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Pam Jenoff - Dédelgetett ​álmaink
Charlotte, ​a fiatal philadelphiai védőügyvéd egy nap különös felkérést kap: vállalja el egy háborús bűnös védelmét Európában. A nő egykor Hágában dolgozott, és most izgatottan várja a megbízást. Az sem tántorítja el, hogy a volt barátjával kell együttműködnie, aki évekkel ezelőtt összetörte a szívét... Csaknem kilencvenéves védencét azzal vádolják, hogy 1944-ben elárulta a bátyját, aki zsidókat mentett. A férfi nem tagad, nem tesz vallomást, és nem segít az ügyvédeinek. Vajon miért hallgat? Charlotte megérzése azt súgja, kell lennie valamilyen bizonyítéknak, amely az idős férfi ártatlanságát igazolja... Amikor repülőre száll, nem is sejti, hogy egy olyan szövevényes történetbe csöppen, amelynek szálai a második világháború előttre, egészen a huszadik század elejéig nyúlnak vissza. Pam Jenoff regénye úgy mutatja be egy évszázad történelmét, hogy közben váratlan találkozások, személyes álmok hálóját rajzolja meg. Titkon dédelgetett álmokét, amelyek vagy a háború és a távolság miatt hiúsulnak meg, vagy a zord körülmények ellenére is valóra válnak.

Pam Jenoff - The ​Ambassador's Daughter
Paris, ​1919. The world's leaders have gathered to rebuild from the ashes of the Great War. But for one woman, the City of Light harbors dark secrets and dangerous liaisons, for which many could pay dearly. Brought to the peace conference by her father, a German diplomat, Margot Rosenthal initially resents being trapped in the congested French capital, where she is still looked upon as the enemy. But as she contemplates returning to Berlin and a life with Stefan, the wounded fiancé she hardly knows anymore, she decides that being in Paris is not so bad after all. Bored and torn between duty and the desire to be free, Margot strikes up unlikely alliances: with Krysia, an accomplished musician with radical acquaintances and a secret to protect; and with Georg, the handsome, damaged naval officer who gives Margot a job—and also a reason to question everything she thought she knew about where her true loyalties should lie. Against the backdrop of one of the most significant events of the century, a delicate web of lies obscures the line between the casualties of war and of the heart, making trust a luxury that no one can afford.

Pam Jenoff - Melanie Benjamin - Jenna Blum - Amanda Hodgkinson - Sarah Jio - Sarah McCoy - Kristina McMorris - Alyson Richman - Erika Robuck - Karen White - Grand ​Central
A ​war bride awaits the arrival of her GI husband at the platform... A Holocaust survivor works at the Oyster Bar, where a customer reminds him of his late mother... A Hollywood hopeful anticipates her first screen test and a chance at stardom in the Kissing Room... On any particular day, thousands upon thousands of people pass through New York City's Grand Central Terminal, through the whispering gallery, beneath the ceiling of stars, and past the information booth and its beckoning four-faced clock, to whatever destination is calling them. It is a place where people come to say hello and good-bye. And each person has a story to tell. Now, ten bestselling authors inspired by this iconic landmark have created their own stories, set on the same day, just after the end of World War II, in a time of hope, uncertainty, change, and renewal.... Featuring stories from Melanie Benjamin, New York Times bestselling author of The Aviator's Wife Jenna Blum, New York Times bestselling author of Those Who Save Us Amanda Hodgkinson, New York Times bestselling author of 22 Britannia Road Pam Jenoff, bestselling author of The Ambassador's Daughter Sarah Jio, New York Times bestselling author of Blackberry Winter Sarah McCoy, New York Times bestselling author of The Baker's Daughter Kristina McMorris, New York Times bestselling author of The Pieces We Keep Alyson Richman, bestselling author of The Lost Wife Erika Robuck, bestselling author of Call Me Zelda Karen White, New York Times bestselling author of After the Rain With an Introduction by Kristin Hannah, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Home Front

Pam Jenoff - The ​Winter Guest
TWO ​SISTERS, ONE UNBEARABLE CHOICE Twins Helena and Ruth Nowak have always been the closest of sisters. Staunch allies in the constant struggle to protect their impoverished family during the brutal war in Poland, there is nothing that can break their bond. Then Helena discovers an Allied paratrooper, wounded but alive – and risking the safety of herself and her family, she chooses to hide Sam, who is a Jew. Now her loyalties are torn, sparking jealousy in Ruth and an act of betrayal that endangers them all and sets in motion events that will reverberate for decades to come.

