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Lucy Maud Montgomery - Days of Dreams and Laughter
This collection combines Lucy Maud Montgomery's two delightful Story Girsl novels - The Story Girl and the Golden Road - with Kilmeny of the Orchard, a poignant and romantic novel. Each of the stories takes place on Prince Edward Island, a setting the author knew and dearly loved, and the one that will be familiar to readers of the author's eternally popular Anne of Green Gables.

Lucy Maud Montgomery - Anne válaszúton (Európa Könyvkiadó)
A regény az Anne-sorozat harmadik kötete, az Edward-szigeti falucskába egykor árvaként érkező, különleges érzékenységű és különlegesen fejlett beszédkészségű kislányból időközben ifjú hölggyé változott. Anne sorsát követi tovább, immár egyetemi évei során. Hallatlanul érdekes a századforduló Kanadájának egyetemi világa is, főleg, hogy akkoriban kezdett elterjedni a női hallgatók képzése. A regény azonban a diákélet leírása mellett Anne érzelmi életének bonyodalmait tárja föl. A vörös hajú, kivételesen formás orrú kamasz lány ugyancsak csinos hajadon lett. Az egyetemen nemcsak arra készül fel, milyen munkát fog végezni a későbbiekben, hanem egész életére kiható elhatározások előtt áll.

Lucy Maud Montgomery - Anne 3. Anne válaszúton
A regény az Anne-sorozat harmadik kötete, az Edward-szigeti falucskába egykor árvaként érkező, különleges érzékenységű és különlegesen fejlett beszédkészségű kislányból időközben ifjú hölggyé változott. Anne sorsát követi tovább, immár egyetemi évei során. Hallatlanul érdekes a századforduló Kanadájának egyetemi világa is, főleg, hogy akkoriban kezdett elterjedni a női hallgatók képzése. A regény azonban a diákélet leírása mellett Anne érzelmi életének bonyodalmait tárja föl. A vörös hajú, kivételesen formás orrú kamasz lány ugyancsak csinos hajadon lett. Az egyetemen nemcsak arra készül fel, milyen munkát fog végezni a későbbiekben, hanem egész életére kiható elhatározások előtt áll.

Lucy Maud Montgomery - Anne ​auf dem Weg ins Glück
Den ​Beginn ihres Studiums in Kingsport hat sich Anne Shirley anders vorgestellt! Zum Glück hat sie ihre alten Schulfreunde Gilbert und Priscilla, die ihr über das erste Heimweh hinweghelfen. Und Anne wäre nicht Anne, wenn sie nicht auch am College ordentlich für Wirbel sorgen würde. Noch dazu gilt es, die erste Liebe zu überstehen! Nach ihrem Examen und frisch verlobt nimmt Anne eine Stelle als Rektorin an der Summerside-High-School an. Dort kommt sie bei zwei schrulligen, aber liebenswerten alten Damen unter, die Anne in ihr Herz schließen. Dagegen "tyrannisiert" die alteingesessene Familie der Pringles das ganze Städtchen geradezu! Das kann Anne natürlich nicht dulden ... Enthält die Bände "Anne in Kingsport" und "Anne in Windy Willows".

Lucy Maud Montgomery - The ​Selected Journals of L. M. Montgomery 4.
Lucy ​Maud Montgomery (1874-1942)-whose Anne of Green Gables and many other novels are loved by readers around the world-kept extensive journals for most of her life. The fourth volume of the immensely success Selected Journals of L.M. Montgomery covers the years from 1929 to 1935, a tumultuous period in the writer's life. The stock market crash, a drop in royalties from her many books, the need to provide her two sons with a university education, her husband's modest church salary often in arrears, and the fact that many loans she had made to friends and family were not repaid, placed Montgomery in the position where she had to type her own manuscripts for the first time since 1910. She also had to face personal crises as her sons' university results were extremely disappointing and her husband suffered a total nervous breakdown. Yet this was not a period without joy as well-the volume opens with travels to Prince Edward Island and western Canada and ends with her looking forward with great excitement to a new life in Toronto.

Lucy Maud Montgomery - The ​Life-Book of Uncle Jesse
I ​was not in the least pretty but Uncle Jesse was always telling me I was-and I loved him for it. He told the fib so prettily and sincerely that he almost made me believe it for the time being, and I really think he believed it himself. All women were lovely and of good report in his eyes, because of one he had loved. The only time I ever saw Uncle Jesse really angered was when someone in his hearing cast an aspersion on the character of a shore girl.

