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Simon Spurrier - Marvel ​Zombies: Battleworld
Elsa ​Bloodstone is stationed on the Shield, burdened with the Sisyphean task of keeping the zombie hordes from rampaging through Battleworld. In those moments where she's not enrapt in the throes of battle, she meditates on her deceased father...how everything he taught her gave her the means to fi ght the zombies, but all the love he didn't give her is what motivated the self-destructive actions that landed her on the Wall in the fi rst place. But when she sees a human child caught in the middle of the zombieverse, she'll muster every ounce of determination she has to throw herself into the zombie horde to rescue the girl. And once she fi nds her, she's going to have to fight her way back out... COLLECTING: MARVEL ZOMBIES (2015), MARVEL ZOMBIES (2006) 1

Simon Spurrier - Weavers
Great ​power comes at a price -- Loyalty to the family. In the aftermath of a gang-related attack, Sid Thyme becomes an unlikely new addition to the Weavers, a brutal East Coast crime family. Members of this syndicate are bound to loyalty thanks to the supernatural spiders inside each of them, granting powerful and grotesque abilities. Once he realizes what he’s capable of, Sid sets out to uncover the truth behind the mysterious attack. But he doesn’t have much time—the longer the spider is inside him, the more loyal Sid becomes to the Weavers and the harder it will be to escape their web of violence and crime. Written by Simon Spurrier (The Spire, X-Men: Legacy) and illustrated by Dylan Burnett (Interceptor), Weavers is a twisted blend of Lovecraftian horrors and mafia family drama that explores the unnerving effects of power and addiction.

Simon Spurrier - Silver ​Surfer: In Thy Name
The ​Silver Surfer delves alone into the furthest depths of the void - tangling with organ-stealing pirates, demonic beasts, and a race of alien aristocrats. Everyone's favorite Cosmic Wanderer discovers that even in the midst of a galactic utopia, horror is never far away. Featuring electrifying artwork by the dynamic Tan Eng Huat (Doom Patrol, Batman) and an endlessly inventive script by Simon Spurrier - the writer behind the sold-out Gutsville! Collects Silver Surfer: In Thy Name #1-4.

Simon Spurrier - Godshaper
Ennay ​is a man without a god. Bud is a god without a human. Together, they might just survive. In 1958, the laws of physics stopped working: ignition, electricity, and combustion. But an alternative was provided, and people found themselves each accompanied by their own personal god, the new fuel and currency of the world. Varying in shape, size, and influence, these companion deities changed everything. Ennay, however, was born without a god and he's not alone. Men and women like him are Godshapers, godless but with the ability to mold and shape the gods of others. Paired with Bud, a friendly god without a human, he goes on the road looking for food, shelter, and a paying gig. Despite their efforts to keep a low profile, Ennay and Bud stumble upon a mystery that will have lasting ramifications for god and man alike. Written by visionary author Simon Spurrier (The Spire, X-Men Legacy) and illustrated by breakout talent Jonas Goonface, Godshaper introduces a vast world teeming with bold ideas exploring ownership, freedom, and the pettiness of possession-both physical and spiritual.

Simon Spurrier - Six-Gun ​Gorilla
Lost ​in a lawless, post-apocalyptic other-world. Good thing your companion is a...Six-Gun Gorilla! Welcome to the Blister -- a bizarre other-world colonized by humans sometime in the 22nd century, which quickly became a hotly-contested source of fertile land and natural resources long ago exhausted on Earth. In this new frontier, a rogue gunslinger and his companion wander across a wilderness in the grips of a civil war, encountering lawlessness, natives, and perversions of civilization in a world at the crossroads between the past and the future. The fact that said gunslinger is a bio-surgically modified silverback gorilla toting a pair of enormous revolvers is neither here nor there.

