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Cara Delevingne - Rowan Coleman - Mirror, ​mirror
Red, ​Leo, Rose és Naomi nehezen találják a helyüket. Red anyja alkoholista, az apja pedig alig van otthon. Leo bátyja folyton zűrös ügyekbe keveredik. Rose a bulizásba és a pasizásba menekül egy múltbéli trauma elől. Naomi néha elszökik otthonról, hogy megtapasztalhassa a szabadság ízét. A négy elveszett lélek szövetséget köt egymással és a zenével: megalakítják Mirror, mirror nevű zenekarukat, és létrehoznak maguknak egy új családot. Aztán Naomi megint elszökik, és félholtan kerül elő a Temzéből. Az életéért küzd, a rendőrség pedig öngyilkossági kísérletnek tekinti az ügyet. A csapat nem érti, mi történt a barátjukkal, és miért nem vettek észre semmit a látszólag életvidám Naomin. Lehet, hogy nem is ismerték őt valójában? Egymást vajon mennyire ismerik? De amikor már több nyom is arra utal, hogy Naomival valami egészen más történt, a csapat mozgásba lendül. A nyomozás során azonban mindnyájukról sötét titkok derülnek ki, amely megrendíti az addig sziklaszilárdnak hitt barátságukat. Semmi nem lesz már olyan, mint régen, mert, ha egy tükör egyszer eltörik… Cara Delevingne világhírű szupermodell és színésznő saját generációja hangján mesél a felnőtté válásról, önmagunk megtalálásáról, barátságról, árulásról, és arról, hogy semmi sem az, aminek látszik.

Rowan Coleman - We ​Are All Made of Stars
What ​if you had just one chance, one letter you could leave behind for the person you love? What would you write? Stella Carey has good reason to only work nights at the hospice where she is a nurse. Married to a war veteran who has returned from Afghanistan brutally injured, Stella leaves the house each night as her husband Vincent, locks himself away, unable to sleep due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. During her nights at the hospice, Stella writes letters for her patients containing their final wishes, thoughts and feelings – from how to use a washing machine, to advice on how to be a good parent – and usually she delivers each letter to the recipient he or she has died. That is until Stella writes one letter that she feels compelled to deliver in time to give her patient one final chance of redemption…

Rowan Coleman - The ​Memory Book
What ​would happen if your memory of these began to fade? Is it possible to rebuild your life? Raise a family? Fall in love again? When Claire starts to write her Memory Book, she already knows that this scrapbook of mementoes will soon be all her daughters and husband have of her. But how can she hold on to the past when her future is slipping through her fingers...?

Rowan Coleman - Lessons ​in Laughing Out Loud
Willow ​and Holly are identical twins. They are everything to each other. Holly calls Willow her rock, her soul mate, her other half. And Willow feels the same about Holly. They are alike in every respect except one – Willow is afraid on the inside. And all because of a secret – one that binds the sisters closely together and yet has meant their adult lives have taken two very different paths. Willow often feels there are large parts of her missing, qualities she only knows she’s lacking because she sees them in her sister. For a very long time Willow has felt separated from Holly by one terrible moment in time – a moment that meant Willow’s life was never the same again. And when the past catches up with her, Willow realises it’s finally time for her to face her fears, and – with Holly’s help – learn to laugh out loud once more…

Cara Delevingne - Rowan Coleman - Mirror ​Mirror (angol)
Sixteen-year-old ​friends Red, Leo, Naima and Rose are like anyone their age: figuring out who they are and trying to navigate the minefield of school and relationships. Life isn't perfect, but they're united by their love of music and excited about what the future holds for their band. That is until Naima dies in tragic circumstances, leaving behind only one word. 'Sorry'. What awful truth was she hiding? What dark secret was lurking behind her seemingly sunny persona? And how did Red, the self-styled protector of the group, fail to spot the warning signs? While Rose turns to wild partying and Leo is shrouded by dark moods, Red sets out to uncover the truth and find out what - or perhaps who - was responsible for Naima's death. It's a journey that will cause Red's world to crumble, exposing the dark and dangerous truth behind the fragile surface of their existence. Nothing will ever be the same again, because once a mirror is shattered, it can't be fixed.

Rowan Coleman - The ​Accidental Mother
Sophie ​Mills has worked her Manolo Blahniks off to reach the near-top of her profession. A highly successful corporate events planner, living with her cat Artemis in a designer flat she's very happy with her life. After all, relationships only get in the way of work and as for children - she hasn't even begun to think about that yet. Until one day, an unexpected visitor brings news that her best friend Carrie is dead, her husband Louis has disappeared and Sophie is in sole charge of two children under the age of six. But motherhood can't be all that hard, can it? When her barely used Channel No.5 bubble bath is nearly empty, her make-up bag smeared all over the bathroom and her beloved flat reduced to a war zone, Sophie is in despair. And all her unconventional mother can suggest is Dr Roberts Complete Dog Training and Care Manuel. Determined to rise to the challenge Sophie soon realises that she'll need more than a business plan to cope with all this...

Rowan Coleman - The ​baby group
All ​good things come in the little packages... Meet The Baby Group: Natalie ran her own design company until baby Freddie unexpectedly came along. Now the capable person she once was is trapped inside a crazy woman's body, longing for just one decent night's sleep and words of more than one syllable. Meg is onto her fourth child but still feels she has to take notes. Meg's sister-in-law Frances organises her little boy like he's a private in the army, but underneath her prickly façade she longs for the kind of friendships others seem to find so easy. Former career girl Jess sees danger lurking in every corner, doubting she'll ever be a good mother. Stay-at-home house-husband Steve is just glad to have the opportunity to spend time with his daughter. And sixteen-year-old Tiffany is the youngest - yet possibly the wisest - of them all. Six very different parents. Six very different lives. But when Natalie's dodgy wiring leads to a series of chance encounters they rapidly discover - through Baby Music, Baby Aerobics, coffee and more importantly cake - that there's safety in numbers. And their own unofficial baby group is formed ...