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Kris Wilson - Rob Denbleyker - Matt Melvin - Dave McElfatrick - I'm ​Giving You The Finger
Warning This ​book is illicit, insensitive, perverse, profane, dark, depraved, reprehensible and, well, just plain wrong. Those of a sensitive disposition should put it back on the shelf and move over to the Self Help section immediately. Laugh along with the millions of fans around the world at the hit web comic, Cyanide & Happiness. Featuring 150 comics, including 30 brand-new strips, each packed with inappropriate jokes, irreverent characters and deviant behaviour, guaranteed to leave you laughing despite the gnawing guilt. So go ahead... revel in awkward silences, feel disturbed by the proximity of personal space invaders, or join Seizure Man on his next adventure. You won't go to hell for it... probably.* *The publishers and authors will not be held responsible if you do, in fact, go to hell, purgatory, or any others afterlife not of your choosing.

Kris Wilson - Rob Denbleyker - Matt Melvin - Dave McElfatrick - Cyanide ​and Happiness
Introducing ​the first real, tangible, ignitable collection of the hit online comic Cyanide & Happiness, featuring a selection of your favorite comics and thirty brand-new strips. From the minds of Kris, Rob, Matt, and Dave comes a barrage of irreverent entertainment sure to keep you amused until the day you die. Just see what their mothers have to say! "Dave is a nice, young man with a bright future ahead of him. I always knew he was a gifted boy who would go on to do great things. I hope he settles down with a nice, young woman and ****s the **** out of her." —Dave's mom "I don't know how to get computer pictures, so I'm glad Kris finally has a book out. I haven't read it yet, but I hope he gives me a quote on the back." —Kris's mom "I hope Robert's book does well so he can finally afford to move out. He plays his hip-hop music too loud." —Rob's mom Matt's mom was unavailable for a quote due to being dead.

Kris Wilson - Rob Denbleyker - Matt Melvin - Dave McElfatrick - Punching ​Zoo
One ​of the most popular and successful webcomics has found a new home at BOOM! box! If you are on the Internet, you’ve read CYANIDE & HAPPINESS. Generating over a million hits a week, the webcomic is one of the longest-lasting strips out there, and everyone can relate to its hilarious slice-of-life depictions. Since the dawn of man, stick figures have been used as an important device for storytelling. CYANIDE & HAPPINESS has taken this language and mashed it up with Internet culture, bringing us some of the best satire and dark comedy out there. One of the most popular and successful webcomics, like, ever, CYANIDE & HAPPINESS has consistently offered up a humorous look at life—in stick figure form—and we are big fans. The experimental, hilarious voice of CYANIDE & HAPPINESS embodies the spirit of BOOM! Box and we jumped at the chance to collect it.