Simon Spurrier - Jim ​Henson's The Power of the Dark Crystal 1.
An ​official sequel to Jim Henson’s cult classic fantasy film The Dark Crystal. Years have passed since the Dark Crystal was healed and peace was restored on Thra. Though Jen and Kira have ruled as King and Queen, they have become distracted by power. The planet is sick and those on the surface of Thra are not the only ones effected. A mysterious race of creatures called Firelings live in a realm near the planet’s core, hidden from the Gelfling and their kingdom. A young Fireling named Thurma is tasked with stealing a shard of the Crystal to restore power to her world. Along the way she’ll befriend the young Gelfling Kensho, conjure the Skeksis and Mystics, and embark on one incredible adventure. Written by Simon Spurrier (_The Spire_, _X-Men Legacy_) and lushly illustrated by Kelly and Nichole Matthews (_Toil & Trouble_), The Power of the Dark Crystal includes behind-the-scenes materials on the making of this sure to be classic tale of wonder.

Simon Spurrier - Coda ​3.
The ​final chapter in the critically-acclaimed "broken fantasy" series by Eisner-nominated creator Simon Spurrier (The Spire, Six-Gun Gorilla) and illustrator Matías Bergara (Supergirl, Cannibal). Hum is at rock bottom. His estranged wife has left him for good. He’s stuck in the middle of the harsh desert wastelands. And he’s even been abandoned by his mutant unicorn. But just as the world saw another tomorrow after the disastrous Quench...life goes on. Now, the former bard must discover for himself what it means to live -- to truly live -- in a broken fantasy. Written by Eisner Award-nominated author Simon Spurrier (Sandman Universe, The Spire) and beautifully illustrated by artist Matías Bergara (Supergirl, Cannibal), Coda Volume Three concludes the critically-acclaimed series that elevates the best of the dystopian fantasy genre into an engaging, emotional tale.

Simon Spurrier - A ​Serpent Uncoiled
A ​missing mobster. A bizarre spiritualist society. And three deaths, linked by a chilling forensic detail. Working as an enforcer in London's criminal underworld brought Dan Shaper to the edge of a breakdown. Now he's a private investigator, kept perilously afloat by a growing cocktail of drugs. He needs to straighten-up and rebuild his life, but instead gets the attention of his old gangland masters and a job-offer from Mr George Glass. The elderly eccentric claims to be a New Age Messiah, but now needs a saviour of his own. He's been marked for murder. Adrift amidst liars and thugs, Shaper must push his capsizing mind to its limits: stalked not only by a unique and terrifying killer, but by the ghosts of his own brutal past.

Simon Spurrier - Star ​Wars: Doktor Aphra 4. - A szabadulóművész
DOKTOR ​APHRA ISMÉT BÖRTÖNBE KERÜL – ÉS NAGY TERVEKET FONTOLGAT! Ez a képregénygyűjtemény a MARVEL Doktor Aphra sorozatának 20-25. számát foglalja magában. A kötetben található történeteket Si Spurrier írta, és Kev Walker rajzolta. Senki nem lepődik meg rajta, hogy a renegát régész már megint börtönben találja magát. Helyzetét tovább nehezíti egy kínos dilemma: robbanószerkezetet ültettek be a testébe, amely megöli őt – és csak akkor távolítják el, ha hajlandó a Birodalom ügynökeként harcolni a galaktikus háborúban. Természetesen erre a helyzetre is van terve, de nem számol egy fontos körülménnyel: a börtönállomás kísértetjárta hely. Doktor Aphra ezúttal valóban kilátástalan helyzetbe kerül, de a hírhedt archeológus még ezt is képes tovább rontani…

