Barbara Sheridan könyvei a rukkolán

Aleksandr Voinov - Barbara Sheridan - Clean ​Slate
The ​assassination Chris Gibson and John Soong are sent to carry out doesn't go quite as planned. They arrive at the location to find their target, Russian mob affiliate Andrei Voronin has already been shot and is barely clinging to life. Making a judgement call, John contacts his superiors who agree that Voronin may be more valuable to them alive than dead. The new plan is for John and Chris to pose as Andrei's lovers until the amnesiac recovers his memory. Their task takes an unexpected turn when the agents bond with Andrei, clash with one another, and have to outwit the Russian mob who discover that Andrei is still alive.

Aleksandr Voinov - Barbara Sheridan - Risky ​Maneuvers
D, ​a former US Army captain, and Mikhail, a seductive Russian mercenary who wants to retire, join forces in a clandestine CIA op, battling both their mutual desires and an enemy who gives new meaning to the term WTF.

Aleksandr Voinov - Barbara Sheridan - First ​Blood
On ​their last assignment, GORGON agents Chris Gibson and his partner John Soong protected Russian mob lawyer Andrei Voronin rather than killing him. They covered Andrei's tracks, forged a shaky relationship, and their international intelligence and paramilitary group staged Andrei's death and took him into the fold. Nikita Kazakov, a Russian cop who had used Andrei as a source and promised him protection, plots to avenge his protege. He soon tracks down Chris-the "killer"-only to find a man he desires, and Chris is just as intrigued. Amidst the danger of the unsolved mystery still lingering around Andrei, Chris and Nikita stalk each other, meet for heated sex, and try to work out who the other is: criminal, cop, hitman... or lover.