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D. J. Manly - The ​Pro
Zach ​Freeman is a cop with a single obsession. Lee Hastings is a free wheeling, high class prostitute who thinks his life is just fine until Zachary comes along and threatens to turn it upside down. Zach doesn't care about Lee's life or anything else for that matter. He wants to nail the guy who was involved in the death of a little girl, a guy who is one of Lee Hastings' clients. Lee Hastings is about to be given a choice--help Zach put his client away, or face the consequences. Lee realises that the hard drinking, uncompromising Zach Freeman has the power to ruin his life--he also knows that this gorgeous, rough and tough detective is a little too sexy for words, and that he might lose more than just his lucrative career in the bargain.

A. J. Llewellyn - D. J. Manly - Deep ​Probe
Boy ​meets boy. Boys meet rod. A sneaky rod that steals men's hottest dreams. And acts on them! Space has no fury like an intergalactic sex fiend given free reign. From the twisted, seductive mind of film director John Bruno comes DEEP PROBE, penned by best-selling authors A.J. Llewellyn and D. J. Manly. DEEP PROBE, a hot M/M science-fiction tale set on a planet far, far away features six astronauts on a rescue mission to a distress signal. They find no signs of unusual life. One of the crew. however, pockets a mysterious green rod. He soon finds it has a mind and sexual tastes all of its own…

A. J. Llewellyn - D. J. Manly - Man ​In The Mirror
David ​was his first, and nothing will stand in his way to get back what belongs to him. Nothing! Four years ago things had been very different. In trouble with the mob and suicidal, Aaron's twin brother, Troy, needed to get rid of his life. So he'd handed it over to Aaron. And when Aaron's impersonation of his twin brother was revealed, Aaron feared losing the man he loved, his brother Troy's husband, gorgeous personal trainer, David Alvarez. But by some miracle, David had fallen in love with Aaron, realising that Aaron was good and true, the contrast to his twin, and there was forgiveness. When Troy's insane plot to let his twin take the fall of his screwed up life unravelled and it appeared Troy's life was over, Aaron had hope that his life with David could truly begin. Aaron and David now run a B & B on a beautiful Hawaiian island and life is great until the handsome and charming Randy Carlton buys the house down the beach from them. From the onset, Randy Carlton gives Aaron the feeling that he wants David. And he does. Randy Carlton has gone to great lengths to get back what he considers to be his. He intends to let nothing stand in his way. He will have David at all costs… even if he has to kill to do it. Don't miss the exciting sequel to Mirrors by best-selling authors A.J. Llewellyn and D.J. Manly!

D. J. Manly - Golden ​God
While ​Brennus and Darien are off traveling the world; Darien's sister attempts to restore her brother's mortality. Playing with powerful magic she doesn't understand, Anna opens the Portal of Decadence, which allows demons to slip into the world and ultimately will release the god Pan. Meanwhile, Vortimere is gaining in power and is as obsessed with Brennus as ever. He has joined forces with the darkness that is threatening to destroy the world. Unknown to Brennus, he is the Golden God, the one prophesized to save the world from the darkness Anna has unwittingly unleashed. But Brennus has his own problems, struggling with the idea that Marcel, rather than himself, sired Darien, which has created an inevitable attraction between them.

D. J. Manly - Wanton ​Renegade
Hang ​on. The boys are back in Eternal Souls 3: Wanton Renegade! Tyler Rose is truly a wanton renegade. He's a spoiled, oversexed nineteen-year-old, looking for trouble, and used to getting his own way all the time. But, he is completely unprepared for Bryce Donavan, the hunky military commander his grandfather places in control of the Sky Police. Tyler's grandfather is concerned with the traffic of ID--a powerful aphrodisiac drug that's been circulating in Ruby City--and with what he considers to be the "out of control" behavior of his grandson. He expects Donavan to rein in Tyler--and by any means possible. When Bryce Donavan is summoned to Ruby City, he is not amused at what he is asked to do. Aside from tackling the drug problem, he is expected to baby-sit Jack Rose's wanton--and totally annoying--grandson. From the time they set eyes on each other, the sparks fly! An oversexed, spoiled, rich boy, and a tough, gorgeous military commander... Ooh, what trouble they can get into--especially when they are meant for each other. Eternal Souls 3: Wanton Renegade will deliver all the sex, comedy, and intense passion of Vampire Lust and Beloved Foe--and then some! Don't miss how the story ends--or will it continue?

A. J. Llewellyn - D. J. Manly - Hardsex
Come ​back to Fantasium, where nothing is as it seems. In the second installment called Hardsex, a young skateboarder comes to New York City to compete in the competition of his life and finds himself in a race to save the man of his dreams. A building with a golden staircase that leads to paradise, a little man who deals in fantasies and a beautiful young champion in a coma are all that stands between Proano and the love of his life. Are they real or will they just suddenly disappear as soon as the competition has ended?

D. J. Manly - Body ​and Soul
Darien ​and Brennus have been together ever since that fateful night when they banished the evil Vortimere; but all is not bliss. Darien want's Brennus to make him a vampire so that they can truly be together. Brennus can't bear to take Darien's life. This disagreement threatens to tear them apart once and for all. Meanwhile Brennus has been hearing a voice in his head, one which won't stop talking to him, telling him its time to pay for his immortality--a voice which has come for his soul. As the Feast of the dead approaches and the spirits come to life, vampires walk and all is not as it seems.

