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Marcy Jacks - The ​Purring Billionaire's Plaything
[Siren ​Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA] Will Morrison is down on his luck. On the verge of being evicted into the cold, he's about to do something he never thought he would do, have sex for money. The man who comes to pick him up, and saves him from some very rough bill collectors, is none other than Leon Nathanial Black, Will's former high school sweetheart, and the man who took everything from him. He's been the one Will has been speaking to online all this time, and he never knew it. Now, Leon is here to take what's his. Leon has always been an alpha lion shifter, but he only became a billionaire after years of coldhearted business tactics. The one thing he could never buy was a chance to have the man who broke his heart. Now he has him. Will can choose to live on the streets, or give Leon the thing he's always wanted, but could never have--Will's body. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

Marcy Jacks - Mated ​to the Wild Omega
Morgan ​Dane is on a mission to find and rescue wild werewolves after a recent attack destroyed a neighboring pack. Winter has come and now their lives are in danger. He doesn't expect that the werewolf he finds half dead in the freezing water of the river will be his mate. An early snowstorm traps them together in an empty cabin, and Morgan now must nurse Terry back to health. The younger man can't even remember his last name and barely knows his own age, but he is aware of the connection between himself and Morgan, and eagerly accepts it. But his inner wolf is still demanding control, and the wolf escapes the cabin and wanders right into a hunter camp before Morgan can stop him. Morgan and Terry need to run for their lives from the hunters who want to catch them and skin them for their pelts, before they’ve had the chance to truly get to know each other.

Marcy Jacks - The ​Werewolf Affair
Phillip ​Keyes is recovering from the time he spent as a nearly wild werewolf after the death of his wife. Practically estranged from his pack and his son, he wants to be left alone. Trevor Knight recognizes his mate the second he sees him, and the two quickly become friends before realizing it's something more, but Phillip's denial of their mating only hurts them both. Trevor can be patient, and he won't push for much, knowing that Phillip is still grieving and doesn't want anyone to think any less of his deceased wife, so they both agree to keep their mating a secret, for now. But when an old enemy resurfaces, wanting revenge on Phillip no matter the cost, Phillip will have to learn what's most important to him, the man who is alive and in front of him, or the old ghosts he has been carrying around, before Trevor is lost to him forever.

Marcy Jacks - Mason ​Returns to His Mate
Mason ​DeWitt is on his way to see his brother after ten years of exile, but after stopping in at the local pawn shop to get some gas money, he runs into the one person he hoped not to see. His mate. Derek McTavish has never forgotten Mason, even after ten years, despite the fact that they only had a one-night stand-or four-together, and when he sees Mason again, he needs to act before the man leaves him again. But Mason cannot forget that night when his wolf attempted to claim Derek. He believes it was sexual assault, and Derek believes otherwise, but will they reconcile their differences before a new group of hunters arrives to start a new war between wolf and man? Especially after Derek kills a hunter in self-defense, and now they want his head as much as Mason's.

Marcy Jacks - One-Night ​Stand with a Werewolf
Markus ​Lane was depressed when the man he loved mated with someone else. To take his mind away from the pain, he decides to take to bed the beautiful stranger he sees sitting in the bar behind him. Little did he realize that his one-night stand is actually his mate. Lance Malloy is out to prove that werewolves exist. He's searched for that proof ever since he was a child and a shifter saved his life. That the gorgeous man who has been showing him all the best hiking trails is a werewolf, and claims they are mated, is the best news he's ever heard. But to protect his lover he must give up his research. The packs need to stay hidden, and when some of Lance's old colleagues turn out to be hunters, and they track him down and attack DeWitt's pack, how will he ever get Markus to trust that he had no hand in this betrayal?

Marcy Jacks - Eli's ​Reluctant Mate
Eli ​Martin has sunk into a severe depression after the death of his brother. He hides his grief behind cheap liquor, and he hardly cares that his alpha is considering banishing him from the pack. Until he meets Chris Lefroy, the gorgeous man with the multicolored eyes who offers Eli some of his humanity back. Though Chris feels something for Eli, he is insistent that he is straight, and wants nothing to do with the dangers of being mated to a werewolf, while Eli is suddenly finding himself wanting to become the man he knows he can be, and whom he knows his mate deserves. Eli is forced to come to terms with the fact that Chris will be in constant danger if he stays, always a target of the wild werewolves. Eli struggles with the idea of whether or not it is responsible of him to convince Chris to stay, lest Chris pay the ultimate price.

