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A. J. Llewellyn - D. J. Manly - Deep ​Probe
Boy ​meets boy. Boys meet rod. A sneaky rod that steals men's hottest dreams. And acts on them! Space has no fury like an intergalactic sex fiend given free reign. From the twisted, seductive mind of film director John Bruno comes DEEP PROBE, penned by best-selling authors A.J. Llewellyn and D. J. Manly. DEEP PROBE, a hot M/M science-fiction tale set on a planet far, far away features six astronauts on a rescue mission to a distress signal. They find no signs of unusual life. One of the crew. however, pockets a mysterious green rod. He soon finds it has a mind and sexual tastes all of its own…

A. J. Llewellyn - D. J. Manly - Man ​In The Mirror
David ​was his first, and nothing will stand in his way to get back what belongs to him. Nothing! Four years ago things had been very different. In trouble with the mob and suicidal, Aaron's twin brother, Troy, needed to get rid of his life. So he'd handed it over to Aaron. And when Aaron's impersonation of his twin brother was revealed, Aaron feared losing the man he loved, his brother Troy's husband, gorgeous personal trainer, David Alvarez. But by some miracle, David had fallen in love with Aaron, realising that Aaron was good and true, the contrast to his twin, and there was forgiveness. When Troy's insane plot to let his twin take the fall of his screwed up life unravelled and it appeared Troy's life was over, Aaron had hope that his life with David could truly begin. Aaron and David now run a B & B on a beautiful Hawaiian island and life is great until the handsome and charming Randy Carlton buys the house down the beach from them. From the onset, Randy Carlton gives Aaron the feeling that he wants David. And he does. Randy Carlton has gone to great lengths to get back what he considers to be his. He intends to let nothing stand in his way. He will have David at all costs… even if he has to kill to do it. Don't miss the exciting sequel to Mirrors by best-selling authors A.J. Llewellyn and D.J. Manly!

A. J. Llewellyn - Sunday ​in the Park with George
Lucas ​Addison's life is all mapped out. A rising chess superstar, he is an orderly, fastidious kind of guy whose reputation as a jerk precedes him. He's resigned to a career–filled life until he spots fallen movie idol Kevin Morgan in the crowd watching him play chess in a tournament one cold, but sunny afternoon in Central Park. Kevin's exquisite good looks and haunting eyes tear at him. What happened to this guy and why did he walk away from the world? And why does Lucas think he can…and must save him? Lucas becomes enthralled by the actor who walked off the stage in the middle of a benefit performance of his one-man show on Broadway the previous year. The one time million-dollar-a-movie man appears to be homeless and rebuffs Lucas's attempts at friendship, hurting Lucas's feelings. All Lucas cares about is that New York is still in the grip of fierce late winter storms and the nighttimes are below freezing. Can he get Kevin inside, out of the cold? Could they possibly become lovers? Things start to defrost between them when Kevin accepts his invitation to see a matinee performance of the classic play, Sunday in the Park with George…

A. J. Llewellyn - Stavros
When ​Theo went to Mykonos in search of sun, sand, and sex, he got more than he bargained for-immortality.Theo Scully meets the man of his dreams on the gay-friendly Greek island of Mykonos at a time when Theo, deeply depressed over a breakup, believes he will never find happiness. Haunted at night by strange dreams of hooting owls, he can find no explanation for them, until he comes to know Stavros.One of the most hypnotic, sexiest men Theo has ever met, Stavros goes from being charming yet aloof to ever-present, joining the strange owl in Theo s dreams. Then a series of young men are found drained of blood washed up on the island s beaches, and Theo begins to worry when the locals whisper of striges, ancient Greek vampires.He has to fight his own disbelief even as he becomes more involved with Stavros, who seems to fallen deeply in love with him.With the local islanders anxious to rid their Mediterranean idyll of the creatures of the night, Theo soon finds love is entwined with blood...Stavros s blood.

A. J. Llewellyn - D. J. Manly - Mirrors
Troy ​and Aaron Mayer, identical twins separated from the age of two, have lived wildly different lives. Aaron has struggled taking care of their alcoholic, gambling-addicted mother, leaving his finances in disarray. Troy, living with their father, experienced luxury. He calls Aaron asking to see him after years of silence. When Aaron arrives at his brother's boat, his twin has committed suicide. In his farewell note, Troy offers Aaron his car keys, his money and... his life of riches. Aaron, on the run from the loan sharks he owes money to, finds his new life is even worse. Everywhere he turns he discovers somebody Troy devastated... including his handsome, charismatic husband, Dave Alvarez, who is on the verge of leaving Troy. Can Aaron turn things around for Troy... and for himself? Or are some mirrors just meant to be broken?