Simon Spurrier - Star ​Wars: Doktor Aphra 5. - Legrosszabb az egyenlők között
DOKTOR ​APHRA MENEKÜL A TÖRVÉNY ELŐL! Ez a képregénygyűjtemény a MARVEL Doktor Aphra sorozatának 26-30. számait foglalja magában a második éves különszámmal együtt. A kötetben található történeteket Simon Spurrier írta, és Emilio Laiso rajzolta. Menekülés közben Aphra egy ellenséges metropoliszba kerül, és mindössze tíz óra áll a rendelkezésére, hogy megtalálja a kiutat, mielőtt a torkába épített bomba felrobbanna. Mindeközben persze fejvadászok és őrült rendőrök loholnak a nyomában, a birodalmi hadigépezet legbrutálisabb alakulatairól nem is beszélve. S hogy ne legyen ennyire egyszerű a dörzsölt régész dolga: van egy társa is, akivel muszáj együttműködnie, ugyanis ha eltávolodnak egymástól, a bomba azonnal aktiválódik. Ez a vidám cimbora pedig nem más, mint Triplazéró, a szadista droid, aki leginkább Aphra halálára játszik... Lehet, hogy ezúttal tényleg itt a vég a hírhedt archeológus számára?

Simon Spurrier - X-Men ​Legacy (vol. 2) 2. - Invasive Exotics
Refusing ​Wolverine's offer to join the X-Men, David Haller must now decide how he will carry out his father's legacy. But upon venturing into the world on his own, will he be beckoned back to Westchester by his budding fascination with young X-Man Blindfold? And more importantly: how will their future together change the fate of mutantkind? Legion and Blindfold go on a date...to the moon! But when Legion reveals his ulterior motive for visiting the moon, will Blindfold leave him without a goodnight kiss? Plus: desperate to learn if the predictions of his destroying mutantkind are true, Legion makes a deal with the devil in his own mind to find answers. COLLECTING: X-Men Legacy 7-12

Simon Spurrier - Justice ​League (vol. 4) 7. - Galaxy of Terrors
The ​next chapter for DC Comics' premier team of superheroes is here! As writer Simon Spurrier jumps on board for the start of the tale "The Rule of War," it's close encounters...of a Justice League kind! After answering a distress signal from distant space, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, and Green Lantern discover an abandoned cargo ship full of young aliens! When the League attempts to return the children to their home planet, they are met with awe, terror, and war! Thus begins a new story line that will take the League to an unknown and war-torn planet, overrun with new species, a perilous mystery, and an otherworldly adversary. As the team faces off with different uncertainties and battles rogue factions, can the League save a population that hates and fears them? Or will it threaten any hope the Justice League has of returning home? Justice League: Galaxy of Terrors collects Justice League #48-52.

Simon Spurrier - Extermination ​2. - To Vaster Darkness
The ​pulse-pounding conclusion to the odd couple superhero alien invasion! Nox, a driven hero, and Red Reaper, a ruthless villain, form a volatile partnership in the wake of an apocalyptic alien invasion. The two arch-enemies have survived the attacks of the deadly EDDA, traversed the post-apocalyptic landscape of the U.S., and formed a rag-tag alliance of former heroes and villains. Now...they plan to strike back. Heroes will die... it’s just a matter of how many...

Simon Spurrier - Coda ​2.
A ​broken fantasy that’s equal parts Lord of the Rings and Mad Max, Coda is the next original series by Eisner-nominated creator Simon Spurrier (The Spire, Six-Gun Gorilla). Magic was once plentiful and prosperous across the realm—but ever since the Quench brought the world to its knees, magic has become the rarest of resources. Bandits strive for it. Knights die for it. And one antisocial former bard named Hum will ride his mutant unicorn to the ends of the earth for just a drop of it...as magic is the one thing that will save the soul of his wife. Written by Eisner Award-nominated author Simon Spurrier (Sandman Universe, The Spire) and lavishly illustrated by artist Matías Bergara (Supergirl, Cannibal), Coda Volume Two continues the critically-acclaimed dystopian fantasy series that explores the relentless hangover of life in the aftermath of apocalypse.

