in The Surviving Time Series.

Calia Read - Ruin ​You Completely
I ​met Mathias Sloan in a club. Truth. I told him I was twenty-four. Lie. I told him my name was Olivia. Lie. I thought that I would have a one-night stand and be done with him. Truth. I didn’t know that he was my new piano instructor for the next six months… Truth. We would come together and fall apart. After him, every man was ruined. Truth. If I knew what I know now, I wouldn’t have walked to him. I would’ve turned and run… LIE.

Calia Read - Figure ​Eight
Dear ​Selah, Do you remember me? Of course you don’t. So I’m going to give you a refresher course. I’ve known you for years and years. We used to have beautiful conversations. There was no one that knew you better than me. We were handmade for each other. Lately, it’s become achingly obvious you’re miserable. You’ve moved back home to take care of your ailing mother. You’ve been looking for a new job, but that’s not going well. Admit it: it’s all too much. Everyone around you sees your suffering, but they’re not willing to help you. Everyone but Jackson. He comes into your life at the perfect moment and offers you everything you could want: a shoulder to lean on, love, and most importantly, hope. But there’s no one that can compare to me. You seem to forget that I’m your figure 8. Your infinity. You try to run, but I will always find you. Yours Truly, Figure 8

Calia Read - King ​of the South
The ​year is 1919, and the Great War has ended. As everyone picks up the pieces of their lives, I have only copious amounts of alcohol and women keeping me together. Most of the men I went to war with didn’t make it home, including my best friend, Miles. I thought I knew everything about him until I discovered he made me the executor to his little sister Rainey’s dowry. Rainey Pleasonton is anything but pleasant. Most men in Charleston found her wild and carefree ways to be terrifying, which explained why she was twenty-eight and still unmarried. I have sixty days to help her find a husband before she loses her inheritance, her family’s legacy, and I lose the last of my sanity. The only problem is, I’ve watched her go from a little girl who chased us around with a bow and arrow to the only woman in the South immune to my charm. And the men who were once scared of Rainey? They now find my le savauge beguiling, and I do not care for it one bit …

Calia Read - Elborulva
Azt ​mondják, Victoriának hívnak. Azt mondják, huszonhét éves vagyok. Azt mondják, hat hónapja vagyok a Fairfaxben. Azt mondják, a férjem meghalt, és nincs gyerekem. De hát Wes szinte minden éjjel meglátogat, és Evelynt egész nap a karomban tartom. Azt mondják… azt mondják… azt mondják… Én meg azt mondom, itt az ideje, hogy kibogozzam a múltamat és kiderítsem az igazságot. A nagy sikert aratott Szétcsúszva című regény szerzője, Calia Read ismét a Fairfax egyik lakójának történetét meséli el, a tőle megszokott, rejtélyekkel és feszültséggel teli módon. És a végén itt sem marad el a hihetetlen, mindenre magyarázatot adó fordulat. Önálló regényként is olvasható.

Calia Read - Szétcsúszva
Naomi ​Carradine vagyok. Hat hónapja még boldog voltam. Egy hónapja diliházba zártak. Tegnap Lachlan meglátogatott. Megcsókolt. És azt mondta, kezd elmenni az eszem. Órákkal később Max belopózott a gondolataimba. Emlékeztetett arra, hogy nem vagyok őrült, és hogy szüksége van a segítségemre. Néhány perce, amikor próbáltam összerakni a múltamat, még távolabb sodródtam a valóságtól. És most… mindenki azt hiszi, megbolondultam. De tudom, hogy ő létezik, és kellek neki. Te hiszel nekem?