Lucy Maud Montgomery - Anne ​of Green Gables
'Oh, ​it seems so wonderful that I'm going to live with you and belong to you. I've never belonged to anybody - not really' When a scrawny, freckled girl with bright red hair arrives on Prince Edward Island, Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert are taken by surprise; they'd asked the orphanage for a quiet boy to help with the farmwork at Green Gables. But how can you reject a child like an unwanted parcel, especially when she tells you her life so far has been a 'perfect graveyard of unburied hopes'? So the beguiling chatterbox stays. Full of imagination, spark and spirit, it is not long before Anne Shirley wins their hearts.

Lucy Maud Montgomery - Anne ​of Ingleside
Anne ​is the mother of five, with never a dull moment in her lively home. And now with a new baby on the way and insufferable Aunt Mary visiting - and wearing out her welcome - Anne's life is full to bursting.

Lucy Maud Montgomery - The ​Blue Castle
Valancy ​lives a drab life with her overbearing mother and prying aunt. Then a shocking diagnosis from Dr. Trent prompts her to make a fresh start. For the first time, she does and says exactly what she feels. As she expands her limited horizons, Valancy undergoes a transformation, discovering a new world of love and happiness. One of Lucy Maud Montgomery's only novels intended for an adult audience, The Blue Castle is filled with humour and romance.

Lucy Maud Montgomery - A ​Millionaire's Proposal
There ​is to be a nephew of the Sinclairs here this winter. He is an American, immensely wealthy, and will be the catch of the season. A word to the wise, etc. Don't get into any foolish entanglement down there. I have heard some gossip of you and our old playfellow, Jack Willoughby. I hope it is nothing but gossip. You can do better than that, Katherine.

Lucy Maud Montgomery - The ​Poetry of Lucy Maud Montgomery
The ​poems in this collection by Lucy Maud Montgomery were written to reach the readers she thought of as "kindred spirits" - those thousands of people who then, as now, would be as deeply moved as she was by beauty in nature and in spirit. She felt herself drenched with beauty. It was an emotion that evolves heart-deep recognition in readers who will find an echo of their own yearnings and hungers for emotional outlet. Maud Montgomery was well aware that greatness as a poet was beyond her reach, but her verses were capable of putting into words what ordinary people felt and often could not explain. They express the sense of awe and delight arising from the simple human experiences of all that is lovely in the world. "I've written one real poem out of my heart," she confided to a friend in a week when she had sent off several verses she knew to be pot-boilers. But even these held a small kernel of thought, of appreciation, of gratitude for the gift of natural beauty. The poems in this collection will reach as deeply into the heart of today's readers as they did in those who first read them half a century ago. Critics are now finding new insights and much genuine ability in Montgomery's poetry, but the poems remain poems for people. She wrote for people who hunger for a way to give voice to their deepest thoughts and emotions. She wrote as an artist paints, in vivid scenes with vivid colours. Her verses are clearly defined gem-like vignettes depicting familiar scenes beloved by all the friends of the earth. She writes of clouds and sky, the clash and thunder of waves on a seashore, the scents of garden and woodland, the kinship of humanity with whatever gods there be. The qualities of simplicity and earnestness are not to be spurned. While ordinary people can respond to these eternal truths, Montgomery's poems will continue to be read and treasured.

Lucy Maud Montgomery - Szerelmek
Emily ​barátai mind elhagyják Blair Water-t: Ilse Burnley a Montreali Irodalmi és Előadóművészeti Akadémiára megy, Perry Miller, az egykori béres, egy charlottetown-i ügyvédi irodában tanul jogot, Teddy Kent pedig a Montreali Rajzakadémián fejleszti rajztehetségét. Emily azonban New Moonban marad írni és egy szörnyű baleset hónapokra az ágyba kényszeríti. Régi barátja Dean Priest, hűségesen látogatja és ápolja Emilyt, aki végül igent mondott Dean házassági ajánlatára, de... Eközben Emily régi barátai is a szerelem és a házasság bonyolult útvesztőjébe tévednek... Végül azonban minden jóra fordul, Emily és a többiek révbe érnek.