Matt Fraction - Scott Snyder - C. B. Cebulski - Becky Cloonan - James Asmus - Simon Spurrier - Tim Fish - Jim Barber - X-Men: ​Nation X
A ​mutnat nation has been created on UTOPIA, off the coast of California. But what does that mean to the X-Men? Magneto's return has stunned the X-Men, but that's not the only surprise they're in for as a herd of Predator X's come hungry for mutant tartar. The hits just keep on coming, but can the X-Men, still nursing their wounds from UTOPIA, deal with all this? What about when the island they call home begins to sink and Namor is the only one who can save the day? Plus: Jubilee returns to the X-Men, Gambit has trouble adjusting to life on Utopia, Northstar deals with the distance that island living necessitates and No-Girl has to save all the X-Men from a foe living right under their noses, Magik has banished Anole to Limbo, but why? COLLECTING: Uncanny X-Men #515-522, Dark Reign: The List - X-Men, Nation X #1-4

Simon Spurrier - Way ​of X
Way ​Of X (2021) 1-5 On Krakoa, mutantkind has built a new Eden…but there are serpents in this garden. Some mutants struggle to fit in. Some mutants turn to violence and death. And the children whisper of the Patchwork Man, singing in their hearts. Only one mutant senses the looming shadows. Snared by questions of death, law and love, only Nightcrawler can fight for the soul of Krakoa. Only he — and the curious crew he assembles — can help mutants defeat their inner darkness…and find a new way to live! But the malevolent force hiding within Krakoa has begun to show its true form, and answers are hidden…within the Mindscape! One of the world’s most dangerous mutants is reborn as Si Spurrier and Bob Quinn push the frontiers of Krakoa in an unmissable entry in the unfolding Reign of X!

Simon Spurrier - Extermination ​1. - The Last and Dreadful Hour
A ​superhero survival story that boldly explores the dark crevices of an entire genre. WE LOST. THEY WON. In the wake of an apocalyptic alien invasion, the world’s greatest super-heroes and deadliest super-villains must form an alliance to prevent their own extermination. Two arch-enemies, Nox, a driven hero, and Red Reaper, a ruthless villain, form a volatile partnership for the greater good. The enemy of your enemy is your friend — but will they be able to ultimately put aside their bitter past to prevent global genocide? What happens when all the battle lines are redrawn and foes become unlikely allies in a desperate war for the fate of the very planet — and the outcome of a species?

Simon Spurrier - The ​Dreaming 1. - Pathways and Emanations
One ​of four books expanding Neil Gaiman's acclaimed Sandman Universe. There is a place where gods are born and stories are spun. Today its walls lie slashed and bleeding. Twenty-three years after he was anointed as its master, the lord of dreams has inexplicably abandoned his domain. Lord Daniel's absence triggers a series of crimes and calamities that consume the lives of those already tangled in his fate. Until he is found, his realm's residents must protect its broken borders alone. But the most senior storytellers are tormented by invasive secrets, the warden Lucien is doubting his own mind, and beyond the gates, something horrific awaits with tooth and talon. Only Dora, the monstrous, finds opportunity in madness, stealing dreams for the highest bidder. But she has no idea how deep the danger lies. Meanwhile, in Daniel's gallery, something new is growing... Written by fan-favorite author Si Spurrier (Motherlands, Suicide Squad) with breathtaking art by standout artist Bilquis Evely (Batman, Wonder Woman). The first book in The Sandman Universe kicks off with fireworks as The Dreaming literally tears itself apart! The Sandman Universe is a new series of books curated by Neil Gaiman for DC Vertigo. Conjuring epic storytelling and immersing readers into the evolving world of the Dreaming, The Sandman Universe begins anew with four new ongoing series, existing in a shared universe, building upon Gaiman's New York Times best-selling series that lyrically weaved together stories of dreams and magic. Collects The Dreaming #1-6 and Sandman Universe Special #1 (less)

Simon Spurrier - The ​Spire
Visit ​the strange and fantastic world of The Spire, where an inexplicable murder has turned an impossible tower of a city upside down. The Spire is a mountain of metal and stone, a vast city that rises out of the middle of the radioactive desert. Filled with twisting tunnels, grinding elevators, and ancient machinery, it is home to over a million human and non-human residents. Sha, the last of the species known as the Medusi, is responsible for keeping the hodgepodge of forgotten technology and new biology safe as Commander of the City Watch. But when a string of grisly murders are committed just as a new Baroness of the Spire is about to be sworn in, Sha will have to find the killer and bring that individual to justice. With the new Baroness housing a deep hatred of non-humans, Sha will have more than one enemy at her back as a mystery buried in the history of the Spire unravels around her.

