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Matt Wagner - Grendel: ​Red, White & Black
Dark ​Horse is proud to present this second Grendel anthology. Each story is a vignette of the devious misdeeds of Hunter Rose, the first incarnation of Grendel. The Grendel tales are illustrated in stark black, white, and blood red by some of the top talents in comics, including Jill Thompson (Scary Godmother), Michael Avon Oeming (Powers), Darick Robertson (Transmetropolitan), Kelley Jones (Sandman), Andi Watson (Geisha), Dan Brereton (The Nocturnals), Phil Noto (Birds of Prey), Zander Cannon (Top Ten), Andy Kuhn (Firebreather), Ashley Wood (popbot), Jim Mahfood (Grrl Scouts), Stan Sakai (Usagi Yojimbo), Tom Fowler (Caper), Mike Huddleston (Harley Quinn), Cliff Chiang (Detective Comics), John K. Snyder (Grendel: God and the Devil), Michael Zulli (Creatures of the Night), and Phil Hester & Ande Parks (Green Arrow), and more, including a seldom seen Grendel story drawn by Matt Wagner himself! Rivals to Grendel's mob employer, the Ciccone family, never expected to deal with the Devil himself!

Matt Wagner - Grendel: ​Black, White & Red
Acclaimed ​Grendel creator Matt Wagner crafts a series of tales that spotlights those the Devil has influenced and intimidated, a grim grimoire of punishment and revenge illustrated in stark black, white, and blood-red that brings together a virtual who`s who of talented artists, including John Paul Leon (Earth X), Tim Sale (Batman: The Long Halloween), Duncan Fegredo (Jay & Silent Bob), D`Israeli (Lazarus Churchyard), Ho Che Anderson (Young Hoods in Love), C. Scott Morse (Soulwind), Bernie Mireault (Dr. Robot), Paul Chadwick (Concrete), Tim Bradstreet (Maximum Black), David Mack (Kabuki), Guy Davis (Sandman Mystery Theatre), the Pander Brothers (Secret Broadcast), Stan Shaw (Sunglasses After Dark), Jay Geldhof (The Lost), Teddy Kristiansen (House of Secrets), Jason Pearson (Body Bags), Woodrow Phoenix (Sugar Buzz), Troy Nixey (Trout), and Chris Sprouse (Supreme). This trade edition also collects the very first black-white-and-red Grendel story, the long out-of-print Devil`s Vagary, written by Wagner and illustrated by Dean (Mister X) Motter. When dealing with the Devil, the least he`ll take is your soul! The first edition of this trade paperback will feature a full-color painted cover by Matt Wagner, with a matte and spot gloss finish, and interior cover flaps.

Matt Wagner - Grendel ​- The Devil Inside
The ​spirit of Grendel seethes in the mind of everyone it encounters. A touch of death, of fear, of anger infects all, gripping at the soul, and wreaking havoc on the lives of those in its path. In this now-classic chapter of the Grendel saga, we return to Brian Li Sung, a once-successful Broadway stage manager who became Grendel after losing the love of his life-the granddaughter of the original Grendel, Hunter Rose. Now down and out, living in the slums of Brooklyn, Li Sung struggles as an off-off-off-Broadway stage manager by day; by night, he stews in the hatred and violence that is Grendel, and becomes a cold-blooded killer. When old friends can't help him, and the city can no longer cope with this scourge of destruction, it's up to one desperate cop to stop the murderous rampage, or die trying.

Matt Wagner - Grendel ​vs. The Shadow
Sparks ​fly and bullets blaze when the original Grendel, Hunter Rose, is transported to 1930s New York and faces off with the original dark-night avenger, the Shadow! Two pulp-noir icons go head to head in a thrilling story written and drawn by legendary _Grendel_ creator Matt Wagner. _Grendel vs The Shadow_ channels the energy and swinging jazz of the 1930s, but pulls no punches as the criminal underworld is caught between two powerhouse personalities!