Lucy Maud Montgomery - L. ​M. Montgomery Short Stories 1905-1906
At ​sunset Sidney hurried to her room to take off the soiled and faded cotton dress she had worn while milking. She had milked eight cows and pumped water for the milk-cans afterward in the fag-end of a hot summer day. She did that every night, but tonight she had hurried more than usual because she wanted to get her letter written before the early farm bedtime. She had been thinking it out while she milked the cows in the stuffy little pen behind the barn. This monthly letter was the only pleasure and stimulant in her life. Existence would have been, so Sidney thought, a dreary, unbearable blank without it. She cast aside her milking-dress with a thrill of distaste that tingled to her rosy fingertips. As she slipped into her blue-print afternoon dress her aunt called to her from below. Sidney ran out to the dark little entry and leaned over the stair railing. Below in the kitchen there was a hubbub of laughing, crying, quarrelling children, and a reek of bad tobacco smoke drifted up to the girl's disgusted nostrils. Aunt Jane was standing at the foot of the stairs with a lamp in one hand and a year-old baby clinging to the other. She was a big shapeless woman with a round good-natured face-cheerful and vulgar as a sunflower was Aunt Jane at all times and occasions. "I want to run over and see how Mrs. Brixby is this evening, Siddy, and you must take care of the baby till I get back." Sidney sighed and went downstairs for the baby. It never would have occurred to her to protest or be petulant about it. She had all her aunt's sweetness of disposition, if she resembled her in nothing else. She had not grumbled because she had to rise at four that morning, get breakfast, milk the cows, bake bread, prepare seven children for school, get dinner, preserve twenty quarts of strawberries, get tea, and milk the cows again. All her days were alike as far as hard work and dullness went, but she accepted them cheerfully and uncomplainingly. But she did resent having to look after the baby when she wanted to write her letter. She carried the baby to her room, spread a quilt on the floor for him to sit on, and gave him a box of empty spools to play with. Fortunately he was a phlegmatic infant, fond of staying in one place, and not given to roaming about in search of adventures; but Sidney knew she would have to keep an eye on him, and it would be distracting to literary effort.

Lucy Maud Montgomery - Gubanc
Az ​évek során a Dark és a Penhallow család hatvan-hatvan tagja kötött házasságot egymással, amit nem kevés veszekedés és ellenségeskedés kísért. A klán különc természetű matriarchája, Becky néni most örökül hagyja nagy becsben tartott tulajdonát, a legendás családi kancsót, de az új tulajdonos nevét egy évig nem hozza nyilvánosságra. A bejelentést követő tizenkét hónapban a gyönyörű Gay Penhallow-t elhagyja jóvágású vőlegénye, Noel Gibson a ravasz és csábító Nan Penhallowért, a nyughatatlan természetű Peter Penhallow és a bájos Donna Dark, akik gyerekkoruk óta ki nem állhatták egymást, a kancsó révén megmagyarázhatatlanul összekerülnek, Hugh és Joscelyn Dark, akik tíz éve soha nyilvánosságra nem hozott okoknál fogva a nászéjszakájukon szakadtak el egymástól, még egy esélyt kapnak, és mindezt a rejtélyes Holdember felügyelete mellett, aki a jövőbelátás képességével van megáldva. Azután eljön az este, amikor Becky néni kívánságát közzé teszik, és a családot a lehető legnagyobb meglepetés éri…

Lucy Maud Montgomery - After ​Many Days
“A ​life may go on without ripple or disturbance for so many years that it may seem to have settled into a lasting calm; then a sudden wind of passion may sweep over it and leave behind a wake of tempestuous waters.” This sentence from “The Setness of Theodosia” is the keynote to After Many Days: Tales of Time Passed, the fourth collection of L.M. Montgomery stories to be published from those rediscovered by Rea Wilmshurst. The “wind of passion” sweeps through the lives of Montgomery’s characters in many different guises in these tales. It may come when a lover or family black sheep returns home. It may come as the chance to wreak a revenge plotted over decades. It may come as confession welling from a guilty soul. But the endings here are all happy, because the characters in these stories demonstrate the virtues that Montgomery believed in: patience, trust, forbearance, and love; they deserve their rewards. L.M. Montgomery’s many avid readers have been delighted with the first three volumes in this series: Akin to Anne, Along the Shore, and Among the Shadows. They will be no less delighted with this new collection.

