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Angela Carter - Kínkamra és más történetek
Ehhez a könyvhöz nincs fülszöveg, de ettől függetlenül még rukkolható/happolható.

Angela Carter - Unicorn
a) ​The Unicorn As with the night-scented stock, the full splendour of the unicorn manifests itself most potently at twilight. Then the horn sprouts, swells, blooms in all its glory. SEE THE HORN (bend the tab, slit in slot marked 'x') Despite being one of the most influential - and best-loved - of the post-war English writers, Angela Carter remains little-known as a poet. In Unicorn, the critic and historian Rosemary Hill collects together her published verse from 1963-1971, a period in which Carter began to explore the themes that dominated her later work: magic, the reworking of myths and their darker sides, and the overturning of literary and social conventions. With imagery at times startling in its violence and disconcerting in its presentation of sexuality, Unicorn provides compelling insight into the formation of a remarkable imagination. In the essay that accompanies the poems the critic and historian Rosemary Hill considers them in the context of Carter's other work and as an aspect of the 1960s, the decade which as Carter put it 'wasn't like they say in the movies'.

Angela Carter - Burning ​Your Boats
As ​well as her novels, Angela Carter published four wonderful collections of short stories during her lifetime, and cintributed to several anthologies. In _Burning Your Boats_ all her stories are gathered together in one essential, darkly erotic collection.

Angela Carter - Shaking ​a Leg
One ​of contemporary literature's most original and affecting novel and short story writers, Angela Carter also wrote brilliant nonfiction. Shaking a Leg comprises the best of her essays and criticism, much of it collected for the first time. Carter's acute observations are spiked with her pungent honesty, her devastating wit, her penchant for mockery, and her passion for the absurd. Whether discussing films or food, feminism or fantasy, science fiction or sex, Carter consistently explores new territories and overturns old ideas.From her hilarious deconstruction of Gone With the Wind and a delightfully wicked description of a Japanese fertility festival to enchanting accounts of her early childhood adventures or the irreverent reevaluations of D. H. Lawrence, H. P. Lovecraft, and Elizabeth David, this marvelous companion to Burning Your Boats, which collected Carter's short fiction, firmly places her among the most accomplished writers of this century. Exuberant, fierce, and dazzling, Shaking a Leg will satisfy her ever increasing legion of readers.

Angela Carter - Shadow ​Dance
Carter's ​heady first novel introduces one of her most enigmatic characters. Honeybuzzard spends his nights scavenging the contents of abandoned buildings and his days seducing and tormenting lovers, enemies, and friends. He and his best friend Morris scour the backstreets of London, leaving behind a trail of destruction in the broken hearts and dashed hopes of those they love, manipulate, and ultimately discard.

Angela Carter - Several ​Perceptions
Centre ​stage in Angela Carter's unruly tale of the Flower Power Generation is Joseph - a decadent, disorientated rebel without a cause. A self-styled nihilist whose girlfriend has abandoned him, Joseph has decided to give up existing. But his concerned friends and neighbours have other plans. In an effort to join in the spirit of protest which motivates his contemporaries, Joseph frees a badger from the local zoo; sends a turd airmail to the President of the United States; falls in love with the mother of his best friend; and, accompanied by the strains of an old man's violin, celebrates Christmas Eve in a bewildering state of sexual discovery. But has he found the Meaning of Life?

Angela Carter - A ​kínkamra és más történetek
Angela ​Carter mesét mond. Régen hallott tündérmeséket öltöztet új köntösbe, gyermekkorunkból ismerős figurákat elevenít meg, s a százszor elmondott történetek ismét felkeltik érdeklődésünket, mert a szerző új, gazdagabb értelmet ad nekik. Néha csak csavar egyet a mese fonalán, máskor teljesen új megvilágításba helyezi a történetet. Mestere a környezet költői ábrázolásának. Az erdők, melyekbe elvezeti olvasóját, igazi kelta erdők: sűrűek és titokzatosak, ahol az elővigyázatlan utazóval minden megtörténhet, ahol a mesék száműzött alakjai háborítatlanul élhetik világukat. Akár az ódon kastélyok vastag falai között, ahol az elmaradhatatlan varázstükrök minden titkok tudói. Ebbe a birodalomba vezet a fiatal és romlatlan lelkek útja, mert csak ide, ezekbe a sötét erdőkbe és ezekbe az ősöreg kastélyokba vihetik el a megváltást, hiszen ők a civilizációban már régen csak nevetség tárgyai.

Angela Carter - Wise ​Children
A ​richly comic tale of the tangled fortunes of two theatrical families, the Hazards and the Chances, Angela Carter's witty and bawdy new novel is populated with as many sets of twins and mistaken identities as any Shakespeare comedy, and celebrates the magic of over a century of showbusiness.

Angela Carter - The ​Passion of New Eve
'I ​know nothing. I am a tabula rasa, a blank sheet of paper, an unhatched egg. I have not yet become a woman, although I possess a woman's shape. Not a woman, no: both more and less than a real woman. Now I am a being as mythic and monstrous as Mother herself...New York has become the City of Dreadful Night where dissolute Leilah performs a dance of chaos for Evelyn. But this young Englishman's fate lies in the arid desert, where a many-breasted fertility goddess will wield her scalpel to transform him into the new Eve. New York has become the City of Dreadful Night where dissolute Leilah performs a dance of chaos for Evelyn. But this young Englishman's fate lies in the arid desert, where a many-breasted fertility goddess will wield her scalpel to transform him into the new Eve. THE PASSION OF NEW EVE is an extraordinary journey into the apocalyptic vision of the author Lorna Sage called 'The boldest of English writers'.

