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Jason Aaron - Star Wars 2. - Skywalker Strikes
THE GREATEST SPACE ADVENTURE OF ALL TIME CONTINUES! The Rebel assault on Cymoon 1 continues! Luke Skywalker – cornered by Darth Vader! Han, Leia, and the others – trapped!

Jason Aaron - Star Wars 3. - Skywalker Strikes
THE GREATEST SPACE ADVENTURE OF ALL TIME CONTINUES! The attack on Cymoon-1 comes crashing to an end! Will the Rebels overcome Vader to strike another blow against the Empire? And is Luke ready to be the Jedi Ben wanted him to be?

Jason Aaron - Star Wars 4. - Skywalker Strikes
THE GREATEST SPACE ADVENTURE OF ALL TIME CONTINUES! Luke Skywalker is NOT a Jedi—not yet, at least. He's only ever met one Jedi in his life...and he died. So, Luke's quest leads him back to Obi-Wan's home...on Tatooine.

Jason Aaron - Star Wars 5. - Skywalker Strikes
As Luke goes home in search of the truth about his late mentor... ...Leia takes Han on a secret mission of vital importance to the Rebellion. Unfortunately, they both run into some unfriendly encounters.

Jason Aaron - Star Wars 6. - Skywalker Strikes
THE CONCLUSION OF "SKYWALKER STRIKES! Luke vs. Boba Fett! Han Solo in hot water! This is "the comic book you're looking for!

Jason Aaron - Star Wars 7. - Skywalker Strikes
A special one-off tale of Ben Kenobi! Injustice reigns on Tatooine as villainous scum run rampant. Will Ben risk revealing himself to do what's right? Guest Artist Simone Bianchi (WOLVERINE, ASTONISHING X-MEN) joins writer Jason Aaron for this special tale!

Jason Aaron - Star Wars 8. - Skywalker Strikes
Luke continues his quest to learn about the Jedi... ...heading for the Jedi Temple on Coruscant? Plus: Han & Leia are confronted by an unexpected foe! New series artist Stuart Immonen joins the rebellion!

Jason Aaron - Star Wars 9. - Skywalker Strikes
Luke's lightsaber has been stolen and he must retrieve it! Meanwhile, the Imperials are closing in on Han and Leia... ...set upon them by a mysterious woman from Han's past!

Jason Aaron - Star Wars 10. - Skywalker Strikes
Luke Skywalker...imprisoned! His friends race across the galaxy to save him before he enters... THE ARENA OF DEATH!

Jason Aaron - Star Wars 11. - Skywalker Strikes
Chewbacca Unleashed! Skywalker in chains! Han Solo...with a ball and chain?!?

Jason Aaron - Star Wars 12. - Skywalker Strikes
Showdown on the Smuggler's Moon! Plus: Lightsabers! Loads of Lightsabers! And finally: the truth about Sana Solo!

Jason Aaron - Star Wars 13. - Skywalker Strikes
PART THREE OF VADER DOWN! Bringing together the smash-hit Star Wars and Darth Vader series! Leia comes face to face with true evil!

Jason Aaron - Star Wars 7.
A special one-off tale of Ben Kenobi! Injustice reigns on Tatooine as villainous scum run rampant. Will Ben risk revealing himself to do what's right? Guest Artist Simone Bianchi (WOLVERINE, ASTONISHING X-MEN) joins writer Jason Aaron for this special tale!

Jason Aaron - Star Wars 16: Rebel Jail, Part I
Star Wars 16: Rebel Jail, Part I is the sixteenth issue of the Marvel comic book series Star Wars. The issue, released on February 17, 2016, is written by Jason Aaron, with art by Leinil Francis Yu. It is the first issue in the Rebel Jail arc of the series.

Jason Aaron - Star Wars 17: Rebel Jail, Part II
Han takes Luke out to fly the Falcon with him! Meanwhile...Leia and a few of her "friends" have troubles of their own... The rebel prison base is under siege!

Jason Aaron - Star Wars 18: Rebel Jail, Part III
With the Rebel base completely overtaken, our only hope is... ...Leia...Sana...and APHRA?!? Can they save the Imperial prisoners? Do they want to?