Lucy Maud Montgomery - Az ​arany út
Lucy ​Maud Montgomery, a méltán népszerű Anne sorozat szerzője, fiatal olvasóik ezreit bűvöli el varázslatos történeteivel. Az arany út, amely A mesélő Lány folytatása, a Prince Edward-szigeti gyerekek, Bev, Felix, Dan, Felicity, Cecily, Sara Ray, Peter és a Mesélő Lány, életének kisebb-nagyobb eseményei elevenednek meg. Ám történeteiket ezúttal a gyerekek saját, házilagosan írt és szerkesztett újságjukban örökítik meg, ahol mindegyikük a neki leginkább megfelelő rovatban próbálhatja ki újságírói tehetségét. Természetesen a pálmát itt is a Mesélő Lány történetei viszik el a karácsonyi hárfásról, aki zenéjével békét hozott a világnak, a bátor és fortélyos Ursuláról, aki egy pamutgombolyagba rejtett levélkével ad jelzést a szerelmének, valamint a szép és fiatal Unáról, aki az esküvője tervezett napján hal meg. Értesülünk továbbá arról, hogyan tévesztették össze a kormányzó feleségét a süket Eliza nénivel, hogyan tette tönkre Sara Ray és Mesélő Lány előadását és hogyan látogatták meg a boszorkány hírében álló Peg Bowent, akinek jóslatai sorra valóra válnak: hiszen Olivia néni tényleg férjhez megy és Peter apja valóban hazatér. Megtudjuk, hogyan üldözte szerelmével Cecilyt egyik kis osztálytársa, és mi történt, amikor Peg Bowen megjelent a vasárnapi misén. A legszebb és legrészletesebben kidolgozott történet hőse a művelt, érzékeny és visszahúzódó Félszeg Ember, aki, ahogy a népmesékben szokás, végül elnyeri a környék legszebb és leggazdagabb hajadonának, Miss Reade-nek a kezét. Az újság utolsó száma búcsúszám: a Mesélő Lányért eljön édesapja, hogy magával vigye. Nem csupán a szigettől, a családtól, a barátoktól és az unokatestvérektől búcsúzik, hanem a boldog, felhőtlen, meséktől ragyogó aranykortól, a gyerekkortól is.

Lucy Maud Montgomery - Anne ​in Windy Willows
Das ​einfühlsame Proträt einer jungen Frau, die ihre ersten Karriereschritte als Rektorin der Summerside High-School macht. Daß man in einer solchen Position nicht immer von allen geliebt wird, ist eine Erfahrung, die Anne machen muß. Aber allen Sorgen und Nöten begegnet sie mit viel Optimismus, Mut und einer kräftigen Portion Humor. Eine heitere und lebensbejahende Geschichte voller Schwung.

Lucy Maud Montgomery - Emily's ​Quest
Emily ​knows she's going to be a great writer. She also knows that she and her childhood sweetheart, Teddy Kent, will conquer the world together. But when Teddy leaves home to pursue his goal to become an artist at the School of Design in Montreal, Emily's world collapses. With Teddy gone, Emily agrees to marry a man she doesn't love... as she tries to banish all thoughts of Teddy. In her heart, Emily must search for what being a writer really means....

Lucy Maud Montgomery - Emily ​Climbs
Emily ​Starr was born with the desire to write. As an orphan living on New Moon Farm, writing helped her face the difficult, lonely times. But now all her friends are going away to high school in nearby Shrewsbury, and her old-fashioned, tyrannical aunt Elizabeth will only let _her_ go if she promises to stop writing! All the same, this is the first step in Emily's climb to success. Once in town, Emily's activities set the Shrewsbury gossips buzzing. But Emily and her friends are confident -- Ilse's a born actress, Teddy's set to be a great artist, and roguish Perry has the makings of a brilliant lawyer. When Emily has her poems published and writes for the town newspaper, success seems to be on its way -- and with it the first whispers of romance. Then Emily is offered a fabulous opportunity, and she must decide if she wants to change her life forever.

Lucy Maud Montgomery - Anne's ​House of Dreams
Gilbert ​Blythe, is finally a doctor, and in the sunshine of the old orchard, among their dearest friends, he and Anne are about to speak their vows. They will be bound for a new life together and their own dream house on the purple shores of Four Winds.

Lucy Maud Montgomery - Váratlan ​utazás 5.
Az ​első történetben a városka apraja-nagyja az aratóünnepre készülődik, amelynek fénypontja a gyermekek számára rendezett jelmezverseny. A díjkiosztás ugyan csalódást okoz, de végül a valódi győztes az igaz barátság lesz. A második történet szereplői, élükön Sarával, egy titok felderítésén fáradoznak. Mit rejthet az elhunyt Arabella nagynéni kincsesládája a málladozó esküvői ruhán kívül? Rég elmúlt, tragikus szerelmekre derül fény, miközben új kapcsolatok szövődnek és régi sérelmek gyógyulnak be.