D. J. Manly - Beloved ​Foe
Eternally ​destined to be lovers, the lusty vampires meet again, this time as mortal enemies in seventeenth century France. When the story opens, Joey has been sold into slavery to a French nobleman whose "patriotism" includes providing sexual release for weary soldiers. When the delicious French Captain, Daniel Dubois (Dino) shows up, he recognizes Joey as the nephew to none other than the King of England. Having seen his own death in a dream, he wants desperately to make one last trip to England. He seizes the opportunity by offering to rescue Joey and take him home. Joey is immediately drawn to the beautiful Captain, yet suspicious of his motives. He has no idea why Dubois would risk his life to rescue him, especially since he appears to have no sexual interest in him. However, a voice inside of him tells him the young Captain is his destiny. On the journey to England, Joey's memory of their past life together is restored . Daniel, on the other hand is completely oblivious. Joey knows he must make Daniel remember. To do that, he will seduce him and win his love. However, this proves to be no easy feat, especially after Joey discovers the real reason Daniel is taking him home.

D. J. Manly - The ​Ancient Stone
Darien ​is thrilled with the house Brennus wants to buy for them, and he’s thrilled to be close to his sister again and The Grinning Moon. Brennus is even considering going back to the university to teach. He doesn’t know that someone has been watching and waiting, an unlikely villain who longs to be close to Brennus. And he will do anything, including summoning a demon who can give him an ancient stone…an ancient stone that can control the undead, that can control Brennus. When a bumbling outcast has possession of an ancient stone that can cause Brennus to almost destroy him, Darien knows he’s in trouble. With the help of Marcel, Anita, Zendle and Anna, they will have to do everything they can to liberate the world’s most powerful immortal before it’s too late. Don’t miss the latest installment in the adventures of Brennus, and his beloved witch.

D. J. Manly - Vampire ​Lust
He ​was an ancient vampire with the uncanny ability to pass as a mortal, even among his own kind, sent on a mission to destroy his sire's adversary. Joey is completely unprepared for the vampire Dino. Instead of destroying him, he becomes obsessed with lust for him, a lust that makes him want to completely dominate him, body and soul...a lust that may serve to tear them apart, unless he can begin to understand the words of an old gypsy fortune teller. Eternal Souls: Book 1 - Vampire Lust is the story of an eternal passion so strong that its memories live on, even after death.

A. J. Llewellyn - D. J. Manly - Mirrors
Troy ​and Aaron Mayer, identical twins separated from the age of two, have lived wildly different lives. Aaron has struggled taking care of their alcoholic, gambling-addicted mother, leaving his finances in disarray. Troy, living with their father, experienced luxury. He calls Aaron asking to see him after years of silence. When Aaron arrives at his brother's boat, his twin has committed suicide. In his farewell note, Troy offers Aaron his car keys, his money and... his life of riches. Aaron, on the run from the loan sharks he owes money to, finds his new life is even worse. Everywhere he turns he discovers somebody Troy devastated... including his handsome, charismatic husband, Dave Alvarez, who is on the verge of leaving Troy. Can Aaron turn things around for Troy... and for himself? Or are some mirrors just meant to be broken?

D. J. Manly - Love ​Most Inconvenient
Sometimes ​love can be most inconvenient.. At least it sure is in D.J. Manly's new trilogy of deliciously devilish, sexy, romantic contemporary comedies featuring three couples, who most inconveniently meet the love of their lives! In "No Vacancy," Manuel returns to his apartment late at night fresh from an undercover job only to find a strange man in his bed. In "Right Before My Eyes," it's love at first sight for Paul, who falls for the smokin' hot DJ at the rock and roll radio station where he gets his dream job, only to discover that this guy could be the bloody poster boy for heartbreaker of the year! In "My Name is Dane," Mark kidnaps the guy responsible for getting his sister pregnant, a guy who insists his name is not Christopher, but Dane! Experience the love, the lust, and the calamity, and see firsthand how love won't be denied, even if it is bloody inconvenient .

D. J. Manly - Melting ​Ice
A ​young cop, in the closet and isolated, is transferred to the bikers squad, where he is betrayed by a higher ranking officer. When Brian Fuller finds himself in the middle of a field surrounded by a group of notorious outlaw bikers, he is in for the fight of his life. He wakes up battered and bruised, only to discover that he is the hostage of the gang's leader, the infamous, brutally handsome Ice. At first, Brian doesn't understand why he is still alive. It turns out that the man who murdered Ice's family is the same one who left Brian for dead ... and Ice intends on trading Brian's life to get him as soon as Brian is strong enough. In the meantime, while Ice waits for Brian to heal, a raging sexual heat between them begins to fuel. Melting Ice is a story of great passion, sizzling sex, and above all, a love story laced with the unexpected.

D. J. Manly - The ​Other Man
Kendal ​is an ordinary guy in his mid thirties. All he thought he'd ever want was an ordinary life. He had that with Charlie, his live in lover of seven years. Then suddenly Charlie announces that he's leaving Kendal for a "fantasy man." At first, Kendal is distraught that Charlie would throw away seven years on a Twink; then, he gets angry. He decides to track down the guy who stole his Charlie and give him a piece of his mind. Aaron Radcliff is "the other man," but not in the way Kendal expects. A hunky fireman who can have any man he chooses, is about to surprise the hell out of Kendal. The Other Man is an unexpected love story about our preconceptions, and doesn't play by the rules.

D. J. Manly - Brennus' ​Witch
Right ​now, Brennus has a more pressing problem. He is seeking the individual who dared to cast a love spell on him. That individual is Darien, a modern day Wicca Priest. Darien had no idea the spell he cast on behalf of his sister, would put him on the bad side of an ancient vampire. Now, not only is he going to discover Brennus' wrath, he is about to discover a frightening past he never knew he had...a past which involved Brennus Monroe. Recipe for 'Brennus' Witch,1 large cauldron, take 2 gorgeous males: 1 vampire, 1 witch, add the approach of Halloween, and the Feast of the Dead. Throw in lots of scares. Toss with a generous amount of erotica. Boil until piping hot, and enjoy.