Jan Sovak könyvei a rukkolán

Jan Sovak - Prehistoric ​Mammals
Forty-one ​highly detailed, accurately rendered illustrations of ancient animals include the Megistoterium, one of the largest flesh-eating mammals that ever lived; the Smilodon, largest of saber-toothed tigers; the giraffe-like Indricotherium that browsed on treetops, and many more — all royalty-free. Captions.

Jan Sovak - Prehistoric ​Man
What ​were prehistoric people really like? How did they live? What animals did they hunt? Noted nature illustrator Jan Sovak provides some clues about these early humans. 29 ready-to-color scenes depict young Neanderthals on a hunt, burial of the dead, Cro-Magnon people hunting mammoths, cave paintings, Cro-Magnon weapons and jewelry, the use of dugouts and canoes for fishing, the role of the clan's shaman (medicine man), and other images based on archeological evidence. Captions included.