Blair Grove könyvei a rukkolán

Blair Grove - The ​WereCat
Story ​1: The DILF After moving into an enormous abandoned house, shifter Tommy Black notices his muscular, rich new neighbor. Tommy shifts into different animals just to get a closer look as the neighbor comes home sweaty and pumped from gym. What Tommy doesn’t know is that his new hot neighbor has noticed him as well. Story 2: The Other Shifter Tommy decides to test his own limits as a shifter by learning to shift into a blackbird. While flying for the first time, Tommy is drawn to an animal running in an open field. Soon he discovers that this isn’t just any ordinary beast… and that this discovery is about to change his life forever. *** This book contains highly sexual scenes and is intended for mature audiences who enjoy hot male on male scenes. ***

Blair Grove - The ​Lone Wolf
When ​Justin moved to the city of Western Coast he found a new job, new friends, and a bustling town full of good-looking guys hitting the bars. Who he did not expect to find was Dorian– the definition of tall, dark, rich, and handsome. When Dorian invites Justin one night to his hillside mansion, they both discover wild truths about each other. However, Dorian’s truth is far less tamed. A hot, fun, new gay romance and adventure series that will keep you on your toes!

Blair Grove - The ​Boy Who Cried Wolf
Tommy ​Black is recants the story of how he learned to shift for the first time. As a small boy he discovered his abilities and used them to run away from his terrible foster family. On the streets, Tommy met a kind witch who took him into her home to raise as her own. Flashing back to the present time, Tommy continues with his usual life of lawbreaking and seducing attractive guys. However, this time around, he starts to feel remorseful. Just as Tommy begins to think of a way to change his life, he discovers that he is being hunted by something monstrous.