Greg Pak - Simon Spurrier - Star ​Wars: A Felkelés kora - Gonosztevők
AZ ​EREDETI STAR WARS TRILÓGIA HŐSEI VISSZATÉRNEK! Ez a képregénygyűjtemény a MARVEL A Felkelés kora című sorozatának részeit foglalja magában. A követben található történeteket Greg Pak írta, és számos kiváló művész rajzolta. Nincs a galaxisban rettegettebb fejvadász, mint Boba Fett, aki kíméletlenül lecsap a prédára, és mindig begyűjti a vérdíjat – vajon miféle szív doboghat az ikonikus páncél alatt? Darth Vader a Birodalom legfélelmetesebb harcosa, mégis el kell viselnie, hogy egy moff parancsoljon neki – vajon meddig tűri ezt a Sith sötét nagyura? Miként tett szert Jabba, a hutt legendás hírnevére, és hogy építette fel galaxist behálózó bűnszervezetét? Fellebben a fátyol Tarkin nagymoff múltjáról – vajon milyen sötét titkokat őriz a Halálcsillag parancsnoka?

Kieron Gillen - Simon Spurrier - Star ​Wars: Doktor Aphra 3. - Újratöltve
A ​RENEGÁT RÉGÉSZT EGYSZERRE ÜLDÖZI A FELKELŐK SZÖVETSÉGE ÉS A BIRODALOM! Ez a képregénygyűjtemény a MARVEL Doktor Aphra sorozatának 14-19. számát foglalja magában. A kötetben található történeteket Kieron Gillen és Simon Spurrier írta, és Emilio Laiso rajzolta. Kedvenc régészünket egykori droidja, Triplazéró zsarolással arra kényszeríti, hogy az általa vezetett bűnszindikátus számára dolgozzon. Doktor Aphra kelepcébe kerül, de így is rengeteg lehetőséget talál rá, hogy széltében-hosszában felforgassa a galaxist, és rengeteg galibát okozzon. Ám egy alkalommal komoly bajba kerül: be kell szivárognia a Felkelők Szövetségének egyik titkos támaszpontjára, amelynek Hera Syndulla a parancsnoka. Nem elég, hogy a tábornok hajszát indít utána, feltűnik régi ellensége is: Tolvan százados, a Birodalom tisztje, aki bosszút esküdött ellene. Doktor Aphra híres róla, hogy mindig kijátssza az ellenfeleit – de lehet, hogy ez alkalommal ő marad alul!

Simon Spurrier - X-Men ​Legacy (vol. 2) 4. - For We Are Many
It's ​the climactic story this series has been building to, guest-starring the allies Legion has made along the way...and not all of them will emerge unscathed! One of Legion's most troublesome personalities threatens to annihilate an alien species, and S.W.O.R.D. director Abigail Brand is on the case - but will she be able to work with David to solve this extraterrestrial conundrum? Legion prepares for a final showdown with the monster in his mind that wears his deceased father's face...but the demonic Professor X has escaped into the real world. What price will Legion pay to stop him from razing the Earth? And, prophesied to stop Legion, will Young X-Man Blindfold take matters into her own hands and extinguish her first love? One thing's for sure: as this groundbreaking series concludes, anything is possible! COLLECTING: X-MEN LEGACY 19-24