Pam Jenoff - A ​követ lánya
Az ​első világháború után Párizsban gyűlnek össze a győztes és a vesztes államok képviselői, hogy rendezzék a világ sorsát. Ide érkezik a húszéves Margot Rosenthal is diplomata apjával. Berlinben a háborúban megsérült vőlegénye várja, akihez azonban - maga sem tudja, miért - képtelen hazatérni. A lelkében lévő zűrzavar csak fokozódik, amikor megismerkedik a zongorista Krysiával és radikális politikai nézeteket valló barátaival, valamint Richwalder kapitánnyal, a jóképű német tiszttel, aki munkát ad neki - és sohasem tapasztalt, új érzéseket ébreszt benne. Ebben a törékeny, kaotikus időszakban, amikor az összezúzott álmok romjain próbál mindenki új életet építeni és a bizonytalanságban biztos fogódzót találni, Margotnak most először felnőtt, felelős döntést kell hoznia, és saját hitét megtalálva elindulni a választott útján. Pam Jenoff regénye a történelem és a romantika kedvelőinek egyaránt remek élményt ígér: mesterien idézi meg az első világháborút lezáró időszak hangulatát, és kalauzol végig nemcsak a kor eseményein, hanem a szív feltérképezetlen területein is.

Pam Jenoff - Il ​colore trasparente della notte
È ​un giorno come tanti, tra le strade alberate di una Filadelfia che l'autunno ha tinto d'oro e di rosso. Charlotte sta andando in tribunale, come ogni mattina. Da quando ha lasciato Manhattan per tornare a essere un semplice avvocato d'?ufficio, della vita passata si porta dietro una cosa sola: un cuore spezzato. Sono anni che cerca di dimenticare il modo in cui Brian, dopo essersi innamorato di lei mentre studiavano insieme a New York, l'ha lasciata per sposare Danielle. Ma quando lui, quel giorno d'autunno, bussa alla sua porta, ecco che il passato ritorna prepotentemente. Brian vuole qualcosa da lei: ha bisogno delle sue conoscenze in materia di crimini di guerra, del suo intuito e della sua passione per risolvere un caso particolare... Così, Charlotte accetta di difendere Roger Dykmans, anziano milionario di origini tedesche, dall'accusa di aver tradito il fratello Hans, che durante la guerra salvò da morte certa decine di ebrei. Charlotte, indomita e tenace nel perseguire la verità, parte per l'Europa, dove scoprirà che la storia dei due fratelli è molto più di quel che appare. Nelle loro vite, e in quello che oggi sembra un tradimento, è rimasto nascosto per anni un segreto. Un segreto che ha il volto bellissimo di una donna, ed è tuttora celato in un'antica pendola le cui lancette hanno scandito i passi di un amore bruciante, destinato a finire in un soffio ma anche a durare per sempre. E mentre Charlotte ripercorre quell'amore del passato arriva anche per lei il momento di ascoltare il cuore. Che, come spesso accade, conosce da tempo la strada giusta. Da un'autrice amatissima negli Stati Uniti, un romanzo che resterà a lungo con voi. E che insegna a guardare dentro se stessi come nell'aria tersa della notte.

