Ronald H. Balson könyvei a rukkolán

Ronald H. Balson - Valaha ​testvérek voltunk
Két ​gyermekkori barát, aki testvérként szereti egymást. Két férfi, aki farkasszemet néz egymással a holokauszt poklában, majd évtizedekkel később immár a bíróságon, hogy végérvényesen pontot tegyen egy fájdalmas, szívet tépő, borzalmakkal teli történet végére... Elliot Rosenzweig Chicago díszpolgára, milliárdos. Az opera egyik megnyitó ünnepségén egy férfi váratlanul odalép hozzá, és fegyvert fog rá. Az öregember, Benjamin Salomon azzal vádolja meg mindenki füle hallatára, hogy háborús bűnös, sőt mi több, ő maga Otto Piatek, egykori SS-tiszt, a hírhedt zamosci mészáros. Elliot minden követ megmozgat, hogy megússza a tárgyalást, ami a jó hírét veszélyeztetné. Ben azonban, aki a második világháború idején elveszített mindent, ami fontos volt számára, hajthatatlan. Míg Elliotot a felejtés, Bent az emlékezés élteti. Azt akarja, hogy amíg világ a világ, senki se feledje, mi történt a holokauszt idején... Ronald H. Balson izgalmas, elgondolkodtató könyve részletgazdag képet fest a második világháború idején a nácik által megszállt Lengyelországról, a holokauszt borzalmairól, egyúttal számvetésre késztet mindnyájunkat, hogy egy napon élhetőbb, emberibb, igazabb jelent és jövőt élhessünk.

Ronald H. Balson - Sophie ​megmentése
Meddig ​mehet el egy apa, hogy megmentse a lányát? Gyilkosság, csalás, terroristák egy végtelenül izgalmas, mégis mélyen emberi regény lapjain.

Ronald H. Balson - Karolina's ​Twins
From ​the author of Once We Were Brothers comes a saga inspired by true events of a Holocaust survivor’s quest to fulfill a promise, return to Poland and find two sisters lost during World War II. Lena Woodward, an elderly woman, enlists the help of both lawyer Catherine Lockhart and private investigator Liam Taggart to appraise the story of her harrowing past in Nazi occupied Poland. At the same time, Lena’s son Arthur presents her with a hefty lawsuit under the pretense of garnering her estate—and independence—for his own purposes. Where these stories intersect is through Lena’s dubious account of her life in war-torn Poland, and her sisterhood with a childhood friend named Karolina. Lena and Karolina struggled to live through the atrocity of the Holocaust, and at the same time harbored a courageous, yet mysterious secret of maternity that has troubled Lena throughout her adult life. In telling her story to Catherine and Liam, Lena not only exposes the realities of overcoming the horrors of the Holocaust, she also comes to terms with her own connection to her dark past. Karolina’s Twins is a tale of survival, love, and resilience in more ways than one. As Lena recounts her story, Catherine herself also recognizes the unwavering importance of family as she prepares herself for the arrival of her unborn child. Through this association and many more, both Lena and Catherine begin to cherish the dogged ties that bind not only families and children, but the entirety of mankind.

Ronald H. Balson - Once ​We Were Brothers
Elliot ​Rosenzweig, a respected civic leader and wealthy philanthropist, is attending a fundraiser when he is suddenly accosted and accused of being a former Nazi SS officer named Otto Piatek, the Butcher of Zamosc. Although the charges are denounced as preposterous, his accuser is convinced he is right and engages attorney Catherine Lockhart to bring Rosenzweig to justice. Solomon persuades attorney Catherine Lockhart to take his case, revealing that the true Piatek was abandoned as a child and raised by Solomon's own family only to betray them during the Nazi occupation. But has Solomon accused the right man? Once We Were Brothers is Ronald H. Balson's compelling tale of two boys and a family who struggle to survive in war-torn Poland, and a young love that struggles to endure the unspeakable cruelty of the Holocaust. Two lives, two worlds, and sixty years converge in an explosive race to redemption that makes for a moving and powerful tale of love, survival, and ultimately the triumph of the human spirit.

Ronald H. Balson - Saving ​Sophie
From ​the author of _Once We Were Brothers_, Liam and Catherine team up again to investigate an embezzlement case, and discover a link between their prime suspect, a kidnapping, and a terrorist cell. Jack Sommers was just an ordinary accountant from Chicago. That is, until his wife passed away, his young daughter was kidnapped, and he became the main suspect in an $88 million dollar embezzlement case. Now, Jack is on the run, hoping to avoid the feds long enough to rescue his daughter, Sophie, from her maternal grandfather, a suspected terrorist in Palestine. With the help of the investigative team who first appeared in Once We Were Brothers, Liam and Catherine, and a new CIA operative, a secret mission is launched to not only rescue Sophie, but also to thwart a major terrorist attack in Hebron. But will being caught in the crossfires of the Palestine-Israeli conflict keep their team from accomplishing the task at hand, or can they overcome the odds and save countless lives, including their own? Saving Sophie is the powerful story of the lengths a father will go through to protect his daughter, alongside the religious and political persecution of a nation caught in a civil war. This action-packed thriller will take you on an unforgettable journey of murder and deception, testing the bonds of family and love along the way.

Ronald H. Balson - Eli's ​Promise
A ​"fixer" in a Polish town during WWII, his betrayal of a Jewish family, and a search for justice 25 years later—by the winner of the National Jewish Book Award. Eli’s Promise is a masterful work of historical fiction spanning three eras—Nazi-occupied Poland, the American Zone of post-war Germany, and Chicago at the height of the Vietnam War, all tied together by a common thread. Award-winning author Ronald H. Balson explores the human cost of war, the mixed blessings of survival, and the enduring strength of family bonds. 1939: Eli Rosen lives with his wife Esther and their young son in the Polish town of Lublin, where his family owns a construction company. As a consequence of the Nazi occupation, Eli’s company is Aryanized, appropriated and transferred to Maximilian Poleski—an unprincipled profiteer who peddles favors to Lublin’s subjugated residents, and who knows nothing at all of construction. An uneasy alliance is formed; Poleski will keep the Rosen family safe if Eli will manage the business. Will Poleski honor his promise or will their relationship end in betrayal and tragedy? 1946: Eli resides with his son in a displaced persons camp in Allied occupied Germany hoping for a visa to America. His wife has been missing since the war. One man may know what has happened to her. Is he the same man who is now sneaking around the camps selling illegal visas? 1965: Eli Rosen rents a room in Albany Park, Chicago. He is on a mission. With patience, cunning, and relentless focus, Eli navigates Chicago's unfamiliar streets and dangerous political backrooms, searching for the truth. Powerful and emotional, Eli’s Promise is a rich, rewarding novel of World War II and a husband’s quest for justice.