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Pam Godwin - Vágyakra ​hangolva
***New ​York Times és USA Today bestseller szerző*** "Mondhatod, hogy könnyűvérű vagyok. Talán igazad is van. Néha csinálok olyan dolgokat, amiket megbánok. Néha a férfiak csinálják ezt velem, kérdezés nélkül. Mi van nekem? A zene. Egy évem van hátra a középiskolából és van egy tervem. Egy céllal. Emeric Marceaux. Ő az, aki megmondja, mit akarok, átveszi az uralmat felettem, és vágyakra hangol. Amikor játékra parancsol, mindenemet neki adnám. Térdelek a büntetésért, remegek egy érintéséért. Mindent feladnék egy titkos közös pillanatért. Ő az én rögeszmém, a mesterem, a zeném. És a tanárom." Pam Godwin New York Times és USA Today bestseller szerző romantikus-erotikus regénye egy titkolt tanár-diák kapcsolatba repíti el az olvasót. Az első oldaltól lebilincsel... "Annyira szerettem..." Dirty Girl Romance "Rég nem olvasta ilyen jó romantikus-erotikus regényt." Booklovers for life "... nem lehet letenni." Totally Booked "Nem tudom elmondani, mennyire élveztem..." The Crazy World of a Booklover "Nyers, sötét, mégis gyengéd..." Anna Zaires, New York Times bestseller szerző

Pam Godwin - Dirty ​Ties
Revenge. ​ I race to finance it. I evade to protect it. I kill to attain it. I planned everything. Except her. The alluring, curvaceous blonde at the finish line. With sapphire eyes that cheat and lie. Whose powerful family murdered mine. I hate her. I want her. I know she’s hiding something. But so am I.

Jay McLean - Ilsa Madden-Mills - Penny Reid - Pam Godwin - Missy Johnson - Dawn Robertson - Linda Barlow - Alana Albertson - Carly Carson - Farrah Farside - Nicole Blanchard - Cherie Blakeley - M-E. Girard - Breakaway
Party ​with your favorite New Adult authors as they celebrate Spring Break with a collection of 13 scorching hot novellas and short stories. Confessions by Jay McLean: A flat tire and a twist of fate bring them together, but it's their pasts and their confessions that keep them there. Spider on a Plane by Ilsa Madden-Mills: When lead guitarist for Vital Rejects boards his plane, he’s assigned to sit next to the most famous, goody-goody in New York. He hits on her; she snubs him. The plane lands, but their journey is far from over… Bunsen Burner Bingo by Penny Reid: Katy Parker likes being the invisible girl almost as much as she obsesses over the campus golden boy, Martin Sandeke. But when she inadvertently overhears a nefarious plot about Martin, she'll have to overcome her fears and summon the courage to be seen. To Steal a Kiss by Pam Godwin: When petty thief, Addy Goldner, is caught with her hands in the pockets of a dark-eyed college boy on spring break, will he turn her in or punish her by stealing something for himself? Ricochet by Missy Johnson: He wasn't supposed to be anything more than a one-nighter to ease my broken heart...he also wasn't supposed to be my best friend's younger brother. Claiming Freedom by Dawn Robertson: Greyson Scott is exactly what Stella Lewis needs for a Spring Break to remember. But when the vacation is over and real life returns, she's shocked to learn he's one fling she can't seem to forget. Color Me Bad by Linda Barlow: Fleeing a dude with a shotgun, Rory McKay seeks help from bad boy townie, Griff O'Malley, only to learn that Griff may have murdered his last girlfriend. Invaluable by Alana Albertson: For Kyle Lawson, former NFL star turned Navy SEAL, a hot one night stand with a USO cheerleader ends in an early morning rescue mission. He will never win MVP, never get the Super Bowl ring, but some heroes don't play games. Bling Ring in Mexico by Carly Carson: When spring break fun turns into crime, Susanna must choose between chasing bling and chasing a hot dolphin trainer. But straight-arrow Joaquin has no intention of being the boy toy of his flighty classmate. Too bad lust has such a good grip on him. Contacts by Farrah Farside: Brooke thinks she's got the best she can get in Liam, but those closest to Brooke make her face the harsh truth: she's Liam's secret after-hours screw. Unbreakable by Nicole Blanchard: Stranded with her ex-boyfriend on an island during a storm, Rue Lawrence will either resist temptation...or surrender to it. Rained In by Cherie Blakeley: Stuck dog-sitting for her boss, Kiera Vane’s spring break plans are looking bleak. When a handsome stranger appears she panics, but soon discovers he’s the least of her worries. In a Daze by M-E Girard: Martie receives an invitation to a women-only evening from Daze, the girl she’s been obsessing over in class. She lands in a throwback to the ’50 butch-femme scene, and if Daze is the femme, then Martie better man up—and fast.

Pam Godwin - Disclaim
Camila ​was seventeen when Van Quiso kidnapped her. Ten years after her escape, the shackles refuse to release her. Not while there are still slave traders preying on her city. She will stop at nothing to end them. Even if that means becoming a slave again. Returning to chains is her worst fear—and only option. They won’t know who she is or what she intends to do. She’s prepared for every complication. Except him. The one who decimated her sixteen-year-old heart. Matias is charming, gorgeous, and dangerously seductive. He’s also untrustworthy and enshrouded in secrets. After years of no contact, he finds her—on her knees, wrists bound, in the clutches of her enemy. Will he sabotage her mission by needlessly saving her? Or will he keep her in chains and never let her go? Warning: Graphic sex and violence. Age 18+ only It is recommended to read after Deliver & Vanquish, but it can be read as a stand-alone.