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Stella Bagwell - Ann Roth - Adóügyek, ​szívügyek / Mondd meg, ki vagyok!
Ann ​Roth: Adóügyek, szívügyek Gyöngyök, fülbevalók, nyakláncok, karkötők – ezekből áll Lily színes, ám meglehetősen magányos világa, mígnem beüt a mennykő egy váratlan adóellenőrzés formájában. És nem csak a lány kézműves-vállalkozása kerül veszélybe. A húga, Janice megkéri, hogy vigyázzon a hét hónapos kislányára, amíg ő távol van, de a napokból hetek lesznek, sőt! Janice egy idő után kijelenti, hogy lemond a babáról, így minden gond Lily nyakába szakad. Úgy tűnik, egyetlen emberre számíthat a bajban: Carter Boyle-ra, az unalmasnak tűnő adótanácsadóra… Stella Bagwell: Mondd meg, ki vagyok! Ki lehet ez a gyönyörű idegen, aki elveszítette az emlékezetét? Amikor Brad Donovan seriffhelyettes talál egy ájult nőt az út menti árokban, még nem tudja, hogy ő maga is elveszett. Mindent meg akar tenni, hogy segítsen a lánynak, ezért és meghívja a családjuk birtokára – és még nevet is ad neki! Lázasan próbálja felfejteni Lassie múltjának rejtélyét, de minden nappal egyre jobban beleszeret. Csakhogy el kell rejtenie az érzelmeit, mert az emlékek bármikor visszatérhetnek, és akkor kiderül, van-e másik férfi a szép ismeretlen életében…

Ann Roth - My ​Sisters
When ​sisters Margaret, Rose, and Quincy Lansing receive the tragic news that a car accident has claimed the life of their mother, they must return to their childhood home - and to one another's company. Although they are shocked and heartbroken, none of the Lansing sisters is eager to be back. For the painful memories they thought they'd left behind have suddenly resurfaced...The Lansings were never a close or loving family. And each sibling had long ago found her own means of escape-Margaret into her lab work, Rose into her "perfect" marriage, Quincy into her acts of rebellion. So when crisis forces them together again, they discover that they know as little about one another as they did about their mother. And in unravelling her secrets, they find not only revelation, but also strength, hope, sisterhood, and a chance for love...

Ann Roth - Her ​Rancher Hero
For ​the troubled foster boys who call it home, Hope Ranch is a last chance. For Cody Naylor, the ranch's owner, it's an opportunity to repay a debt to the foster father who saved his life. And for Autumn Knowles, it's a way to stay out of jail after a minor scrape with the law. Sentenced to a temporary job as housekeeper at the ranch, she's determined to show everyone she can be responsible. Gaining the boys' confidence is no easy matter. Learning to trust Cody is a whole other story. But with her job, her future and the future of the boys at stake, there's too much to lose by getting involved. Autumn's not about to get burned again…no matter how perfect the guy seems!

Ann Roth - Another ​Life
Learning ​of her husband Stephen's fatal heart attack is the worst thing Mary Beth Mason can imagine - until she learns about the other family he left behind. Another wife, another daughter, another home hundreds of miles away in Seattle. For twenty years, Mary Beth's life centered around pleasing and loving Stephen, socializing with his lawyer friends, taking part in the exclusive San Francisco clubs and guilds he prized, and raising their daughter Aurora while he was away on "business." Having promised to take care of her forever, he left her instead with mountains of debt and a house mortgaged to the hilt. But amidst the piles of unpaid bills, Mary Beth discovers some unexpected gifts - a fierce determination to begin again, a strength she never knew she possessed, and a most unlikely ally. Out of the ashes of a lie, she starts to create the life - and the family - she's always wanted. A life built on trust, honesty, and perhaps even love...

Ann Roth - Father ​of the Year
Entrepreneur ​Will Stoner is a competent executive, but when he becomes guardian to the son he never knew about, Will does the only thing he can—he hires help. Nanny Dena Foster's gentle ways take the trepidation out of parenting, and despite a bad marriage that made Will mistrust women, he warms to Dena. Now he wants more from this nurturing beauty—for himself. First he has to erase the doubt in Dena’s eyes about his feelings for her. Is being a successful businessman, caring father and loving husband too much to ask for?

Ann Roth - A ​Rancher's Christmas
A ​Holiday Change Of Heart Gina Arnett comes home to Saddlers Prairie to say goodbye to her uncle and sell the family ranch she's just inherited. Her focus is on getting back to Chicago and her high-powered job. Two things change her plans: a sudden blizzard that causes the town to be snowed in, and Zach Horton—the ranch foreman who tries to convince her to stay. Gina's boundless ambition is something Zach understands all too well. He's kept his past a secret, and to uncover it, she'll have to reveal her own uncomfortable truths—and her growing feelings for Zach. He's not the kind of man she dreamed of falling for. But at the Christmas season, all dreams seem possible….

Ann Roth - A ​Rancher's Honor
One ​Night With A Cowboy There's no room in day-care owner Lana Carpenter's life for casual flings. After all, her dream of adopting a baby is closer to becoming a reality than ever. So why is she still mooning over the sexy cowboy who made her forget everything but the strong, sure feel of his arms around her? It wasn't supposed to be more than one unforgettable night between consenting strangers. But when Sly Pettit spots Lana's photo in the local paper, he grabs at the chance to see her again. The guarded rancher is falling hard for Lana, but it can only end in heartbreak. Unless Sly can trust her with the secrets that keep him from believing that, just maybe, they could have a future together.

Ann Roth - A ​Rancher's Redemption
Mr. ​Right-There-All-Along Since she was a teen, there's been one guy that restaurateur Dani Pettit can always count on—her best friend, Nick. Their relationship is purely platonic…that is until a single kiss changes everything. Now Dani is falling hard for the one man she shouldn't fall for—the one who can truly break her heart. Although rancher Nick Kelly knows he's to blame for his string of failed relationships, Dani is the only woman he ever trusted. Nick doesn't want to be just another guy who lets her down, but his new feelings for Dani are too strong to resist. Do they dare risk their lifelong friendship for a once-in-a-lifetime love?