Lucy Maud Montgomery - L. ​M. Montgomery Short Stories 1907-1908
When ​Miss Bailey had gone on down the village street, Mrs. Falconer paused for a few moments at her gate, apparently lost in deep thought. She was perfectly well aware of all the hints that had been thrown out for her benefit that afternoon. She knew that the Aids, one and all, thought that she ought to take Camilla Clark. But she had no room to give her-for it was out of the question to think of putting her in Missy's room.

Lucy Maud Montgomery - The ​Selected Journals of L. M. Montgomery 5.
The ​final volume of the immensely successful Selected Journals of L.M. Montgomery covers the years from 1935 to 1942, the year of Montgomery's death. It completes the story of a gifted creative writer who was also wife, mother, community leader, and public figure. No longer dwelling in a farm community or a small rural village, Lucy Maud Montgomery explored life in downtown Toronto and turned her journals into the unprecedented diary of a suburban housewife. Here she experienced the cultural riches the city had to offer while finding friendship and neighbourliness in the suburb of Swansea, where she settled with her husband. The journal chronicles her hopes and satisfaction with her new home and neighbourhood, but also her struggles with her own and her husband's recurring bouts of depression, and her worries over the academic performance and behaviour of her sons. The journals also record her views on world events such as the abdication of Edward VIII, Italy's invasion of Ethiopia, and the apparent inability of the League of Nations to deter Hitler. This final volume in the series offers an intimate eye-witness account of life in a growing city, a friendly neighbourhood, a changing world, and of a troubling family dynamic from 1935 to 1942, all recorded with Lucy Maud Montgomery's sharp eye and characteristic wit.

Lucy Maud Montgomery - Anne ​gyermekei a háborúban
Anne ​gyermekei már majdnem felnőttek, kivéve a vidám, szeleburdi és nyakigláb Rillát. Ő még csak tizenöt éves, és bálokról, hódításokról, udvarlókról ábrándozik. De élete első báljának a napja egyben az első világháború kitörésének is a napja. Hiába tölt oly emlékezetes pillanatokat a Négy Szél-beli világítótoronyban rendezett táncmulatságon, Rillára négy év felhőtlen vigalom helyett szenvedés, bánat, kötelességek hosszú sora vár. Anne legkisebb lánya azonban méltó anyjához: bátran, hősiesen, erős szívvel áll helyt. Teszi, ami a háború sújtotta világban talán a legnehezebb, tisztességgel éli mindennapjait, segít, ahol tud. Nevelgeti a kis Jimset, a hadiárvát, szervezi a helyi ifjúsági Vöröskeresztet, főz, varr, köt, sőt még egy esküvőt is nyélbe üt. És mindeközben, szinte észrevétlenül felnőtté érik, aki képes arra, hogy a romokban heverő régi világ helyébe újat építsen.

Lucy Maud Montgomery - The ​Watchman and Other Poems
Lucy ​Maud Montgomery, (always called "Maud" by family and friends) and publicly known as L. M. Montgomery, (1874-1942) was a Canadian author, best known for a series of novels beginning with Anne of Green Gables (1908). In 1893, following the completion of her grade school education in Cavendish, she attended Prince of Wales College in Charlottetown. Completing a two year program in one year, she obtained her teaching certificate. In 1895 and 1896 she studied literature at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. After working as a teacher in various island schools, in 1898 Montgomery moved back to Cavendish. For a short time in 1901 and 1902 she worked in Halifax for the newspapers Chronicle and Echo. She returned to live with and care for her grandmother in 1902. Montgomery was inspired to write her first books during this time on Prince Edward Island. Her works include: The Story Girl (1911), Chronicles of Avonlea (1912), The Golden Road (1913), Anne of the Island (1915), Anne's House of Dreams (1917), Rainbow Valley (1919), Further Chronicles of Avonlea (1920) and Rilla of Ingleside (1921).

Lucy Maud Montgomery - Across ​the Miles
Love ​notes, marriage proposals, heart-felt promises, honest admissions, cruel deceptions--these are the many variations on the theme of this collection, in which each story hinges on the writing or receiving of a letter. These stories, filled with all the wit and wisdom of L.M. Montgomery, take us back to a time when letters held not only news of friends and family, but the power to change lives.