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Cassie Stevens - Model ​Behavior
With ​their first sizzling handshake, photographer Derek Sloane makes sure handsome and sexy model Brad Doyle knows he doesn't "do" models. In fact, he hates models, especially spoiled, egotistical, vacant models. Models who could easily break a man's heart... Much to his own dismay, Brad vows to Derek, the photographer he has long admired, that he will be on his best behavior—no matter how hard it is—yet soon finds it difficult to keep his promise...

Cassie Stevens - Secret ​Lovers
A ​lifetime of living in secret? Or a lifetime of living alone? The answer isn't so simple when careers are at risk and a friendship could be lost. Firefighter Alex Randall and Marine Captain Sam Blevins have been best friends and near constant companions since fate brought them together during a traffic collision. But even best friends don't tell all. Each man harbors hidden secrets—the fact that each is gay, and that they both want each other...love each other. There's a lot at stake by reaching out for the one you love, the one you need, the one who makes you live. A lot to lose, and even more to gain, if they are willing to be secret lovers...

Cassie Stevens - Legacy
The ​biggest day of David McKay's life threatens to implode when the custom-made suit he's ordered isn't delivered. No problem. For his important job interview, he'll just borrow the suit delivered to his best friend across the hall. After all, they borrowed things from each other all the time, and Max's suit looks great--a power suit. Yes, wearing this baby, David will definitely soar to the heights--in more ways than one. It's a big day for Max Westchester, too, one for which he's been training his whole life. With one phone call, the family legacy becomes his to bear, and along with it, the suit that will give him untold power to accomplish his role as superhero. It's a heavy responsibility, one he has always been told is his and his alone. So why is his best friend David wearing his special suit and flying around the city? One thing Max does know--the instant David gets home, the suit is coming off! The job of his dreams, the experience of his life...why shouldn't David take it a step farther and go after the man he loves, especially when Max is so anxious to get him undressed?