Simon Spurrier - Phillip Kennedy Johnson - Jim ​Henson's The Power of the Dark Crystal 2.
Volume ​2 of the official sequel to Jim Henson’s cult classic fantasy film _The Dark Crystal_. Jen and Kira’s greatest fear has been realized as the Crystal is broken once more. The evil Skeksis have returned, eager to regain their cruel dominance over the world. But as the Gelfling and Skeksis battle for control of the Crystal Castle, Jen pursues those responsible for breaking the Crystal. On their own and on the run, Thurma and Kensho must stick together as they journey across the wildlands of Thra if they are to make it to the Fireling home deep beneath the planet’s surface. While they come across faces new and old on their quest, they are unaware of the threat following their trail: The Chamberlain. Written by Simon Spurrier (The Spire, X-Men Legacy) and Phillip Kennedy Johnson (Warlords of Appalachia) and lushly illustrated by Kelly and Nichole Matthews (Toil & Trouble), The Power of the Dark Crystal continues the bestselling sequel to one of Jim Henson’s most revered creations.

Simon Spurrier - X-Men ​Legacy: Legion Omnibus
Legion ​is the most powerful and unstable mutant in the world, and prodigal son to Professor Charles Xavier. But in the aftermath of his father's tragic death, David Haller will fi nally attempt to tame his fractured mind, conquer his inner demons and embrace his legacy! But first Legion will have to overcome two new villains -one lurking within his own psyche, and the other hiding among the X-Men! He'll turn down an invitation to join the team, but the young mutant Blindfold will catch his eye! Will their uncanny romance change the fate of mutantkind? COLLECTING: X-MEN LEGACY 1-24

Simon Spurrier - Star ​Wars: Doctor Aphra 7. - A Rogue's End
After ​all she's been through, professional disaster zone DOCTOR APHRA is right back where she started: working for DARTH VADER. What villainous use has the dark lord found for her to make him spare the life of his most annoying foe...? And how long does she have to try to slither out of harm's way before he decides to finish what he started three years ago...? COLLECTING: STAR WARS: DOCTOR APHRA 37-40, STAR WARS: DOCTOR APHRA ANNUAL 3

Greg Pak - Charles Soule - Ethan Sacks - Simon Spurrier - Star ​Wars 13. - A lázadók végzete
A ​REMÉNY KORSZAKA VÉGET ÉR... Ez a képregénygyűjtemény a MARVEL Star Wars sorozatának 73-75. számait foglalja magában, ráadásként pedig _A Birodalom győzelemre tör_ című minisorozatot is tartalmazza. A kötetben található történeteket Greg Pak írta és Phil Noto rajzolta. Lázadók és zsiványok népesítik be a képregény oldalait, melyeken történetünk lassan a végéhez közeledik. A Felkelők Szövetségének hősei merész küldetésekre indultak, hogy zavart keltsenek birodalomszerte. De ki az a Dar Champion, és mennyire bízhat meg benne Leia hercegnő, amikor Han Solo élete a tét? Milyen megrázó élményben lesz része Luke Skywalkernek, amikor Warba végül felfedi valódi kilétét? Képes lesz C-3PO meghozni a végső áldozatot, amikor lehetetlen döntés elé kerül? Csubakka vajon állni fogja a sarat a Darth Vaderrel szembeni ádáz közelharc során? A Felkelés új otthont keres – egy bázist, amely biztonságos távolságban van a Birodalomtól –, az út pedig a Hoth bolygóhoz vezet... A renegát régész, doktor Aphra, és a kiborg fejvadász, Beilert Valance is feltűnik a színen, miközben a Felkelés sorsa eldőlni látszik… a Birodalom pedig győzelemre tör!

Simon Spurrier - Star ​Wars: Doctor Aphra 5. - Worst Among Equals
Doctor ​Aphra - worst among equals! On the run from the law in a massive alien metropolis, Aphra has ten hours to cross the hostile megacity before the bomb implanted in her throat explodes. And don't forget the pack of bounty hunters and crazed cops that are on her tail. No big deal, right? But there's one more wrinkle - Aphra can't stray more than a few paces from her companion without activating the bomb's proximity alert and blowing both of them up. And that companion is Triple-Zero, a sadistic murderous droid who's more interested in Aphra's death than in playing nice... Tune in for a brand-new manic misadventure starring the galaxy's foremost amoral archaeologist!