Marcy Jacks - Protected ​by the Alpha Dragons
Jason ​Chase is more than ready to have his happily ever after with his two sexy dragon mates, warriors Phobos and Draco, and they are ready to spend the summer enjoying him. Their desire is to lavish their mate with love and affection while they experience the lust of the mating season. But someone in the tower is killing people, and the guards believe that Jason is the culprit. Regardless of Phobos's position and power, he isn't able to keep Jason protected. His best bet is to help the guards, but he realizes they want to brand Jason a murderer and throw him away rather than find the guilty culprit. Phobos and Draco know he is innocent, and they won't have their mate taken away and tortured simply because he is human. When Jason is taken anyway, will Phobos and Draco go on the warpath to get him back?

Marcy Jacks - The ​Purring Billionaire's Partner
[Siren ​Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA] Will Morrison is almost ready to give birth. He is happily in love with his mate, the alpha Lion Leon Black. Former high school sweethearts, turned enemies, turned lovers and mates, Will is eager to begin his happily ever after. When his abusive father dies, and Will feels forced to go pay respects to the man who nearly killed him, the stress is nearly too much. Leon wants to protect his mate. The problem is the physical danger has passed. There is no bad guy he can use his alpha strength on to beat up and get revenge for the way Will was treated. The man who hurt him is dead, but Leon can see Will's family still hurting him by pretending it never happened. This makes the lion inside him angry. When one human says the wrong thing, Leon might have trouble keeping his hands to himself. This throws Will into premature labor, and then it's time to panic. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

Marcy Jacks - Hunted ​and on the Run
John ​Platt has been searching for his mate for months now. When he finally finds the cougar shifter, Storm, it's just in the nick of time to save his life before hunters can kill him. Storm has been running away from John because he believes John wants revenge on him for his actions as a hunter's slave. He doesn't realize that he's been running from his mate, and he won't believe it when John tells him about it either. Two men can't be mated. That's impossible! But that doesn't stop the fact that now Storm owes John a life debt, and he is to be the man's servant for the rest of his life now, assuming they both survive. The hunters are back on their tails, and with John so far away from his pack, it's just the two of them, on their own being hunted, having to work together to survive and protect their fragile, growing love.

Marcy Jacks - The ​Alpha Wolf Kidnaps a Mate
Alpha ​werewolf James DeWitt is lonely, but luckily he has just found his mate. Unluckily the young blond man already seems to have a significant other. A dangerous man who poses a threat to Corey Black's life, as well as James's pack. James won't give up that easy, and he won't allow his mate to spend another night in the arms of his abuser, even if it means he has to kidnap his mate to rescue him. But the boyfriend has other plans, and even after almost killing Corey to prevent him from leaving with the enemy, he is determined to hunt down the pair. James must determine if his presence in Corey's life has done more harm than good, and whether or not he should set his mate free before his love destroys them both.

Marcy Jacks - Handcuffed ​to the Werewolf
Jason ​Snowe woke up in a nightmare. Kidnapped and thrown into a cement hole, he is chained to a werewolf, and is to be used for food when the wolf becomes too hungry to go without! Mick Stewart despises the fact that he was caught by a bunch of lowbrow hunters, but there is always a silver lining. The human they chained him to is his mate, and though Jason is wary of him, they both agree that working together is their only chance of escape. For Mick, traveling whilst chained to a human only slows him down, and though Jason tries to keep the silver in the chain from affecting him, he soon comes down with a case of silver poisoning. For Jason, finding out that he has a mate is surreal enough, but now he is faced with the possibility of losing Mick to the hunters before they even have the chance to really know each other.