Angela Carter - Black ​Venus
A ​collection of short stories: 'BLACK VENUS' displays the superbly witchy Angela Carter at her best. Her fabulous fables all speak for themselves in tones so commanding you feel this must be Baudelaire's mistress, ageing, remembering, still spreading syphilis, or Lizzie Borden restless in the fatal and hot Massachusetts summer. Whatever her subject Miss Carter writes like a dream - sometimes a nightmare. And as the voices call out, the images blaze, one is saved from an excess of fantasy by earthy realism, a sudden bark of humour' .

Angela Carter - Heroes ​and Villains
Rational ​civilization rests with the Professors in their steel and concrete villages; marauding tribes of Barbarians roam the surrounding jungles; mutilated Out People inhabit the burnt scars of cities. But Marianne, a Professor's daughter, is carried away into the jungle - a grotesque vegetable paradise - where she will become the captive bride of Jewel, the proud and beautiful Barbarian. There she will witness the savage rituals of the snake worshippers, indulge her voluptuous, virginal fantasies, taste the forbidden fruit of chaos... Erotic, exotic and bizarre, _Heroes and Villains_ is a post-apocalyptic romance, a gripping adventure story, a colourful embroidery of religion and magic and, not least, a dispassionate vision of life beyond our brave nuclear world.

Angela Carter - The ​Magic Toyshop
This ​crazy world whirled about her, men and women dwarfed by toys and puppets, where even the birds were mechanical and the few human figures went masked... She was in the night again, and the doll was herself. One night Melanie walks through the garden in her mother's wedding dress. The next morning her world is shattered. Forced to leave the rural home of her childhood, she is sent to London to live with relatives she has never met: gentle Aunt Margaret, mute since her wedding day; and her brothers, Francie, whose graceful music belies his clumsy nature, and the volatile Finn, who kisses Melanie in the pleasure garden. Brooding over all is Uncle Philip, who loves only the puppets he creates in his workshop, which are life-sized - and uncannily life-like. The Magic Toyshop established Angela Carter as one of the most imaginative and original writers of the twentieth century.

Angela Carter - The ​Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman
Penguin ​Decades bring you the novels that helped shape modern Britain. When they were published, some were bestsellers, some were considered scandalous, and others were simply misunderstood. All represent their time and helped define their generation, while today each is considered a landmark work of storytelling. Angela Carter's The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman was published in 1972, and is a magical, satirical adventure. Desiderio is stricken with love for Albertina, a woman he sees only in his dreams. He must also battle against Doctor Hoffman and his mysterious machines, as they bend time and space to turn Desiderio's city into a nightmare of lust, insanity and crime. But the evil Doctor is also Albertina's father...

Angela Carter - The ​Bloody Chamber and Other Stories
Fairy ​tales retold and interwoven by a master of seductive, luminous storytelling

Angela Carter - Saints ​and Strangers
Drawing ​on American history, literary legend, and folk tale, Angela Carter transports us to that shadowy country between fact and myth. Here Lizzy Borden, the spinster daughter of a glutton and a compulsive miser, ticks off the house before a murder. An eighteenth-century whore and pickpocket who runs off to join the Indians tells her story in a voice of bawdy authenticity. Carter immerses us in the worlds of Edgar Allan Poe and Charles Baudelaire, of khans, princesses, and kitchen boys, bringing them to life in prose of seductive richness and perverse wit. In The Bloody Chamber, said The New York Times Book Review, Carter rewrote classic fairy tales "with all her supple and intoxicating bravura." In Saints and Strangers she is just as audacious, and the result is a book of thoroughly contemporary folk tales that belong utterly to Angela Carter.

Angela Carter - Nights ​at the Circus
It's ​1899 and all of Europe is agape at the arrival of the new century. The world crackles with possibilities and people dance to the irresistible rhythms of money, sex, love and freedom. Swinging above them all is a showbiz sensation: a fierce, vulgar, pant-droppingly sexy trapeze artist called Fevvers.

Angela Carter - Love
"Love" ​is Angela Carter's fifth novel and was first published in 1971. With surgical precision it charts the destructive emotional war between a young woman, her husband, and his disruptive brother as they move through a labyrinth of betrayal, alienation, and lost connections. This revised edition has lost none of Angela Carter's haunting power to evoke the ebb of the 1960s, and includes an afterword, which describes the progress of the survivors into the anguish of middle age.

Angela Carter - Esték ​a cirkuszban
Az ​Esték a cirkuszban megjelenésével a közelmúlt világirodalmának egyik remekművét veheti végre kezébe a magyar olvasó. Angela Carter 1984-ben kiadott regénye egyszerre játékos, ironikus, érzelemgazdag történet és lebilincselő olvasmány. Főszereplője Fevvers, a szárnyas nő, aki puszta létével felforgatja a századforduló Londonját és Európáját. A légtornásznő fordulatos és lélegzetelállító kalandjait követve eljutunk a női szörnyek múzeumába, egy szentpétervári hercegi kastélyba, egy szibériai finnugor törzs mágikus realista világába, de legfőképpen a cirkuszba, ahol találkozhatunk kártyajós kismalaccal, gyáva erőművésszel, a világ leghátborzongatóbb bohócaival, tudós majmokkal és keringőző tigrisekkel. És közben izgulhatunk, hogy egymásra talál-e Fevvers és a jóképű amerikai riporter, aki bohócnak áll, hogy leleplezze a légtornásznő titkát. A Carter által teremtett feledhetetlen figurák megelevenedése, a mesemotívumok és az irodalmi utalások sokasága a pikareszk történet kavalkádjában kivételes műélvezetet nyújt.