Simon Spurrier - Phillip Kennedy Johnson - Jim ​Henson's The Power of the Dark Crystal 3.
Volume ​3 of an official sequel to Jim Henson’s cult classic fantasy film The Dark Crystal. After the arduous journey across the strange lands of Thra, Thurma has returned to her homeworld of Mithra. Just as when she began her journey, she is now alone, having betrayed her only ally. But as Thurma attempts to cast aside her guilt and affection for Kensho to complete her mission, the two are reunited. Kensho has not given up hope that their worlds might both be saved. If Thra and Mithra are to coexist, these unlikely heroes will have to reconcile their differences and uncover the secret that connects their two worlds. Written by Simon Spurrier (_The Spire_, _X-Men Legacy_) and Phillip Kennedy Johnson (_Aquaman_, _Warlords of Appalachia_) and lushly illustrated by Kelly and Nichole Matthews (_Toil & Trouble_), _The Power of the Dark Crystal Volume 3_ concludes Kensho and Thurma’s journey to the uncharted realm of Mithra.

Simon Spurrier - Numbercruncher
Dying ​young, a brilliant Mathematician enters the afterlife and discovers a way to cheat the terrifying Divine Calculator. He schemes to be endlessly reincarnated within the lifespan of the woman he loves, no matter how often the violent bailiffs of the Karmic Accountancy cut-short each life. It falls to one such agent - the surly Bastard Zane - to put a stop to the time-twisting romance!

Simon Spurrier - Dan Jackson - Jim Henson - Jim ​Henson's Labyrinth: Coronation 2.
The ​untold origin of the Goblin King from Jim Henson's cult-classic film, Labyrinth. As the clock ticks ever closer to the thirteenth hour, Maria struggles through the canals of the Labyrinth alongside her peculiar band of companions, wishing desperately to be reunited with her son. While she may be no closer to the Owl King's castle, Maria begins to uncover the secrets of the Labyrinth and her own power within the walls of this magical domain. But from deep in the shadows, the Owl King watches her every move, plotting and waiting to bring her demise by any means necessary. Written by Simon Spurrier (Jim Henson's The Power of the Dark Crystal) and Ryan Ferrier (Kong on the Planet of the Apes) and illustrated by Daniel Bayliss (Jim Henson's The Storyteller: Dragons) and Irene Flores (Heavy Vinyl), Labyrinth: Coronation Volume Two continues the bestselling prequel to one of Jim Henson's most iconic creations.

Simon Spurrier - Star ​Wars: Doctor Aphra 6. - Unspeakable Rebel Superweapon
After ​a year of close shaves, Doctor Chelli Aphra is taking it easy and lying low. Probably herding banthas or something. She's smart like that, right? No, not really. The galaxy's shadiest archaeologist is back doing what she does best: busting into alien temples to steal horrifying weapons for huge profit. She just can't stop herself. But plenty of other people could. Powerful factions are watching closely: Rebel and Empire, familiar and strange - all calculating whether Aphra's more useful alive...or dead.

Simon Spurrier - John ​Constantine, Hellblazer 2. - The Best Version of You
His ​own worst enemy... All across England, strange magical occurences are adding up to a bigger picture but who's behind it and what's their game? Someone's been going around seeding chaos and wild beasts into the everyday life of the United Kingdom. From the waters of the English Channel to the queen's own personal stables, monstrous births that should not be possible are accelerating. John Constantine can't help but notice that right at the center of these events is some outcropping or another of Britain's worst impulses. But why? Why is he being driven directly toward each one of these events by some unseen hand? And why is the architect of all this madness wearing John's own face? DC's most beloved bastard magician faces a final reckoning with the darkness lurking in both his own heart and his nation's in one of the most critically acclaimed series of 2020 brought to you by the creative team of Simon Spurrier, Aaron Campbell, Matias Bergara, and Jordie Bellaire. Collects John Constantine: Hellblazer #7-12.