Marcy Jacks - The ​Purring Billionaire's Pet
[Siren ​Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA] Will Morrison is still getting used to being mated to a billionaire, let alone the alpha lion who nearly destroyed his life. Will loves Leon, despite how poorly they treated each other. The sex is amazing, but he is still learning to trust the man. With how Leon has been loving him, taking care of him, it's hard for Will to not be swept away. But is Leon doing this for Will? Or the baby Will is carrying? Leon Nathanial Black nearly lost the love of his life because he couldn't see Will's true suffering. Shifters only find their mates when they become pregnant, and though discovering the pregnancy was an eye opener, it wasn't what made him fall in love with Will. He always did love him, and now he needs to prove it. When an ex lover comes back into the mix and Will's abusive parents make contact, it might be more than their fragile relationship can handle. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

Marcy Jacks - The ​Hunter's Omega Mate
When ​Tristan Scott ran away from his pack to avoid the roving eye of a cruel alpha, he never expected to save the life of Isaac Foster as he was drowning in the river, nor did he think the gorgeous man with purple eyes would be his mate, or a hunter of werewolves. Isaac has hunted werewolves ever since watching his family being murdered as a kid. He hasn't had time for relationships, but there's something about Tristan he can't get enough of. Their easy time together is shattered when they're attacked and Tristan is forced to transform to defend them. Isaac cannot believe it, and threatens to kill Tristan should the two ever meet again. But meet they do. They cannot separate themselves from each other, regardless of their enemy status, and soon they must decide whether or not a hunter really can love a werewolf without it jeopardizing both of their lives.

Marcy Jacks - Pleasure ​of Two Dragons
Cloud ​Martin was chosen by the lottery to be given to wealthy dragon shifters—whether he likes it or not. He doesn't have a choice, and there will be consequences if he tries to back out. Warriors Deimos and Krakken have been searching for their third for a long time, and something is different this year. They're bodies are reacting to something that can only be the lust for a mate. They find Cloud as he is about to be taken advantage of in the halls, and are barely in time to stop it. Cloud quickly learns Deimos and Krakken are not like he thought dragons would be. They're kind and considerate, and the pleasure they have to give him is monumental. Cloud is happy to lose his virginity to them, but when someone in the tower tries to kill Cloud, their mating season might have a little hiccup, and his mates might fly into an unstoppable rage because of it.

Marcy Jacks - His ​Enemy Lover
The ​humans are tired of living in fear of the vampires. Hawke West, a skilled assassin, is sent on a mission to kidnap any important member of a rich vampire house in the hopes of finally starting an open war instead of allowing the vampires to pick them off. The problem is that the vampire he kidnaps is the very one who freed him from slavery as a child, and now he finds himself not only protecting him from his vampire-hating village, but also falling for him. William Delany was running from an arranged marriage when Hawke came back into his life. Though their former relationship was of a master and servant, they were still children together, and he hasn't forgotten the man, and Hawke has become very handsome indeed. Now, Will's only concern is whether he should escape or stay with Hawke where his future, and the length of his life, will be uncertain.

Marcy Jacks - Taken ​by the Alpha Wolf
After ​being separated by death for over a thousand years, alpha werewolf Blasius has found his mate, reincarnated into the body of Detective Ryan Miller. Ryan was injured in the last battle between hunters and werewolves, and Blasius has no choice but to force him out of his human life and turn him into a werewolf to keep death from separating them once more. As a new werewolf, living by the laws of the pack is entirely different from the laws of a human, and Ryan doesn't know if he can adjust to this new way of life. Blasius must convince Ryan, a down-to-earth man, that his place is at Blasius's side with the rest of the pack, before a new group of hunters arrives to finish what they started.

Marcy Jacks - Kidnapped ​by the Werewolf Hunter
Cole ​Dane is a werewolf, and he just woke up in the clutches of a dangerous hunter, who happens to be his ex-boyfriend. Everett King became a hunter after the death of his boyfriend. He wanted to avenge Cole's life and put an end to all werewolves. He never thought he would see Cole alive within a pack of werewolves, or that Cole would be one as well. Everett does the only thing he can think of to keep his team from killing him. He kidnaps Cole and runs away with him. Cole isn't making it easy for him. He's insisting that not all werewolves are how hunters believe them to be, and Everett is finding himself in the awkward position of believing him. But Everett's former friends are on their trail, and if they are to survive, they must work together, or else be killed before their relationship has a chance to start over.

