Louis Feuillade könyvei a rukkolán

Arthur Bernède - Louis Feuillade - Judex
In ​1917, silent film director Louis Feuillade and writer Arthur Bern de created the character of a mysterious avenger, wearing a slouch hat and a dark cloak -- Judex His name means "Judge," and he has sworn to mercilessly punish criminals Judex appears and disappears like a living shadow. Trained by the vindictive Woman in Black, he is a master of disguise and an excellent fighter. His loyal followers include a female athlete, a reformed ex-convict and a pack of vicious bloodhounds. Beneath the ruins of a castle is his secret lair, where he interrogates his prisoners through a "television" screen. His nemesis is Favraux, a corrupt banker who has left a trail of ruin and misery in his wake.In this epic saga, Judex not only challenges Favraux, but also the evil Diana Monti, Favraux's fianc e who is as ruthless and powerful as he is. But as our hero struggles against the villains, he falls in love with Favraux's daughter, the beautiful, innocent Jacqueline...