Jason Aaron - Star Wars 19: Rebel Jail, Part IV
Will Leia be able to save a prison full of Imperial forces? Or will the mastermind of the takeover strike back against the Empire? Find out as "Rebel Jail" concludes!

Jason Aaron - Star Wars 20: From the Journals of Old Ben Kenobi
Another dive into the journal of Obi-Wan Kenobi! Jabba has hired bounty hunter Black Krrsantan to find out who's been thwarting his men! The old hermit of the dune wastes might know something about that.

Jason Aaron - Star Wars 21: The Last Flight of the Harbinger, Part I
"The Last Flight of the Harbinger" STARTS NOW! Sgt. Kreel is back with an all-new squad of stormtroopers! Go inside the minds of an elite group of Imperial soldiers! Join incoming artist Jorge Molina for a walk on the dark side!

Jason Aaron - Star Wars 22: The Last Flight of the Harbinger, Part II
The Star Destroyer Harbinger, a massive weapon of Imperial war. Also the target of the rebels' new top-secret plan. Join Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Leia Organa for "The Last Flight of the Harbinger"!

Jason Aaron - Star Wars 23: The Last Flight of the Harbinger, Part III
The rebels have pulled off the impossible...they've stolen a Star Destroyer. But why? To what end? Can they hold her together? And who's in charge of this madness, anyway - Han or Leia?

Jason Aaron - Star Wars 24: The Last Flight of the Harbinger, Part IV
Sergeant Kreel and SCAR Squad are on board the Harbinger... ...and they specialize in taking down rebels - hard! Can Luke and company make it off the Star Destroyer alive?

Jason Aaron - Star Wars 25: The Last Flight of the Harbinger, Part V
Rebel crew vs. SCAR Troopers for the fate of the Harbinger! PLUS: An all-new Artoo-Deetoo adventure!

Jason Aaron - Star Wars 26: Yoda's Secret War, Part I
With one of our rebel crew captured and imprisoned... ...we turn once more to the journals of Ben Kenobi... ...and a legendary adventure of Jedi Master...Yoda!

Jason Aaron - King ​Thor
One ​last ride with the almighty lord of Asgard! Jason Aaron reunites with Esad Ribic to conclude the epic saga they began in THOR: GOD OF THUNDER! Seven years ago, Aaron and Ribic introduced the Thor of the far future - All-Father of a broken realm and a dying universe - as he stood in battle against Gorr, the Butcher of Gods, wielder of All-Black the Necrosword. But now that nefarious blade has returned, in the hands of Thor's all-time-greatest enemy: his adopted brother, Loki! It's time for one final, cataclysmic showdown - but even worse is still to come as the ultimate end of all things grows near! A who's who of Aaron's past THOR collaborators, along with a few surprise guests, stop by to bring down the curtain on a glorious era in thunderous style! Collecting KING THOR #1-4

Dennis Hallum - Jason Aaron - Sea ​of Stars 1. - Lost In The Wild Heavens
Being ​a space trucker may sound like a cool job, but in reality it can be boring as hell. So when recently widowed Gil gets a long-haul gig across the universe, he figures it’s safe enough to bring his young son Kadyn along for the ride. But when their “big rig” gets bitten in half by a gigantic Space Leviathan, Gil is separated from his young son—with a breached suit that’s venting oxygen at an alarming rate. He’ll have to defy the odds and stay alive long enough to rescue Kadyn. But Kadyn seems to be getting all the help he needs from a talking Space Monkey riding a Space Dolphin… or maybe it’s the strange powers he’s suddenly manifesting. From the writing duo of JASON AARON (SOUTHERN BASTARDS, Thor) and DENNIS HALLUM (Cloak & Dagger, Vader: Dark Visions), with dazzling art by STEPHEN GREEN (Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.) and cosmic colors by RICO RENZI (Spider-Gwen) comes an intense, galaxy-spanning adventure with all the scope and heart of the The Neverending Story crossed with imaginative weirdness of Miyazaki. Collects SEA OF STARS #1-5

