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Dimitrinka Staikova - Clairvoyant/Psychic ​Predictions About the Missing Malaysia Airplane Flight MH370
Clairvoyant/Psychic ​Predictions About the Missing Malaysia Airplane Flight MH370 – Kuala Lumpur-China – 08.03.2014 – Scenario for blood, new technology and missing hopes. Author-Skype clairvoyant/psychic Mrs. Dimitrinka Staikova from Europe, Bulgaria, Varna. This is ebook about the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Kuala Lumpur-Beiging,China – vanished from the radars on 08.03.2014. Here you can find the answers: why the plane is missing? Who is guilty for that? Where is the missing plane? After made my clairvoyant/psychic predictions – there is official confirmations that the plan was carrying dangerous cargo – Liion batteries. There is also second confirmation of my prediction from a famous tabloid about experiment made in the missing flight MH 370 of a new anti radar technology pattented in USA days before the flight. Also there is confirmation of my psychic predictions that the searching of the plane will be 13 days. After the 13th day the people that search begin to find so called debris in the Indian Ocean and the other places for searching are stopped. So, the airplane from Malaysia changed its destination to West to make a travel around the World and then to come back in China – not detected from any military radar or sattelite. That’s what im presenting to you – The tragedy of the passengers, the happiness of four people in the world. The calm before the storm. And both with the tears of the families of the passengers already wrote blood movie script. I was asked to make psychic readings to all passengers from the missing plane. Also... They are here in this book.