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Hanif Kureishi - Intimacy
"I ​have been trying to convince myself that leaving someone isn't the worst thing you can do to them," says Jay, the middle-aged narrator of this relentlessly honest account of one man's preparations to abandon his two young sons and their mother. Jay and Susan lead comfortable lives in contemporary London: efficient, ambitious Susan works in publishing and reads cookbooks in bed, and withdrawn but steady Jay is a successful movie and TV scriptwriter. Jay no longer loves Susan, however, and an affair with Nina, a quixotic young hippie, leads the minor-league Casanova to conclude that he deserves the freedom to explore "the possibilities of intimacy" rather than endure the quiet stasis of his life with Susan. But Jay's desire for emotional independence is complicated by his love for his two sons, and he spends the night before his departure considering the unsatisfying examples of two friends: serious-minded professor Asif, who believes that marriage should require work, and Victor, who left his wife for a youthful, liberated existence only to find himself eating alone in his convenience flat. British author Kureishi (My Beautiful Launderette; The Buddha of Suburbia) once again jumps into the quagmire of contemporary mores with this treatise on the feckless nature of intimacy, both sexual and emotional. This book's particularly male solipsism proved controversial when it was published in England last year. But Kureishi's spare, direct prose balances his sometimes cruel detachment?especially in regard to Susan?with a ruthless investigation of Jay's flaws. Ultimately, Kureishi's refusal to let Jay escape unscathed from the emotional ravages of his actions transforms the story from a shop-worn tale of sexual infidelity to a devastating and insightful portrait of how?for better or for worse?betrayal can become a form of self-renewal. (from amazon.com)

Hanif Kureishi - Intimacy ​/ Midnight All Day
Together ​in one volume -- Hanif Kureishi's highly acclaimed and controversial novel, Intimacy, and, available for the first time, his latest collection of provocative short stories, Midnight All Day. Jay, the narrator of Intimacy, tells his story on the night he is preparing to leave his lover, Susan, and their two boys. Stripping away all posturing and self-justification, Hanif Kureishi explores the fears and desires that drive a man to leave a woman. Midnight All Day is an astonishing, darkly comic collection of new stories, in which Kureishi confirms his reputation as one of our foremost chroniclers of the loveless, the lost and the dispossessed. The characters are familiar in the cultural landscape of the nineties: frustrated and intoxicated, melancholic and sensitive, yet capable of great cruelty, and if necessary, willing to break the constraints of an old life to make way for the new.

Hanif Kureishi - The ​Buddha of Suburbia
Karim ​lives with his Mum and Dad in a suburb of south London and dreams of making his escape to the bright lights of the big city. But his father is no ordinary Dad, he is 'the buddha of suburbia', a strange and compelling figure whose powers of meditation hold a circle of would-be mystics spellbound with the fascinations of the East. Among his disciples is the glamorous and ambitious Eva, and when 'the buddha of suburbia' runs off with her to a crumbling flat in Barons Court, Karim's life becomes changed in ways that even he had never dreamed of.

Hanif Kureishi - My ​Beautiful Laundrette and Other Writings
Hanif ​Kureishi's groundbreaking 1984 screenplay My Beautiful Laundrette immediately received an Oscar nomination for Best Screenplay. In addition to his screenplays and fiction Kureishi is also the author of several popular essays which are collected here, together with My Beautiful Laundrette, in a single volume for the first time. This remarkable collection shows the emergence of a major writer who is equally at home in the diverse worlds of film, fiction and non-fiction. It proves without doubt that Hanif Kureishi is one of Britain's most enduring literary talents.

Hanif Kureishi - Something ​to Tell You
Jamal ​Khan, a psychoanalyst in his fifties living in London, is haunted by memories of his teens: his first love, Ajita; the exhilaration of sex, drugs and politics; and a brutal act of violence which changed his life for ever. As he and his best friend Henry attempt to make the sometimes painful, sometimes comic transition to their divorced middle age, balancing the conflicts of desire and dignity, Jamal's teenage traumas make a shocking return into his present life.

Hanif Kureishi - The ​Body
"After ​a bit you realize there's only one invaluable commodity. Not gold or love, but time." How far are we willing to go to stay young? Hanif Kureishi -- acclaimed author of The Buddha of Suburbia and Intimacy -- explores the possibilities in this provocative story of an older man whose brain is surgically placed in a younger man's body by a network of underground doctors. Adam is offered the chance to trade in his sagging flesh for a much younger and more pleasing model. He tells his wife and son that he is going on an extended vacation. He immediately embarks on an odyssey of hedonism, but soon finds himself regretting what he left behind and feeling guilt over the responsibilities he has ignored. Sinister forces pursue him, wanting possession of "his" body, and he soon finds himself with nowhere to turn. "A fluent, socially observant writer whose sentences move with intelligence and wit" (The New York Times Book Review), Kureishi presents us with both a fantastically vivid tale and hard-hitting questions about our own relationships with our minds and bodies -- and with time that is running out.