A. J. Llewellyn - Serena Yates - The ​Cake
Baking ​the best cupcakes in San Francisco is Daine’s true calling...who knew that the tastiest cakes could lead to a talent for danger? Phillip Sedgwick is a lawyer who works for an unusual law firm: Arden, Bainbridge, Chinook and Damek is the supernatural world’s most prestigious company, protecting, and often prosecuting, members of the supernatural world for various crimes and infractions. His latest case involves the owner of Fabulous Cupcakes, Daine Paradis, who has been accused of abuse of his superpowers. Daine is proud that he’s been able to keep his father’s bakery going and has made it a huge success. Weird things start happening, and hard work no longer seems enough to stay in business. When he meets Phillip the sparks fly, but will the two men be able to solve the case before everything goes up in flames?

A. J. Llewellyn - Wait ​for Night
Former ​soap opera star Sean Castro has hated every second of the sensational trial at which he is the reluctant center. Being stalked and hunted, terrorized, kidnapped, tortured and raped by Justin Montgomery has left him in a despair that only a guilty verdict can lift. When the jury reaches an impasse and a mistrial is declared, Sean feels victimized all over again. Unable to sleep, afraid of night, the mistrial takes its toll on Sean and his supportive father and brother. Though the Assistant DA is adamant he will file new charges, Sean worries about the effect a new trial and increased media scrutiny will have on both his own health and his father’s. Then he starts receiving the mysterious “Wait for Night” text messages Montgomery always sent him. Petrified, he needs to escape the confines of the small Northern California town of Gilroy famous for garlic, and now, thanks to him, gay rape. Sean finds salvation in the form of his long-lost cousin Theoni. She lives in the ancient Peloponnese region of Greece and invites Sean and his family to visit. They jump at the chance, with Sean and his brother learning about their mother, who died when they were toddlers. Reconnecting with their mother’s sister and family, they find so much to love and celebrate in the tiny village of Akrata, including, for Sean, the possibility of a new romance. But terror isn’t far behind. The mysterious messages keep coming, and once again, Sean is a man living in mortal terror...

A. J. Llewellyn - D. J. Manly - Hardsex
Come ​back to Fantasium, where nothing is as it seems. In the second installment called Hardsex, a young skateboarder comes to New York City to compete in the competition of his life and finds himself in a race to save the man of his dreams. A building with a golden staircase that leads to paradise, a little man who deals in fantasies and a beautiful young champion in a coma are all that stands between Proano and the love of his life. Are they real or will they just suddenly disappear as soon as the competition has ended?

A. J. Llewellyn - The ​Cross
Colin ​McDermott goes home to Sydney, Australia, to await his Green Card, which will grant him legal residence in the US. When the process drags on, he's worried he'll be denied, but he's also financially stressed. He's still paying his bills back in LA and coping with a sub-leased apartment in Kings Cross, the famed red-light district. Forced to take a part time job in a Darlinghurst cafe, Colin comes face to face with the past he'd fled and the childhood he sought to forget. And there's one other thing—he's reunited with the Ronan Hensley, the man he thought he could love until Colin shamed himself on a disastrous date ten years ago. Can these two men rekindle their relationship? Can old wounds be forgotten and forgiven? As Colin walks the streets of the Cross—which, like him, clings to its shameful past—history comes back to life. He realizes so many things, but mostly that you can take the boy out of Australia, but you can't take Australia out of the boy...

A. J. Llewellyn - Serena Yates - The ​Mudpie
Mitchell ​is proud of his new wrestling persona and trading card, but he hadn’t planned on actually facing his wrestling hero, Whip "Mudshark" Jackson, in the ring... Geeky Mitchell Dykins loves his new job as marketing manager for a wrestling federation’s participants. After creating a huge online campaign for his company’s wrestlers, he befriends the most fearsome warrior of them all, Whip "Mudshark" Jackson. Whip is so thrilled with Mitchell's work, he demands that the company create a wrestling persona for Mitchell and therefore he’ll get his own trading card. Mitchell is tickled. This is all good, right? Unfortunately Mitchell soon finds himself transformed into his wrestling persona, "Mudpit Madman". When he starts waking up covered in mud, Mudshark lying beside him, he begins to worry. The worst of it is when he defeats Mudshark who then puts a contract out on Mudpit. Whip claims he knows nothing about what his alter ego is doing. He likes Mitchell. But his muddy wrestling character seems to have a mind of his own...can he be telling the truth? Is Mitchell completely nuts to still like a guy who probably wants him dead?

A. J. Llewellyn - Serena Yates - The ​Blancmage
Finn ​wants justice in the Water Court’s controversial murder trial - but two jurors have already been killed and now an assassin is after him and won’t give up... Finn Garrison is a Water Mage who lives in Bermuda and teaches swimming to water-phobes, assists in the salvage of ship wrecks and rehabilitates local wildlife in his spare time. When he gets called to be a juror in a high profile Water Court trial and his life is endangered, he knows he needs help. Ty Anglin is an experienced Water Marshal who doesn’t really want to become someone’s glorified bodyguard. When he meets Finn, he’s not only attracted to him, but also suddenly very protective. Two attempts on Finn’s life later, they are both sure there is more going on than meets the eye. Will they be able to find out who is behind the assassinations? Was the sea monster on trial really framed? And are freshwater people really being discriminated against by their saltwater cousins?