Pelaam könyvei a rukkolán

Pelaam - Becomes ​the Rose
A ​simple hiking trip takes a sinister turn when Tarin is left alone and stranded. He thinks his luck has changed when he stumbles across an idyllic hamlet nestling between the forest and mountains. He also thinks he may have met the man of his dreams in the handsome and enigmatic Boyce. However, dreams become nightmares when Tarin discovers this is no idyll. Instead it is home to a cursed community where no one is what they seem and the only reward for an innocent like him is death. Is Tarin's attraction to Boyce as innocent as it seems? What chance can there be for love when faced by a century-old curse born of hate?

Pelaam - The ​Nobleman and the Knave
Timon's ​comfortable life is turned upside down when he rescues a young slave destined to be a rich man's toy. He uncovers a world he never dreamed existed. Worse still, at its blackened heart, is his own sister's fiance, the dark and dangerous Sir Jocelyn. Timon promises the slave, Agapito, that he will return the young man to his home and family. However, fulfilling that promise is jeopardized when Sir Jocelyn becomes an adversary.