Matt Wagner - Grendel ​Omnibus 3 - Orion's Reign
No ​longer content to inhabit one host at a time, the Grendel entity goes viral, in a new phase of Wagner’s epic spanning centuries and culminating with the rise of a new kind of host—the Grendel-Khan! This volume collects the never-before-reprinted “Incubation Years” tales from _Grendel #20–22_ and the mammoth _God and the Devil_ and _Devil’s Reign_ story lines, featuring art by Tim Sale and John K. Snyder and collected in order for the first time!

Matt Wagner - Diana Schutz - Grendel ​Omnibus 2 - The Legacy
The ​legacy of Hunter Rose lives on through the tortured life of Rose's adopted daughter Stacy, and once again finds full bloom in Stacy's own daughter Christine Spar. Reviving Grendel's reign of terror, Spar leads the way for its murderous identity to claim more hosts, each more powerful than the last, and more malicious! This volume also contains Wagner's return as writer and artist, in a series of groundbreaking stories looking back on the career of Hunter Rose. Collects _Devil Tales_, _Devil Child_, _Devil's Legacy_, and _The Devil Inside_ trade paperbacks.

Matt Wagner - Grendel ​- Devil's Reign
The ​award-winning team of Grendel creator Matt Wagner and artist Tim Sale deliever one of the most ambitious epic in comics, in this groundbreaking synthesis of politics, war religion, and the devil. The year is 2530, and the corrupt Church, Vatican Ouest, has fallen, spreading upheaval across North America, along with an infestation of vampires. In this new world, Ex-COP leader Pellon Cross is still at large, devil-possessed Eppy Thatcher is missing, and Orion Assante is on an ambitious quest to restore order to the continent and gain legitimate power. But will Orion attain his goals before threats from overseas change the rules in this game for power?

Matt Wagner - Grendel ​- God and the Devil
In ​the centuries since the mask of Grendel was last seen, humanity's survived a third World War, the fall of Western Civilization, and the rise of an all-powerful church state. But when the depraved Pope Innocent XLII begins construction of a new church tower hiding a powerful and deadly secret, two men will rise against the church's corruption. One is Orion Assante, a man determined to expose the Pope for who he really is. The other is a mysterious figure wearing the all-too-familiar face of Grendel! Grendel: God and the Devil masterfully interweaves sanity with madness, churches with corporations, and good with evil in one of the most stunning and prophetic stories of modern comics. One of Wagner's riskiest and most compelling works, this massive volume will thrill every Grendel fan, and dazzle anyone searching for a great story told in a whole new way.

Matt Wagner - Greg Rucka - Grendel ​Omnibus 4 - Prime
The ​world belongs to Grendel-Khan Orion Assante and his elite warrior caste of Grendels, but when Orion dies, the world is thrown back into chaos. To protect young Jupiter Assante, rightful heir to the throne, those still loyal to the Grendel-Khan must turn to a new power, the terrifying Grendel Prime! The story of Orion’s cyborg paladin unfolds in _War Child_, _Devil Quest_, and _Past Prime_, three tales that form the apotheosis of Wagner’s groundbreaking, centuries-spanning epic! _War Child_ won the Eisner Award for Best Limited Series! Includes the _Past Prime_ novel written by Greg Rucka and illustrated by Wagner!

Matt Wagner - Pat McEown - Grendel ​Tales - Homecoming
Susan ​Veraghen has returned to her hometown, but it`s not the place she remembers, and if she plans to stay, she`ll have to paint the town red--blood red. Orion`s Bastards, led by the monstrous Buster, have put the once-quaint town under their boots, and they`re not rolling out the welcome wagon. But Susan bears the mark of the Devil, and when the Bastards take the only thing she holds dear, there`ll be Hell to pay. _Homecoming_ is a critical narrative link between _Grendel: War Child_ and _Grendel: Past Prime_ the upcoming illustrated novel by Greg Rucka and Matt Wagner. BE ADVISED: CONTAINS VIOLENCE AND ADULT LANGUAGE.

Matthew Sturges - Matt Wagner - Chris Roberson - Peter Milligan - Mike Carey - Conception
In ​these stories from issues #31-35 and HALLOWEEN ANNUAL 2, Fig learns why the Pair of Conception chased her into the House of Mystery.

Neil Gaiman - Matt Wagner - Sandman ​Midnight Theatre
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