David Rickman könyvei a rukkolán

E. Lisle Reedstrom - Peter F. Copeland - David Rickman - Big ​Book of the Old West to Color
A ​big book of coloring fun, packed with cowboys, desperados, prospectors, and pioneers! Saddle up and take a trip back to the days of the Wild West with this giant coloring book. Packed with captivating details of frontier life, it features 118 full-page illustrations of dramatic historical events — building the railroad, crossing the prairie, battling outlaws — plus portraits of explorers, bandits, lawmen, and other real-life characters from an adventurous era. Scenes from pioneer life include a wagon train fending off an Indian attack, workmen erecting the first transcontinental telegraph lines, and prospectors trying their luck amid the Rockies. From Belle Starr and Billy the Kid to Wyatt Earp and Wild Bill Hickock, a colorful gallery of famous faces includes personalities on both sides of the law. Richly detailed, authentic depictions of cowboy life chronicle the exhausting and exhilarating business of bull riding, roping, branding, and trail driving. Each illustration appears with an informative caption.

David Rickman - Plains ​Indians
Forty ​carefully researched, accurately rendered line drawings — ready to be colored — depict the traditional costume and culture of the Plains Indians, including the Apache, Pawnee, Crow, Blackfoot, Cree, and many others as they actually existed from the mid-17th through the early 20th centuries. Full captions. Introduction. 4 illustrations in color on covers.

David Rickman - Northwest ​Coast Indians
Museum ​curator and noted illustrator recaptures the rich, lost culture of Northwest Coast Indians in 33 meticulously-researched, ready-to-color line drawings. Depicts traditional lifestyles, costumes of the Nootka, Chinook, Kwakiutl, and other tribes from late 18th- to early 20th centuries. Full captions. Introduction. 4 illustrations in color on covers.