Lynda Robinson könyvei a rukkolán

Lynda Robinson - Murder ​in The Place of Anubis
Who ​has dared to desecrate the sacred place of embalming with a murdererd corpse? Pharaoh Tutankhamun orders Lord Meren, his chief investigator, to find out quickly, before power-mad priests use the incident to undermine his royal authority.

Lynda Robinson - Drinker ​of Blood
Amid ​the ongoing & disturbingly hushed investigation of the murder of Queen Nefertiti, the pharaoh's trusted advisor Lord Meren is suddenly called away to investigate the bizarre death of the pharaoh's favorite groom, Senna.

Lynda Robinson - Murder ​at the God's Gate
When ​a priest dies in a mysterious fall from atop a statue of Tutankhamun, many consider the death a fateful one for the fourteen-year-old pharaoh and his reign. Indeed, the Hittites are already at Egypt's borders, and the enemies of the late heretic pharaoh Akhenaten have transferred their implacable hatred to the young pharaoh. Concealed by the luxury of the court at Thebes lie viciousness, evil, and murder. Not even Lord Meren--the confidential inquiry agent who must see to the boy king's safety--can name the master plotters. But until the enemies of the living god are destroyed, neither his body nor his soul is safe from their deadly poison. . . .