Jason Aaron - Jason Latour - Southern ​Bastards 4. - Gut Check
Coach ​Boss holds sway over Craw County for one reason: he wins football games. But after the biggest, ugliest loss of his career, the coach must become more of a criminal than ever before if he's gonna keep ahead of his enemies. Enemies like Roberta Tubb, who's come to town with a machine gun and some serious questions about how her daddy died. The 2015 Harvey Award-winning (Best New Series) and 2016 Eisner Award-winning (Best Continuing Series) southern-fried crime comic by JASON AARON & JASON LATOUR is back for another round of football, BBQ, and bloodshed! Collects SOUTHERN BASTARDS #15-20

Jason Aaron - Kathryn Immonen - Robbie Thompson - Doctor ​Strange 4. - Mr. Misery
As ​magic faced its last days, Mr. Misery helped Doctor Strange defeat the Empirikul. But that doesn't make Misery a hero. Not one bit. Now the nightmarish creature is about to show Strange the full meaning of his name - and he'll do it by visiting pain and suffering on one of the Doc's closest allies! The Sorcerer Supreme won't stand for that - but to bring the thunder down on Misery, he needs a little help from Thor! Then, Clea walks back into Doctor Strange's life just as he's picking up the pieces from the worst beating he's ever taken. Is she there to make things all better - or will she make that battle feel like a walk in the park for Stephen? Plus, the dazzling debut of the Sorcerers Supreme! COLLECTING: DOCTOR STRANGE 17-20, ANNUAL 1

Jason Aaron - Doctor ​Strange 2. - The Last Days of Magic
Doctor ​Strange enters the last days of magic! They have crossed the dimensions, purging them all of sorcery, one by one. Now the Empirikul have arrived in the Marvel Universe. And with Earth's Master of the Mystic Arts weakened beyond measure, is there any chance of stopping them? The Sorcerer is no longer Supreme, and he will find himself at the mercy of the Imperator! With his magic destroyed, and his world on the brink of disaster, are there any more tricks left up Doctor Strange's sleeves? Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo's sensational reinvigoration of a Marvel legend continues! COLLECTING: DOCTOR STRANGE 6-10, DOCTOR STRANGE: LAST DAYS OF MAGIC 1

Jason Aaron - PunisherMAX ​1. - Kingpin
An ​all-new story from the acclaimed team of Jason Aaron (WOLVERINE: WEAPON X) and Steve Dillon (PUNISHER: WELCOME BACK FRANK), two guys who were born to tell the exploits of Marvel's most brutal vigilante. Wilson Fisk is a bodyguard for mob boss Don Rigoletto, but he has his eyes on a much bigger prize, and he's gonna use Frank Castle to help him realize his dreams. It's the biggest story in MAX history, as we witness the birth of the greatest villain the Punisher has ever faced. Collecting: _PunisherMAX_ #1-5

Jason Aaron - Thor ​(vol. 5) 2. - Road to War of the Realms
Jason ​Aaron's epic THOR run continues! Part the mists of time and peer into the distant past - for a tale of a young Odinson from the Viking age! Every time Thor travels to the mortal land of Midgard, he finds all the mead, battle and romance that a young god could possibly want. But he still can't figure out how to prove himself worthy of the mighty hammer Mjolnir. Now Odin is determined to keep his son away from Midgard for good - and young Loki knows just the way to do it! Then, in the modern day, Thor is held prisoner by the fearsome warriors of the Tenth Realm: Heven! Can even the intervention of Valkyrie and Thor's deadly sister Angela help Thor escape the inescapable prison of angels? COLLECTING: THOR (2018) 7-11

Jason Aaron - Doctor ​Strange 3. - Blood in the Aether
Will ​Doctor Strange survive his foes converging and attacking him all at once? Journey back to the first days of Doctor Strange! How did Stephen Strange become the Sorcerer Supreme - and how has he lost it all? In the present, Strange is on the brink of death, his magic nearly depleted. Sensing the Master of the Mystic Arts is at his weakest, his greatest foes will return from the shadows, ready to strike - starting with one of his oldest rivals, Baron Mordo! But as a parade of bad guys line up to take their shot, one of Strange's newest enemies may be the deadliest of all. The Orb, now with the immense power of the slain Watcher's eye, has set his sights on Doctor Strange! COLLECTING: DOCTOR STRANGE 11-16