Marcy Jacks - Taken ​by the Alpha Dragons
Jason ​Chase is in trouble. He was sold to the lottery by his own parents, and not the sort of lottery he wants to win, the sort where humans are handed over to dragons during mating season. If Jason tries to run, he will be branded a thief and thrown into prison, which, despite his best efforts, might actually happen. Warrior dragons Draco and Phobos have been searching for their third for over fifty years. They can smell him in the building, and that smell is creating a lust so heavy they can hardly stand it. After tracking him down and finding him in a cell, they're furious. They nearly lost their third because of a screw up, and now their new mission is to fight off the heat inside of them long enough to convince Jason that they are there to protect him, and they will not allow anyone to hurt him so long as they are around.

Marcy Jacks - The ​Blind Werewolf Assassin
Nick ​Larosa is not pleased about going to DeWitt's pack, especially since Adam Trenton, his first love from ten years ago, will be there. Things didn't end well when Nick broke off their relationship after discovering he was going blind. Those old feelings of anger and lust are clearly still there for both of them. Adam always knew Nick's eyesight was bad, but never thought he would go blind. Seeing Nick's once-clear eyes so cloudy and sightless is a shock. Nick, however, doesn't let that stand in the way of proving he is a skilled warrior, capable of teaching the other alphas how to better use their senses. When Adam discovers that Nick left him for just that reason, the old anger resurfaces. Both will have to learn to trust the other if they are to defeat the pack of wild werewolves coming to DeWitt's pack, and stay alive long enough to admit they still love each other.

Marcy Jacks - The ​Werewolf Love Slave and the Vampire Prince
When ​alpha werewolf Andrew James is captured by a vampire, he's naturally a little peeved at himself, until he's offered freedom in exchange for sex. It doesn't take Andrew long to realize the vampire is his mate, and he's not about to let him go, even if it means abandoning his pack and swearing loyalty to another. Prince Vladimir Belekoff cannot believe the foolishness of this werewolf. All he wanted was a night of passion, to feel like he mattered before sending the werewolf on his way. Andrew is determined, however, and Vlad can't help the fact that he wants the gorgeous, mysteriously affectionate man to stay. As a fourth son, Vlad is so far down the line for the throne that he almost doesn't count. He is to be married to a wealthy vampire lord, and soon he must choose if his and Andrew's lives are worth risking for something his title could never give him. Freedom and love.

Marcy Jacks - The ​Half-Breed Demon
Three ​men, born with one foot in the mortal world and one in the paranormal, are destined to either become fearsome generals of Hell or powerful and holy knights of Heaven. Dante Moore has been plagued by demons his entire life. Before he can finally succumb to them and commit the ultimate sin, an angel comes down and saves his life, and prevents him from harming others. Jeremy Stewart has been assigned to protect Dante and keep the demons from transforming him, but he never expected that there would be more to the tortured man than was obvious. He slowly finds himself falling in love with him. Their love is short-lived when another powerful demon uses it against them and tortures Jeremy until Dante agrees to be taken into Hell. Jeremy must now rescue his lover before the transformation is complete, and they are forever forced apart onto opposite ends of the battlefield.

Marcy Jacks - The ​Spirit Within
Alpha ​werewolf Eric Martin was killed in battle, but that hasn't stopped his spirit from mating with the medium vampire Ivan Belekoff. Eric is not the only spirit Ivan can see and touch, and the other spirits are constantly attacking him for possession of his body, until Eric becomes Ivan's protector and battles them off. Soon, their arrangement brings out Eric's guilt. He is dead. He had no business mating with Ivan, and when a new medium arrives, offering to teach Ivan how to control his power, Eric is faced with the decision of moving on to the other side. Ivan does not want Eric to go. He still needs the other man more than anything, and he doesn't care if that's selfish. Eric must soon decide if true peace lies in death, or in the arms of his lover, before the new medium sacrifices Ivan's soul to the Gods.