Stephen Cartwright könyvei a rukkolán

Christopher Rawson - Stephen Cartwright - Repülünk
Ez ​a könyv mindent elmond a repülésről, ami a gyerekeket érdekelheti. Fejezetei sorra bemutatják az első repülőgépeket, léggömböket, léghajókat, bolondos és óriási repülőgépeket, helikoptereket, rakétákat, űrhajókat, űrrepülőgépeket, a sárkányrepülést és a repülőtereket. A könyv végén repüléstörténeti kislexikon is található.

Phil Roxbee Cox - Stephen Cartwright - Fat ​cat on a mat and other tales
A ​collection of twelve lively stories ideal for the very young with regular, repeated word sounds that are hugely appealing to children learning their first words. Very simple text encourages reading, helping children to sound out individual letters, then blend them together to make whole words. Contains a listen-along CD that brings the stories to life with charming readings.

Anne Civardi - Stephen Cartwright - Moving ​House
This ​delightful series introduces very young children, in an amusing and friendly way, to situations they might find themselves in for the firts time. A different family in each of the books discovers how to deal with these situations and what expect of them. The colorful illustrations are packed with interesting and informative things for children to look for, talk about and learn about. And the simple vocabulary will enable slightly older childre to read the books for themselves. The titles in the series are: Going to school, Moving house, The new baby, Going to the hospital, Going to a party, Going to the dentist, Going on a plane, The new puppy, Going to the doctor.

Heather Amery - Stephen Cartwright - Az ​első ezer szó németül
Ez ​a könyv, azoknak a gyerekeknek készült, akik most ismerkednek a német nyelvvel.A lapszéli kis képek az alájuk írt jelentéssel együtt megkönnyítik a szótanulást, a nagyobb belső rajzok nézegetése közben pedig játszva felidéződnek, majd később rögzülnek a szavak.

Anne Civardi - Stephen Cartwright - The ​Usborne Book of Things People Do
The ​Usborne Book of Things People Do is an entertaining book is all about the work people do in different sorts of jobs. Set on an imaginary island called Banilla, it introduces a crowd of interesting people and shows some of the events that happen in their daily lives. Banilla is not a big island there there is a hospital, an airport, schools, a hotel, restaurants, shops, farms, parks, a theater, a bank, a fire station as well as a police station. In this Usborne Book of Things People Do, you will get to know the residents and what they do. You will also learn a little about how they do what they do. For example, you will learn about building a house by following what Manuel Laber, the Builder, did when he and his crew were building a new house for Mayor Naze. This book is very cute and colorful with lots of cute illustrations.