Pam Jenoff - A ​Hidden Affair
PAST ​WARS, PAST LIVES, PAST LOVES . . . CAN WE EVER REALLY LET THEM GO . . . AND SHOULD WE? Ten years ago, U.S. State Department intelligence officer Jordan Weiss’s life was turned upside down when she was told her college boyfriend, Jared, drowned in the River Cam. In a shocking discovery, though, she realizes that things weren’t as they seemed and that she had been lied to and betrayed by those closest to her. Reeling from the shock— and the knowledge that Jared is still alive—Jordan resigns her State Department post and sets off in search of answers. Traveling to Jared’s last known whereabouts on the French Riviera, she encounters Nicole, a mysterious woman who flees after refusing to disclose what she knows about Jared. Following Nicole across Europe, Jordan soon discovers that she is not alone in her pursuit— Aaron, a handsome and enigmatic Israeli, is chasing Nicole for his own cryptic reasons. Though distrustful of each other, Jordan and Aaron join forces on a journey that takes them half a world away, and only steps ahead of grave peril. As Jordan draws closer to finding the answers that have eluded her for a decade, larger questions remain: Can she reconcile her attraction to Aaron with her unresolved feelings for Jared, the only man she ever loved? Will the truth be too devastating to handle or finally set her free? Will she have a chance at happiness at last? Thrilling, romantic, and impossible to put down, A Hidden Affair gives us a brave and relentless heroine who never gives up on her search for the truth.

Pam Jenoff - The ​Things We Cherished
Pam ​Jenoff, whose first novel, The Kommandant’s Girl, was a Quill Award finalist, a Book Sense pick, and a finalist for the ALA Sophie Brody Award, joins the Doubleday list with a suspenseful story of love and betrayal set during the Holocaust. An ambitious novel that spans decades and continents, The Things We Cherished tells the story of Charlotte Gold and Jack Harrington, two fiercely independent attor­neys who find themselves slowly falling for one another while working to defend the brother of a Holocaust hero against allegations of World War II–era war crimes. The defendant, wealthy financier Roger Dykmans, mysteri­ously refuses to help in his own defense, revealing only that proof of his innocence lies within an intricate timepiece last seen in Nazi Germany. As the narrative moves from Philadelphia to Germany, Poland, and Italy, we are given glimpses of the lives that the anniversary clock has touched over the past century, and learn about the love affair that turned a brother into a traitor. Rich in historical detail, Jenoff’s astonishing new work is a testament to true love under the worst of circumstances.

Pam Jenoff - The ​Other Girl
One ​woman's determination to protect a child from the dangers of war will force her to face those lurking closer to home… Life in rural Poland during WWII brings a new set of challenges to Maria, estranged from her own family and left alone with her in-laws after her husband is sent to the front. For a young, newly pregnant wife, the days are especially cold, the nights unexpectedly lonely. The discovery of a girl hiding in the barn changes everything—Hannah is fleeing the German police who are taking Jews like her to special camps. Ignoring the risk to her own life and that of her unborn child, Maria is compelled to help. But in these dark days, no one can be trusted, and soon Maria finds her courage tested in ways she never expected and herself facing truths about her own family that the quiet village has kept buried for years…

Pam Jenoff - Az ​ismeretlen gyermek
Németország, ​1944. A hóviharban hajladozó fák között egy lány rohan az erdőben. Menekül. Egy csecsemőt szorít a melléhez, egy zsidó kisfiút. A lány tizenhat éves, holland, és Noának hívják. Vajon hogyan kerülhetett ide, és övé-e a gyermek, akit ennyire óv? Helyzete teljesen kilátástalannak látszik, ám váratlanul menedékre talál egy német cirkuszban, amelynek igazgatója a háború szörnyűségei között is megőrizte emberségét. Hogy üldözői ne fedezhessék fel, Noa kénytelen megtanulni egy trapézmutatványt a vezető légtornász, Astrid segítségével. A két nő kezdetben bizalmatlan egymással, idővel azonban mély barátság szövődik közöttük. Ám az egyre növekvő veszély próbára teszi a kapcsolatukat: képesek megvédeni egymást, vagy titkaik pusztulást hoznak rájuk?