Carlo Demand könyvei a rukkolán

Carlo Demand - Airplanes ​of the Second World War
Forty-six ​accurate, authentic renderings of fighters, bombers, transports, etc. Includes "Enola Gay," Japanese Zero, British Spitfire, German Komet jet fighter, many others. Captions include detailed coloring information, military role and affiliation of plane, manufacturer, other data. All illustrations copyright-free. 13 planes in color on covers.

Carlo Demand - Classic ​Racing Cars of the World
Nine ​full-color images of classic racers range from the 1901 Panhard, 1902 Renault, and 1914 Delange to 1934's Alfa Romeo P3 and Mercedes W25, 1952 Agajanian Special, 1957 Vanwall, and Cooper-Climax models of 1958 and 1959. Each car features a driver wearing the historically accurate racing garb of the era.

Carlo Demand - Airplanes ​of World War I
Forty-three ​remarkable aircraft from the Great War rendered for coloring. Features authentic, accurate drawings of the Red Barron's Fokker Triplane, Rickenbacker's Nieuport, the Sopwith Camel, Spad S. XIII, and others. Detailed captions include a variety of important information on each plane, including details about design, history, coloring scheme, and more.