Hanif Kureishi - Gabriel's ​Gift
In ​2001, Kureishi set teacups rattling in England with Intimacy, a sexually explicit novella about an extramarital affair, with possible real-life parallels. Here he concocts an appealing, deceptively breezy coming-of-age story recalling his screenplays (My Beautiful Laundrette; Sammy and Rosie Get Laid) in its tender evocation of London-area grunge. Since Mum banished Dad three months ago, 15-year-old Gabriel Bunch has been on the equivalent of house arrest. Nannied to death by hairy Hannah, a refugee from the Communist town of "Bronchitis," Gabriel copes by smoking pot, talking to his dead twin brother, Archie, and drawing objects that disturbingly come to life. Then his dad, Rex, a '60s-era guitarist now wallowing in a squalid bedsit, gets a call from Lester Jones, a David Bowie-like rock god who still packs 'em in. Rex brings Gabriel to meet Lester, who recognizes Gabriel's artistic gifts and gives him a painting that soon becomes central to a virtual custody battle between Mum and Dad and Gabriel himself. The plot is a familiar domestic triangle, as the parents vie for Gabriel's allegiance. But all three Bunches are rich characters capable of sudden growth spurts and surrounded by a crowd of psychedelically colorful friends and associates. Kureishi's loose, loopy style will keep readers off-balance ("She was a person around whom different odors seemed to congregate, like bums on a street corner"). Yet behind the apparent artlessness, this is a shrewd, warmly imagined portrayal of the healing powers of art. (Oct.)Forecast: Kureishi's rep and the psychedelic jacket should help sell this title, especially in big city stores.

Hanif Kureishi - A ​kültelki Buddha
Hanif ​Kureishi első regényének hőse Karim, egy félig indiai fiatal, aki kétségbeesetten próbál kikerülni Dél-London külvárosából, és megízlelni az 1970-es évek tiltott gyümölcseit. Karim világa bizonytalan lábakon áll: indiai apja, aki meditációs tanfolyamokat tart a külváros krémjének, lelép a gyönyörű és izgalmas Evával, gyermekkori barátját és szerelmét pedig a szülei éhségsztrájkkal zsarolva kényszerítik hozzá egy mihaszna indiai férfihoz. A „kültelek” olyan hely Kureishinél, ahonnan el kell menni, ahonnan menekülni kell. Karim számára London – bár földrajzilag nem esik messze a lakóhelyétől – teljesen más világnak tűnik. Karimra rátalál a valószínűtlen lehetőség, hogy egy belvárosi színházban játsszon, ahol megfásult punkok, harcos trockisták, avantgarde színészek és vegetáriánus hippik között vezet kacskaringós útja. Fordította: Greskovits Endre

Hanif Kureishi - Intimitás
Semmi ​sem olyan izgalmas, mint szeretni. Sajnos. Kureishi hátborzongató pillanatfelvételekben ragadja meg korunk erkölcseit, lehánt minden pózolást és önigazolást, hogy feltárja főhőse fogyatékosságait, bizalmas együttlétre való képtelenségét. Marcangoló őszinteséggel deríti fel a félelmeket és vágyakat, amelyek egy nő elhagyására késztetnek egy férfit. Ritkán fér el ennyi állásfoglalásra ingerlő érzelem ilyen tömör regényben; ritkán sikerül ilyen bátran ábrázolni az egyszerre hétköznapi és páratlanul lesújtó élményt. Hanif Kureishit az Én szép kis mosodám forgatókönyvéért Oscar-díjra jelölték, a London megöl engem című filmet rendezőként is jegyezte. Világsikerű regényei alapján készült az Intimitás, amely elnyerte a 2001-es Berlini Filmfesztivál Aranymedve díját.

Hanif Kureishi - Midnight ​All Day
In ​this astonishing collection of new stories, Hanif Kureishi confirms his reputation as Britain's foremost chronicler of the loveless, the lost and the dispossessed. The characters in Midnight All Day are familiar to all of us: frustrated and intoxicated, melancholic and sensitive, yet capable of great cruelty, and, if necessary, willing to break the constraints of an old life to make way for the new.